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Jonathan M. Ackley, son of Amisa and Mehitable (Moffatt) Ackley, was born in Winfield, Herkimer County, in 1810. He spent his early years on a farm, and was educated at Cazenovia and Homer academies. After leaving the academy he taught school several terms. He married Anna, daughter of Giles and Abigail (Doane) Kilborn, in 1834, and in 1838 removed from Winfield, Herkimer County, to Henderson, and engaged in farming. He resided in Belleville and Brownville for a short time, and in 1844 located in Worth. Mr. Ackley held the office of justice of the peace for several years, was supervisor for five terms, and in 1862 was a member of Assembly, where he distinguished himself as one of the leading advocates of temperance and prohibition. Four children were born to him viz.: Julia (Mrs. Charles Jenks): Charles K., who served in the late was and now resides in Wisconsin; Ann Elizabeth (Mrs. George Kilborn), of Sandy Creek; and William P., born in 1830. The latter married Helen, daughter of Solomon Kellogg, who bore him one son, Charles K., and died in 1870. He married , second, Mary Holls, in 1871, by whom he had four sons and one daughter, of whom Merwin is the only one living. Mr. Ackley resides on road 7, in this town.

Leonard Bullock located in Worth (then Malta) in 1802 or '03. He had previously married Bathsheba Hancock, whom he brought, with two children, with him. Ten more children were born to them after their settlement here, making in all 12 children,--four sons and eight daughters, --all of whom grew to maturity except one who died in infancy. Mr. Bullock was accidentally killed by falling from a scaffold in his barn in 1828. His wife died in 1860, aged 82 years. Leonard Bullock, Jr., born in 1817 was reared upon a farm, and became owner of the homestead, where he died in 1888. He married Martha, daughter of Elihu Gillett, who died in 1888. Three children were born to them, namely: Emily (Mrs. Henry L. Grimshaw), of Lorraine; Levi S., who died , at the age of 10 years; and Leonard C., born in 1842. The latter, who is a farmer, married Eliza R., daughter of John and Eliza (Grimshaw) Cogswell, in 1862, and she died in 1883. Four children were born to them, viz.: Mary Estelle, born in 1866, married Fred Moore; Lizzie Priscilla, born in 1868, married Charles Bernard; Juliette, born in 1871; and Lottie Eliza, born in 1878. Mr. Bullock resides in Worth, on road 2, corner 5, on the farm settled by his grandfather.

Edward Cornell, son of George and Elizabeth (Crouch) Cornell, was born in Lynn, Canada, in 1827, at the age of 10 years was obliged to support himself by working on farms and in mills. In 1845 he was employed on a farm in Oricans County, NY. In 1849 he married Maria M., daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Shaver) Dayton, and in the fall of the same year came to this town. He purchased 200 acres of land at Worth Center, for which he paid $4.00 down, leaving a cash capital in his pocket of 25 cents with which to build and furnish a house. At this time there was no road clearing within a mile of his log hut. In 1851 he built a saw and shingle-mill and did quite an extensive business. In 1866 he rebuilt and enlarged his mill, adding planing, matching, and molding machinery. His children were Flora E., who married Jerry Remington; Sidney E., born in 1856, who married Ida M., daughter of Rev. Ezra D. and Hannah (Boynton) Richardson, in 1878; William M., born in 1859, who married, first, Emma Pettis, in 1880 and second, Emma J., daughter of Amos and Addie (Cole) Smith, July 4 1882; Gilbert E., a lawyer in Ortonville, Minnesota, who married Claudia V. Halliday, in 1885; Leon L., born in 1865, who is a school teacher and lives with his parents; and Guy D. and Pearl, who died in infancy. Mr. Cornell is now postmaster at Worth Center, where he is extensively engaged in lumbering and farming.

Washington A. Cornwell, son of John and Louisa (Bentley) Cornwell, was born in Clayton, December 7, 1848. He learned the wagonmakers' trade from his father, and subsequently worked in New Haven, Oswego County, and Barnes Corners, Lewis County. He married Frances A., daughter of Cyrus C. and Mary L., (Kickland) Flynt, in 1867, and removed to Barnes Corners, where he remained about eight years. He also resided in Rodman and Watertown, and in 1879 came to Worthville, built a factory, and established a furniture and dressed lumber business. Mr. Cornwell is an ernest worker in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and resides in Worthville.

