for the


from The Growth of a Century

by JOHN A. HADDOCK, 1895

These biographies and family sketches are copied exactly as found. Undoubtedly there will be minor variations found in later research.

Dr. Olin F. Buell was born in Fairfield, Herkimer Co., N.Y., May 5 1847, and moved to Sandy Creek, with his parents, in March, 1840. He received a common school education in Sandy Creek, and an academic education at Falley Seminary, Fulton, New York. He studied medicine with Dr. J. L. Buckley and S. J. Crockett, at Sandy Creek, and completed his collegiate course at the Medical Department of the University of the City of New York. He was married to Olive C. Harris at Sandy Creek, December 17 1867. They have one daughter, Helen who married Merton M. Stevens, who has one son, Olin W. Stevens. Dr. Buell moved to Belleville in March, 1875, and taught anatomy, hygiene, chemistry and physiology in Union Academy. He came to Henderson, August 17, 1875, and commenced the practice of his profession. His ancestors came into this country from England in 1630. He has served two terms as village police justice and is now civil justice. In August, 1894, he was elected president of the Cresent Club of Good Templars for Southern Jefferson county.

Dr. Buell is what may be termed a selfmade man - one who has come to the front unaided by any special favors or influence from outside parties. He has depended upon himself, and by patient perseverance and a large measure of good nature, and a sincere desire to please, he has secured a good practice, and retains the friendliness and respect of all with whom he is brought in contact.

John Wallace, father of Russell Wallace, was born in 1877, [sic] in Massachusetts. Anna Nevena, his wife,was born in New Hampshire. They were married in 1796, came to New York State in1806, and settled in the woods, two miles back of Henderson village. Like all new settlers they endured many privations. He was called out in the War of 1812. His wife was energetic and industrious; she conquered difficulties and encouraged her husband when despondent, and was the mother of 14 children, 11of whom lived to be men and women.

Hon. David Montague, son of Adonijah Montague, was born July 7, 1795, in Powlet, Vermont. He came to Henderson, N.Y., with his parents when quite young, and became one of the most noted and successful teachers in Northern New York. He taught school nearly 40 years and held the office of supervisor of the town for a number of years; he was also county superintendent of the poor and superintendent of common schools. In 1861 he was elected a Member of the Assembly. His declining years were spent at his home in Henderson village. He died in 1880. He was married three times; firtst to Elizabeth Hungerford, January 26, 1821; to Mary Phelps, December 4, 1834, and to Jane Damon, May 20,1848.

Senator Cushman K. Davis, of Minnesota, was the son of Horatio N. and Clarrisa Cushman Davis. He was born in Henderson, Jefferson county, N.Y., June 16, 1838 in the farm house now occupied by his uncle, Wm. Pitt Davis, the farm having been continously in possession of the family since 1808. Shortly after Senator Davis' birth, in 1838, his parents removed to Waukesha, in the territory of Wisconsin. His paternal grandfather was Russell Davis, who came into Jefferson county from Vermont in 1807, and his maternal grandfather was Peter N. Cushman, who came to Henderson from Vermont about the same time. Mrs. Cushman was a sister of the late Spencer Kellogg, of Utica, N.Y., from whom the Senator takes his middle name. The first three years of Mr. Davis' collegiate education was obtained at Caroll College, and the final year at the University of Michigan, where he was graduated in 1857. He studied law with Alex. W. Randall, the now Governor of Wisconsin and was admitted to the bar in 1859. He volunteered in the 28th Wisconsin Infantry, in 1862 . After his discharge he went to Minnesota and settled in St. Paul, engaging in the practice of his profession. He was a member of the Legislature of that State in 1867. Was United States District Attorney in 1867-73. Was Governor of the State in 1874-75, and was elected to the United States Senate in 1887, and reelected in 1893.

