Migrations Part 35:
Dodge, Fletcher, Jewett, Lehr, Merrick, Platts, Richardson,
Seaton, Sheldon, Stone, Stowell, Totman, Van Deursen, Van Wormer, Wheeler, Williams

CALEB R. FLETCHER was born in Templeton MA on 5 April 1785, son of CALEB AND SARAH (JOYNER) FLETCHER who were married on 14 Sept. 1775, also in Templeton. Caleb R. moved to Adams, Jefferson Co., NY . He married at Guilford, VT on 31 Jan. 1815 to ELIZABETH (BETSEY) STOWELL of Guilford, VT who was born 23 March 1790, the daughter of David Stowell and Mary Larrabee. He later moved to Solon, Ohio where they spent their remaining years. Elizabeth died 2 June 1871 at 81 years. Caleb died 16 Sept 1878 at 94 years. Their children were: LORENZO FLETCHER, DAVID STOWELL FLETCHER, and ELIZABETH REMINGTON FLETCHER. Source: Fletcher Geneal.; Stowell Geneal.

OZNI STOWELL was born in Willington, CT on 29 Feb 1772, son of SAMUEL STOWELL, and died at Cape Vincent, NY on 12 May 1845 at 73 years. He married POLLY WESTCOTT, born 29 May 1773, who died at Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., NY on 21 June 1815 at 42 years. Ozni went with his parents to Vermont as a child and subsequently to Jefferson County, NY as an early settler. Ozni lived for a time in Canada but returned just before the War of 1812 and lived at Cape Vincent, NY. Ozni was a farmer and innkeeper at Stowell's Corners for many years. He was in the Battle of Sackett's Harbor with his eldest son.

Children of Ozni and Polly Stowell:

1) FREELOVE STOWELL born 7 Feb 1794; died Hounsfield NY on 21 October 1860 at 66 years married CHAPMAN
2) SABRA STOWELL born 20 May 1795; died Stowell's Corners 30 April 1796.
3) WILLIAM STOWELL born 1 Feb. 1797; died Cape Vincent NY on 10 Aug. 1881 at 83 years; married at Hounsfield NY to HANNAH MOORE, daughter of VERANNIS and JULIA (WESTCOTT) MOORE, born Hounsfield 4 Aug 1800 and died Cape Vincent on 6 Oct. 1874 at 74 years.
4) POLLY STOWELL born 1 Feb. 1797; died Cape Vincent NY on 22 June 1876 at 79 years; married BAKER MASSEY, born 1791 and died 31 May 1858 (See Pioneer Massey Family)
5) JOHN STOWELL born 14 Nov. 1798
6) HANNAH STOWELL born 9 October 1800; married CHAPMAN
7) ABIGAIL STOWELL born 14 July 1802; died Stowell's Corners on 17 July 1846 at 44 years; married there on 16 Sept 1822 to MERRICK MOSES BATES, son of SAMUEL AND SALLY HOUGHTON BATES, born Brimfield, MA on 10 July 1801.
8) ROXANNA STOWELL, born 26 March 1804; died Stowell's Corners NY on 27 March 1864 at 60 years; married at Hounsfield NY to CALEB BLODGETT.
9) OZNI STOWELL born 22 March 1806; died 1881 age 75
10) SHUBAEL WESTCOTT STOWELL born 4 August 1809
11) SALLY M. STOWELL born 27 Nov 1811; married ARNOLD OR CHAPMAN 12) REBECCA STOWELL born 25 Dec 1813; married in Ohio to JOSEPH S. SIMMONS.

Source: Stowell Genealogy

JOHN T. P. FLETCHER was born at Watertown NY on 24 Feb 1833. He was the son of SAMUEL AND HANNAH EMILY (JOHNSTON) FLETCHER. Samuel Fletcher was a Massachusetts native and Hannah Emily was of New York. The Fletcher grandfather served in the War of 1812 and died at French Mills on the Canadian border. Samuel Fletcher located in NY where he farmed, steamboated and was in the fur business until moving to Montana in 1874. There he carried on a successful dairying business until his death in 1890, his wife Emily having preceded him in 1888. John T. P. remained in NY and then in 1855 moved to Waterloo, Iowa where he was a mason. He returned to NY in 1856 and in that spring moved to Nebraska. Subsequently, after adventures in a variety of enterprises, which included mining in Montana, John T. P. Fletcher married in September 1875 to JULIE E. GORDON of Rushford, NY. They were acquainted when he lived in the east and at his request, she moved to Montana for the marriage.