Adam Doneburgh, son of Adam, was born in Schoharie in 1802, and was reared upon a farm. In 1840 he located in Boylston, Oswego County, and in 1844 married Polly A., daughter of John Dingman, by whom he had three sons and four daughters, viz.: John, George, Mary, Eliza J., Julia A., Harriet, and James. John Doneburgh was born in 1845, and at the age of 18 years was apprenticed to the trade of tanner and currier. He married Sarah J., daughter of Charles and Mary (Homer) Tanner, in 1870 by whom he had one son and two daughters, viz.: Hattie Adeline, born in 1871; Matie Emeline, born in 1874; and Edward J., born in 1877. Mr. Doneburgh purchased a hotel and farm and located in Worthville in 1876. He was burned out in 1887, and now keeps a hotel on Mill Street.

Adam Fralick, son of Jacob and Catherine (Vroman) Fralick, was born in Herkimer County in 1804, and was reared upon a farm. He married Maria, daughter of Garret and Mary (Garber) House, by whom he had two sons, Peter, of this town, and Nicholas, who died young. Peter was born in 1827, and in 1847 married Catherine, daughter of Albert Vandewalker, who bore him two sons, Adam N., of this town, and Abram, of Brownville. His wife died in 1852, and in 1854 he married Catherine Bellinger, who bore him seven children, viz., Ida, Maria, Mary, Leroy, Carrie, Lettie, and Melvin. Adam N. Fralick was born May &, 1849, and early in life chose farming as his means of a livelihood. He married Mary Adelaide, daughter of Moses C. and Caroline (Burton) Washburn, of Rodman, in 1869, and they have four children, viz., Levi A., born in 1870; De Gratia, born in 1872; Orlando C., born in 1875; and Nora Anna, born in 1877. Mr. Fralick is a farmer on road 7, corner 17.

Elihu Gillet, one of the pioneers of Worth, located in the west part of the town, on road 23, in 1802. He reared a family of four sons and one daughter, viz.: George, who died in Lorraine; David who died in Worth in 1882; Alanson, who resides in Lorraine; Elihu, 2d, who died in Lorraine; and Martha (Mrs. Leonard Bullock), who died in this town in September, 1883. David Gillet was born in 1809, and followed the occupation of farming. He married Ursula, daughter of Deacon Gladyn and Sarah (Judd) Bumpus, in 1832, by whom he had two sons and one daughter, namely: Emily, who married , first Joseph Hanson, and second, John Allen; Bishop E. and Andrew B., of this town. Bishop E. Gillett was born August 10, 1836. He married Martha, daughter of Erastus and Ann (Shirley) Bumpus, November 14, 1867, and they have four children, viz.: Minnie Adell, born in 1839; Arthur L., born in 1872; Pearl Erdine, born in 1875; and Adah May, born in 1879, died in infancy. Mr. Gillett owns and occupies the homestead where he was born, on road 18.

Timothy Greenly was of English ancestry. His father, whose name was Stone, was a mechanic, and desiring to immigrate to America (mechanics were prohibited from coming in those days) assumed the name of Grasslee, and afterwards Greenlee. He came to America about 1760, and located in Litchfield, Conn. He had two sons, Timothy and Thomas. Timothy came to Litchfield, Herkimer County, N.Y. He married Polly Kellogg, by whom he had seven sons and two daughters, of whom Solomon K. and Robert settled in Rodman, in this county. Timothy came to Worth, then a part of Lorraine in 1803, where he afterwards became possessed of a large landed estate, at one time amounting to 1,800 acres. Solomon K. Greenly was born in Litchfield, Herkimer County. He was a farmer, and married Verona, daughter of Zeba and Zerviah (Silver) Buel, by whom he had four sons and four daughters, viz., Orsamus, Celestine, Zerviah, Albert M., Oren, Hiram, Amanda, and Orcelia. Oren Greenly was born June 29, 1833, and was reared upon a farm. He married Esther, daughter of John and Sarah (Maynard) Quinnell, February 11, 1854, who bore him four sons and one daughter, viz.: Albert M., born March 20, 1856, died January 17, 1868; Eugene E., born July 3, 1859; Oren D., born October 3, 1864; Nellie A., born December 10, 1870; and George L., born August 20, 1874. Mr. Greenly located in Worth in 1859. He has been extensively engaged as a stock drover and dairyman, and resides about one mile east of Worthville.

