Jefferson County, NY Pioneers


1. JOHN IVORY (17801-1859)2 and BETSY PAGE (17813-1859)4 were both natives of Shirley, a small farming community about 20 miles northwest of Boston, Massachusetts. John's father, mother, and his younger siblings had removed to Kingsbury, New York by the 1800 Census.5 John remained in Shirley until after his marriage to Betsey on the 6th of Sept. 1802.6 They must have immediately moved to Kingsbury as their first child Sarah (Salley) was born there in 18037. In the 1810 Census8 the family still lived at Kingsbury with four boys, who would be Jonas, Horace, Theophilus and Norman, and one girl who would be Sarah. Before July 1819 the family lived in Adams township, Jefferson County as in that month he sold a piece of land on which he was living that had a barn and a log house plus other buildings.9 By the 1820 Census 10 the whole family had moved to Henderson town in Jefferson County, NY. Hamilton Child 11 states that John Ivory was one of the earliest settlers of Henderson. (John and Betsey's farm stayed in the family for more than 70 years.) He was the first blacksmith in Smithsville and his son Jonas followed him. 12 In the 1820 Census since four of the male Ivorys were working in manufacturing (as blacksmiths), it follows that John (senior), and his sons Jonas, Horace, and Theophilus were all blacksmiths. 13 In a deed dated Aug 23, 1843 (but not recorded until 1846) John sold 50 Acres in Henderson to his son Theophilus for only $100. 14 That September Jonas and Horace and their wives sold Theophilus another parcel in Henderson for $600. After that date there is no other mention of John Sr. in the Jefferson County land records. In 1850 and in the 1855 State Census he and Betsey are living with their son Theophilus. 15 Betsey died 31 Jan 1859 and John followed six months later on the 25th of July.


2i Sarah (Salley) Ivory (abt 1803 16-1875) 17
3iiJonas Ivory (abt 1805-187727)
4iiiHorace Ivory (abt 1806-1881+)
5ivTheophilus Ivory (1807-1863)60
6vNorman Ivory (1809-1862)64
7viMaria Ivory (1820-1903)70
8vii John Ivory (1814-1875)74
9viiiWilliam Ivory (182278-190179)
10ixLouisa Ivory (182581-190082)

2. Sarah (Salley) Ivory (abt 180316 187517)

Sarah was born in Kingsbury, Washington Co. NY and moved with her family to Henderson, NY before 1820. From the Census records it appears she remained at home at least through 1830. By April of 1839 she was 34 years old and living in Bainbridge, Berrien County, Michigan where she married Martin Tice of that county on April 27th.18 ( He had owned land there since 1836. At the time of their marriage Martin owned at least 160 Acres.19 ) Martin and Sarah had two children, Harriet and Mulford.20 Harriet married (1) David Stevens21 and had one daughter22 and then (2) John Wesley McIntyre23,24 by whom she had a son and a daughter. Mulford died unmarried in the Civil War. When Sarah died of erysipelas in 1875, she was living in Bainbridge Township, Berrien County, MI.25 Martin was still alive. He died the following May. 26

3. Jonas Ivory (abt 1805-187727)

Jonas, too, was born at Kingsbury, NY. After the family moved to Henderson he was trained as blacksmith by his father. Some time between 1820 and 1830 he set up his own household in Adams town and by 1830 he had married Harriet McNeil.28 From the ages in his household in 1830 and the lack of those ages in his father's household, the children of John and Betsey Ivory seem to be living with Jonas and his wife. Jonas and Harriet's first child, Clinton, 29 was born in 1831. The 1840 Census indicates that Frances, their daughter, had been born between 1833-1835. Another daughter had also been born in that time period.30 In Sept. 1843 Jonas and Harriet sold their share of a parcel of land in Henderson to Jonas's brother Theophilus.31 In 1844 their son Herbert W. was born Shortly after that Jonas sold his and Harriet's lot in Smithville32 and removed to St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan with his wife and children. His sister Maria may have gone with them as she married John Gilbert 15 June 1845 at St. Joseph, MI and Jonas and his wife were her witnesses33. Jonas and Harriet had their last child, a son, James W. the following year.34 On the 13 July 1846 both Jonas and Harriet signed a deed in Berrien County that sold their last holding in Henderson, New York.35 (A local history book credits Jonas with arriving in Berrien County in 1837 and being the first blacksmith in the village of Watervilet. He then moved to Milburgh before he went to the far west36. The date is not possible but the other facts may be correct.)