Source: Montana Biographies

WARD TOTMAN married in Lorraine, Jefferson Co NY on 20 March 1831, to IRENEA LESTER JOYNER. Irena died 23 July 1865 in Bristol Center, NY at 50 years. Ward Totman was the son of THOMAS TOTMAN and RACHEL RICE. Ward's first wife was HANNAH MOORE. Ward died on 23 March 1892 at Bristol, NY at 88 years. Ward Totman was the youngest of Thomas and Rachel's children. Ward first entered Bristol Center in 1820 when he came from Lorraine in Jefferson County by ox cart with his widowed mother who wanted to visit relatives. It was in 1840 that Ward returned to Bristol with his wife, Irene, and their three small children. Source: Old Houses of Bristol, Canandaigua, NY. See Totman family this site.

War of 1812 Manuscript Account of 16 American Military Prisoners Charged With Desertion, dated 1814-185:

The original is a handwritten document that records the names and circumstances of 16 American soldiers who were held prisoner for desertion. The dating comes from one of the prisoners who was due pay for June 1, 1814 through January 17, 1815. Most of the men named deserted or overstayed their furloughs in order to care for their families. All promised future good behavior and most agreed to repay the cost of their apprehension. Named soldiers:

SAMUEL MERRICK who asked to be transferred to Colonel Wok's company;
WILLIAM MCINTIRE who enlisted in the 34th then deserted and enlisted in the 21st Infantry;
SAMUEL TIBBETS (deserted by advice of his father being under age);

Source: Online document

ROBERT MERRICK was born 12 October 1763, son of SETH MERRICK and ELIZABETH (BROWN) (MERRICK) PETERMAN who were originally from Harwich, MA and then Carmel, Dutchess Co, NY. Robert married ELIZABETH SHEPARD and moved to Jefferson County as a young man. Historians of Jefferson County, NY mentioned Robert as landowner and resident (1799) as early as 1802-03. In the 1810 census of Jefferson County, Robert and his wife, both over 45, are listed with probably five of their children. In about 1837, Robert moved to Cazenovia, Madison Co., NY, where he died on 6 June 1839 at the home of his son, LUTHER MERRICK. Siblings of Robert were: Joshua, Elizabeth, Lydia, Ruth, Joseph, Seth, John and Samuel. This branch of the family spelled the last name as Mirick. Note: family name is sometimes Myrick, Merrick.

Sources: Oakes, Pearce, Madison Co NY biographical.

JOHN MERRICK, son of SETH AND ELIZABETH MERRICK, was born 8 May 1760 at Harwich, MA. He married on 18 March 1787 Lois Cook; she was born 24 August 1768 and died 19 July 1838. John died 20 July 1834 in Washington Co., NY but his will was dated in Jefferson Co., NY on 25 June 1832. He may have been the John Merrick at Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., who was one of the early burials there. Children: Seth, Asaph, Susannah, John, Sarah who married Henry Sheldon, Lydia who married Joseph Piatt, Charles Cook, Lois who married Moses Haight, Robert and Elizabeth who married Seth M. Eggleston. John Merrick's name is listed as an early settler of Jefferson Co., NY.

Source: Merrick Geneal.

ABEL MERRICK, another early resident of Jefferson County, was born in 1782, son of CHARLES and SUSAN (LAWRENCE*) MERRICK who moved from CT to Saratoga Co NY and owned a farm known as "deer-lick". Abel was a veteran of the War of 1812 and his grave is marked accordingly, having died in S. Onondaga, NY. Abel died on 5 Sept. 1863 at 81 years 1 mo 13 days, and his wife, Sally Hodgekins, died 7 Sept 1856. The 1810 census of Jefferson County lists Abel and his wife and probably five of their children. Abel Merrick's siblings were: Sylvenus, Bishop, David, Thomas, Benjamin, Susannah and Miriam. The family was well-known for their abolitionist activities which included underground railroad movement to Canada. *Susanna Lawrence and Deborah Lawrence were sisters, daughters of GIDEON LAWRENCE AND EUNICE PARKHURST.

Source: Merrick Geneal.

SOLOMON MERRICK, was born 8 Sept. 1772 at Stillwater, Saratoga Co., NY, son of THOMAS MERRICK and DEBORAH LAWRENCE*. He married on 19 May 1799 to ELIZABETH UNDERWOOD, daughter of DANIEL AND EXPERIENCE (KINGSLEY) UNDERWOOD of Cazenovia, Madison Co, NY. She was born 29 October 1776 at Woodstock CT and died 13 Sept 1820 and is buried in Madison Co., NY. Solomon Merrick is listed in the 1810 census of Adams, Jefferson Co., NY and several children are listed. Solomon married for his second wife to PHEBE WEED. Elizabeth Underwood Merrick is buried in the Union Cemetery at Cazenovia, NY. Solomon was in the War of 1812 and the father of at least eight children. He changed the spelling of the family last name to Mirick from Merrick. Siblings of Solomon Merrick were: Rebecca, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Parmelia, Margaret Eunice, Rebecca R., Samuel and Sally.

