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John Ayers, a native of Vermont, married Hannah Winslow, and they reared two sons, Jesse and Charles. Mr. Ayers was a farmer and shoemaker. He served in the War of 1812, was taken prisoner, and died in a prison in Halifax. Charles Ayers, son of John, was born in Bridgewater, Vt., in 1798, and came to Jefferson County with his parents about 1806. He married Eliza Allen, a native of Hartland, Vt., and they had two sons and three daughters, namely: John W., E.A., Rucia, Eliza M., and Mary I. Ebenezer A. Ayers was born in the town of Watertown, January 29, 1827, was reared upon a farm, and received a common school education. He married, first, Lucy, daughter of Jerome Ives, who bore him a son, Charles E., and second, Jane, daughter of Thomas W. Warren, of Hounsfield, by whom he has five children, namely: Lucy A., Jesse W., Edward A., Henry L., and Mary E. Since his marriage he has been engaged in farming in Watertown, with the exception of nine years in Hounsfield. May 20, 1884, he was appointed postmaster at Rice's, in which capacity he has since served. Mr Ayers was one of the organizers of the Jefferson County Butter and Cheesemaker's Association, February 2, 1889, of which he is president. He is also one of the charter members of the Watertown Dairymen's Board of Trade, and is a leading member of the F.&A.M. Thomas W. Warren, father of Mrs. Ayers, came to this county from New Brunswick. He was a farmer and shoemaker, and had four sons and four daughters.

Jonathan Ball, son of Jonathan, was born in Connecticut, and was one of a family of six children. He married Lucinda Bullard, a native of Massachusetts, and they had four sons and two daughters. They were early settlers in Lowville, Lewis County. Jonathan, Jr., served in the War of 1812, and died in Lewis County. John B. Ball, son of Jonathan, Jr., was born in Lewis County, September 6, 1811. In 1838 he located in this county, about six miles down the river from Cape Vincent, and seven years later settled in Watertown, where he now resides. He married Malinda, daughter of Capt. Seth Bailey, and they have had four sons and three daughters.

Col. David F. Barbour was a native of Jefferson County, and his father was one of the first settlers in Le Ray. He was a colonel of militia, and was also a music teacher and farmer. He married a sister of Col. A.D. Shaw's father, and they had five sons and five daughters. Henry S. Barbour, son of Col. David F., was born July 22, 1832, and is a contractor and builder. He married Mary Edwards, a native of Jefferson County, and they had five children. George W. Barbour, son of Henry S., was born in October 1861. He was reared upon a farm, received a liberal education, and for five or six years was a school teacher. In the spring of 1885 he located where he has since carried on a successful gardening business, in which he is quite extensively engaged. September 1, 1885, he married Stella J., daughter of John Lehr, of Dexter, and they have one daughter, Marjorie B. Mr. Barbour is an active member of the F.& A.M..

Charles W. Bartlett, son of Joseph and Sarah (Williamson) Bartlett, was born in Oneida County, May 2, 1861. He was reared upon a farm and received a common school education. December 18, 1884, he married Minnie E., daughter of Douglass Munson, and they have one daughter, Helen. For a time after their marriage they lived in Lorraine, and in March, 1887, located in this town, where they now reside. Joseph Bartlett, father of Charles W., was born in Oneida County, and his wife, Sarah Williamson, was a native of England. They had three sons and four daughters, namely: Joseph A., Mary E., Ellen, Matilda, Charles W., Emma, and John W.

Joseph B. Bass, son of Joel N. and Jerusha (Shippee) Bass, was born in Colerain, Franklin County, Mass., April 15, 1837. He came to Jefferson County about 1859, worked at his trade of carpenter and joiner, and taught school during the winter in Saratoga County, where his parents had located about 1848. In 1862 he purchased the farm on Dry Hill, where he now resides. He married Hannah, daughter of George Simmons, in 1864, and they had one son. After the death of his wife, in 1878, he married Elvira, daughter of Chancey Shippee, of St. Lawrence County. Anon BASS, grandfather of Joseph B., was a native of Massachusetts, and reared a family of four sons. Anon's father was a native of England, and when sent away from home to be educated was held by the captain of the vessel on which he embarked.