Roswell Davis might be numbered among the early permanent settlers of Henderson, having moved about the year 1811 from Lunenburg, Vt., with his wife and two children and purchased a farm in Bishop street, owned and occupied by his youngest son, W.P.Davis. About the year 1840 he became the owner of the Putman farm, upon which the first town-meeting was held in 1806. During the War of 1812 he frequently called out to defend our lines, and was at the battle of Sackets Harbor and Sandy Creek,and assisted in carrying the great cable from Sandy Creek to Sackets Harbor.

T.O. Whitney was married to Martha Wood, in Ellisburg, March 12, 1840, and commenced house-keeping in Henderson April 10, of the same year, where they lived until his death, and where his widow still resides. Mr. Whitney held the office of assistant revenue assessor from 1863 to1867 and was supervisor of the town in 1863.

George W. Collins was the only son of John Collins, one of the earliest pioneers of the town of Watertown, where the object of this sketch was born July 11, 1822. He received a limited education at the district schools of his native town. At the age of 21 he commenced life for himself, having previously lived with and assisted his father on the homestead farm, which he afterwards worked himself. In 1843, he married Fanny Stewart, daughter of William Stewart,Esq. an old and prominent citizen of Fulton county,N. Y. Five children were born to them. In 1865 Mr. Collins removed to the town of Henderson and purchased the farm known as the A.C. Clark place. It contains 250 acres, and is kept in a fine state of cultivation.

A.D. Stanley was born in the town of Rutland, this county (whither his father moved in 1810), July 5, 1818. In the year 1823 he removed with his father to the farm now occupied by O.M. Stanley. Mr. Stanley married Miss May, daughter of Jonas Benjamin, an early settler of the town of Houndsfield. Three children were born to them. The father of Mr. Stanley was a minute-man in a cavalry regiment in the War of 1812, and was stationed at Sackets Harbor during the trouble there. In politics the old gentleman was a Whig. He owns 400 acres of land in one body; is a straightforward, honest, business man, and a good citizen.

Abel Bickford, son of Levi and Esther Bickford, was born at Lowville, Lewis Co, N.Y., September 30, 1811. His father, native of New Hampshire, was born in 1774 and emigrated to Lowville in 1801. His mother was a native of Rhode Island and was an early pioneer of Lewis county. They were married about 1803, and became the parents of eight children, all of whom grew to maturity. Levi was a farmer by occupation, and reared his family in the same pursuit. He died December, 1830. Mrs.L. Bickford lived to be 78 years of age.

Abel Bickford, the subject of our sketch, was the fourth child, and was reared to industry and economy. At the age of 16 he commenced working out by the month. He was married to Miss Betsy Lewis, of Harrisburg, Lewis county, in 1838. He is to-day one of the substantial and wealthy men of Henderson. In May, 1871, he settled in that town, where he is now living. In politics, Mr. Bickford is a Republican, and in his native county held various postions of trust and honor. His wife was a worthy member of the Baptist church, a faithful wife and an affectionate mother. She died September 10, 1875. His youngest son Chauncey, is a teacher in New York city, and Miss Jane keeps house for her father. Mr Bickford is a cousin of Hon Marcus Bickford, of Carthage.

Simeon Mather was reared upon a farm, has made farming his life study, and has met with success. He has been president of the Agricultural Society of this town and county. He was married to Miss Mary E. Green, daughter of Col. Henry Green, of Ellisburg, June 3, 1847.

Joel Dodge was born in Herkimer county, N.Y.,February 12, 1817, and is one of 10 children. He was reared on a farm, and has followed it ever since. On March 3, 1842, he married Miss Sarah Adams, of Otsego county N.Y. Four children were born to them. On May 1,1843, Mr Dodge came to Henderson and settled on the farm now owned by James Dodge. In 1870 he moved to the farm he now owns.

