Clayton Map

A detailed 1864 town MAP showing residents.
An 1864 map of The Village of Clayton
An 1864 map of The Hamlet of Depauville

A list of POSTMASTERS in the town in existing and discontinued postoffices.

Town of Clayton 1890 Census of Civil War Veterans
Civil War Soldiers Buried in the Town of Clayton
Clayton Men in the Draft of 1863.
1863 Civil war draft and exemption list
Town of Clayton Civil War Enlistments


Family sketches from CHILD'S GAZETTEER for the town of Clayton.
Child's Business Directory for the Town of Clayton.
Haddock's Family Sketches - Town of Clayton

Bartlett's Cemetery Inscriptions for the Town of Clayton.
Vital Records 1847-1849 for the Town of Clayton.
Clayton Marriages, 1882-1907
Clayton Deaths, 1882-1913
St Mary's - Clayton - Vital Statistics

History of the Town of Clayton linked from Shirley Farone's Home Page taken from CHILD'S GAZETTEER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY by HAMILTON CHILDS, published in 1890, transcribed by Shirley Farone.

History of the Town of Clayton, copied from HISTORY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY in the STATE OF NEW YORK by FRANKLIN B. HOUGH, Watertown, N.Y., Sterling & Biddell, 1854 transcribed by Shirley Farone and linked from Shirley Farone's Home Page.

A List of People who contributed information about the Town of Clayton in 1878 to Durant and Peirce's History of Jefferson County

History of the Town of Clayton, from Durant and Peirce's History of Jefferson County, 1878.

HISTORY OF DEPAUVILLE, which appeared in "The Thousand Islands Sun Vacationer", 27 Aug, 3 Sep, and 10 Sep 1997 supplements to the weekly newspaper, "Thousand Islands Sun", published at Alexandria Bay, Jefferson County. Permission to present this article given by Jeanne Snow, editor. Prepared by William Gillette, Depauville, in 1905 for the Jefferson County Centennial of 1905 published by J. Coughlin.

EARLY DEPAUVILLE RESIDENTS appeared in The Thousand Islands Sun Vacationer, 14 Sep 1994 supplement to the weekly newspaper, The Thousand Islands Sun, as dictated by Adelaide Jones, aged 92, 1975, published at Alexandria Bay, Jefferson County NY. Permission to present this article was given by Jeanne Snow, editor.

Depauville Lodge 688, 1868 roster of Free and Accepted Masons.

Clayton Center School (District 17, Town of Clayton) Class Records - in alphabetical order, for mid 1800's.

Tourist Information


Town & Village Historian Clayton Historian (315) 686-5794 312 James St., Clayton 13624    
Town Clerk Website (315) 686-3512 ext. 24 405 Riverside Drive, Clayton 13624    
Village Clerk Website (315) 686-5552 425 Mary St, Clayton 13624    
CLAYTON Thousand Islands Museum SHARON BOURQUIN (315) 686-5794 312 James St., Clayton 13624  
Antique Boat Museum   (315) 686-4104 750 Mary St, Clayton 13624    
Hawn Memorial Library Facebook Page (315) 686-3762 220 John St, Clayton 13624    
CLAYTON Depauville Free Library Kate Wehrle (313) 686-3299 32333 County Rte. 179, Depauville, NY 13632  
Grindstone Island Research & Heritage Center

P.O. Box 95, Clayton, NY 13624

Jefferson County maintains Town contact information on their site


The Thousand Island Museum at 312 James St., PO Box 27, Clayton, NY 13624
Phone 315-686-5794
Fax 315-686-4867

The museum maintains a large collection of family notebooks, as well as materials on the history of Clayton, both town and village. The office for the town and village historian, Norman Wagner, is conveniently located in the same building, which also houses historical displays.

The Lyme Heritage Center

Contact person:
Phyllis Putnam


The Town of Clayton includes portions of three original grants: Penet's Square, two fifths of which lies in the town, a piece of the Macomb purchase, and some of the Thousand Islands. Clayton, formed from Orleans and Lyme 27 April 1833, has river frontage on the St Lawrence, and hence a Canadian boundary to the north, the Town of Orleans on the east, Brownville on the south, and Lyme and Cape Vincent on the west. It was named in honor of John M. Clayton, a senator from Delaware.

