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Hough's History of the Towns of Jefferson County

Transcribed by Shirley Farone, and linked from Shirley Farone's Website. These are copied from History of Jefferson County In the State of New York, by Franklin B. Hough, Watertown, N. Y., Sterling & Biddell, 1854.

NOTE: These histories are not on our site, and cannot be searched by our search engine. Clicking on the links below will take you to "Shirley Farone's Website."

Town of Adams
Town of Alexandria
Town of Antwerp
Town of Brownville
Town of Cape Vincent
Town of Champion
Town of Clayton
Town of Ellisburgh
Town of Henderson
Town of Hounsfield
Town of LeRay

Town of Lorraine
Town of Lyme
Town of Orleans
Town of Pamelia
Town of Philadelphia
Town of Rodman
Town of Rutland
Town of Theresa
Town of Watertown
Town of Worth
Town of Wilna

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Jefferson County Miscellaneous

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