Source: Merrick Geneal.

LEONARD WILMOT VAN DEURSEN, was the son of ISAAC GILBERT VAN DEURSEN and ANN ELIZA ALLEN; born 18 January 1818 in Sackets Harbor, Jefferson Co., NY. He married on 27 May 1849 to LYDIA ANN BRIGGS who was born 27 Nov. 1832 and died 17 March 1882. Leonard served during the Mexican War under the name of Gilbert A. Leonard, in Troop A, 1st US Dragoons from January 11, 1847 to 6 Sept. 1848, and also during the Civil War from 17 Oct. 1862 to 1 April 1863. He was a pensioner and died 8 August 1892 Broome Co., NY Isaac Gilbert Van Deursen was the son of Pieter Van Deursen and Lydia Brewster of Albany NY. Isaac was baptized in Albany on 2 Jan 1801. He married Ann Eliza Allen in 1817 and died in 1856 in Deposit, Broome Co., NY.

Source: The Van Deursen Family

JOHN R. VAN WORMER was from an old Dutch family who came to Albany Co NY, from Wormer, Holland, near Amsterdam) in about 1655, via New Jersey. From Albany County a family member, JACOB VAN WORMER who married POLLY OLLER, moved to the Lake George region prior to the Revolutionary War, and there ABRAM VAN WORMER, grandfather of John R. Van Wormer was born in 1789. HENRY (HENRI) VAN WORMER, Abram's father, was a lieutenant in the Continental Army and married to CATALINA BROWER, who was descended in a direct line from the REV. EVERARDUS BOGARDUS AND ANNEKA JANS. Abram served in the War of 1812 and settled in Jefferson County NY. Abram married in 1815 to CLARISSA RICHARDSON, (1794-1843) daughter of RUFUS RICHARDSON (b 21 Sept. 1760) and RUTH HOLDEN (b 12 May 1761-1851) of Barrie, MA, and settled in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY, and had a son, RUFUS RICHARDSON VAN WORMER, born 1817 and died 1896, Jefferson Co., NY; married EUNICE BULLOCK, born 1822 and died 1892 Jefferson Co., NY, and they became the parents of John Rufus Van Wormer. Eunice Bullock was the daughter of ROYAL BULLOCK, (1789 1874) a native of Guilford, Syndham Co., VT, and EUNICE PENNELL. Eunice was the daughter of ANDREW W. PENNELL (1760-1845) AND SABRINA SMITH (1767-1837) who emigrated from Halifax, VT to Belleville, Jefferson Co., in 1805. John was born in Adams, Jefferson Co., on 14 March 1849 and received his education in the public schools. He was involved in several public activities and became the Oswego correspondent for the NY Times. He was very active in the Holland Society and served in various offices and also the Sons of the Revolutionary War.

In the course of the Revolutionary War, a singular coincidence happened: At the battles of Bemis Heights and Stillwater, the following ancestors of John R. Van Wormer participated:

JOHN PENNELL, grandfather of his mother who was captain of the Halifax Co of the Cumberland County militia;
SHUBAEL BULLOCK, his mother's great-grandfather, a corporal in the Guilford Company,l Cumberland County milita.
RUFUS RICHARDSON, his father's maternal grandfather of Barrie, MA who was of the Massachusetts line and for a brief time a member of Washington's lifeguards
HENRY VAN WORMER of Schaghticoke, NY, his paternal great-great grandfather
JACOB VAN WORMER, a lieutenant in the Third company of Van Rensselaer's Albany County Regiment

Source: Landmarks of Albany Co NY & 1905 Oakes-Jefferson Co

ASA SEATON, only child of GEORGE SEATON 2nd, was born in Virginia about 1758. When he was a young man he struck out on his own and served in the Revolutionary War in the US Navy, and later in the Army. Asa married REBECCA BARNES on 8 Jan. 1778 in CT. She was born at Branford, CT in 1759 and was well educated, being a botanist. She died in Henderson, NY in 1845 at 86 years. Asa and his family moved to Ellisville, Jefferson Co., from Columbia Co. in about 1814 or 15, buying and paying for six hundred acres of land in that township, as shown by records in Watertown, NY. Family tradition says he moved to Columbia Co. about 1790. He deeded a small farm to each of his four married sons about the time of his removal to Ellisville, and sold a large part of his remaining realty in 1818 and the rest in 1820. He emigrated to Ontario, CA soon after the close of the War of 1812 and settled near Coburg where he spent the reamainder of his days. He died at the home of his son, Willard, at age 72 years. Asa and Rebecca had eleven children: 1)Willard 2)Tina 3)Keziah 4)Truman 5)Roswell 6)Welthy 7)Ann 8)Asa Jr. 9)Leonard 10) Samuel 11)Pamelia Rebecca Barnes Seaton lived with son, Roswell, until 1833 and then made her home with son, Leonard, in Henderson NY for ayear or two. She then returned to Roswell until 1837 when she moved back to Henderson until her death in September 1845.