Dr. Lowery Barney was born in the town of Coventry, Rhode Island, in the year of 1793. His father Doctor Daniel Barney, emigrated to Herkimer in 1794; thence to Rutland, Jefferson County; thence to Adams village in 1803, and from there to Henderson in 1807, where Dr. Barney lived and practiced medicine until his death, in December, 1884. He commenced the study of medicine under the instuction of his father in the year 1810, or when he was 16 years of age, riding about the country with his father, noting the symptoms of disease, and often giving his opinion of treatment. The country being then new and nearly covered with forests, they often found their way (on horseback) from one settlement to another through Indian paths and by use of marked trees. In 1821 he married Almira Spencer, who died in 1838, leaving him four children. In 1844 he married Pamelia Farrell, by whom he had three children, one of whom survives.

Dr. Lowery Barney had diplomas from three medical colleges; one from Fairfield, Herkimer county, Medical College, dated 1823, receiving his diploma from this college. After his third year he returned for another year of instruction. It was amusing and pathetic, the stories that Dr. Barney would relate of the hardships some of his fellow students endured in order to obtain an education--one young man walking from his home every Monday morning with a loaf of ginger bread under one arm and a jug of molasses under the other. Another diploma is from the College of Physicians ans Surgeons of New York, and from the Medical College at Castleton, Vermont.

Dr. Barney was at one time president of a medical institute in New York city. He served his district as Member of Assembly in the year 1836.

He loved his profession and was always a student, and although lame from his youth, was a busy and active man, leaving a memory especially sweet and grateful in the region where he practiced so many years. He was an unusally skillful practioner, and a man of enlarged experiences.

Reuben Wood Leffingwell was born in Woodville, in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y., December 7,1805. His father Hezekiah Leffingwell, Jr., was born in Connecticut, March 6, 1777, and came to Ellisburg about 1800, from Middleton, Vt., with his wife, Miriam Wood to whom he was married November 18, 1800. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and later in life a believer in the doctrines of Swedenborg. He died in 1866, surviving his wife about 30 years. His father, Hezekiah, Sr., was a native of Connecticut, and a soldier in the Revoluntionary War. R.W. Leffingwell, the subject proper of this sketch, was married to Sarah Carpenter, at Guilford, Vt., June 5, 1831. He brought his wife to Ellisburg, and subsequently to the farm where they now reside. Mr. Leffingwell has devoted his time and energies exclusively to agriculture and dairying pursuits. About 1860 he was elected president of the Ellisburg, Adams and Henderson Agricultural Society. He recieved the first premium on dairy products from the Jefferson County Agricultural Society, about 1860. He has been eminently successful in his operations, his dealings always being characterized by honest and upright motives. He died in 1888 and his wife in 1884, aged 75 years.

A. M. Leffingwell, son of the above, was born in the town of Henderson, September 26, 1842. He recieved his education at the district-school and Union Academy, from which he graduated in 1866. The following year he entered the Michigan University, at Ann Arbor, graduating from the law department in 1871. He was admitted to the Michigan bar, and subsequently to the bar of New York and Brooklyn. In 1874 he embarked in the milling business at Henderson, and the practice of his profession. He has been justice of the peace and held other minor offices in the town. For thee years he has been County Chief Templar, and is one of the board of managers of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York. He married Miss Hattie Cook in 1870, which union has been blessed with two children.

Eaton Alexander was born in Henderson in 1811,and was reared upon a farm. He married Dolly, daughter of James and Barbara (Ireland) Wood, in 1835, and they have two sons, viz: Epenetus, born in 1836, and La Fayette, born in 1841. Epenetus married Helen S., daughter of Lucius and Lucy Ann (Babcock) Barrett, March 3, 1858, and they have a son, Eaton T., born 1864. Mr. Alexander and son are prosperous farmers.

William Pitt Davis was born in Henderson in 1826. In 1849 he went to California, via Isthmus, and remained in the gold mines a little more than a year. He returned to Henderson, and subsequently engaged in mercantile pursuits at Smithville. He married Emma E., daughter of Harvey and Sarah (Bell) Smith, in 1856. She died September 12, 1881.

