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Fourth column should read: Letter of Company. Eighth column designates color. W = White, C = Colored. This does not refer to the soldier, rather to the company. A disproportionate number of Jefferson County soldiers were officers. Many of these officers commanded colored troops, the prevailing wisdom being that colored troops would obey white officers better than they would colored officers. The tenth column refers to bounty paid by the county if disbursed by the supervisor.The twelfth column concerns the married condition: S = Single, M = Married.

Last column heading should read: PROMOTIONS, RESIGNATIONS, DISCHARGES, DEATHS, &C, WITH DATES, CAUSES, &C. If deceased, state whether by Disease, Accident, or on the Field of Battle; give Place of Burial. If not deceased and out of Service give present Post Office Address.

Enlisted for PLACE
W Bounty Bounty Paid by Relief granted to S NAMES OF PARENTS. REMARKS
M.-Months. EN-
C Paid County, family by Town M AND PREVIOUS OCCUPATION.  
TIME AND PLACE OF BIRTH.         AND RANK. Y.-Years.     by Town.        
Louis Ingerson Reg Muster 10 Nov 1861                       served full time
LeRay   92   with Regt 2 Evans         S   PO Evans Mills Jeff Co NY
LeRay P     P   Mills W         Farmer  
Chas Rogers                         full time
LeRay   94 B M with Regt 2 Evans         S    
LeRay P     P   Mills W       S Painter  
Oscar Turner                         served about 18 mos trans to Invalid Corps
LeRay   94   M with Regt 2 Evans         S   in Mass Regiment
Sanfds Cors P     P   Mills W         Wallet Manufr  
Nelson Turner                         served full time (Deceased)
LeRay   94   M with Regt 2 Evans         S    
Watertown P     P   Mills W         Painter  
John Hoover       M with Regt                 served about 2 yrs got commission as 1st Lieut
LeRay   94   P 2 Evans         S   in a colored Regiment discharged Captain
LeRay P         Mills           Carpenter PO Lefargeville Jeff Co NY
Thomas Carrol                         served until the Battle of 2nd Bull Run when
LeRay   94   M with Regt 2 Evans W       S   he fell mortally wounded died and was buried
LeRay P     P   Mills           Labourer on Battlefield.
Orvill Turner       M with R                 Deserted
LeRay   94     2 Evans W       S    
LeRay P     P   Mills              
Edmund G. Derbey                         served full time
LeRay   94   M 11 Nov 1861 2 Evans W       ?   PO Antwerp Jeff Co NY
Champion P     Physician   Mills              
Austin Dumaw                         served full time was Prisoner in Andersonville
LeRay   94     2 Evans W       M LeRoy Prison Eight months Returned to Regiment
LeRay P     P   Mills             was at the Surrender of General Lee
Fred C. Bahr                          
LeRay   94     2 Evans W       S   taken Prisoner at Fredricksburgh. Paroled
LeRay P     P   Mills             got leave of absence Deserted

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