LEONARD SEATON was born at Granville, Washington Co., NY on 1 August 1794. At 13 years (1807) he moved to Fort Stanwix, Oneida Co., NY to learn the tanner and currier and boot and shoemaker trade with his uncle, RUFUS BARNES. He stayed there for six years with the exception of his service in the War of 1812. After Leonard's apprenticeship was over, he worked for his uncle and others in Utica in Oneida Co, until about 1816 when he moved to Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY. In 1816 he owned a tract of land there and his son, Leonard Jr. had a deed which showed that he bought 88 and 3/4 acres from his father, ASA SEATON, bearing a date of 18 June 1818. He worked at his trade in Henderson in 1817 for ALLEN KILBY, after which he was an agent and foreman for GILES HALL at Belleville and also for SAMUEL BORDEN.

In 1822 at 28 years he married POLLY PENNELL, daughter of ANDREW AND SABRINA PENNELL of Belleville, Jefferson Co.

Children of Leonard Seaton and Polly Pennell:

1) ANDREW PENNELL SEATON born 19 Nov. 1823; married 1846 to LAURA ANN FERGUSON, daughter of JOHN and CLARA (WILSON)FERGUSON. Laura Ann was born near Watertown NY on the Ferguson homestead on 11 July 1822 and died at Floyd Iowa on 29 March 1887. John Ferguson, her father, served in the War of 1812. Andrew married 2nd in Iowa on 27 July 1887 to MINERVA J. CARPENTER. Andrew died at Floyd, Iowa on 22 Feb 1897.
2) BOYINGTON CHAPMAN SEATON born 25 August 1825 in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co. In 1847 he married CORNELIA WALLACE. Cornelia died in March 1884. Boyington was a ship commander on the Great Lakes and also served in the Civil War. Boyington died 5 Sept. 1903.
3) LEONARD SEATON JR. born 18 July 1827 at Ellisburg, NY.; married MARY BROWN of Henderson, and 2nd HARRIET ANN BATES, whom he married in Henderson on 17 March 1850. He also served in the Civil War and on 4 April 1886 married MRS. MARIAN J. CHAPMAN of Belleville, NY. Leonard died on 5 Dec. 1903 was born at Henderson on 25 April 1830.
4) FRANCES PHIDELIA SEATON was born 25 April 1830 in Henderson; she married ELLIOTT MONROE CLARK of New Haven, VT on 24 Dec. 1846. Elliott was born 15 May 1826.
5) SAMUEL G. SEATON born July 1834 was born at Mather's Mills, Jefferson Co. on 2 July 1834; moved to Wisconsin in 1848 and married ELLEN GRAHAM, daughter of JOHN AND ELIZABETH GRAHAM on 10 Jan. 1857.

The family moved to their farm in 1824, where they remained until 1830 when they moved to Mather's Mills. On 6 July 1834, Polly died at the farm four days after the birth of son, Samuel G. In the fall of 1834, Leonard married 2nd SARAH CHAPMAN of St. Lawrence Co., NY

Children of Leonard Seaton and Sarah Chapman:

1) MARY MIRANDA SEATON was born at Henderson on 19 Oct. 1835; married DANFORD BUTTS
2) CORNELIA SEATON was born at Henderson in 1837 and died one year later
3) ARMINDA DORLESKA SEATON was born in Henderson on 10 May 1838. She married in Henderson in 1857 to DANIEL SPRAGUE JR. Arminda divorced and she married 2nd 14 Feb. 1883 ARTHUR J. ARMSTRONG of Rochester.
4) CHAUNCEY EUGENE SEATON born in Henderson on 19 Jan. 1840. He married SARAH EUGENIA GRANNIS on 15 Oct. 1866 in Madison, WI
5) AMBROSE BARNES SEATON was born in Henderson on 21 Sept. 1841; served in the Civil War. He married AMELIA FRANCES SELFRIDGE at Champaign, IL on 10 Jan 1875. Ambrose owned about 1,000 acres of land near Running Water, SD.
6) LOUIS SEATON born in Henderson on 22 Feb 1843; married JAMES PETTENGILL on 22 Feb. 1866.
7) GEORGE LUMAN SEATON was born in Henderson on 24 Dec 1844; was a sailor on the Great Lakes and married SARAH VIOLA HUTCHINS at Lamotte, Iowa on 17 April 1845. George went down with the ship "Manistee" in Lake Superior on 15 Nov. 1883.
8) HERBERT JULIAN SEATON was born on 2 Jan. 1852 in Henderson at the family home. He also sailed on the Great Lakes. Herbert married HELEN IDA BARBER at Munnsville, Madison Co., NY on 16 June 1877. Herbert married 2nd on 10 May 1898 to MAE ANNA DODSON of Chicago, IL where the wedding took place. She was born in Wakefield Kansas on 6 Sept 1871. Moved to Hancock, MI.

