some from Cattaraugus County, some to California

Migrations Part 19

SOLOMON MAKEPEACE, an early pioneer of Jefferson Co. died at his residence in Alexandria on 24 Jan 1869 at 87 years. He came to Jefferson in 1804 from Worcester MA, with his parents who settled at Brownsville. His parents were ELIOT MAKEPEACE who was born 13 Aug. 1751 in Western/Warren MA, and LUCY BRINTNALL, born 1 Sept. 1751 in Sudbury, MA, daughter of THOMAS BRINTNALL and MARTHA.

Their son, SOLOMON MAKEPEACE, married JANE KRONKITE/CRONKHITE. JANE KRONKITE was born on 6 Feb. 1796 and died on 24 June 1860 in Plessis, Jefferson Co., NY at 64 years 4 months 18 days. She was probably the daughter of HENRY CRONKHITE and MARGARET WYGANT of Hoosick Falls, NY. MARGARET was born 10 Mar. 1775 and died 14 Dec. 1821 Pamelia Four Corners, Jefferson Co, buried in Evans Mills Cemetery. She married HENRY CRONKHITE in 1792. HENRY was born 14 Sept 1770. He died 4 Oct. 1846 in Litchfield Township, Hillsdale Co., MI. HENRY CRONKHITE appears on the 1820 Federal census for Pamelia, Jefferson Co., NY.

ELIOT MAKEPEACE was born 13 Aug. 1751 in Warren, Worcester Co., MA and died 13 March 1813 in Pamelia, Jefferson Co., NY at age 60. He was the son of GERSHOM MAKEPEACE and JANE ELLIOTT. He married LUCY BRINTNALL who was born 1 Sept. 1751 and died 8 Dec 1842 in Pamelia, Jefferson Co., NY at age 90. The vital records of Brookfield, MA show: BRINTNALL, LUCY m ELIOT MAKEPEACE on 7 Oct. 1779; on the next entry: BRINTON, LUCY and ELIOT MAKEPEACE of Western, int. Oct, 1779.

JAMES SACKETT married URSULA MAKEPEACE, daughter of SOLOMON and JANE on 1 March 1843 in Jefferson Co., NY. URSULA was born 21 May 1827 and died after 1880.

JONATHAN SEVERANCE STEWART married 1) on 16 Dec 1852 at Albion, Orleans Co., NY to ADELINE ERIE NICHOLSON (double wedding with her sister, HELEN, to CHARLES STANTON), born 2 Mar. 1821, daughter of Dr. ORSON and LUCY MORRIS NICHOLSON. She died 22 Nov 1891. He married 2) on 15 Dec. 1892 to AURELIA AUGUSTA STREETER of Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY. She was born 2 April 1834 in Copenhagen, Lewis Co., NY, daughter of NELSON and AURELIA AUGUSTA PARSONS STREETER. JONATHAN died 14 Sept 1902 in Watertown, NY.

From Cattaraugus Co NY

Hon. WILLIAM HENRY STUART was born on 2 May 1820 in Chaumont, Jefferson Co., NY. He was the son of WARREN and MARY ANN (WOLCOTT) STUART, who were married in 1801. WARREN STUART was a native of MA. MARIANN WOLCOTT was born in 1784 at E. Windsor CT, daughter of ROGER WOLCOTT of CT. He died in 1858 at Dexter, MI.


1) WILLIAM HENRY STUART born 2 May 1820 in Chaumont
4) SAMUEL M. STUART was born at Evans Mills, Jefferson Co. on 6 Oct. 1822. He married MARY I. REDFIELD of Gowanda, Cattaraugus Co., NY

WILLIAM HENRY STUART (born 1820) went to Michigan in 1830; he returned to Rochester and worked in a printing office. He returned to Michigan in 1834 and worked on a farm which was owned by a relative and received 40 acres of land for one year of labor. He returned east and with his brother, SAMUEL, engaged in woolen manufacturing in Wheatland, Monroe Co. and in 1840 they established a woolen factory in Gowanda. It was there that he married on 27 Jan. 1842 BARBARA ALLEN, daughter of AHAZ ALLEN, pioneer of Hidi. She was born 2 Oct. 1822 and died 14 Sept. 1861. WILLIAM married on 1 July 1863 Mrs. JANE (POPPLE) DAVIS of Collins, Erie Co., who survived him.

