Jefferson County, NY Pioneers


1. HENRY HATEVIL FALL was born in the Province of Maine, which was under British control, on 14 Jan. 1760. (date from his personal Bible) Henry died on 19 July 1845 at 95 years, 60 mos., 5 days in Chaumont, Jefferson Co., NY and buried in a now-abandoned cemetery between Dexter and Limerick, NY.

Henry moved to Rodman in Jefferson Co., NY in 1811. He married on 10 Feb. 1778 at Kinderhook, NY to SARAH BRACE DURHAM. She was born 1757 and died 12 May 1848 at 91 years in Jefferson Co., NY, probable daughter of JAMES DURHAM and ELENORA PATTISON. STEPHEN DURHAM, a possible brother, was born in November 1756 in Claverack NY and died in Jefferson Co. NY. Henry and Sarah were helpful on Stephen's behalf, when he applied for his own pension. Henry H. Fall was a Revolutionary War soldier and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. See the Fonda List for his military record. The questions that have arisen by descendants of Sarah Fall regarding her maiden name, have not been answered. In the Bible that Henry once owned she is called Sarah Brace, and four of her descendants who became DAR members also called her by that name in their applications. Historian Oakes, who wrote about her daughter Abigail, calls Sarah "Sarah Durham." The marriage record in Kinderhook also calls her Durham, so for clarity she will be referred to as SARAH BRACE DURHAM.

The Bible of Henry Fall was passed to their youngest daughter of the twelve children the couple had together and had a copyright date of 1840 in Concord, NH. The Bible was passed to their youngest daughter, Elizabeth Holly. The handwriting in the Bible appears to be the same for all of the entries so it is difficult to determine when the entries were made. However, their children, based on the Bible record are as follows; note the Bible records for the 12 children included only first and last name and no other information.

Children of Henry H. Fall and Sarah Brace Durham:


3 ii ELEANOR FALL bc 1790; died 1871 at 81 years. She married GOTT WITT.

4 iii DORCAS FALL married WELLS

5 iv SALLY FALL married ROSE

6 v ANN FALL married Stuyvesant and was a fortune teller (from bible record)

7 vi HANNAH FALL was born 1798 and died 28 May 1892. She married ABEL S. SCOTT

8 vii ABBY M. FALL was born 11 April 1802 and married on 26 Sept. 1826 to ANSON POTTER.

9 viii ELIZABETH FALL was born 25 Sept. 1803 and married on 13 May 1827 to NUMON HOLLY

10 ix JOHN FALL; was of Pamelia in Jefferson Co NY; born 1785; married Catherine___ who was born 1795.

11 x HENRY FALL JR. born 1791. He married (1) LAVINA (---) and (2) AMY BAILEY

12 xi JAMES FALL bc 1785; married IRENE LAMSON. Irene was born 1788 or 9 in CT and died in Jefferson Co., NY in 1887 at 98 years. DAR lineage on this family.

13 xii ISAAC FALL; he married ABIGAIL ELIZABETH GUERNSEY born about 1799. She died 11 Nov 1867 at Green Creek, Sandusky, Ohio at age 68 a widow and seamstress.

3. ELEANOR FALL bc 1790; died 1871 at 81 years. She married GOTT WITT, who was born 25 May 1773 in MA and died in Brownville, Jefferson Co., NY on 23 Mar. 1844 at 71 years. They had seven sons and five daughters. Eleanor was a true daughter and DAR member.

Children of Eleanor Fall and Gott Witt:

14 i JOHN WITT was born 4 July 1801 and married DEBORAH LIVERMORE

7. HANNAH FALL was born 1798 and died 28 May 1892. She married ABEL S. SCOTT who was born in 1784 and died 1860 in Jefferson Co., NY.

Children of Hannah Fall and Abel S. Scott:


8. ABBY M. FALL was born 11 April 1802 and married on 26 Sept. 1826 to ANSON POTTER. Anson was born 29 March 1803 in North Brookfield, MA, the son of JOHN and LYDIA (HOLLOWAY) POTTER. Anson was a farmer of limited means and came with his family to Stowell's Corners in the town of Hounsfield in 1805. He remained there for several years and worked as a day laborer. In 1808 he purchased 50 acres of land for which he paid $5 per acre. Historian Oakes, who wrote about this family stated that Abby was born in Litchfield County where her father, Henry, had settled after the war. However, in his Bible Henry stated that he settled in Kinderhook and never lived anywhere else.