In 1836, Leonard moved to the farm known a the OLIVER SMITH farm, near Belleville. He sold his properties there and about 1 April 1837 bought AMASA WHITNEY farm in Henderson township. He also bought the tanning and currying business of S. D. AND A. D. KILBY at Henderson. He moved his family to the village in April of 1840. Leonard died on 15 August 1872. at 78 years 14 days. Sarah, his wife, died at her home in Henderson 5 October 1887.

Source: Seaton Family Geneal.

E. P. WILLIAMS was born in Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson Co., NY on 3 June 1860. He attended the village school and later learned telegraphy. In 1880 he moved to Minneapolis, MN where he was a telegraph operator for the Minneapolis and St. Lois Railroad. In 1886 he married IDA G. BUCHLAND of Whitehall, NY.

Source: Landmarks of Albany Co NY

JOSIAH RICHARDSON was the son of CAPT. JAMES AND ELIZABETH (ARNOLD) RICHARDSON, born in Woburn, MA on 16 May 1706. His wife was Dorothy Wilder, whom he married in Lancaster, MA on 3 Dec. 1730. Josiah died near the close of 1752, and his estate was inventoried and dated 29 Jan. 1753, as he died intestate and his widow, Dorothy, was appointed administrator. In the division of the property, is TILLEY RICHARDSON, the eldest son who was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and died in Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY on 14 Jan. 1852, also referred to as Captain. Dorothy Wilder Richardson married, as a widow, 2nd to DR. DANIEL GREENLEAF on 18 Nov. 1762.

Source: Richardson Memorial.

Obituary of Capt. Tilley Richardson
Published in New England Puritan, Boston, Ma
Thursday, January 29, 1852

CAPTAIN TILLEY RICHARDSON, at the residence of Wines H. Skeels, Esq., in Watertown, NY, on the 14th inst. Capt. Tilley Richardson, 93. (born c 1759) He has left to mourn his loss, one hundred and twenty children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Capt. Richardson volunteered as a soldier at the commencement of the War of the Revolution; he was at the taking of Burgoyne in 1779; he emigrated from New Hampshire to Litchfield in Herkimer Co, NY in 1792 and then to Watertown in 1802 and settled on the farm on which he died. (For the balance of the obituary, see publication.) Tilley Richardson's wife, whom he married on 19 May 1782, when he was of Sterling, MA, was MARY THURSTON, born 17 Oct. 1761 and died 1839. Mary was the daughter of SAMUEL THURSTON AND PRISCILLA BURPEE of Lancaster, MA. Tilley and Mary are buried in the Brookside Cemetery in Watertown, NY.

Source: Thurston Geneal. And cemetery records of Jefferson Co NY

H. C. RICHARDSON was born in Jefferson Co., NY on 19 Sept. 1848 to CHARLES AND CHLOE (GILLETT) RICHARDSON, natives of Jefferson Co., NY. Charles and Chloe were married in 1847. The paternal grandparents were JOSIAH AND CYNTHIA (TOLMAN) RICHARDSON, natives of Connecticut and New Hampshire respectively. They settled in Jefferson Co., NY before the War of 1812 and engaged in farming. The great-grandfather, Capt. Tilley Richardson, who was also a native of Massachusetts, moved to Jefferson County NY and was engaged there in farming until his death. Charles Richardson, father of H. C., had three children: Horace C.; Charles L. of Watertown, NY and Cynthia Z, (Mrs. Morrison) of Watertown, NY. H. C. moved to Bloomington, IL in 1872. He married in May of 1875 to JULIA MURRAY, of Rochester NY.