Asaph Chase was born in Guilford, Vt., in 1777. He married Tamar Clark, who was born in Halifax, Vt. in 1777. He died in 1844, and his wife in 1870. They had seven children, four of whom attained maturity, namely: C.C., Relief, Betsey, and Nancy. They came in 1807 and settled on 100 acres in the town of Rutland. Asaph Chase served as lieutenant in the War of 1812 and commanded a company at the battle of Sackets Harbor. Soon after his discharge from the army he located in the town of Hartland, Niagara County, where he resided 10 years, when he returned and settled in Lorraine. He filled various responsible positions in the town with honor and credit. C.C. Chase, the only son of Asaph, was born in Rutland, July 22, 1810. He received a common school education, and is a respected citizen and prosperous farmer. In 1829 he married Louisa, daughter of James Kent, of Brattleboro, Vt., and they have four children, viz.: Christopher H., Mary E., Louanna L., and Chandler C. About 1825 Mr. Chase located in Oswego County, and in March, 1837, settled with his father on 150 acres where he now resides. He has served his town as commissioner and assessor. Mrs. Chase died in February, 1878.

Milo L. Cleveland, son of Philander B. and Mercy (Richardson) Cleveland, natives of this county, and grandson of Harvey Cleveland, an early settler here, was born in Hounsfield, July 4, 1852. He was reared upon a farm, was educated in the schools of Watertown, and at the age of 18 years began work by the month as a carpenter, teaching school winters. At the age of 21 years he engaged as roadman on the Kingston & Pembroke Railroad, and after a brief experience took charge of an engineer corps. Later he was given a contract and was engaged here about four years. He also had large contracts on the Rome & Watertown and Grand Trunk railroads, and built 80 miles of the Pittsburg, Cleveland & Toledo road. He has for a number of years been extensively engaged in stone work. He built R. C. Remington & Son's paper-mill, the Ontario paper-mill, and the Watertown water works. He also constructs abutments and piers, and has built many arch bridges in St. Lawrence County.

Samuel Collins, Sr., was born in Schenectady, N.Y. in 1776. He was married, first to Mary Kinyon, who bore him six sons and seven daughters, and second to Elizabeth Kitts, who bore him four children, namely: Lucy, Samuel, Harriet, and Emma. He died in 1841. Samuel Collins, son of Samuel, was born near West Martinsburg, Lewis County, June 16, 1831. He attended the common schools until he arrived at the age of 15 years, when he commenced working out at farming by the month, giving earnings to his mother. At the age of 26 years he purchased his first farm, south of Burr's Mills. He located in Jefferson County abput 1843, when 12 years of age. Mr. Collins has been married three times. In 1857 he married Ruth, daughter of David Gragg, who died in 1863. By his second wife, Sarah Wright, of Denmark, who died in April, 1880, he had a son, Jay W., who died in October, 1882, aged 18 years. His present wife is Rachel, daughter of Charles Richardson, of Canada, and they have one child, Ray S. Mr. Collinns removed to his present location in Burrville village in August, 1887. Having by industry accumalated a competency he has retired from active farm life.

William P. Crandall, son of Jared, was born in Stonington, Conn., in 1773. He married Content Barstow, who was born in Leyden, Mass., in 1776, and of their eight children, John was born in Watertown in 1808; Isaac N. was born in Watertown in 1811, and died in 1839; Jeremiah, born in 1815; and Reuben, born in 1818. Mr Crandall came to Jefferson County with his brother Naboth, in 1800, and took up 320 acres three and one-half miles south of Burr's Mills, where Reuben Crandall lately resided. He removed his family here in 1801. He died in 1843, and his wife in 1867. Mrs. Crandall was a daughter of Alpheus Barstow, who married a Miss Carter, by whom he had two sons, Alpheus and John, and four daughters. The Barstow family is a prominent one in Massachusetts. Reuben Crandall, who occupied the old homestead until his death, was a wealthy and influential farmer. He received a common school education, and by industry and careful management accumulated a competency. He was an industrious and generous man, and died September 7, 1889, respected by all his neighbors.

John Donahue, son of Patrick, was born in Adair, County Limerick, Ireland, January 1, 1834. His father died in Ireland, and his mother married again, and soon after, in 1846, immigrated to America, locating in Canada. She died in Oswego, in 1854. John Donahue came from Canada, and located in Watertown in 1846. In 1853 he began work in Brookside Cememtery, where he dug the first grave in the fall of 1854. For the past 15 years he has been superintendent of this cemetery. In 1853 he married Catharine Rice, by whom he has had 15 children, --seven sons and eight daughters,--three of whom died in infancy.