Capt. Burton Penney was born March 28, 1828. At the age of 15 he shipped as cook on board the schooner Dexter. He worked on sailing vessels until 1851, and until 1861 was engaged on steam crafts. In 1861 he became master of the passenger steamer Buffalo, and later was master of the passenger boat Idaho. He continued on the lakes about 40 years, without loss or damage to his company. He married Mary F., daughter of Captain Clark and Emeline (Youngs) Stevens, in 1854. Mr Penney is now engaged in farming in Henderson.

Albert G. Lawerence was born in Henderson in 1832, learned the carpenter's trade, taught school many terms, and has been justice of the peace and census marshal. In August 1862, he enlisted in Company E,10th N.Y. Heavy Artillery, and served to the close of the war. He married Sarah, daughter of Clark and Emeline (Youngs) Stevens, December 30, 1856, and they have had four children, viz: Milton C.,born in 1858; Mary Louise, born 1862,who married Wallace G. Rogers in 1887, and their children are:M. Bessie, Clifton, who died in infancy; and Carl A. Rogers. Mr. Lawerence resides in Henderson village.

James A. Critttenton was born November 25, 1825. He was reared upon a farm , educated at Union Academy, and was sailor on the lakes. He married Martha M., daughter of William and Elizabeth (Smith) Harris, in 1856, and located on the farm he now owns, where he is engaged in breeding fine road and trotting horses. Of his children, William J. died in 1865,aged 6 years; Harley F. died in 1855, aged two years; Elizabeth Charlotte, born in 1866 married Dr. W.K. Walrath in 1886, and they have a daughter, Florence C., born December 23,1888; and Gertrude Alice, born in 1870, and educated at the Adams Collegiate Institute.

James M. White was born April 17, 1819, and at the age of 11 years commenced sailing on the lakes. In 1842 he became captain of the boat Sir William Wallace. He subsequently sailed the Neptune and other vessels. Mr. White began ship-building in 1853, and subsquently built the boats Trade Wind, Lucy, Auchard, Volunteer, S. D. Hungerford, C.G. Mixer, Phoenix, Seaton, James Wade and the Jennie White. In 1857 he bought the farm where he now resides, to which he has since added other lands, until now he owns 222 acres. He married Hannah, daughter of Seele and Dorcas (Mallory) Hungerford, March 12, 1843, who bore him six children. James M. White has servrd his town as justice of the peace.

Henry Brown, was born in 1854; at 14 engaged as a sailor on the lakes, and served in this capacity unntil he attained his majority, when he learned the carpenter's trade. He married first, Addie C.,daughter of Lester and Elizabeth (Spicer) Rickerson, in 1875,and they have a son Reuben W., born in 1876. Mrs.Brown having died, for his second wife he married, in 1886, Mattie, daughter of Ephraim and Eliza (Spencer) Ramsey, by whom he has a daughter Ethel, born 1888.

Murray B. Scott, son of Eastman J. and Lydia (Howe) Scott, was born in Ellisburg in 1840, and was reared upon a farm. He was subsequently engaged as a clerk in a general store for several years. In 1873 he married Laura M. Montague, and they have a son, Harley M. born in 1876. Mr. Scott resides on Main street in Henderson village.

Charles F. Sawyer learned the carpenter's trade and enlisted in the 35th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry. He married Christie A., daughter of Sylvester and Augusta (Bates) Kilby, November 27, 1860, who bore him a daughteer Flora Augusta, who died April 23, 1885, aged 21 years. Mr. Sawyer's wife died September 29,1887, and for his second wife he married Mrs. Fanny Eliza Kilby, widow of Edwin B. Kilby, and daughter of Nathaniel and Fanny (Smith) Gleason, June 10, 1888. Mr. Sawyer resides in Henderson village.

Albert A Robbins, was born April 26,1849; was reared upon a farm, and educated at Union Academy. He married Lucy E., daughter of Fayette and Caroline (Hunting) Stanley, in 1872, and their children are: Glenn S.,Lawerence J.,Mary and Lena M. Mr. Robbins and his father, Appletonn W. Robbins, are extensively engaged in farming, and occupy a homestead near Smithville.