The first settlement was made about 1801 by Captain Bartlett, who gave his name to present day Bartlett's Point. He left, and no settlement of note was made until after the War of 1812. Clayton, originally known as Cornelia, is the principal village. The settlement of Catfish Falls changed its name to Depauville, the town's other populated place. Grindstone Island and Round Island in the St Lawrence River also have year round inhabitants.

From the 1864 Jefferson County Atlas: a summary of statistics for Clayton

Improved 29,257 1/2
Unimproved 19,986 1/2
Real Estate 523,965
Personal Property 56,859
Total 580,824
Males 2,292
Females 2,240
Number of Dwellings 820
Number of Families 800
Freeholders 581
Number of Districts 25
Children Taught 1,817
Horses 978
Working Oxen and Calves 1,977
Cows 3,011
Sheep 2,801
Swine 1,782
Bushels of Grain 
 Winter 15,018
 Spring 91,930 1/2
Tons of Hay 7,503
Bushels of Potatoes 13,816
Bushels of Apples 2,770
Dairy Products  
 Pounds of Butter 206,851
 Pounds of Cheese 179,475

Names of the early settlers

Abby, Daniel
Ackert, Abram B.
Ackert, John
Adams, Joseph
Atwood, Anthony
Barney, Lynn
Barrett, Francis
Bass, Zebulon
Bemis, Asahel
Bennett, Peter C.
Bertrand, John
Bordue/Bordeau, William
Bothel, James
Brown, Luther
Buskirk, A.
CALVIN, Alpheus R.
Carter, Isaac L.
Carter, Jerry
Consaul, Lewis
COOK, Amasa
Corbin, Elkanah
Davis, Mary
Delong, Hannah
Derosia, Levi
Devendorff, Catherine (Fox)
Devendorff, John W.
Eldridge, Clark
Enos, Gaylord
Faire, Thomas
Faxton, B.F.
Fetterly, Thomas
Foley, Thomas
Folts, Delia
Fox, Alfred
Fox, Catherine
Fox, Elijah
Fox, Hubbell
Frame, William
Fry, Adam
Gloyd, Amos
Gloyd, Chester
Gloyd, James D.
Goudiere, Polly
Gray, Richard
Hall, Elvira
Hall, Foster Very
Hall, Jonathan
Hall, Warren
Hancock, Betsy
Hayes, Daniel
Heil, Johann Philipp
Hill, Daniel
Holbrook, David
Holbrook, Nathaniel
Ingalls, Solomon
Johnston, John
Joy, Abiatha
KEECH, Andrew
Kilborn, James
Kittle, Aaron
Knapp, Mary
Lingenfelter, John
Linnell, Samuel
Lowe, Gideon
Lowe, Jacob
Low, Peter G.
Marshall, Archibald
Marshall, John
McCarthy, Mary
McCombs, Andrew
Montney, Joseph
Murdock, William
Norton, John
Norton, Nathaniel
Ormsby, Elias
Ormsby family
Orvis, Ira
Osborn, Phineas
Osborn, Schyler
Patch, William
Patchin, Hezekiah
Patchin, Martha (Wells)
Plumb, James
Porter, Daniel
Putnam, John
Randolph, Hosea
Rankin, James
Reed, Deacon Amos
Rees, Eben
Richards, Amos
Robbins, John
Rogers, Gideon
Rouse, William
Seeber, Jacob
Schell, Adam
Sloat, Hendrick
Smith, Oren W.
Snow, John
Spencer, John
Steele, George
Sumner, Aaron M. D.
Sylvester, Ira A.
Thompson, William
Van Alstyne , Lambert
Van Camp, Henry D.
Vandewalker, John
Vincent, Abram
WAFFLE, Parley G.
Walt, Henry
WELLS, William
Winslow, Edwin Martin
Wright, Erastus
Wright, J. Wilson

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