Ira Fisk was born August 26, 1828, near where he now resides. He married Mary C. Snell and they have no children. Ira Fisk, the father of Ira above named, was born in Whitestown, Oneida County, in 1800, and in 1802 came to Jefferson County with his parents, who located on a farm three miles south of Watertown city. He married Joanna Holbrook, a native of Windham County, Vt., and they had five sons and four daughters. Abraham Fisk, father of Ira, Sr., was born in Massachusetts, near Rhode Island, and his ancestors came from England and were among the early settlers in New England. He served in the war for independence, and three of his sons served in the War of 1812. He subsequently took up 500 acres in this county, where he resided until his death. He married Elizabeth Arnold, a near relative of Benedict Arnold, and they had eight sons and three daughters. John H. Fisk, son of Ira, Sr., and grandson of Abraham, was born in 1824, on the farm he now occupies. In 1852 he married Calista, daughter of Asahel Heath, who died in 1875, without issue. Abraham Fisk's father married a descendant of Roger Williams. The mother of John H. Fisk was a descendant of a Holbrook who came over in the Mayflower.

Horace W. Freeman, son of Freedom, was born in Somerville, St. Lawrence County, in 1843. He was educated at Gonverneur Wesleyan Seminary, and at the age of 18 years enlisted in the 1st N.Y. Lt. Art. and served three years in the war for the Union. He participated in many engagements, was promoted to a lieutenancy, and was in charge of a battery. After the war closed purchased a farm in Watertown, where, and at Thousand Island Park, he has since resided. He married, in 1868, Augusta E. Gilbert, of Rodman, and they have three children, Leonora, Burt W., and Mildred May.

Abraham Graves came from Vermont in 1805, and settled in this town on 177 acres where his grandson, Byron W. Graves, now resides. He married a Miss How, and they had two sons, Orrin A. and Abner, and five daughters. He was a captain in the War of 1812, was captured at Sackets Harbor, and was sent to Nova Scotia. He died in 1854, aged 81 years. He was of English descent and his ancestors settled in Massachusetts. Orrin A. Graves, son of Abraham, was born in 1818, on a farm now occupied by his son Byron W. He married Julia Ann Stewart, and besides Byron W. they had one daughter, Lydia A. He served as justice of the peace several years, and died in 1882. Byron W. Graves was born February 15, 1845, on the farm he now occupies, two miles west of the city of Watertown. He was educated in the Watertown High School and Cazenovia Academy, and in 1865 married Cornelia, daughter of George Hall, of Adams Center, and they have had two sons and four daughters, namely: Willard J., George O., Celia A., Lena J., Mabel L., and Clara L. Mr Graves was elected assessor of his town in February, 1889.

Patrick Hanlon, a native of Cork, Ireland, married Ellen Heneberry, of Kilkenny, Ireland, and in 1854 immigrated to this county, and located in the town of Antwerp, where he began work in the iron ore mines of that section. About 1872 he removed to Pamelia, where he has since resided. Mrs. Hanlon came to this county about two years previous to her husband, and in 1852, located on a farm at Evans Mills. They had two sons and one daughter, located in the United States. Philip F. Hanlon, son of Patrick, was born in Le Ray, September 2, 1864. In 1887 he married Maggie, daughter of John Donahue, and they have one son.

Franklin E. Ives, son of Jerome and Chloe (Holloway) Ives, was born in Hounsfield, September 26, 1845. Jerome Ives, son of Jonathan, was a captain of militia, and was a director og the Merchants Bank for many years. He had three children: Lucy (Mrs. E.A. Ayers), Adelia (Mrs. Francis Ives), and Franklin E. The later was reared upon a farm and received a common school education. October 13, 1869, he married Emma E., daughter of Hiram Coon, of Diana, and they have two sons, Burt J. and Arthur. Mr. and Mrs. Ives are members of the Christian Church.

Garret Ives, a prominent citizen and wealthy farmer, was born January 8, 1806, on the farm in this town where he resided until his death. His parents were Jonathan and Amy (Scott) Ives, and they had one son and two daughters. Jonathan served in the War of 1812, and died in 1839, aged 64 years. Garret Ives married, first, Lorinda Lamon, who bore him one son; second Louisa Reed, who bore him three sons; and third, Eliza, daughter of John Stewart, of Pamelia, who bore him one son, Fred S.