Although no death record can be found Harriet most likely had died by 1849 as her children, but not Harriet, were mentioned in the distribution of her father's estate that year.37 In 1850 Jonas was on his way to San Francisco, having left New York about the 26th of February.38 Clinton was living with the Williamson family in Marshall, Michigan learning to be a machinist.39 The two youngest boys were living with Jonas's sister Maria Gilbert and her family.40 Frances is unaccounted for and the other little girl was never mentioned except as a number on the 1840 Census.

Jonas arrived in San Francisco 210 days later on Sept. 24th. He had come on the steamer New Orleans via the Isthmus of Panama. He may have returned to Michigan the next year as a J. Ivory is reported arriving in San Francisco 12 July 1852.< When the first California State Census was taken that year he, his brother, Horace and his son Clinton were all listed. Jonas was listed as a 417 year old blacksmith who resided in Michigan. Clinton was listed as a 22 year old machinist along with his uncle not his father.42 17 Oct. 1852 Jonas voted in the second election held by the city of Stockton.43

In 1859 Jonas purchased about six lots in what would now be the center of Stockton, CA44. In the 1860 U.S. Census Jonas is in Stockton with his wife, Mary who was born in Massachusetts, his son Clinton age 30 who is now a blacksmith, and the two younger sons - Herbert born in NY and James born in MI. Jonas has real estate valued at $3500 and $200 worth of personal estate.45 Jonas's son, James married Isabelle Work the 3rd of April 186946. He was a widower with no children by 1872. Clinton finally married on Aug 21, 1870 to Maria Ponce.47 By the 1870 Census Jonas and Mary live alone and own real estate valued at $8000.48 Jonas died at Stockton and was buried the 27th May 1877 in Rural Cemetery.

4. Horace Ivory (abt 1806-1881+)
Horace was born during the time his family lived in Washington County, New York.49 By 1820 the family had moved to Henderson Town, Jefferson County, NY, Horace was on his way to becoming a blacksmith. In 1830 he was probably living in his brother Jonas's household in Adams town.50 He married Marilda (surname unknown) about 1833. Their first child Charles Oscar was born in 183451. In 1835 Horace bought a parcel of land in Subdivision 2, great lot 11 of Henderson Town from William and Lucy McNeil. Eleven years later he sold it to his brother Theophilus at a loss. Since Horace's blacksmith shop was in Adams as was his residence, the lot in Henderson appears to have been an investment. Horace and Marilda had a daughter, Nancy, in 1836, but she only lived to be 5 years old. Their second son, Henry arrived about 1839 and Dempster H. in 1843. That year Horace, Jonas and their wives sold a parcel of land in Henderson to their brother Theophilus for a total of $600. When the First Methodist Episcopal Church was formed at Smithville in 1844, Horace was elected a trustee. On the first of March 1846 Horace and Marilda sold the lot on which stood the blacksmith shop that he "formerly owned." In the 1850 U.S. Census the family still lived in Smithville. Horace's fortunes were not improving. In 1850 he was only wor$600. Three more daughters were born to Horace and Marilda - Sarah L. born in 1846, Mary who died at age 2 in 1850 and Nella born in 2.

