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1. NOAHDIAH HUBBARD was the 10th child of NATHANIEL HUBBARD and SARAH, and was born 14 March 1735 in Middletown CT where he passed his life and died 4 May 1816. He married 1st PHOEBE (FAIRCHILD) CROWELL, widow of SAMUEL CROWELL. She died 18 Jan. 1795, the mother of six children. He married 2nd on 17 June 1795 to SARAH SEWARD and after her death, he married on 17 June 1805 to PHOEBE THAYER.

Five of their children were early residents of Champion NY

2          i          NOAHDIAH HUBBARD

3          ii          FAIRCHILD HUBBARD

4          iii          BELA HUBBARD

5          iv          STEPHEN HUBBARD

6          v          JOEL HUBBARD.

6. JOEL HUBBARD, the fifth child, was born 30 Oct. 1772 at Middletown CT and died 1 Jan. 1851 in Champion. For some years he lived at Steuben in Oneida co NY, where some of his children were born and then moved to Champion in 1807. Joel was a man of short stature and stout; he was blind in one eye. For a time he kept a hotel at the village of Champion. He then farmed two miles northwest of Champion where he built a stone barn in 1829 that became a landmark of the town but was destroyed by fire in 1903.

He married in 1797 to MERCY AUSTIN who was born 13 Oct. 1776 and died 6 Aug. 1860 in Champion. They had 13 children, the last three of whom died in infancy, being twins.

Children of Joel Hubbard and Mercy Austin:

7          i          CLEMENT HUBBARD; died in Champion

8          ii          LAURA HUBBARD; married NOAH MCNITT; died in Champion

9          iii          EDWARD S. HUBBARD; died at one year 3 months

10          iv          WEALTHY AUSTIN HUBBARD born 1 April 1803 in Steuben; married RUSSELL KNOWLES and died 4 Jan. 1903 at about 100 years. See Knowles this site Migration 68

11          v          JOEL AUSTIN HUBBARD died in Champion

12          vi          PHOEBE FAIRCHILD HUBBARD; married ORLO KILBORN and died in Champion

13          vii          JULIA ANN HUBBARD; married AUGUSTUS GRANGER and died in Pawpaw, MI

14          viii          CHARLES HUBBARD – twin born 5 Sept. 1813; died Champion 24 Mar. 1884

15           ix         CHARILLE HUBBARD – twin born 5 Sept 1813; died 20 June 1893 Champion

14. CHARLES HUBBARD, son of Joel Hubbard and Mercy Austin was born 5 Sept. 1813 in Champion . He farmed for six years in the town of Trenton, Oneida Co. and then returned to Champion and purchased 90 acres of land, which adjoined his father. He lived there until his death on 24 Mar. 1884. A short time prior to his death he added another 60 acres to his holdings and the entire farm of 150 acres was passed to his second son. The Hubbards were a musical family and Charles was able to play any composition after hearing it once. For seven years he played the fife in the militia band and took up the flute for his own amusement.

He married on 4 July 1834 to FIANA LOOMIS, daughter of ALVIN LOOMIS. She as born 28 Feb. 1814 in Champion and died 3 Jan. 1902 near the end of her 88th year. Four of their six children reached maturity:

Children of Charles Hubbard and Fiana Loomis:

16           i         ELIZABETH HUBBARD; married ___GATES

17           ii         SCOTT HUBBARD; resided Appleton WI

18           iii         WEALTHY HUBBARD; died in childhood

19           iv         ALCESTA HUBBARD died in childhood

20           v         JOEL C. HUBBARD; farmer resided in Champion

21          vi         EDWIN C. HUBBARD

22           vii         ALFRED O. HUBBARD

21. EDWIN C. HUBBARD, son of Charles Hubbard and Fiana Loomis was born 18 July 1846 in Trenton, Oneida Co NY, near the village of Holland Patent. Before he was two years old, his parents had settled in Champion and he lived there ever after. He attended local schools and cared for his parents in their old age. The farm was 152 acres, which became his by inheritance and purchase and he improved it. In 1884 he built one of the finest farm barns in the area. He was considered a progressive farmer. He married on 19 Feb. 1879 to MARION CUTLER who was born in Fulton, Whiteside Co, IL on 24 Sept. 1854, daughter of WILLIAM and SALLY (ACKLEY) CUTLER, both natives of Champion. William Cutler was a son of ISAAC CUTLER one of the pioneer settlers of Champion.

22. ALFRED OSCAR HUBBARD, son of Charles Hubbard and Fiana Loomis, the youngest child, was born 24 July 1848 on the farm where his brother Edwin lived. He remained at home until age 28 and upon his marriage in 1876, purchase the farm where he resided thereafter. Although the farm was 100 acres his crops were bountiful and his dairy of 17 cows, Holsteins, were high yield animals. He married on 26 Oct. 1871 to HULDAH ANN TRIPP, born in Montague, Lewis Co., NY, daughter of ISAAC and MELISSA (ENSIGN) TRIPP, natives of Champion. Melissa Tripp died at 74 and her husband survived her.

Children of Alfred O. Hubbard and Huldah A. Tripp:

23           i         MYRON HUBBARD; born 19 Sept. 1873; died 16 Sept. 1899; married 12 Sept. 1894 to DORA M. GREGORY of Felts Mills—daughter RUTH IRENE HUBBARD born 31 March 1898;

24           ii         ROY CHARLES HUBBARD, born 2 March 1882

25           iii         ETHEL M. HUBBARD, born 14 July 1884.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

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