Joel Ives, son of Erastus and Mary (Payne) Ives, was born in Connecticut, October 20, 1806. He married, first, Mary Ingalls, September 9, 1830, and they had five children, of whom two, Louisa (Mrs. Hoar), of Wisconsin, and Julia (Mrs. Hall), of Jefferson County, survive. He married, second, Sarah, daughter of Asa Dodge, in December, 1843, and they had four children, viz. Lucy (deceased), Mary, James, and Edward (deceased). Mr. Ives was an active business man all his life. He died February 22, 1871. Asa Dodge, father of Sarah Ives, was born near Watertown. He married Anna Collins, and reared three sons and six daughters. His fahter, Jesse Dodge, married Miss Waters. The Dodge family came to Jefferson County about 1800.

John E. and Margaret (Morris) Jones came to this country from Wales in 1828, first locating in Albany and subsequently in Utica. In 1834 Mr. Jones bought 50 acres in Lewis County, upon which he settled in June of the same year, and in the fall of that year was killed by a falling tree. His widow resided in Lewis County during the remainder of her life. They had five sons and two daughters. Hugh E. Jones, son of John E., was born in Utica, N.Y., in 1830. He married Abigail P. Lyman, and they had one son, Calvin H., and one daughter. August 11, 1862, he enlisted in Co. L, 5th N.Y. Art., and was discharged on account of disability in December, 1862. In the spring of 1880 Mr. Jones removed to the town of Rutland, and in 1885 located to this town, where he now resides.

Levi Lawton was born near Troy, N.Y., in 1800. When he was two years old his father died, and he was taken to live with a Mr. Rhodes, who came to Jefferson County about 1818 or '20. Mr. Lawton married, first, Valley Hustis, by whom he had two sons, Chauncey, and Oram. The latter went to the Mexican war and never returned. By his second wife, Abigail Budlong, he had one son, Albert J., and two daughters. Albert J. Lawton was born in the town of Rodman, and at the age of 14 years was thrown upon his own resources. At the age of 18 he commenced to learn the carpenter and joiners' trade, which he followed until he married Emma, daughter of Hiram Priest. In 1865 he settled in his present location. By industry and perseverance he has accumulated a competency.

Marcus Rice was born in this town near Rice's station, on a farm now occupied by his son Harvey C. He married Jane Collins, also a native of this county, and they reared five sons and one daughter, namely: Devillo M., Oscar L., Homer H., Harvey C., Willis W., and Nettie C. He died in 1872, aged 62 years, and his wife in 1866. He was a captain and also a general of militia. Jason Rice, son of Jason, and father of Marcus, was a native of Hartford, Conn. He married Elizabeth Wood, of Herkimer County, and in 1801 took up 400 acres near Rice's station, where he located with his wife in 1802. He served in the War of 1812, and died in July, 1863, aged 84 years. His wife died in February of the same year, aged 83. They had three sons and one daughter. Harvey C. Rice was born January 31, 1852, on the farm where he now resides. He received a common school education. He married Emma, daughter of John M. Herrick, of Wapello, Iowa, in June 1873, and they had three children, Marcus H., Gracie L., and May E. For the past six years Mr. Rice has given his attention to breeding trotting horses. He also deals in cattle.

Charles Richardson was born March 1, 1817, about five miles south of the city of Watertown. He was reared upon a farm, received a good common school education, and in his younger days taught school. He has resided in Jefferson County all his life except three years spent in Onondaga County and one year in Illinois. He has been an active participant in town affairs, and is at present town clerk. He has reared a family of two sons and one daughter. Joseph Richardson, father of Charles, was born in Sterling, Mass., in 1784, subsequently removed to Herkimer County, and in 1803 settled in Watertown, where he spent the remainder of his life. He served as a lieutenant in the War of 1812. His children were two sons and eight daughters. Tilley Richardson, father of Joseph, was born in Sterling, Mass., in 1759, and died in this county in 1852. He reared a family of two sons and six daughters. He was a Revolutionary soldier, and served his town as supervisor in 1808-09. The father of Tilley Richarson was a native of Massachussetts, and was a prominent man in that state, holding a civil office there many years.

