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AMOS MALLERY was the son of Gideon Mallery (bapt. 9 June 1728) and (married 5 June 1751) Olive Hurd of Woodbury, Connecticut where Amos was born 22 Sept. 1755. His siblings were: Ruth, Reuben, Molly, Jemima, Abigail, Gideon, Simeon and Thomas Burr Mallery/Mallory.

Amos Mallery died on 4 October 1834 at 79 years. He was a veteran of the Revolutionary War and is buried in the Champion Hollow Cemetery near Champion, Jefferson Co., NY. The cemetery records indicate that he had two wives: Miranda Mallery who died in 1832 at 44 years and Martha Mallery who died in 1844 at 76 years. Deacon Amos Mallery was born 1755 in Woodbury, CT, and died 1 Oct. 1834 at Rutland. His second wife, Martha Mallery was born 1768 and died 10 Nov. 1844 in Rutland. See the wills of Hannah Mallery and Amos Mallery on this site. It is not clear if the Hannah Mallery who died in 1819 was a wife of Rev. Amos Mallery or his son, Amos; Rev. Amos did administrative duties on her estate.

The known children of Amos Mallery were:

Curtis Mallory, Garret Mallory, Amos Mallory, Amelia Mallory, Deborah Spencer, wife of Dr. Gordon P. Spencer, Harriet Bronson, wife of Erastus Bronson, Hannah E. Mallory, and Jerusha Emerson who was the wife of Harlow Emerson.

Amos Mallery's name is included in the 1810 census of Rutland, Jefferson County. The First Congregational Church of Rutland, organized on 12 January 1808 by Rev. William Lathrop, a missionary from Vermont, included ten members, one of the ten being Amos Mallery. As stated in the notes after his will, Amos was objected to for the office of deacon because he had no wife. Amos served on the first presidential committee that was formed on 26 October 1815.

Early deeds of Jefferson Co. show Amos Mallery as a grantee in 1814 from Isaac Bronson. In 1817, Amos deeded land to son, Curtis Mallery and in 1822 to his son, Amos. In an indenture dated 25 June 1835, the heirs of Amos Mallery Sr., were empowered to sell his land. The son was Amos Mallery, son-in-law, Gordon P. Spencer, and executor, George White.

Children of Amos Mallery:

Curtis Mallery's name appears on the 1810 census record of Rutland, Jefferson Co.

Amos Mallery, the son, was born in 1782 in Connecticut, and in the 1850 census of Rutland:
     Amos Mallery age 68 born Connecticut
     Mehetable Mallery age 53 born Connecticut
     Harriett Mallery age 17 born NY
     Mary Mallery age 14 born NY
Amos Mallery, Jr. died 26 July 1865 at 79 years. Cemetery records indicate his first wife was Ann who died 6 Dec. 1807 at 21 years. The Hannah who died in 1819 at 33 years may have been a second wife.

Deborah E. Mallery was born in 1796 and died in 1868, wife of Dr. Gordon P. Spencer, who was born 1790 and died in 1859. See will of Dr. Gordon P. Spencer this site and family notes below.

Harriet Mallery who married Erastus Bronson became a widow on 2 May 1829 when Erastus died at 36 years. Perhaps both are buried in Maple Hill Cemetery in Rutland.

Harlow Emerson who married Jerusha Mallery was admitted to the Jefferson Co., NY Bench and Bar in July, 1816. He was practicing law in 1815 in the Court of Common Pleas. Harlow who was originally from Norwich, CT, studied law with Mical Sterling. According to the history of the Bench and Bar, he was a great student of the sciences and general literature, a "thorough scholar." He studied both science and law. Harlow was born in 1782 and died 24 June 1846. Jerusha Mallery, his wife,was born in 1800 and died in 1880 at Watertown. Harlow and Jerusha were the parents of Fred Emerson of Watertown.

NOTE: Buried in the same cemetery with the other Mallerys is Parthenia Mallery, wife of Thomas who died 2 Feb. 1838 at 86 years. Based on her age, she may have been a sister-in-law of Amos and the widow of Thomas Burr Mallery.


Gordon Spencer was born in Salisbury, Litchfield Co., CT on 29 April 1789, son of Eliphaz Spencer. Gordon's mother was the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Hall of East Haddam, CT. His medical degree was awarded in New London in 1812. Biographies state that he was also a participant in the War of 1812, working at the hospital at Sacket's Harbor. After the War, Gordon returned for a short time to Connecticut but returned to Champion and married Deborah Mallery of Rutland, formerly of Litchfield, CT. Dr. Spencer's practice covered Lewis, Oneida, Oswego and St. Lawrence counties as well as Canada. His account books of 1814 had over 4,000 names and more than $30,000 in fees which he never received. He spent 41 years as a doctor in Champion. In 1854 he suffered a fever and in 1857 moved to Watertown where he died on 25 March 1859.

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This information about the Pattison family was contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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