Jefferson County, NY Pioneers



1. ROSWELL HOUGHTON, was born 14 Sept 1784 in Vermont, son of SAMUEL HOUGHTON and SARAH COOKE, of Fairlee, Orange Co., VT. Samuel Houghton served in the Revolutionary War; he and Sarah died in Vermont.

He married on 20 April 1806 at Sharon, Windsor Co., VT

PERSIS PARKER. She was born 4 January 1786 in VT and d 29 Jan 1875 in Alexandria Bay, NY. Roswell, Persis and their children moved to Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY about 1831 and in 1833 to the town of Orleans, Jefferson Co., where they established a farm.

CHILDREN, Roswell and Persis Parker Houghton:

  2. 3JAMES HOUGHTON, son of Roswell and Persis, was born 10 August 1810.
  3. 4ALVIRA HOUGHTON, daughter of Roswell and Persis, was born September 1812
  4. 5HAMILTON R. HOUGHTON, son of Roswell and Persis, was born 1814 and died 8 Feb 1883
  5. 6SARAH HOUGHTON, daughter of Roswell and Persis, born August 1818.
  6. 7JOSEPH P. HOUGHTON, son of Roswell and Persis, was born 24 January 1820 and died in 1904.
  7. 8HIRAM M. HOUGHTON, son of Roswell and Persis, born October 1822 d 1895. He married about 1865 HELEN J. GASKILL, born 1845 d 1912 at Alexandria Bay. Hiram owned a farm on Wells Island.
  8. 9 WILLIAM H. HOUGHTON, son of Roswell and Persis, was born 1824 and d 9 Aug 1879 at 55 years. Only the first name of his wife is known-NANCY____.
  9. 10MARTHA HOUGHTON, daughter of Roswell and Persis, was born October 1830
  10. 11 MARY HOUGHTON, daughter of Roswell and Persis, was born November 1833.

2.ALBA (ALBY) P. HOUGHTON, son of ROSWELL & PERSIS (PARKER) HOUGHTON was born in March of 1808 and died 24 April 1882 at age 74.

He married In about 1835 at Brownville, Jefferson Co.

FIDELIA (DELIA) ARNOLD, who was born 10 March 1818 and d 1870 at 52 y/4 mo/8 days. Fidelia was of Lyme in Jefferson County. Of their five children, only three survived:

CHILDREN, Alba and Fidelia Arnold Houghton:

  2. 13ROSELL HOUGHTON b 1841 and d 1921 in Alexandria Bay, buried in the Walton St. Cem.

5. HAMILTON R. HOUGHTON, son of ROSWELL & PERSIS (PARKER) HOUGHTON, was born 1814 and died 8 Feb 1883.

He married about 1837 at Brownville, Jefferson Co.

MARIA ARNOLD. She was born 4 January 1823 and died 4 January 1892. Maria is buried in the Freeman Cemetery at Brownville.

CHILDREN, Hamilton R. and Maria Arnold Houghton

  1. 15CHARLES E. HOUGHTON bc 1838 d 3 May 1853 at 15 yr/2mo at Brownville
  2. 16ARTEMISIA S. HOUGHTON bc 1843
  3. 17MINERVA A. HOUGHTON b Aug 1845 d 21 Mar 1919 married ROLAN A. REED
  4. 18 JAMES A. HOUGHTON b 20 Jan 1850 d 13 April 1940 at Lyme
  5. 19IDA I. HOUGHTON b 12 May 1853 d 4 May 1896 married JOHN PETTIT
  6. 20ADELINE HOUGHTON b 12 May 1852 d 4 May 1896
  7. 21CAROLINE HOUGHTON bc 1859
  8. 22CHARLES E. HOUGHTON b May 1862 d 29 Aug 1937

7. JOSEPH P. HOUGHTON, son of ROSWELL & PERSIS (PARKER) HOUGHTON, was born 24 January 1820 at Fairlee, VT and died in 1904. He moved from Orleans to Alexandria Bay about 1835.