Jeremy Rogers, son of Eli, a Revolutionary soldier, and a native of Connecticut, was born in New Haven, Conn., and served in the War of 1812. He married Caroline Porter, and they had six sons and six daughters. Jeremy W. Rogers, son of Jeremy, was born in Harrisburg, Lewis County, in 1814, and came to Jefferson County about 1824. He married Jane Ann, daughter of James and Rachel (Odell) Estes, and they reared five sons and two daughters. Fremont J. Rogers, son of Jeremy W., was born in the town of Pamelia, February 15, 1858. He was educated in the common schools, and in 1887 married Martha S., daughter of Norton and Sarah J. (Tousley) Snider. Norton Snider was a native of Canada and his wife of Connecticut. He came to Jefferson County soon after the late civil war.

Laurentius T. Sawyer was born in 1824, and was a son of Joseph and Mary (Pepper) Sawyer, natives respectively of Plymouth, Vt., and Otsego County, NY. Joseph Sawyer came to Watertown in 1800, making the trip on horseback, and settled three miles southeast of Watertown city. He served in the War of 1812. He reared one son and five daughters, namely: Elvira, Melissa, Laurentius T., Marietta, Charlotte, and Fannie. He was born in 1794, and died in 1874, and was a son of Dea. Thomas Sawyer, who was born in 1757. Dea. Thomas married Susannah Wilder, who was born in 1756, and they had 10 children. He was a descendant of the sixth generation from Thomas Sawyer who came from Lincolnshire, Eng., in 1636, and settled in Rowley, Mass. Senator Sawyer, of Wisconsin, Judge Lorenzo Sawyer, of California, and Governor Sawyer, of New Hampshire, are also descendants of Samuel. Laurentius T. Sawyer, whose name introduces this sketch, married Cornelia, daughter of William Tolman, December 13, 1855, and they had two children, William H., a graduate of Cornell University, and Fred L.. Mr. Sawyer died December 4, 1886. He was a prominent farmer, held many of the town offices, was a director of the Merchants Bank of Watertown, and also of the Fire Relief Association. He was an earnest and consistant member of the Congregational Church, and lived an exemplary life.

Alanson P. Sigourney is descended from Andrew Sigourney, a French Huguenot, who landed in Boston in the winter of 1686, and died in 1727, aged 89 years. The line of descent is Andrew (1); Andrew (2), who came to America with his father; Anthony (3), who was born in Boston in 1702; Anthony (4); Anthony (5), who was born in Massachusetts, served in the war for independence, married Ruth Chase, reared nine children, and died in Watertown, Anthony (6); and Alanson P. (7). Anthony Sigourney, the father of Alanon P. was born in Vermont, and in 1804 settled in Lewis County, where he married Elizabeth Gloyd, a native of Connecticut, and in 1809 located in this town, where his son Alanson P. now resides. They had three sons and three daughters, Viz.; Mary A., Polly P., Betsey, Alanson P., James M and William H. He served in the War of 1812, participated in the battle of Sackets Harbor and died April 24, 1847, aged 75 years. Alanson P. Sigourney was born where he now resides, December 27, 1809. He was reared principally upon the farm and finished his education in Denmark (Lewis County ) Academy. He is an active and leading Democrat, and has been superintendent of Watertown schools for 14 years. He has been a candidate of his party for member of Assembly and supervisor, each time running largely ahead of his ticket, which is evidence of his popularity throughout the county. In 1848 he married Wiley J., daughter of Harvey Finney, of Ellisburgh, and a niece of Charles G. Finney, the eminent revivalist and former president of Oberlin College. Mrs. Sigourney was an accomplished woman, and a graduate of Oberlin College. She died of cholera at Sackets Harbor when returing from a visit to Toledo, Ohio. In 1856 Mr. Sigourney married July C., daughter of Dr. Eli Estman, of Adams, and they have had five children, three of whom are living, namely; Alanson P., Jr., Harrison, and July C. Mr. Sigourney has for many years been a member of the Masonic fraternity.

