Jefferson County, NY Pioneers



1. BRADDOCK DICKERSON was born 01 Jul 1760 in Southold LI. He is believed to be a son of John & Elizabeth (Corey) Dickerson and probably was named after Capt. John Braddock whose daughter, Alice, married Abraham Corey in 1731.

U.S. Government records show last claim by Braddock for Rev. War semiannual pension payments was made on 9/5/1838: in it he said he was a resident of Gouverneur and had been for the past 13 years and previous thereto had resided at Farifield (Herkimer Co) NY. There was no will or estate administration record of him in St. Lawrence Co. & no gravestone has been found.

An unusually informative biography of BRADDOCK is contained in the declaration & afidavit he made in 1832 & 1833 to procure a pension. He said he was born at Southold 7/1/1759 or 1760 (wasn't sure which), but also said he was in his 18th year at the Battle of Fort Montgomery. As that was in Oct. 1777, it is evident he was born in 1760.

He died 1838 probably in Gouverneur, St Lawrence Co

He married MARY WARD


  2    i      DAVID B. DICKERSON was born 01 Nov 1782 in NY

2. DAVID B. DICKERSON was born 01 Nov 1782 in NY, and died 01 May 1847 in Adams Center NY.

He married HANNAH SHERWOOD, daughter of JEREMIAH SHERWOOD and ABIGAIL HALL. She was born 27 Mar 1784, and died 27 Oct 1848 in Jefferson Co. NY.

In 1813 there were only four or five houses at "Center Square" besides the taverns of Colonel Johnson and Mr. West. In that year Dr. DAVID DICKERSON came to the Square; as Dr. Alden had gone, he was the only one to minister to the ills of the settlers. With his wife, who arrived a little later, came her sister, Miss SOPHRONIA SHERWOOD, who became the wife of RODNEY SEYMOUR and lived a long time in the town. She died in Michigan.

In 1813, Dr. DAVID DICKERSON located himself at Centre Square, being the second physician in town, and the only one at that time. After selecting his home he sent for his wife, with whom came her sister, SOPHRONIA SHERWOOD, then a young woman, now the venerable widow of RODNEY SEYMOUR. At that time Mrs. SEYMOUR states there were only three or four houses at Centre Square, besides the taverns of Colonel Johnson and Mr. West, though there were numerous farms in a good state of cultivation up and down the river. The nearest store and the nearest grist-mill were then at Florence.

Students in the Medical College, Fairfield, NY 1811: David Dickerson Fairfield, Herkimer Co, NY

Would appreciate help in locating information on Dr. David B Dickerson and his family. He came from Herkimer County, NY. He practiced at Sackets Harbor and Adams Center NY. He was admitted to the Jefferson County Medical Society in 1826.

He had a son named Hannibal who was also a physician in the Town of Watertown NY. Hannibal died in 1845 at age 37.


DICKERSON, or Dickenson Hannah,age 65 of general debility Oct. 27, 1848

DICKERSON, Dr. David, age 64 of jaunders May 1, 1847

Adams State Road Cemetery / Honeyville Section A ; Adams, Jefferson
County Photo Number 108-A-115 (available by email) Burial ID 62286



4    iii      HANNIBAL DICKERSON d 1845 I am not sure this Hamilton S. Dickerson belongs to this family.

5    iv      EMELINE ELIZA DICKERSON, b. 07 Jul 1818, Redfield Oswego NY; d. 11 Mar 1879, Houndsville Jefferson Co. NY; m. CORNELIUS W. VANRANST HORTON, 12 Sep 1843; b. 31 Jan 1812, Lyme Jefferson Co.

6    v     ANGENETT D. DICKERSON, b. Abt. 24 Nov 1815, Redfield Oswego NY; d. 08 May 1879, Waushara Co. WI. m NATHANIEL LAKEWOOD GILL

7    vi      ALONZO DICKERSON, b. Abt. 1822, Redfield Oswego NY; d. 19 Nov 1840. Inscription Son of Doct. David & H. Cemetery: Adams State Road Cemetery; Honeyville Section A; Adams, Jefferson County. Photo Number 108-A-117 (available by email) Burial ID 62281

  3. CHARLOTTE DICKERSON, daughter of Dr. DAVID & HANNAH (SHERWOOD) DICKERSON of Redfield, Oswego Co., NY


RENSSELEAR WARREN, son of ELISHA WARREN, from Massachussetts, who came to Hounsfield, where he located on a farm among the early settlers of the town, and there remained until his death. ELISHA WARREN married LYDIA POTTER of Hounsfield, and of his eight children, RENSSELAER removed to Henderson, where he died at the age of 39 years. He married CHARLOTTE, daughter of Dr. DAVID and HANNAH (SHERWOOD) DICKERSON of Redfield, Oswego Co., NY


  8    i     GLORIAN C. WARREN

  9    ii     MARION A WARREN

10   iii     LAFAYETTE M. WARREN

11   iv     OSCAR M. WARREN


13   vi     GEORGE W. WARREN

6. ANGENETT D. DICKERSON, daughter of Dr. DAVID & HANNAH (SHERWOOD) DICKERSON was born Abt. 24 Nov 1815, at Redfield Oswego NY. She died 08 May 1879, Waushara Co. WI and was buried at Auroraville, Waushara Co. WI

She married 05 Feb 1846 in: NY

NATHANIEL LAKEMAN GILL, son of DANIEL & SARAH (COGSWELL) GILL who was born 13 Apr 1816 in Antwerp Jefferson NY. He died 21 Jun 1874 in Waushara Co. WI and was buried in Auroraville, Waushara Co. WI. NATHANIEL also married Zilpha Adams.


14    i      CHARLES HANNIBEL GILL, b 15 Sep 1847 in: Town of Rossie, St. Lawrence Co. N.Y., d 15 Dec 1913, buried Auroraville, Waushara Co. WI; m 25 Dec 1870 in: Waushara Co. WI SARAH ADEL COVILLE.

15   ii      FRANCIS AMELIA GILL, b 25 Dec 1849 in: Town of Rossie, St. Lawrence Co. N.Y., d 28 Mar 1873 and was buried in: Auroraville, Waushara Co. WI. m 04 May 1868 in: Waushara Co. WI JABE WILEMAN

13. GEORGE W. WARREN, who was born in Hounsfield, came to Cape Vincent in 1852 at the age of 51, engaging in the mercantile trade which he continued for over 20 years.

He was elected and served as Town Clerk three years, having the support of both political parties; was commissioned in 1867 by Governor Fenton Adjutant of 36th Regiment National Guard, State of New York, with rank of First Lieutenant. In 1873 he engaged in the lumber trade in Canada, which was continued for four years; after which he became connected with the United States customs service as Inspector of Bonded Merchandise for two years, and was then appointed by President Hayes Collector of Customs for the District of Cape Vincent, NY, for four years from March, 1879. He was re-appointed by President Arthur for another term of four years, which he served in full, the last two years being under President Cleveland. He then re-engaged in his former occupation, and is now doing a successful business in general merchandise in the village of Cape Vincent. During the Rebellion Mr Warren was chairman of the War Committee of town of Cape Vincent, for the purpose of securing volunteers and supplying wants of soldiers' families that might be in need.

He married

MARY A FORSYTH, of Cape Vincent, daughter of JOHN W. and SARAH (ROGERS) FORSYTH



17   ii     SARAH C.WARREN

18   iii     GEORGE R. WARREN

19   iv     JENNIE A. WARREN

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