June 23 1852 Horace and his nephew Clinton arrived at San Francisco on the Steamer Columbia from Panama.52 In the First California State Census taken that year Horace was a blacksmith in San Joaquin.53 His experience in California could not have been very successful. In July 1858 he and Marilda were back in Henderson, NY selling a lot in Smithville "on which stood a blacksmith shop" to his brother, Theophilus, for $300.54 (A California source said that Charles Oscar went back to NY for two years beginning in 1858 so perhaps the whole family had returned for some reason.) In August of 1859 Charles Oscar gave his father Horace his power of attorney. 55

By June of 1860 Horace, Marilda, Dempster, Sarah L. and Nella were again living in Adams Town in Jefferson County. Horace had no real estate and his personal worth was $500. The older sons were in California. Twenty-one year old Henry was a blacksmith in Gilmore, Santa Clara County56 and Charles Oscar was at Stockton. In 1863 Horace was still in New York when he acted as "lawful attorney" for Charles Oscar in selling some land at Smithville. Horace never seemed to give up. In 1870 at the age of 62 he was in Colorado working as a laborer in Georgetown, a gold mining town.57 A younger miner from Ireland lived with him. Marilda was left behind in Henderson, NY with her daughters Sarah, a dressmaker, and Nellie. George Ivory, age 35, a laborer, lived with them.58 In the 1880 Census Marilda and Sarah had finally made it to Stockton, California and were living with Horace, who was unemployed. About two years later Horace died, 59 but Marilda was able to enjoy her life in the mild California climate until 1906.

5.Theophilus Ivory (1807-186360)
Theophilus was also trained to become a blacksmith. He lived with his family through the 1830 Census. In 1834 he married Julia Knapp.61 They had seven children: Emeline, Stratton, Franklin, John W., Theodore H., Dewitt Clinton, and Harrrison. Although Theophilus was the third son of John and Betsey Page, the land records show that he was the son who took over the family farm. The Jefferson County land records indicate he bought 16 parcels of land beginning in 1843 and ending in 1863 and sold six parcels from 1846-1849. In 1850 his real estate was valued at $2500.62 By 1860 Theophilus was still farming and his real estate value had grown to $8000 with his personal property worth $1000. Three years later Theophilus was dead at age 55.63 After all his debts and mortgage were subtracted from his assets, his heirs were left with approximately $230. The three younger boys were minors when their father died, although Theodore came of age the following year.

6. Norman Ivory (1809-186264)
Norman had also trained with his father to become a blacksmith. He was probably working with his brother Jonas in Henderson at the time of the 1840 Census. 65 4 March 1846 Norman and Rhoda Elmore were married by John Nash, minister of the Baptist Church at Watertown, Jefferson Co. NY.66 Two years later Norman purchased 44.56 acres of land in Van Buren County, Michigan.67 A month later in July of 1848, back in New York, his first child, Newell was born. By 1852 the family had moved to Berrien County, Michigan. In August of 1860 when the census was taken, Norman, a farmer, Rhoda, and their children, Newell, Byron A., Edmond M. and Elva Medora all lived at Benton Township, (a very successful fruit farming area ).68 5 Nov. 1861 Norman enlisted for 3 years as a private in the Union army, but the enlistment was not recorded by the Adjutant General until 5 Dec. He was mustered in 19 Dec. 1861 at Niles, Michigan in Co B 12 Regiment of Michigan Volunteers. He was on the muster roll for May and June of 1862. His pension record states that Norman died in the hospital at St. Louis, Missouri 9 May 1862 from a gunshot wound received at the battle of Pittsburgh Landing. By July 22 Rhoda had already applied for a half-pay pension. The pension application includes a fifth child named Willis Herbert, age 1. Hopefully, Rhoda received the pension before she could finally provide the affidavit in 1868 that proved her marriage.69

7. Maria Ivory (1820-190370)

Maria lived with her parents at least until 1840.71 She went to Michigan likely with her brother, Jonas, and his family in 1844, as he and his wife were the witnesses at her marriage to John M. Gilbert in June of 1845 at St. Joseph, Michigan.72 John and Maria owned a fruit farm in Benton township, Berrien County, next door to Norman Ivory and his family. In 1850 the farm was valued at $300, in 1860 $2000, and in 1870 $6000.73 Maria and John Gilbert raised five children: Edwin T., Mary J., Emily F., Mercy Adelia, and Frank G. By the 1880 census Edwin, Mary J. and Emily had left home. Frank, a farmer, and (Mercy) Adelia,, a dressmaker, still lived with their parents, but both children married in the next decade. John died in1885 and Maria died of paralysis of the left lumphtigia in 1903. Both were still residents of Benton township.