Patrick Groves, son of Thomas and Mary (McGreggor) Groves, married Mary, daughter of William and Catherine (McBride) McAuley, and they had seven sons and two daughters, viz., William, Thomas, Catherine, (Mrs. William Piddock), of Lorraine, Royal, also of Lorraine, George, Charles, Mary, of this town, and Daniel, also of this town.

William Hanahs, a native of Ireland, immigrated to America when a young man and located in Jefferson County. He married Jane Maxwell, and their children are William, John, James, David, Robert, Sarah, and Matthew. The latter was born in Brownville in 1826. He learned the molders' trade, at which he worked several years. In 1856 he married Abigail Ann Beebe, daughter of Alderson and Rebecca (Hudson) Beebe, who bore him four sons and three daughters. Viz., Emmet A., born in 1857; Sophronia R., born November 24, 1859; Dora A., born in 1861, died in 1884; Ida A., born in 1863, died in 1885; George and Horatio, twins, born in 1865 (Horatio died in infancy); and Cyril E., born in 1867. Mr. Hannahs located in this town in 1881, and here his wife died in 1882. He and his sons are farmers and own 240 acres on road 12.

Abel Haskins, son of Abel and Huldah (Main) Haskins, was born at Sackets Harbor, November 11, 1831. When 11 years of age he went upon the lakes and learned to be a sailor. He married Celestia daughter of Nathaniel and May (Lake) Bartlett, in 1855, by whom he had two sons and three daughters, viz., Ida May, born in 1856, died in 1876; Uberto, born in 1860, died young; George B., born in 1864, married Josephine, daughter of Edward and Lovisa (Done) Freeman, in 1885; Mary Louise, born in 1871; and Jennie Adel, born in 1878. In 1864 Mr. Haskins enlisted in Co. B, 20th N. Y. Cav., and served to the close of the war. In 1871 he located in Worth. He has been a lake captain for many years.

John Houghtaling, one of the first settlers of Worth, moved his family here with an ox-team in 1802, and located on the farm now occupied by his grandson, Charles Houghtaling. He reared a large family, of whom Peter, Simeon, and William died in Worth. Peter married Lavinia, daughter of Oliver and Rebecca Smith, by whom he had nine children, viz.: Oliver, who died in Michigan; Rebecca (Mrs. G.W. Flint), of Rodman; David, W. Tyler, and Charles, of Worth; Nancy (Mrs. C.V. Halliday), of Ellisburgh; Susie (Mrs. Jerry Marvin), of Worth; and George, also of Worth. David was born in 1839, and was reared upon a farm. In 1860 he married Betsy K., daughter of Hiram and Deborah (Carpenter) Coon, by whom he had four sons, viz.: William R., born in 1861, resides in Ellisburgh; Melvin V., born in 1864, resides in East Saginaw, Mich.; Frank P., born October 8, 1869, resides with his parents; and Earl J., born in 1883. Mr. Houghtaling is a farmer on road 21, in this town. W. Tyler Houghtaling, born in 1841, married Louisa D., daughter of Hiram and Deborah (Carpenter) Coon, February 13, 1864, by whom he had children as follows: James E., born in 1865; Lillian L., born April 9, 1867; Belle, who died in infancy; Minnie Belle, born June 28, 1872; Ernest B., born March 29, 1875; and William R., born April 30, 1881. W.T. Houghtaling is engaged in farming near Worth Center, on road 21.