Emory Fales was born April 7, 1825, and was brought up as a farmer. He married Lucy M., daughter of David and Elizabeth (Hungerford) Montague, in 1851, and they have two children, viz: Willis G., born 1855, who is a farmer and resides at home, and Ella E., born in 1859, who married William E. Matteson in 1876.

Newell N. Griggs was born July 19, 1848. He married Ella May, adopted daughter of William H. and Mila ( Leffingwell) Rice, August 22, 1877, and they have three sons and one daughter, viz: N.Willis, Daniel F., Leonard A. and Mila G. Mr. Griggs is a farmer.

William S. Griggs, previously mentioned, was born February 13, 1838. He married Eunice Imogene, daughter of Job and Electa (Halladay) Rathbone, October 19, 1870, and they have three sons and two daughters, viz: Rosetta A., educated in Adams Collegiate Institute; Samuel J educated at Union Academy, and David D., Mabel and Jesse R. Mr. Griggs is a farmer in Henderson. His wife died in 1894.

Joshua W. Overton was born in Henderson in 1827. He married first Maria, daughter of Samuel and Polly (Edwards) Spencer, in 1851, and they have five sons and one daughter, viz:Charles M. of Ellisburg; Frank W., and Floyd C.,of Henderson; Nellie F., deceased; Binis E., and Willis S., also deceased. His wife died in 1871, and for his second wife Mr. Overton married, in 1875, Mrs. Julia (Holcomb) Hawkins. He has an adopted daughter Mamie.

Chas. M. Overton was born in 1854, and in 1882 he married Minne E., daughter of Horatio and Elizabeth (Mayo) Evans, by whom he has a son Brent E. He is a farmer. Floyd Overton, born in 1858, was educated at Belleville Academy and Cornell University. He married Anna S., daughter of Aaron and Caroline (Grennell), Allen, in 1884, and they have a son Floyd E.

John H. Lovelee, son of John and Caroline ( Webb) Lovelee, was born in Lorraine in 1851. He married Alice, daughter of Stephen and Brittan (Smith) Wood, in 1876, and they have a daughter Jesse A., born in 1880. Mr. Lovelee resided at Rural Hill and Belleville, in the town of Ellisburg, for several years, and later came to Henderson, and kept the New York House, which he sold in 1885, and bought the Exchange Hotel. This he re-built and re-furnished.

Henry W. Jones was born in 1843. He was reared upon a farm, and was educated at the Union Academy and a commercial school in Poughkeepsie. He married Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Henry T. and Elizabeth (Snell) Howard, in 1879, by whom he has had four sons viz: Howard W., who died in infancy; Shuler M., Harry R.,and Starr C. Russell Jones and son, Henry W., are farmers in Henderson.

George H. Warner was born November 28, 1828, and was educated in the schools of his native town. He married Sibelia A., daughter of John and Jane (Cook) Carpenter, of Henderson, in 1850, and they have an adopted son, Sidney A.,born in 1873. When 15 years of age, Mr. Warner located with his father on the farm he now owns and occupies. He is proprietor of "Edgewater"summer resort, on road 7, one mile north of Henderson Harbor.

Orrin Hungerford was born in Westmoreland, N. Y., in 1808. At the age of 20 years he learned the carpenter's trade. In 1831 he was employed on several railroads, including the Utica and Syracuse division of the N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad, having charge of a large number of men. Mr. Hungerford located in Henderson about 1833. He married, first, Harriet Sears, of Rome. His second wife was Sophia A. Vail. Upon the death of his second wife, Mr. Hungerford married Susan Segar, in 1854, who died in 1882, and for his fourth wife he married Charity, daughter of Gideon and Lucy (Rich) Potter in 1883. He resides in Henderson village.

George A. Abbott was born March 18, 1840. He married Emily D., daughter of Wesley and Charlotte (Fuller) Collins of Watertown in 1864, and they had two daughters. Mr. Abbott is a prosperous farmer, and owns and occupies the homestead.