Children of Abby M. Fall and Anson Potter:

16. i WALTER W. POTTER; farmer and resident of Eaton Co., MI

17. ii NEWMAN H. POTTER; served in the Civil War from Jefferson Co.

18. iii LORENTINE C. POTTER; married CHAUNCEY W. BATES of Polk City, Iowa

19. iv LYDIA M. POTTER; married HARRISON E. SPALSBURY of Leonidas, MI

20. v ANSON A. POTTER; lived at Brownville

9. ELIZABETH FALL was born 25 Sept. 1803 and died 4 July 1897 at Pierrepont Manor in Jefferson Co., NY . The Bible record states she was born in Cazenovia, Chittenango Valley, NY. Her grave has a DAR marker as a true daughter of a Revolutionary War Patriot. She married on 13 May 1827 to NUMON HOLLY who was born 3 June 1793 and died 26 March 1871. The newspaper clipping mentioned next stated she married Monroe Holly. A newspaper clipping tucked into the Bible notes that Henry made his home, after Sarah died, with Elizabeth, but previously he lived with another daughter near Chaumont. Late in life, Mrs. Holley made her home in Ellisburg with her daughter, MRS. S. H. CHAMBERLAIN. Another handwritten note states that Mrs. Holley (sic) was the grandmother of BURLEIGH GRAVES, dated 1896. From the family Bible records which was passed to her from her parents:

Children of Elizabeth Fall and Numon Holly:

21. i DON CARLOS HOLLY born 25 Aug 1828; died 31 Aug. 1828

22. ii SARAH LUCINDA HOLLY born 2 Aug 1829; died 6 April 1829

21. iii CLARY ANN HOLLY born 7 May 1831

22. iv LUCINDA LOUISE HOLLY born 5 Nov. 1832; died 24 Aug. 1898

23. v SARAH M. HOLLY born 9 Feb. 1836

24. vi MARY HOLLY born 6 May 1837

25. vii JANE D. HOLLY born 27 Jan. 1839; died 12 May 1848

26 viii ANSON N. HOLLY born 10 July 1841

27. ix CYNTHIA ELIZABETH HOLLY born 5 June 1844; died 14 Oct. 1865

28. x PRESTON MASON HOLLY born 7 June 1847; died 27 Feb 1848

On the same page with the births of the Holly children was the following entry:
"Youngest child was Elizabeth Fall Holly. Mother of MRS. GILBERT A. GRAVES and MARY W. FREEMAN, CHLOE HOLLY CHAMBERLAIN and ANSON N. HOLLY."

10. JOHN FALL; was of Pamelia in Jefferson Co NY; born 1785; married CATHERINE (---) who was born 1795.

Children of John Fall and Catherine:

29. i JOSIAH FALL born 1824

30. ii MARGARET FALL born 1825

31. iii GEORGE FALL born 1827

32. iv ISAAC FALLborn 1829

33. v JACOB FALL born 1831

34. vi AMY FALLborn 1830

11. HENRY FALL JR. born 1791; died 1831 Town of Brownville. War of 1812 veteran. He married (1) LAVINA (---) and (2) AMY BAILEY who was born 1793 and died 1878. She is buried in the Huntingtonville Rural Cemetery in Jefferson Co., NY.

Children of Henry Fall Jr. and Lavina: 35. i JOSIAH FALL bc 1807; died 1 Jan 1889 at Brownville, son of Henry and Lavina

14. JOHN WITT was born 4 July 1801 and died 15 April 1868. He was a farmer and pioneer settler of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co. He married DEBORAH LIVERMORE, who was born in 1804 and died 9 May 1855 at 51 years. She was the daughter of LEVI LIVERMORE another pioneer of Hounsfield. John and Deborah are buried in the Dexter Cemetery in Jefferson Co.

Children of John Witt and Deborah Livermore:

36. i DYER WITT; moved to Crawford Co, Iowa and took the name of DeWITT, which was the original spelling of the name.

37. ii CHARLES L. WITT; born 1824; died 1893. He was a miller at Brownville. He married MARY M. CONGDON who was born in 1829.