Harvey Kellogg, a native of Paris, Oneida County, early in life located in Rodman. He married Polly Butterfield, by whom he had five sons and seven daughters, viz., Orlando, born in 1807, died in Iowa; Martha, born in 1903, married Leonard Parker, and resides in Michigan; Henry died young; Henry, 2nd, born in 1812, also died young; Ruth, who married Morgan Holley, and is now deceased; Mary, born in 1815, married Halsey Monroe, and resides in Wisconsin; Sally M., born in 1818, married Samuel Jones, of Canada; Solomon W., born in 1819; James G., of Adams, born in 1821; Nancy C., born in 1824, married Levi Woolson, of Massachusetts; Anna E., born in 1825, died in 1847; and Sylvia, who married James Brown, and died in 1876. Solomon W. Kellogg was reared upon a farm. He married Ruth L., daughter of Samuel and Ruth (Canfield) Brown, in 1841, and their children were, H. A., of Rodman, born in 1842; Helen L., born in 1845, married William P. Ackley, and died in 1870; and Samuel B., born April 7, 1847. The latter, in the fall of 1864, enlisted in Co. C, 186th N.Y. Vols., and served till the close of the war. Returning to this town he purchased the grist and saw mill of his father, and engaged in milling and lumbering. In 1866 he married Nancy C., daughter of Charles G. and Betsy A. (Fox) Wilcox, by whom he has a daughter, Helen Louisa, born in September 1869, and educated at Union Academy and Hungerford Collegiate Institute. Mr. Kellogg has been town clerk, justice of the peace, and supervisor four years. He resides on Mill street, in Worthville village.

Nathan Matoon, with his wife, Hannah Case, and family, located in the west part of this town about 1802. Rufus, son of Nathan, was born here in 1822, and spent his early life upon the farm. He married Catherine Hannah, daughter of Ebenezer and Azuba (Shippee) Gibbs, in 1856, by whom he had one son, Courtland G., born in 1857. Nathan Mattoon died in 1883. His widow and son occupy the homestead on road 18.

Erastus Overton, son of Joel, was born in Herkimer County. He was a shoemaker, and located in Jefferson County in 1836. He married Nancy, daughter of Daniel and Phebe (Arnold) Wilcox, by whom he had one son, L.W., born in 1841. L.W. was reared upon his father's farm, and in 1861 married Delia A., daughter of Thomas and Mary (Hill) Harrington, and they have three sons and four daughters, viz., Eva Nancy (Mrs. Harlow M. Ramsey), born in 1861; Frank D., born in 1864; Charles E., born in 1866; Mary Harriet (Mrs. John A. Snyder), born in 1868; Albert H., born in 1870; Phebe Estelle, born in 1872; and Nora L., born in 1879. Mr. Overton resides on Mill street, in Worthville.

Henry A. Prouty, son of Galen, was born in Massachusetts in 1830, and was reared upon a farm. He subsequently came to Jefferson County and engaged in millwright work and lumbering, locating in the town of Worth. He married Tamson, daughter of Henry Allard, who bore him four sons and two daughters, namely: Francis N., of Hamlin County, Dakota; William H., of Worth; Edgar K., also of Worth; Effie G. (Mrs. W. W. Reed), of Pinckney, Lewis County; Teddie E., of Wisconsin; and Grace E. (Mrs. William West), also of Wisconsin. William H. Prouty was born in Worth, May 18 1858. He married Ettie E., daughter of Phillip R. and Julia J. (Brown) Wright , in 1883, by whom he had a son, Glenn W., born in 1885. In 1877 Mr. Prouty purchased his fathers mill, where he is extensively engaged in manufacturing lumber. Edward K. Prouty, born in 1861, married Mary Galloway in 1880, by whom he had a son, Earl, born in 1885.Hezekiah Monroe was born in Delaware County, NY, in 1802, and died in 1846. His early years were spent upon a farm. He married, in 1823, Betsey, daughter of James Cummings, by whom he had three sons and four daughters, namely Phebe (deceased); James, of this town; Norman (deceased); Lorenzo D., of this town, Sarah (Mrs. Conrad Werner) (deceased); Alvira (Mrs. Dr. J. W. Owen); and Harriet (deceased). James Monroe was reared upon a farm, and subsequently learned the trade of carpenter and joiner. He was a traveling salesman for R. G. Chase & Co., of Geneva, for about three years, and in 1856 came to Worth and engaged in Farming. He has been justice of the peace and commissioner of highways. In 1851 he married Mary, daughter of Andrew and Roxiana (Scott) Middleton, and they have a daughter, Emma Estelle, born in 1858, and an adopted daughter, Addie M., born in 1874. Mr. Monroe is a farmer, and resides on road 12 in this town.