He married 1 January 1846

JANE CLARK, daughter of DANIEL CLARK, of Thetford, VT. Joseph and Jane lived on their homestead for 43 years and had nine children, but only five reached adulthood.

CHILDREN, Joseph P. and Jane Clark Houghton:

  1. 23ALMON H. HOUGHTON son of Joseph and Jane, b 1849 d 1930 at Alexandria Bay.
  2. 24ALBERT D. HOUGHTON, son of Joseph and Jane.
  3. 25MARTHA M. HOUGHTON, bc 1 Aug 1847, d 1886 @ 38 y/5mo/21 days
  4. 26HARRISON HOUGHTON, son of Joseph and Jane, born 10 June 1849
  5. 27JENNETT S. (SADIE) HOUGHTON born 1866 and d 1918, daughter of Joseph and Jane, m WILLIAM KEPLER, of Wells Island and left a son. She is buried in Riverside Cemetery on Wells Island.
  6. 28ELVIRA C.HOUGHTON, daughter of Joseph and Jane.

13. ROSELL HOUGHTON, son of ALBA (ALBY) P. & FIDELIA /DELIA (ARNOLD) HOUGHTON was born 1841 and d 1921 in Alexandria Bay, buried in the Walton St. Cem. ROSELL plied his trade as a carpenter and served three years in the Civil War, having mustered in at age 20 at Orleans on 12 Aug. 1862. His unit was 10th NY HA.

In 1865 he married

ELIZA RUSSELL, daughter of JOSEPH and SALLY RUSSELL who was born 1849 and died 1917; she is also buried in the Walton St. Cemetery. ROSELL and ELIZA had four children:

CHILDREN, Rosell and Eliza Russell Houghton:

  1. 29FIDELIA (DELIA) HOUGHTON b 1866 d Feb 1875 at 8 years
  2. 30GEORGE A. HOUGHTON b 12 June 1874 d 20 May 1949
  3. 31FRED U. HOUGHTON born 26 Jan 1876 d 13 June 1941
  4. 32EDSON J. HOUGHTONb 12 Oct 1883

23. ALMON H. HOUGHTON, son of JOSEPH P. & JANE (CLARK) HOUGHTON, was born 1849 d 1930 at Alexandria Bay. At age 23, he married

CANDACE L. RAUGHT, born 1852, d 1925. She was the daughter of ABRAM RAUGHT of Orleans. Almon and Candace had four children, but only three who survived:

CHILDREN, Almon H. and Candace L. Raught Houghton:

  1. 33NORRIS A. HOUGHTON 1874 - 1930 married LOUISE WATSON 1874 - 1973
  3. 35LINNIE M. HOUGHTON 1877 - 1913

25. MARTHA M. HOUGHTON, daughter of JOSEPH P. & JANE (CLARK) HOUGHTON was born 1 Aug 1847, d 1886 @ 38 y/5mo/21 days

She married

ALLEN RUSSELL, b 1840 and d 1927 When Martha died, she left six children; two of them:

  1. 37ALBERT EDWIN RUSSELL son of Martha and Allen, bc 1875, married MAUD ETHEL SMITH, bc 1884, on 15 June 1904 at Trenton, Hastings, CA . Albert was of Alexandria Bay at the time of the marriage, and a grocer.
  2. 38DOLLIE E. RUSSELL, daughter of Martha and Allen, bc 1872 and married 10 October 1889 to WILLIAM HENRY ISLES, bc 1865, son of ALVAH ISLES and SARAH ELIZA HICKS. The marriage took place at Gananoque, Canada but both parties were of Alexandria Bay, NY

30. GEORGE A. HOUGHTON, son of ROSELL & ELIZA (RUSSELL) HOUGHTON was born 12 June 1874 and died 20 May 1949

He married

MINNIE POLLOCK on 4 Jan 1893 at Clayton, Jefferson Co. MINNIE was b 12 June 1874 at Hammond, St. Lawrence Co., NY and d 20 May 1949.