David F. and May Ann (Eygabroad) Snell were both natives of Herkimer County. In 1837 they located in Theresa, and in 1840 in this town, where their son Sylvester now resides. They reared a family of three sons and seven daughters. David F. was a son of Frederick F. Snell, who came from Germany and located at Snell's Bush, Herkimer County. Frederick Snell, Sr., grandfather of David F., was killed in the battle during the war for independence, in which war he served with the American forces. Sylvester Snell, son of David F., was born in Manheim center, Herkimer, February 11, 1834. He married, first, Maria Hines, who bore him two children, a son and a daughter. By his second wife, Apollonia H. (Laninger) Mack, widow of John C. Mack, he has one daughter. Mrs. Snell had one daughter by her first husband. Mr. Snell is extensively engaged in market gardening, and is a member of the F.& A.M., I.O.O.F., and the Grange.

Nathan Staples, son of George and Ruth (Joy) Staples, was born in Deerfield, Oneida County, in 1797. When four years of age he removed with his parents to near Rochester, where he received his first instruction in a Quaker school. He lived in Batavia two years, and in 1807 came with his parents to Jefferson County and settled on Burrville Hill, where his father died in 1820, aged 70 years, and his mother in 1842, aged 82 years. In 1843 Nathan located where he now resides. He has been extensively engaged in the shipment of meat and poultry to New York City, and in connection with farming has been engaged in butchering of more than 50 years. In 1822 Mr. Staples married Amanda Curtis, by whom he had eight children, namely: Emma, Sophronia, Charles F., Orin G., of Washington D.C.; Ruth (Mrs. Joseph Reid), of Oil City, Pa.; Mary (Mrs. I. W. Near); Gertrude and Aubrey (deceased). George Staples, father of Nathan, served two years on a whaling vessel and two years a lieutenant in the war for independence. He was one of a party of four who crossed over from New York and burned Brooklyn during that war. He was twice married. By his first wife, Miss Satchwell, he had one son and three daughters, and by his second wife he had one son Nathan. He was a native of Rhode Island, and his second wife was a native of Connecticut.

Jacob Stears, Sr., was born in Johnstown, N.Y., and in 1801, when he was 11 years of age, came to Jefferson County with his uncle, John Bliven, locating in the southern part of Watertown. During the War of 1812 he furnished two substitutes. He was twice married, first, to Sally Pratt, a native of Massachusetts, by whom he had three children, and second, to Mrs. Bethiah (Mantle) Barlow, by whom there was no issue. Jacob Stears, Jr., a prominent and active politician and citizen of Jefferson County, was born in the town of Watertown, December 8, 1828. He was reared upon a farm and received an academic education. He served his town as assessor for 12 years, and in 1863 was elected clerk of the board of supervisors. In 1886 he was elected supervisor, and still retains the postion of clerk of the board. In the fall of 1870 he was elected clerk of Jefferson County, which position he filled with honor and credit. In 1887 he was appointed deputy clerk of the Assembly, which position he has successfully filled since. Mr. Stears married Lorinda Fitch, of Fayetteville, N.Y. Since 1877 he has operated a creamery upon his farm.

A.D. Wiley, son of Ezra and Cassie (Gardiner) Wiley, was one of a family of 11 children--eight sons and three daughters,-- and was born where he now resides, on Dry Hill, in this town, April 10, 1846. His parents were both natives of Jefferson County. Mr. Wiley was reared upon the farm and was educated in common schools. He married Mary Martin, in 1873, and they have one son.

Benjamin Woodruff, son of Jonah, was born in Connecticut. He with two brothers came to Jefferson County in 1800, and located on adjoining farms three miles east of Watertown city. Jonah Woodruff reared three sons and three daughters, namely: Simeon, Benjamin , Fred, Eunice, Ursula and Polly. He died in Jefferson County. Benjamin Woodruff married Sarah Cleveland and they had two sons, Orlin S. and Clark S., and four daughters, all of whom are dead and rest in Brookside Cemetery. Clark S. Woodruff was born in 1814, on a farm three miles east of Watertown city, where he resided until his death. He married Julia Drummond and they reared four children, namely: Benjamin B., Ellen E., Julia D., and Carrie W. He died in August 1880. Mrs. Woodruff was a daughter of Bernard and Dolly (Graves) Drummond. Mr. Drummond built the first gallows ever made in Jefferson County. He was the son of Moses Drummond. Benjamin B. Woodruff was born March 21,1850, on the farm settled by his grandfather. In 1875 he married Sarah, daughter of John and Amelia (Octhout) Scidmore, and they have two children, Walter C. and George B. In 1886 Mr. Woodruff removed to his present location, where he has 100 acres in a high state of cultivation.

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