Source: Hist. Of McLean, IL

WILKES RICHARDSON, ESQ. Was the son of SILAS AND SILENCE (DANIELS) RICHARDSON of Chesterfield, NH, born in Barre, MA in December of 1772. He married in 1795 to MEHETABEL CLARK, who was born in Keene, NH on 4 April 1775. The couple moved from Chesterfield NH in the winter of 1808 to Champion, Jefferson Co., NY, where Wilkes purchased three hundred acres of land, erected buildings and made improvements. He lost all his property by becoming surety for another man, whose debts he was compelled to pay. In the War of 1812 he raised a company of volunteers, became their captain and participated in the defense of Sacket's Harbor on 29 May 1813. In the spring of 1826 he moved to Hermon in St. Lawrence Co., where he died on 22 April 1867. His wife, Mehetabel, died 24 Dec. 1863.

Children of Wilkes Richardson and Mehetabel Clarke:

1) POLLY RICHARDSON born NH 26 Nov 1796; married Asa Ware of Keene NH
2) CAPT. RUFUS KING RICHARDSON born NH 10 March 1807; married Julia Ann Williamson
3) ALMIRA RICHARDSON born Champion NY on 21 Feb 1809; married in Deerfield NY on 12 May 1829 to HORACE HAILE of Hermon NY
4) FERDINAND RICHARDSON, born Champion NY on 28 July 1811; married 28 Oct 1834 to LOUISA MATTISON of Watertown, Jefferson Co. She was born in Clarendon VT on 8 Aug 1811 and moved with her parents at the age of 11 to Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY
5) ALFRED RICHARDSON, born in Champion NY on 4 Feb 1814; married 1st SALLY MARSH and moved to Ohio.

Source: Richardson Memorial

COLONEL JOSEPH SHELDON, son of WILLIAM SHELDON AND RUTH BISHOP, was born in 1783 in RI. Joseph settled in Watertown, NY and became prominent in public affairs and the state militia. He married HEPZIBAH RICHARDSON. Their children:

1) TILLY R. SHELDON born 1810 lived Rodman
2) MARY SHELDON born 1811 died young
4) MARY SHELDON born 1814; married WILLARD L. EDDY
5) HARRIET SHELDON born 1820
6) BISHOP SHELDON born 1822; removed to San Francisco
7) JOHN SHELDON born 1824; also of San Francisco
8) JOSEPH SHELDON born 7 Jan 1828 in Watertown, NY
9) MARK SHELDON born 1829 of San Francisco
10) SETH SHELDON born 1834; died young

HON. JOSEPH SHELDON, son of COL. JOSEPH AND HEPZIBAH (RICHARDSON) SHELDON,l was born 7 Jan. 1828 at Watertown, NY. His early boyhood was passed on his father's farm and attending school. He began teaching at 14 years and decided to attend college. He studied at Union Academy at Rodman, NY. Poor health forced him to abandon his college pursuits but continued to study and teach in various places in New York state. He had a long a colorful career which involved political movement and alliances with various public figures. Eventually he became a judge and was previously helpful in the abolitionist movement, as was his wife, whom he married on 7 Sept. 1861; he married ABBY BARKER, daughter of SAMUEL ELBRIDGE BARKER of Onondaga Co., NY, a grandnephew of HON. ELBRIDGE GERRY of MA.

Source: New England Families.

CAPT. JOHN STONE 2nd, son of ELIPHALET AND LYDIA (GODDARD) STONE, was born at Western (Warren) MA on 7 March 1765 and died at Marlborough NY on 18 April 1849. He married 1st on 12 March 1788 to ELIZABETH STANLEY, born 1769 died 4 Nov 1813; he married 2nd on 4 Nov 1816 to MRS. REBECCA (COOLIDGE) WARD, who was born at Sherborn, MA on 1 March 1779 and died 24 October 1856, daughter of SAMUEL AND HANNAH (RUSSELL) COOLIDGE, and widow of REUBEN WARD of N.H.

Children of John Stone and Elizabeth Stanley and Rebecca Coolidge:

1) John Stone born 20 May 1788 and died 29 Nov 1804
2) Polly Stone born 22 Nov 1789; married Seth Fisher of Francestown, NH
3) Betsey Stone born 2 October 1791; died at Marlborough 1833; married Jesse Worsley on 17 Dec 1811
4) ABIGAIL STONE born 15 Nov. 1793; died Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY on 4 Feb 1869; married in Dublin, NY 2 Feb 1815 to DEACON ROBERT HARDY.
5) ANDREW STONE born 11 October 1796; died Theresa, Jefferson Co., NY on 21 March 1832; married in Theresa on 19 April 1819 to HANNAH SHURTLEFF, born at Leroy, NY on 24 March 1802. She died in Plessis, NY on 6 Aug. 1884, daughter of JAMES AND POLLY (ATWOOD) SHURTLEFF. They lived at Theresa and were the parents of seven children.
6) Martha Stone born 19 Jan 1798 ; died Framingham, MA 1 October 1856. Married there as second wife to Socrates Fay.
7) Silas Stone born 12 Jan 1800
8) Aaron Stone b 28 Feb 1802; m 12 June 1828 Mary Ward, daughter of Reuben and Rebecca Coolidge Ward.
9) Mahala Stone born 20 Feb 1804; died October 1804
10) Mahala Stone born 8 Aug 1806; married 25 May 1831 Francis Coolidge, son of Joel and Martha Ware Coolidge
11) Lydia Stone born 4 June 1808 d 1844; married 13 April 1830 Benjamin Olcutt
12) Emeline Stone born 8 May 1810; married June 1831 to Peter Lawson of Lowell, MA
13) Louisa Stone born 14 Jan 1812 died 14 Jan 1867

Several children by his second wife. Source: Hist. Of Dublin, NH

LEMUEL WHEELER moved to Dublin, NH from Ashby, MA in about 1788 with his wife, CATHARINE WHITNEY. Lemuel Wheeler was born 8 March 1757 at Concord, MA to TIMOTHY AND MRS. SARAH (BOND) WHEELER, and died 1854 in Lorraine, Jefferson Co., NY. He married on 23 April 1783 in Stow, MA to Catherine, was born born in 1762 and died 1820 at 58 years. When Lemuel and Catharine married, she was called Mrs. Catharine Whitney of Stow. In 1816 he moved to Jefferson Co., NY with all of his children: 1)John born 7 Mar. 1784; 2)Timothy born 27 Nov 1785; 3)Sally born 28 Dec. 1787; 4)Lemuel born 13 Jan. 1790; d May 1813; 5)Eli born 13 March 1792; 6)Asa born 31 Jan 1794; 7)Silas born 21 Feb 1796; 8)Polly born 16 Nov 1798; 9)James twin born 7 Mar. 1800; 10)Nancy, twin born 7 March 1800; 11)Charles born 16 Mar. 1802; 12) Daniel born 9 July 1805. Lemuel was a veteran of the Revolutionary War and enlisted in March 1779 in MA.

See Fonda List for military record. Source: Hist. Of Dublin, NH See also: Research on the name of Wheeler on Jefferson Co. site.

SILAS WHEELER, son of DAVID AND POLLY (CHASE) WHEELER, was born at Galway, NY on 20 April 1796. He married 1) at Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co NY on 3 July 1817 to POLLY WHIPPLE, who was born at Cambridge, Washington Co, NY on 23 Dec. 1798 and died at Polk, Washington Co., WI on 5 May 1848. Silas married 2nd to ESTHER WHIPPLE, at Tolland CT; she was a sister of his 1st wife.
Children of Silas Wheeler and Polly Whipple:

1) DAVID WHIPPLE WHEELER born Pinckney NY on 20 March 1818; died Fond du Lac WI on 25 Jan 1878
2) ARDILLA WHEELER born Ellisburgh on 25 October 1819
3) DANIEL WHIPPLE WHEELER born Ellisburgh on 28 July 1821; died Chippewa CA on 20 Oct 1836
4) EVALINA WHEELER born Ellisburgh on 20 April 1827
5) SARAH ESTHER WHEELER born Ellisburgh on 23 Nov 1833 d 4 Feb 1834
6) MARY CULL WHEELER born Chippewa CA on 13 June 1838; died 24 June 1854

Source: Wheeler Geneal.

DAVID WHEELER, son of DAVID AND POLLY (CHASE) WHEELER, was born at Richfield, NY on 20 Jun 1801; died at Woodville, Jefferson Co NY on 18 October 1871. Married at Ellisburg, NY on 23 Aug 1829 to MARY WOOD, who was born 17 Dec 1808 and died 10

JAMES WILLIAM WHEELER, son of DAVID AND MARY WOOD WHEELER was born at Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co. NY on 7 March 1832 and died at Belleville, Jefferson Co NY on 31 Dec 1870. He married at Ellisburgh NY on 9 March 1854 to MELISSA DENCY CUSHMAN, who was born in Ohio on 6 Feb 1838 and died in Belleville NY on 10 Jan 1873, daughter of REV. BUEL CUSHMAN and NAOMA (HYDE) CUSHMAN. James was a celebrated scenic artist
Children of James Wheeler and Melissa Cushman:

1)CHARLES MCCLUER WHEELER born 5 Feb 1855; died 9 March 1902; married 3 Sept 1894 to ELIZABETH MCDONALD
2)GRATTAN HENRY WHEELER born 12 Nov 1861; married in Marin Co Calif on 6 April 1892 to MINNIE FLORENCE LYNAS, born 25 Feb 1875, daughter of JOHN COOK LYNAS AND MARY (MILLER) LYNAS.