CHILDREN, George A. and Minnie Pollock Houghton:

  1. 39DR. PAUL ROSWELL HOUGHTON b 15 Mar 1896 d 7 April 1876
  2. 40CAMILLA HOUGHTON b Oct 1898

31. FRED U. HOUGHTON, son of ROSELL & ELIZA (RUSSELL) HOUGHTON, born 26 Jan 1876 d 13 June 1941

He married

ADDIE S. GOULD, born 20 June 1876 and died 18 Aug 1947. He and Addie are buried in the Omar Cemetery at Orleans.

CHILDREN, Fred U. and Addie S. Gould Houghton:

  2. 42RAYMOND G. HOUGHTON b 15 Feb 1909 d 26 Feb 1989

42RAYMOND G. HOUGHTON b 15 Feb 1909 d 26 Feb 1989.

He married

GRACE A. FREDENBURG, who was b 1915, on 4 July 1931. Both are buried in the Omar Cemetery.

CHILD, Raymond G. and Grace A. Fredenburg Houghton:

  1. 43KENT G. HOUGHTON b Feb 1934 d 1997


ROSWELL HOUGHTON, was the son of SAMUEL HOUGHTON, b 1759 at Leominster, MA and died on 24 August 1819 in Fairlee, Vermont. His wife was SARAH COOKE and she filed a widow's pension application on Samuel's Revolutionary War Service, which was granted. She was born in 1765 and died on 13 September 1848 in Vermont. Their marriage was on 25 March 1784, in The Town of Keene, New Hampshire, by Rev. Aaron Hall.

Roswell Houghton was born 14 September 1784/5 and died 12 April 1868; Persis, his wife was born as stated and died 29 January 1875. (source: DAR records)

PERSIS PARKER, wife of Roswell, was born 4 January 1787, according to the actual town records of Sharon, Vermont. She was the daughter of Amos and Polly Parker of Sharon. Amos and Polly were originally of Coventry, Connecticut and removed to Sharon, Vermont. When Persis married Roswell on 20 April 1806 in Sharon, her uncle, Rev. James Parker, performed the ceremony.

Her father, Amos Parker, was born 30 October 1757 in Coventry, Tolland Co., CT and died in 1836 in Vermont. Polly, his wife, was born 1757 in Longmeadow, Hampden, MA and died in 1845. They were married in Coventry,14 February 1782. The town records of Sharon, VT note that their oldest child, Amos, was born 5 November 1782 in Coventry. HIRAM M. HOUGHTON, son of Roswell and Persis, was married first to RHODA BARKER. She died on 30 July 1863, per the records of the Dutch Reformed Church in Alexandria Bay. (source: Lois Houghton) and second to HELEN J. GASKILL on 22 January 1865 at Depauville, New York. (source the 1865 special census records of marriages during the year of 1865.) In the 1855 census of Alexandria, NY, Hiram and Rhoda stated that they had been residents for 10 years. When Hiram married Helen J. Gaskill, he was age 40 and Helen was 21. She was the daughter of LORENZO GASKILL and MINERVA BEDELL. Hiram was bc 1821 and died in 1895. Helen J., his wife, was born April; died 1912. Both are buried in the Omar Cemetery in Jefferson Co.

Helen's parents: Lorenzo Gaskill b 1815 and died 1900 in Jefferson County. Minerva Bedell Gaskill was born 1814 and died in 1894. In 1840, Lorenzo was of Willsboro, Essex Co., NY and Helen was born in Westville, Franklin Co., NY.

Helen's sister, MYRA L. GASKILL, married LEVI BOWEN, son of FRANCIS BOWEN and ELIZABETH COMSTOCK of Jefferson County.

For those who are searching for Houghton information on the internet, check HOTEN as an alternate spelling for HOUGHTON, census records often used HOTEN.


This is an addendum for JAMES HOUGHTON, son of Roswell Houghton and Persis Parker, supplied by Penny James, a descendant from the UK. James is child No. 3 on the Roswell Houghton pioneer page.

