Jefferson County, NY Pioneers


Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson,New York Vol 1 & Vol 2

New York Chicago - the Lewis Publishing company - 1905
Transcribed by: Kathaleen Smith
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COOK families from pages V2 1123-1124

HIAL COOK deceased, of Clayton, New York, was born and spent his whole life in Jefferson county.  He was an extensive farmer, and a man of substantial worth in the community.  He was diligent and energetic in his business, and was open-handed and outspoken in the support of the right as he saw it, while always tolerant of the opinions of others.
     Mr. Cook was born in 1815, in Rodman, where his father first located on coming to Jefferson county.  Later the family moved to Lafargeville, where the father died at the age of seventy, and where the son Hial was educated.  The son learned the mason's trade, and worked at it in Watertown for Alexander Cummings.  He was a highly skilled workman and his services were always on demand.  Later he returned to Lafargeville, where he built the Lafarge mansion and a number of other pretentious dwellings there and in Depauville.
  A little later he occupied a farm about four miles from the village of Clayton, where he cleared off a considerable acreage, and rented an adjoining farm which he managed in conjunction with his own.  He worked in all three hundred fifty acres of land, and was one of the largest farmers in the locality.  He brought the same industry and intelligence to the conduct of his farm that had brought him success in his earlier work.
  When he gave up active work he bought a house in the village of Clayton, where he lived until it was burned down in 1885.  He then built the house on James street, which is now occupied by his widow.  He was a successful and exemplary man and a member of the Universalist church.
  He married Susan Hurd, who was born in Bennington, Vermont in 1809.  Her father, Isaac Hurd, born in Bennington, went to Jefferson county, New York, in 1812, going first to Champion, but later locating at Lafargeville, where he built a log house for his family.  Afterward he lived at Antwerp, and in his last years were spent with his children in Watertown.  His wife was Mary Cuthill, born on Long Island in revolutionary times.  Her father was captain of a vessel on Long Island Sound.  He had at one time an exciting adventure with pirates, who at that early period preyed on the shipping along the coast.  He was captured and taken on board the pirate ship, only escaping by jumping overboard and swimming ashore.  He had previously been exposed to smallpox, but made his way under cover of darkness to a friendly cabin, where he was nursed during his illness.  The pirates traced him to this place of refuge, but were frightened away by the story of the plague.  He recovered and obtained command of another vessel, in which he was lost at sea.
  Mrs. Susan (Hurd) Cook, grand-daughter of this old sea captain, in now in her ninety-fifth year, and the only survivor of a family of ten children.  This venerable lady, who has lived a life of kindly usefulness, is held in the highest esteem by a large circle of friends.

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