Leonard Seaton was born in the town of Ellisburg in 1827, and learned the trade of tanner and currier. In 1837 he came to Henderson. In August 1862, he enlisted in Company E, 10th N.Y. Heavy Artillery; was made a lieutenant in 1863, and served to the close of the war. In 1866 he engaged in mercantile business; in 1873 in ship building, and in 1877 again in mercantile pursuits. Mr. Seaton is a Democrat, but has been elected to town and county offices in a largely Republican district. He was supervisor from 1872 to 1875, inclusive; was deputy sheriff of the county in 1875. In 1850 he married Harriet A., daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann ( Bennett) Bates, who died in 1859. Their daughter, Florence, is Mrs. Dr. Terry. In 1886, for his second wife he married Maria, daughter of Emory and Marcia ( Johnson) Sprague, by whom he has a daughter, Mabel Rebecca. He was sheriff in 1878.

De Alton Rich was educated at Union Academy, and taught school many terms, He married Frances Amelia, daughter of James annd Emerline (Waite) Dodge, in 1865, and they have had three children. Mr. Rich is a prosperous farmer and now occupies the homestead where he was born. He is a liberal supporter of the M.E. Church, and was formerly superintendent of its Sabbath school.

Rollin C. Church was born June 29, 1840 and was reared upon his father's farm. August 5, 1862, he enlisted in Company E, 10th N.Y. Heavy Artillery, and served to the close of the war. He married Frances F.,daughter of William and Maria (Wilcox) Ripley, of Henderson in 1866. Mr. Church owns the homestead at Bishop street, formerly occupied by his grandfather.

Arthur M. Kilby, son of George and Ann M. ( Hitchcock) Kilby, was born in 1847. He clerked in a store for a number of years and in 1882 was appointed examiner in the Pension Bureau at Washington, which position he retainer until the spring of 1888. He is now town clerk. In 1874 he married Anna, daughter of Dr.Daniel B. Nugent,and their children are: Pauline E., Ruth E.,Daniel N.and Allen E. Arthur M. Kilby is brother to Hon. A. E. Kilby, of Carthage.

George Lane was born in 1830, and located in Henderson in 1847. He married Clarinda, daughter of Harry and Phoebe (Bullock) Alexander, January 1, 1863, and is now a farmer. Amos Lane, son of Thomas, born in 1844, was reared upon a farm. He married Ellen M., daughter of Fales and Linda (Harris) Johnson, in 1865, and they have two sons, Arthur F. and Phillip S. Mr. Lane enlisted in Company E, 10th N.Y. Heavy Artillery, and served to the close of the war. Thomas N. Lane was born in 1839. He married Jane, daughter of Chester Barrett, in 1862, and their children are: Fred, Burt, Frank, and Kate. William Lane, born in 1828, married Sarah A. Stoodley, in 1858, and they have a son, Charles A. Peter Lane, born in 1844, married Alta A. Eggleston in 1869, and they have a son, Anson P. Thomas Lane the father of these children died in 1887, and his wife in 1876.

Daniel B. Nugent, son of John and Magaret (Carson) Nugent, was born in Marysburg, Prince Edward's District, Canada, in 1820. His father was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. Mr. Nugent studied medicine with Dr. Thomas Moore, of Picton,Ont., attended college at Castleton, Vt., graduated before the Medical Board of Oswego in 1849, and commenced practice in Pulaski, Oswego county. In 1850 he located in Henderson. He married Mary J., daughterof Richard and Fanny (Southard)Fletcher, in 1845, who died in 1887, aged 60 years. They had four children. Dr. Nugent has been in the successful practice of his profession for nearly 50 years. He resides in Henderson village.

William Mather, son of William, was born August 20, 1834, and was educated at Union Academy. He married Eunice S.,daughter of Alvah and Louise (Packer) Bull, in 1876, and they have a son, William A., born in 1879. Mr. Mather taught school for many years. He is a wholesale seed-grower and dealer, and has a landed estate of more than 550 acres.