8. John Ivory (1814-187574)

John Ivory was born in Jefferson County, New York. He had moved to Michigan by December of 1838 when he purchased A. Tunison's two land grants totaling 80 Acres in Section 10 at Hadley Township, Michigan.75 In 1841 he and his wife Fidelia [Dowd] sold the east 40 Acres of that parcel for a profit of $25.76 In 1841 John bought another 40 acres in Section 5 at Hadley ( which he sold in 1859.) By this time the family was living in the next township, Elba. That year John also sold twenty acres to his brother-in-law William Potter77. Between 1840 and1847 John and Fidelia created their family of two sons Rufus, and Franklin and two daughters, Martha and Mary J. In the 1850 Census John was a farmer at Elba living with his wife and four children. By 1870 that farm was valued at $10,800. John and Fidelia's only living daughter Mary was at home with them as was Franklin, who never married. In 1874 John owned 160 acres of excellent farmland. The following year on Sept. 18th John died. Rufus and his family took over the farm. Mary had married Emerson Vickery. Fidelia lived on until 1880.

9. William Ivory (182278-190179)

William, too, was born in Jefferson County.80 William may have gone to Lapeer County, Michigan to join his brother John sometime between 1838 and 1847. [He is not in NY for the 1830 Census.] He married Sarah Doud who had lived at Lapeer County for at least seven years with her sister and brother-in-law. [A loving cup dated 1847 is the only proof of William Ivory and Sarah Doud's marriage.] They must have immediately set out to homestead in Dodge County, Wisconsin where William's sister, Louisa Clark and her husband lived. Also, Sarah's brother Alanson Doud and his family lived there. William and Sarah's first children, twins Elwell and Ellery, were born in Wisconsin in June of 1848. That September William was in Green Bay to obtain his land grant of 80 Acres at Williams town. In 1852 a third son, Egbert, was born. Sometime after that and before Mary Almeda was born in September 1856 the family moved back to Lapeer County, Michigan. In 1860 William lived in Hadley township and had real estate worth $4000 and personal estate worth $1500. In 1864 their last child Ada Jane was born.

10. Louisa Ivory (182581-190082)

Louisa Ivory was was the youngest child in the family. She was born in Jefferson County, NY and lived with her parents at least until 1840.83 In June of 1845 she married Amasa E. Clark also of Jefferson County. Possibly, the Clarks traveled to Dodge County, Wisconsin with the newly married William Ivorys as Amasa and Louise located on a prairie farm in Burnett town (soon to be Williams town), Wisconsin in the spring of 1847.84 Amasa settled on the sixty acres he still owned in 1880. There he cleared most of his land of the maple and basswood timber. In August of 1849 the federal government granted Amasa 40 Acres of land at Williams [new name for Burnett town], Dodge County.85 By 1860 he, Louisa and son Judson H. age 2 and Frances, age 12 were living at Mayville [ probably the post office address for the farm] in Dodge County. His farm was worth $1600 and his personal estate is worth $200.86 Amasa slowly developed his operation into a very successful truck farm. In 1870 the farm was worth $4200 and personal property was worth $1300. A son, Albert, and a daughter, Eva M., had joined the family. Nancy Clark, age 69, had come to live with them. She had real estate valued at $4000 and personal property worth $250.87 By 1880 Amasa, Louisa, Albert and Elva still lived on the farm. Judson, his wife and child lived nearby.88 In 1899 Amasa died at Mayville. Louisa must have gone to live with their son, Judson, at Parma, Jackson County, Michigan as she died there the following year.


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