38. iii ELI WITT was born 9 Oct. 1828 and died 16 Mar. 1914 on the farm where he was born, and also where his father died. Eli married KATE DORCHESTER, who was born 13 Feb 1831 and died 16 Nov. 1916.

39. iv LOIS A. WITT; married HENRY KNIGHT and died Wadena, MN in 1903; had 3 children

40. v AMELIA WITT, married FRED JAMES of Limerick.

41. vi LEVI LIVERMORE WITT, born 19 June 1833 in Clayton and died 1898 at Dexter. He married in 1857 FANNY ZIMMERMAN, who was born at St. Johnsville, Montgomery Co., NY on 30 June 1835, daughter of NICHOLAS ZIMMERMAN. Fanny died in 1910 at Dexter



42. i CARRIE SIGOURNEY married RALPH T. SMITH; Carrie was DAR member; she claimed n ANTHONY SIGOURNEY and HENRY H. FALL

Fonda List, DAR Lineage Records and Patriot Index; census records; cemetery records; bible record of Henry H. Fall; church records; Oakes Hist. Of Jefferson Co.; Hist. Of Mohawk Valley. Newspaper clipping; bible online at Family History Archives, Digital collection-Google.
Researched by: M Sapienza 7/2011

Henry Hatevil Fall
Tom Nelson, Toronto, Ont., CN

Email received 17 January 2018 from Tom Nelson.

Hi Nan !
Tom NELSON in Toronto. My ancestral relations include the HINES and FALL families of Jefferson Co., NY.
I have been looking over the information on your Jefferson County GenWeb site since the late 1990s and I would like to thank you for administering all of this data and family information in a comprehensive and easily searchable format.
I consider your County Genweb site as the best County GenWeb site, in any State, that I have visited online.


Note: The links below are to, you must log into your Ancestry account for them to work.

This email is regarding the entry on your Jefferson County, NY USGenWeb site for the amazingly named Henry Hatevil FALL.


Henry Hatevil FALL and his wife Sarah DURHAM were my 4th great grandparents.


While every one of the DAR applications from Jefferson county says that Henry married Sarah BRACE,  Henry H. FALL's Revolutionary War Pension Papers and records of the Dutch Reformed Church in Claverack, NY, clearly state that her name was Sarah DURHAM, and that Stephen DURHAM was her brother.

I have the paper record from NARA, but Sarah DURHAM Fall's affidavit, in which she states that her maiden name was Sarah DURHAM and that Stephen DURHAM was her brother is now available on and her information was affirmed by her brother Stephen DURHAM's affidavit for Sarah's Pension as a widow of a Revolutionary War soldier also on and this information as to her being Sarah DURHAM was summarized at:

BTW: In Henry H. FALL’s Revolutionary War Pension Papers, it was also mentioned that Henry had served for a while in a fleet of gunboats on Lake Champlain in NY State under the command of  Brigadier General Benedict Arnold, and that Henry was on a boat that was sunk. His Pension Record states that he was on the Galley (usually called a Gunboat) ‘Spitfire’ which was sunk during the Battle of Valcourt Island. The location of this ship was discovered in 1997 and it is soon to be raised from the bottom of Lake Champlain!!!


Daily Mail UK

Lake Champlain Maratime Museum" (Search for "Spitfire")


Sarah DURHAM and Stephen DURHAM's parents were: James DURHAM Jr. and Eleanor PATTERSON - my 5th Great Grandparents.

I believe (partly by DNA matches) that James DURHAM Jr.'s parents were James DURHAM 1675-1725 and his wife Mary STALEY (born 1677).

James and Mary had a son James DURHAM (born 1690). I haven't found details about James Jr's life but I suspect that he had a son James DURHAM who married Eleanor PATTERSON.

James and Mary's daughter Frances (born 1694) married James McELROY (born 1690).

In addition of Henry H. FALL's Revolutionary War Pension Papers, I have been using DNA testing for family history for more than a decade (23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA's Family Finder & AncestryDNA) - the result being than my Uncle Bob, 3 of my first cousins and myself, as well as a 2nd cousin in Oswego, NY all have DNA matches to James DURHAM and Eleanor PATTERSON, and to Mary STALEY.

Cheers !

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