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1. WILLIAM HUBBARD was the son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH HUBBARD and was born in 1761, probably in Berlin CT. His second son, LEVI HUBBARD, was born there on 2 Sept. 1792 and was the first of the family to locate in Champion, Jefferson Co., NY. Levi's eldest son was born in Champion in 1821 in the pioneer log cabin, which was replaced in 1829 by a frame house. Levi Hubbard served in the Connecticut militia in August and September 1813 in the War of 1812, which suggests he settled in Champion after that date. It is probable that William came to Jefferson County to spend his old age with his children as he was then 70 years of age; he died in Jefferson Co. in April 1845 at 84 years. William married about 1788 to MABEL KELSY, who was born 7 Feb. 1772 and she died 3 March 1875 at 103 years. Of William and Mabel Hubbard's children, the eldest daughter, ELIZABETH HUBBARD, was fatally scalded in infancy. Eleven sons and a daughter grew to adulthood.

Children of William Hubbard and Mabel Kelsy:

            2. ELIZABETH HUBBARD died in infancy

            3. ZENAS HUBBARD born 1789; descendants in Georgia

            4. LEVI HUBBARD died at Carthage on 24 Oct. 1878

            5. IRA HUBBARD died at Carthage in 1871

            6. CYRUS HUBBARD; went West

            7. ELIJAH HUBBARD; became a hermit in Maine

            8. WILLIAM HUBBARD; died in Connecticut

            9. HARLOW HUBBARD; went West

            10. HIRAM HUBBARD; went West

            11. ELIZABETH HUBBARD 2ND; married ASA FRINK and lived in Champion.

            12. HEMAN HUBBARD

            13. MOSES HUBBARD; died in Champion at 82 years

            14. SAMUEL HUBBARD; died in Carthage on 18 March 1889 at 71 years

12. HEMAN HUBBARD was born 10 Aug. 1812 in Berlin CT and apprenticed to the trade of tinner at 13 years. Soon after this, the family moved to Jefferson County and he remained in CT for a time and finally bought his time. He traveled as a journeyman, and worked in southern states and St. Louis, MO before moving to Champion. On his arrival he bought a farm near Great Bend which he worked for a few years and then sold. In his later years he owned and tilled a small farm near Carthage, in the town of Denmark. In 1843 he moved to Carthage and worked for HIRAM MC COLLOM as a foreman of his tin shop. In a few years he bought the business in partnership with RALPH HOOKER and it continued until 1861, when his son succeeded Mr. Hooker and it became Hubbard & Son. In 1853 he built the house at the corner of Bridge and Jefferson Streets, W. Carthage, where his widow lived and where he died on 7 April 1888. Heman married on 1 Feb. 1839 to LURINDA FRINK, born 25 April 1822 in Rutland, daughter of TRUSTRIM and BETSEY (CLARK) FRINK, who came from Rutland, VT and settled when the town was covered with timber. Their son was ASA FRINK. Lurinda's twin sister, LUCINDA FRINK married AZRAH STONE and was a widow most of her life; she died 1 Jan. 1903 at the paternal home in Black River, NY.

Children of Heman Hubbard and Lurinda Frink:

15. LUCINDA HUBBARD; married GILBERT CASE and lived in Chicago


17. CORNELIA HUBBARD; married ROBERT O'NEILL (see Migrations No. 68 this site)

18. ARMAN HUBBARD lived W. Carthage; soldier in the Civil War; married MARY S. WARREN, daughter of ORRISON and SOPHIA (MILLER) WARREN. Mary was born 18 Aug. 1845 in Champion and died Nov. 1874 and left a son, FRED W. HUBBARD, born 27 Sept. 1868 who died January 1893 in Chicago. In November 1880, Arman married ANN McCORMICK who was born at Harrisburg, daughter of FRANCIS McCORMICK, They had two children.

13. MOSES HUBBARD, the 10th son of William and Mabel (Kelsy) Hubbard, was born 2 April 1814 in Connecticut and was 18 years old when he came with his father and brothers to live in Champion. He was fond of hunting and made a good share of his livelihood from the hunt. Known for his woodchopping and his outdoor lifestyle, he lived to about 82 years. Moses made his home in Great Bend. His wife was MARY ENSIGN, daughter of SAMUEL and OLIVE ENSIGN, both early residents of Champion. Mary was born 7 Aug. 1827 and died 28 June 1879.

14. SAMUEL HUBBARD, the youngest son of William and Mabel, was born in 1815/16 in Berlin CT and was 12 when he came to Champion with his father. Most of his education was received in Jefferson County and limited to the common schools. His first purchase of land was in Montague, Lewis County where he began clearing wild land. About 1850 he moved to the town of Wilna and purchased six acres, to which he added seven more, and the next of 85 acres. He continued adding land until at the time of his death, he owned 800 acres and bequeathed to his children cash, real and personal property. He died 18 March 1889 at 71 years. His last home was at the old Felt sawmill. Samuel married JERUSHA ENSIGN, daughter of LYMAN ENSIGN, one of the Champion pioneer settlers. She as born Feb. 1828 in Champion and died in Wilna.

Children of Samuel Hubbard and Jerusha Ensign:

19. CHILD; died at six months of whooping cough

20. WILLIAM HUBBARD; farmer in the town of Wilna

21. DEWITT C. HUBBARD; owned a farm in Wilna and lived in Carthage

22. SARAH HUBBARD; married MYRON AUSTIN and lived in Watertown

23. MARILLA HUBBARD; married THADDEUS OLDS of Adams, Jefferson Co.

24. CYRUS HUBBARD, born 18 April 1859 in Wilna at Hubbard's Corners on the Alexandria Road. Attended district schools until age 20. Lived on a farm and cared for his elderly parents. He bought the homestead, the old Felt place, and lived there until 1893 when he bought a property o the River Road near Herring, which he lived until he sold the property to Herring for the completion of his paper mill property. He made additional purchases of land until it was 800 acres. Cyrus had a large dairy. He married on 20 Oct. 1882 to IDA MYERS, born in Wilna, daughter of JAMES and CHARLOTTE MYERS. She died in March 1884, leaving a daughter, LULA MAY HUBBARD. In 1885 Cyrus married LUCY PALMER, born in LeRay, daughter of LORENZO and PAMELIA (MERRITT) PALMER of Evans Mills. They had two children:







19. FERNANDO D. HUBBARD was born 13 Oct. 1841 in Champion and grew up in Carthage, being two years of age when his parents moved there. He was educated in the local school and academy. At 14 he entered his father's shop to learn the tinner's trade and had little schooling until he was 19. He continued at the trade and became a partner in the business when 20. Seven years later he became the sole owner and continued the operation until 1897. The shop was on the north side of State Street between the railroad tracks. Fernando was very involved in all aspects of village life. He became the owner of frame buildings on the south side of State Street below Mechanic, which burned in the fall of 1891. In the following summer he built a three-story brick block, which contained two stores, offices and flats. He made his home there. Fernando served in a variety of public offices. On 29 Oct. 1861 he married RACHEL HARRIS, born Harrisville, Lewis Co NY, daughter of AUSTIN and HANNAH (MUNGER) HARRIS, who came from the east and settled early. Her grandfather, FOSKETT HARRIS, cleared the site of the village of Harrisville, named in his honor. AUSTIN HARRIS lived there until at least his 90th year. Austin's wife died at 35 years. Rachel Hubbard was born 11 Oct. 1843 and died 27 July 1893. See Pioneer Harris family for Foskett Harris.)

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

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