MARTIN BRITTIN was born 12 April 1820 near the banks of the St. Lawrence River, in Jefferson Co., NY, son of HIRAM BRITTON. MARTIN spent part of his early years in Chicago IL. He married J. M. PIERCE in Wisconsin on 21 March 1849 and in 1861 migrated to California. They moved to Santa Clara Co. in 1866 and began the orchard business, specifically prune trees.

BENJAMIN CRAFT was born in Jefferson Co., NY on 20 Jan. 1819, son of SAMUEL and CZARINA (HOLMES) CRAFT, both natives of New York. Of the eight children in their family, two--LEWIS and BENJAMIN--moved to California. LEWIS arrived in 1851 and was a farmer in San Diego County, CA. BENJAMIN arrived about three years later, and as a drought in 1858 had greatly reduced the price of land in Santa Clara County, he bought 116 acres. In 1864 BENJAMIN married Mrs. CARRIE (SALLOWS) JEFFREYS, a Santa Clara Co. resident, daughter of ROBERT and ANN (BINES) SALLOWS who were of Essex County, England.

ALDEN E. MOODY was born in Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY in 1833. He worked on his father's farm until he was 18, one year at the carpenter's trade and then worked in a general merchandise store. In 1853 he crossed the plains to California with a band of 75 horses which were sold at an extreme profit upon arriving in California. He established the first planing mills in San Jose, CA where he located, sold that establishment and became the representative of the Pacific Union Express Company, until it was purchased by Wells Fargo & Co. ALDEN married in 1857 and the couple had three children. He married 2) in 1885 to ADA HUITON of San Francisco, daughter of WILLIAM M. HUITON who was the founder of the San Francisco Evening Post. ALDEN became involved in the insurance business in California and became extremely successful.

ARTHUR C. PENNIMAN was born in Jefferson Co., NY in 1828, son of ELI P. PENNIMAN. In 1856 he married HELEN S. HUFF, who was born near Cleveland, OH, daughter of ALVIN HUFF. ELI was born in Keene, NH in 1800 and at 20 years went to New York. He owned a woolen cloth factory in Lockport, NY which he sold and went to Illinois in 1842. Eli died there in 1884. ELI'S wife, MARGARET (POOR) PENNIMAN was a native of Jefferson Co., NY and married ELI in 1823. They had five children:
1)HIRAM P., born 1824, came to CA in 1850 and settled in Oakland;
2)LOUIS E. who was born in 1826 and died in Libertyville, IL;
3) ARTHUR C. born 1828, who moved to California in 1852;
4)MARY JANE born in Jefferson Co. in 1830 who became Mrs. RALPH BAGG Bagg of Afton, Iowa; 5)HARRIET J. who was born in Jefferson Co. in 1832. In 1853 she and her husband, GEORGE S. POTTWIN moved to California and she died in 1873; her husband in 1886. ARTHUR settled in Martinez, CA.

CHARLES A. PHELPS was born in Jefferson Co., NY on 17 Oct. 1858, son of CHARLES A. and CYNTHIA (HAMILTON) PHELPS. CHARLES PHELPS Sr. was a native of England and formerly served in Canada as a soldier. In 1840 CHARLES Sr. went o Michigan; moved to Steuben Co., IN where he farmed until his death. CHARLES Jr. was 13 years old when his father died so the farming responsibility fell to him at an early age. In 1859 he took a steamer to California and for the next two years engaged as a farm laborer in different counties of the state. In 1862 he visited the Washington Territory and Oregon. He finally settled about three miles from Hillsborough Oregon where he raised grain until 1865. In the latter part of that year he moved to Santa Clara County CA. In 1869 he married MARY WILCOX, whose parents died of cholera when she was a child, in Sacramento, CA.

JOHN A. WETMORE was born 9 Sept. 1834 in Brownville, Jefferson Co., NY. He was reared there and at age 20 went out on his own. In 1855 he located at Portland, Dodge Co,. WI and engaged in farming. In 1884 he went to Ashland County for the purpose of prospecting in the Gogebic mining region. In 1887 he moved to Santa Clara Co., CA. His wife was the former SARAH M. HAYES, a native of Waterloo, Jefferson Co., WI. JOHN owned a ranch of 110 acres near Eden Vale Station, CA. The majority of the farm became an orchard and berry farm. He was a participant in the Civil War.

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