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I wish to shed some light on a "Mayhew" family that settled in Jefferson County, New York, in the 1820's. Some of your genealogists might have had a hard time finding out about this family and I hope I can give a hand. So please share the info!

There are contradicting explanations on the web about the origins of this "Mayhew" family, some tracing it back to the Martha's Vineyard's Mayhews... Others think it comes from France (see info below). But it actually comes from NEW France, i.e. Quebec. If anybody in Jefferson County in interested in tracing the Jefferson County "Mayhews" family back, they should know that this "Mayhew" family actually is an English adapation of the Quebecois (French-Canadian) name "Mailloux". The name of the ancestor who crossed the border to the US was Pierre Vincent Mailloux, later known as Peter V. Mayhew, born in Quebec City in on February 5 1753. He probably joined the the Revolutionary army during the invasion of Canada in 1775 and retreated with it. He settled in Rumney, Grafton County, NH, and then went on to Jefferson County, NY, to finally end his days back in New Hampshire.

Peter V. Mayhew is a veteran of the Revolutionary War (New York 2nd Regiment) and is therefore registered in the pension records. One of his daughters , Julienne, William/Guillaume's younger sister, left for Canada at some point, was baptized and got married in Berthierville, QC. The relation with Quebec went on for a longer while still, since a daughter of William Mayhew and Ann Herryman's, Marie Elisabeth Mailloux/ Mary Elisabeth Mayhew, born on August 30 1804 in Lyme, Jefferson Co., NY, moved to Berthierville, QC, and was baptized in this place on August 19 1825.

I hope this will help some in search of their origins or those trying to write Lyme's and Jefferson County's history.

Let me include below info regarding Peter V Mayhew's life, in case someone might want to push the research. If you happen to have anything regarding the history of the Mailloux/Mayhew family in Jefferson County, please let me know!

Best regards,

Jean-Pierre Gendreautu

40, promenade Lakeview
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# Name: Peter Vincent Mayhew 1
# Sex: M
# Birth: 1751 in France 1
# Death: 1850 in Plymouth, Grafton County, New Hampshire 1
# Occupation: Turnpike promoter & builder, tavern keeper 1
# Reference Number: 14158
# Note:

[BrF8derbund WFT Vol. 4, Ed. 1, Tree #1267, Date of Import: Jun 17, 2001]

Peter Mayhew, a native of France, emigrated to Plymouth, New Hampshire while young and there remained until his death nearly 100 years later. He lived many years in Rumney, NH, and in later life moved to Corinth, Vermont.
Reference: New Hampshire Papers
Childs Gazeteer of Jefferson Co., NY.

In 1825 he was living in Jefferson Co., NY. But in December 1829 had returned to Grafton Co., NH. About 1839 he moved to Corinth, Orange Co., Vermont, where he was living in 1848.
Reference: New Hampshire, Plymouth Town Clerk.

He was an active promoter, one of the Incorporators and the builder of the Mayhew Turnpike. Later in life he moved to Corinth, Vermont. He was living, and a pensioner in 1840. He wrote the name Mayhew ... and the name in the charter of the Turnpike is written Mayhew.
Reference: Plymouth Town History.

The Mayhew Turnpike, (was) incorporated 29 December 1803. The incorporators were Colonel Moses Lewis, Thompson W. Thompson, Peter Mayhew, and others. A turnpike 4 rods wide and from Peter Beasles in New Chester to east of Newfoundland Pond, then from Plymouth to Coos. Mayhew Turnpike (runs) from (the) town of Hill 1/2 mile south of Smith River and near the Franklin and Bristol R.R. and North through (the) west part of Plymouth to the Rumney road at (the) west of Plymouth. The north (end) terminates at the residence of Henry Whittemore, (a) distance of 16 miles.
Reference: New Hampshire State Papers

There is a family tradition that Vincent Mayhew of this generation was Aide de Campe to Rochambeau during the Revolution, but whether this Peter Vincent is the same man we have no proof.

The undersigned begs leave to inform the Honorable Senate now sitting at Concord, NH, that he is always for a free road in a free country, but on mature consideration, for good reasons assign him, he is decidedly in favor of the prayer of the petition of Moses Lewis and others, praying for a grant of a turnpike road by Newfoundland Pond, as he is sensible. The same will greatly promote the public good. He therefore heartily joins with the petitions in praying for the grant.
Peter Mayhew.

Reference: Petition signed by Peter Mayhew, December 12, 1803.

Under the supervision of Peter Mayhew, the Turnpike was constructed in 1804. The only Toll Gate in this section was at West Plymouth.

Reference: New Hampshire State Papers, Volume 8, p. 24.

Wednesday, March 24, 1779.
Vote granting to Peter Mayhew 100 acres of land in the town of Rumney, NH, out of the forfeited estate of Capt. Samuel Holland.
Reference: Plymouth History, p. 370-371.

Marriage 1 ? Thompson b: WFT Est 1735-1760

* Married: 1771 1


1. Has Children William Mayhew b: 1772 in Bristol, Grafton County, New Hampshire

2. Has No Children John L. Mayhew b: 1 OCT 1801 in Bristol, Grafton County, New Hampshire

3. Has No Children Jozette Mayhew b: 30 OCT 1803 in Bristol, Grafton County, New Hampshire

4. Has No Children Marian Mayhew b: 25 JAN 1806 in Bristol, Grafton County, New Hampshire

5. Has No Children Adaline Mayhew b: 28 MAR 1808 in Bristol, Grafton County, New Hampshire


1. Title: World Family Tree Vol. 4, Ed. 1
Author: BrF8derbund Software, Inc.
Publication: Release date: August 23, 1996
Note: Customer pedigree.
Media: Family Archive CD
Page: Tree #1267
Text: Date of Import: Jun 17, 2001

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