Source: Wheeler Geneal.

JAMES DODGE, son of AMASA and EUNICE DODGE , was born in Herkimer Co., NY on 14 October 1799 and died in Jefferson Co., NY in 1873. When 16 years of age he moved to Jefferson Co. and remained there for the rest of his life. He was a carpenter and farmer. He married EMELINE WAITE, daughter of JOHN AND RUTH (HUDSON) WAITE in 1831. John Waite and Ruth Hudson were married (recorded at Sutton, MA) on 13 May 1798 in Oxford. Their children were:

James, Francis and Franklin who were twins born in 1841 and Caroline born 1845.

JAMES DODGE, son of JAMES AND EMELINE WAITE DODGE, was born in Jefferson Co., NY in 1837. He died in Afton, NY on 16 Jan. 1910. During his later years he was a farmer in Jefferson Co., except during the last ten years which were spent with his son at Afton. He married on 10 Dec. 1867 to ALICE ADAMS, born Plainfield, NY on 10 Dec. 1843, daughter of WILLIAM AND SARAH ANN (POPE) ADAMS.
Source: Geneal. And Hist. Of Western NY

HENRY FRANCIS LEHR, was born in Jefferson Co., NY on 8 Oct 1864, son of NICHOLAS LEHR and ELIZABETH UMBACK, of Watertown. Henry married on 12 Oct 1887 in Omaha NE to ANNIE HERFORD. He was a grain dealer in Nebraska and owned farm lands; served in number of public offices. Their son, Manderson, was a lieutenant in WWI and died in action; he was awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French army.

Source: Who's Who in Boone Co Nebraska

EZEKIEL JEWETT was born in Boxford MA on 22 Feb 1727, son of EZEKIEL AND MARTHA (THURSTON) JEWETT. At an early date he was in the Rowley Township of Rindge, NH. He was engaged in the French and Indian war and married on 16 June 1759 in Hollis, NH to HANNAH PLATTS. Hannah was the daughter of ABEL PLATTS. Ezekiel died on 7 Feb 1786 at 59 years and his widow, Hannah, survived him dying on the homestead on 13 Sept 1830.
Children of Ezekiel Jewett and Hannah Platts:

1) ABEL JEWETT born 3 April 1760; engaged in Rev. War; married in Rindge on 14 Aug 781 to SARAH DWINNEL
2) EZEKIEL JEWETT born 28 Oct 1762; married 11 Aug 1785 ABIGAIL PLATTS, daughter of ENSIGN JOSEPH PLATTS and they settled near Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY
3) STEPEHEN JEWETT born 21 Oct 1764
4) DANIEL JEWETT born 28 Nov 1766; died 12 Dec 1784 at 18 years
5) HEPSIBETH JEWETT born 14 Sept 1768; married THOMAS PIPER
6) THOMAS JEWETT born 18 Feb. 1771
7) HANNAH JEWETT born 6 May 1773; married EBENEZER COLBURN
8) HULDAH JEWETT; born 16 April 1775; married 27 March 1796 to JOHN WAITE and moved to Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY
9) LYDIA JEWETT born 30 April 1777; married AMOS JEWETT
10) ABRAM JEWETT born 20 October 1779; built the barracks near Watertown, NY and became a successful businessman; died near Watertown
11) NATHAN JEWETT born 25 Nov 1781; moved to Watertown NY and married for his second wife to MILLE GRAGG, daughter of DANIEL GRAGG. He moved to Sacket's Harbor and became a large landowner; died 1873 at 92 years.

Source: Hist. Of Rindge NH

ABEL PLATTS JR.son of ABEL, married on 26 Dec. 1786 to MELETIAH METCALF, daughter of LT. GEORGE METCALF. In 1781 Abel enlisted in the Revolutionary War and remained until its close. About 1802 he removed to the State of NY and died at or near Sacket's Harbor in 1812.
Children of Abel Platts and Meletiah Metcalf:

1) HENRIETTA PLATTS born 19 May 1788
2) MARTIN PLATTS born 8 May 1790
3) ABEL PLATTS born 9 Feb 1793; married SOPHIA PIPER and resided in Watertown NY and Fairfield, MI
4) ASA PLATTS born 6 Jan 1796; died 812

Source: Hist. Of Rindge NH

PA where he conducted his photography business. In 1894 he married IDA FISHER of Allegheny, PA. Source: Hist. Of Allegheny PA

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