John Scott, son of Reuben, was born in the town of Rutland in 1820. He reared a family of three children, two daughters and a son, namely: Aurea M., who married Hoyt Dexter and resides in Colerain, Mass.; Nancy Belle, also of Colerain; and Dexter B. The latter was born in Rutland, January 10, 1845, and was reared upon a farm. He married Catherine A., daughter of Rev. Allen and Maria Robinson (Seaboro) Miller, in 1871, and they have three sons, viz., Ross C., born in 1873; Herbert D., born in 1875; and Egbert Willis, born in 1881. Mr. Scott located in Worth in 1873.

James Spalsbury, son of Jacob and Margaret (Walrath) Spalsbury, was born in Herkimer County, N. Y. in 1801, and when a young lad came to Jefferson County and located in Alexandria. He married Phebe, daughter of John and Catherine (Teachout) Shelby, who bore him four sons and six daughters, viz.: Emeline, Lorenzo D., Louisa. Zeri, Amanda, Adeline, Albert J., Zeraldine, Phebe A., and Esther M. Lorenzo D. was born August 23, 1833. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Co. G. 10th N. Y. H. A., and participated in the battles of Petersburg, Cold Harbor, Fishers Hill, and Winchester, and served to the close of the war. He married Mary J., daughter of Joel and Priscilla (Parker) Dayton, who bore him as on, Adelbert E., and died December 8, 1875. For his second wife he married Emma, daughter of Isaac and Samantha (Nichols) Wilson, in 1877, by whom he has a daughter, Jennie M., born in 1879. Mr. Spalsbury located in this town in 1875. He is proprietor of a wagon shop at Worthville village.

George Spies, born in Germany in 1827, immigrated to America when 18 years of age, and soon after located in Watertown, where he engaged in the coopering business. He married Elizabeth Wetterhahm, a native of Germany, and they have seven sons and four daughters, viz., Belle, George V., Elizabeth, William, Louis H., Frederick O., August, John, Mollie A., Julia, and Nellie. Mr. Spies resides in Watertown and is extensively engaged in the lumber business with his son William. Their mill is located on road 14, in this town.

Daniel Wilcox, son of Joseph, was born in 1793, and located in this town at an early day. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. In 1811 he married Phebe Arnold, who bore him eight sons and four daughters, of whom Nancy married Erastus Overton and died in 1841; Joseph resides in Kansas; Amos died young; Charles G. was born in Worth in 1829, and was reared upon a farm. He married Betsy Ann, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Overocker) Fox, in 1849, and they had one daughter, Nancy C. (Mrs. Samuel B. Kellogg), born in 1850. Mr. Wilcox is a farmer and resides on Mill Street.

Joseph Wilcox, a native of Connecticut, died in 1839. He married Hannah Banning, by whom he had four sons and three daughters, viz., Samuel, Chloe, Luman, Sterling, Daniel, Lucy, and Clarissa. Col. Sterling Wilcox was born in Litchfield, Herkimer County, in 1791, and died in Worth in 1895. He located on land now within the limits of the town of Worth, about 1803. He married Sally, daughter of Levi ad Betsey, (Allen) Smith, in 1817, and they had three sons and three daughters, namely: Lydia M., who married Horace B. Chapin and resides in Wayne County; Philura, who married Henry Hitchcock, of Worthville; Charles D., who died in infancy; Caroline, who married Dewitt Green and resides in Kansas; Gilbert, who died at age 13 years; and Levi. Joseph Wilcox, with Timothy Greenly and Elihu Gillet, purchased the northwest quarter of the town of Worth, and located there with there associates. Mr. Wilcox was a captain in the war of 1812, and a man of untiring energy and sterling qualities. Sterling Wilcox also served in the war of 1812, was taken prisoner, and pressed into the British service, remaining several weeks. He afterwards drew a pension. Levi Wilcox, born in 1825, married Mary, daughter of Daniel W. and Elizabeth (Overocker) Fox, in 1847, by whom he had two children, viz.: Emma, born in 1849, died January 1, 1864, and Gilbert H., born August 4, 1853. The latter was educated at Hungerford Collegiate Institute. He married Eva M., daughter of Austin and Mary Ann (Quinnell) Brown, in 1876, who bore him two sons and two daughters, viz., Eugene L., who died in infancy; Gertrude Allena, born in 1878; Emma G., born in 1881; and Ora S., born in 1885. Gilbert H. has been supervisor and postmaster, and is now with his father, Levi, extensively engaged in farming and dairying. They own 280 acres, including the homestead on Rodman street, which has never been owned out of the Wilcox family.

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