John C.Pope, son of John and Barbara (Shubert) Pope,was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1833.. In 1854 he emigrated to America, soon finding his way to Smithville. His worldly possessions at this time consisted of one dollar. He worked on a farm for O.H. Knapp until 1861. He married Avia A., daughter of Hiram and Jerusha (Ayers) Hill. In 1861 Mr. Pope bought the farm at Smithville which he now occupies.

Erskine D. Parsons was born in 1843, and was reared upon a farm. He taught school 19 terms. In August , 1862, he enlisted in Co. E, 10th N.Y. Heavy Artillery, and served to the close of the war. In 1868 he married Emma,daughter of Elias and Anna (Atridge) Dickinson, by whom he has a son and four daughters.

Captain William Gilbert was born in 1827. At the age of 13 he shipped on board the schooner William L. Marcy, as cook, and sailed on the lakes until 1848. In 1853, with William McLean, he built the schooner Billow, and in 1865, with Mr. McLean, bought the sloop McLellan. In 1872 he bought the schooner Union, and in 1879 built the schooner Gilbert. He came to Henderson Harbor in 1883, engaged in trade, and built a dock and warehouse. Mr. Gilbert followed the lakes more than 45 years, and never lost a man or had a wreck. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Esquire and Phena (Washburn) Ellis, in 1853, and they had two sons and one daughter.

Charles L. Simmons was born in 1851. He graduated from Canton University and taught school several terms. In 1876 he shipped as purser on the Jay Gould, plying between Buffalo and Toledo; has served on several other vessels. In 1874 Mr. Simmons married Ellen L.,daughter of E.O. and Caroline (Osgood) Kilby, and they have a daughter L.Maude.

Payson F. Thompson was born in 1844, and was reared upon a farm. He enlisted in Co.B, 8th Vermont Vols., and served to the close of the war, after which he resided in Kansas for a time. In 1867 he came to Henderson and engaged as a clerk in the store of George Thompson, and in 1872 opened a store on his own account. In 1876 he built the Thompson block, where he has a large general store. Mr. Thompson married Frances A., only daighter of William and Mary Jane(Moody) Dobson, of Henderson, in 1869.

Fred R. Babcock was born in Adams, December 15,1850; was reared upon a farm and learned the blacksmith's trade. He married Martha, daughter of Stephen and Betsey (Peck) Bishop, of Woodville, in 1875, and they have two sons. Mr. Babcock located in Smithville in 1876, and engaged in blacksmithing. He bought the Hammond sawmill in 1880, and the next year added a cider mill. In 1884 he kept the Smithville Hotel.

Wallace Gleason, born in 1840, enlisted in Co. B, 186th N.Y. Vol. Infantry, as lieutenant, in 1861, and served to the close of the war. He married Angelia A., daughter of John and Miranda (Congdon) Chapman, in 1863, anf they have a son and daughter. Mr. Gleason has followed the lakes for many years. He resides in Henderson village.

William Lane was born in England and came to the town of Brownville about 1830, engaged in farming; he resided there 40 years. He marrieed Sarah Stoodly, of Houndsfield. Their only son, Charles A., is a resident of Henderson, and overseer of the Henderson Grange. He has also held minor offices in the town. He married Anna, daughter of Frank McOmber.

James Dawson was born in Martha's Vineyard and was a salt-water sailor. He came to Henderson at an early date, settling at Roberts Corners. He married Lydia Dexter, whose parents came to the neighborhood in 1812, and their union was blessed with one son and three daughters: Alexander who died at the age of 84; Caroline, who died at nine years of age; Rosamond, who also attained the age of 84 years, and Lucinda (Mrs. John B. Pierce), who resides at Roberts Corners. She was born in 1814, in a log house on the site where her present home stands. June 8, 1894, many of her friends met to celebrate her 80th birthday. Possessing a cheerful disposition, her society is sought by young and old.

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