3. James Houghton was born about 1811 in Vermont and married Lydia Arnold, who was born about 1820 in the state of New York. Lydia died in 1854 at 34 years and 8 months and is buried in the Freeman Cemetery in Jefferson County.
Their children were:

  1. Leonora bc 1837
  2. Fidelia bc 1839
  3. Elvina bc 1843
  4. Lydia bc 1845
  5. Marietta bc 1850

3. James Houghton as a widower married Nancy___ for his second wife and by her had the following children:

  1. Augusta born 1855
  2. James J. born 1863
  3. George W. born 1866

Daughter Leonora Houghton born 1837 and died 23 April 1883 at 46 years and 6 months; she married Daniel Cossleman as his first wife. Daniel was the son of Frederick Cossleman, Jr. and wife Elizabeth Getman. Elizabeth German was the daughter of Jacob and Laney Getman. Frederick Cossleman, Sr., was an early resident of Lyme. He died on the Cossleman farm on Road 34, at 88 years, and was a Revolutionary War soldier. He was the father of four known children: Richard, Joseph, Annie and Frederick, Jr. Frederick Cossleman and Laney Getman had: Fred, Christopher, Rensselaer, James, Catharine, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Emeline, Caroline, Eleanor, Delia, Betsey and Daniel. Frederick Jr. died in 1870 at age 85 and Laney died in 1863 at 65 years.
Daniel and Leonora Cossleman's children were:

  1. Harrison; he ws born 1855 and died 1895.
  2. Alvin
  3. Charles
  4. Adelbert
  5. Marietta
  6. Bert; he died 29 Dec. 1870 at 2 years, 8 months.
  7. Ferdinand

Daniel Cossleman as a widower married as his second wife, Adaline, daughter of Fred and Matilda Levanchard, of Carthage, NY. Daniel was born 1 January 1827 and died 11 Dec. 1902.
Their child was:

  1. George J.

Daughter Lydia Houghton born 1845, married on 21 October 1863 to Recellus (H) Johnson who was born in 1844. The Vital Records of Jefferson county for the marriage show that he was of Depauville and Lydia was of Lyme. He served in the Civil War from Jefferson County. He had an invalid pension filed 13 July 1875. Lydia M. filed for the widow's pension on 15 September 1890. Penny James states that Lydia died in 1913 in Buffalo, NY.
Their children were:

  1. Elmina Elilah born 1866
  2. Mattie M. born 1871.

Elmina Elilah Johnson, born 1866, married about 1885 to William J. Elliott. They were of Chaumont, NY. William James Elliott was born 1856 in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada, son of William Elliott.
Their children were (Elliott):

  1. Maude
  2. William
  3. Mabel Lorraine b 1889 Chaumont, NY; she married William Lloyd Beel, born 1890 in Oxford, Ontario.

The lineage of William Elliott is as follows:

John Diamond was a native of Ireland, where he died at age 80. He and his wife, Elizabeth, were the parents of eight children. One of the children was Robert Diamond.

Robert Diamond married:

1)Sarah; they had six children
2)Eliza Lemon; they had 7 children

Robert Diamond had a daughter Elizabeth with his first wife, Sarah. This Elizabeth married William Elliott of Ireland, with whom she emigrated to Canada in 1846. In 1861 they located in Lyme, Jefferson Co., where he died on 4 March 1886 at 63 years. Elizabeth survived William and lived in Chaumont, NY. She died in 1895 at 72 years. Both are buried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery in Jefferson Co.
The ten children of William Elliott and Elizabeth Diamond were:

  1. Sarah
  2. Robert D. - b 1855- married Mary M., daughter of Henry and Jane (Rogers) Dennie of Brownville; they resided in the village of Limerick. Robert was employed by the railroad.
  3. John
  4. Berman - b 1863
  5. WILLIAM J. - married Elmina, daughter of Rasselas Johnson, above.
  6. Lowella b 1860
  7. Elizabeth (Libbie) b 1861
  8. Anna b 1858
  9. Minna b 1865
  10. Mary P. - b 1875

William Elliott, who died in 1886, above, was the son of Thomas and Sarah (Murphy) Elliott. He was born in County Longford Ireland.

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