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Coordinator’s Comments March 27, 2016

When Bill retired from New York State Department of Transportation, he laughed that it took two people to fill his vacancy. What would he say if he knew that it takes three men to fill his co-coordinator’s place on the Gen Web site! Bruce Coyne steps into his shoes as co-coordinator, dealing with the code and the file transfer chores. Larry Corbett is finding way too many broken links and other minor fixes as “janitor” …his own term for the job. We are all members of JCNYGS, assistant county coordinators Tom LaClair as president and Larry as treasurer.

We badly need typists, and volunteers are gratefully appreciated. Marilyn Sapienza has been holding down that spot all by herself for some years. In the old days we were able to keep several typists busy, and can do so again. Tom in particular can supply copy to work from, using his camera. We were working on a new look for the website when Bill left us. As soon as Bruce starts uploading, you will see the new look. It will be the same site, but a different slant on priorities. The stress will be on more modern information, from 1850 to 1920. Previously we hesitated to take anything after1900. But the aim will still be to fill the black hole of Jefferson County historical and genealogical information with accurate and pertinent facts.


While I sit here in front of the air conditioner on this 85 degree, sunny hot summer Jefferson County day, soaking up all the kudos from the people who think that I, single handedly am bringing the Jefferson County Genweb back to life, the two diligent women, Marilyn Sapienza and Martha Magill are hard at work making it all possible. Marilyn has been transcribing information from various sources for this Genweb site for years, initially disclaiming all praise. See her name on all sorts of Jefferson County genealogical information on the website. She sought out the site and donated time and effort for your benefit. I can't even remember when she started!

Martha has been connected with the site almost from the very beginning as my assistant state coordinator, offering advice and suggestions. Martha finally got tired of seeing the site laying there dormant and nudged it back to life, doing most of the work Bill used to do, which is totally beyond my skill. Coordinator's Comments was my contribution to the site, and today after yet another undeserved email of thanks it occurred to me to at least say, "You are welcome!"

This Jefferson County site has been my baby from the beginning, getting me out of bed in the morning to see if anyone had looked at it overnight, rejoicing in the kind comments of absolute strangers, and feeling that thrill of pleasure when someone reports that the information presented here has helped complete some tendril of family history. It has given my life some sense of normalcy, after the loss of my help meet of well over 50 some years tore a gaping hole in it. A folder marked volunteers came to light yesterday, and the names of so many people who have helped, unselfishly, to fill what has been called the black hole of Jefferson County genealogy and family history. I knew these people only as email, as I know the diligent women of today.

So thank you to all those invisible ones, including the diligent women, who are keeping the site not only alive, but growing.

JULY 2011

It's July 2011, and I'll continue as if there were no interruption. We have a wonderful volunteer who has contributed literally thousands of Jefferson County names: you see her work in Migrations, in Canadian marriages, in several pioneers and other places. Right now, just back from a fantastic trip to Bermuda with daughter's family, and I'm playing catch up. I consider that genealogy, too, and what better way to get reacquainted with your grandchildren than a cruise! (Our first.)

So keep track of Migrations: I just finished 33 and as of today, there are 9 more to format. We were spidered just before or after I finished 32, so not all the names will be in the search engine, but it searches twice a month so they will be in it soon.

I'm still finding horrible omissions or mistakes in URLs. If you are having trouble clicking from one place to another, please let us know immediately! Can't get to all of them without your help. We knew changing the URL would be difficult, but this is going on and on.

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