Migrations: Part 38:
Brainerd, Cook, Fairbanks, McKee, Newton, Nichols, Pomeroy, Smith, Wilcox

JOSHUA FAIRBANKS was of Deerfield, NY, born in Lancaster, MA on 13 July 1770. He moved to Parsonsfield, Maine and then to New York State when his children were young. He married Mrs. LYDIA CHACE, whose maiden name was NORRIS.
Children of Joshua Fairbank and Lydia Norris:

1) BETSEY FAIRBANKS born 14 March 1794; married her cousin, DAVID FAIRBANKS of Deerfield, NY, son of CALVIN FAIRBANKS
2) JOSHUA FAIRBANKS born 2 Feb 1795
3) LYDIA FAIRBANKS born 21 June 1798; married HIRAM HALE, a farmer of Hermon NY.

            Children of Lydia Fairbank and Hiram Hale:
            a) OTIS B. HALE born 20 Dec 1823; died 10 May 1889 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY
            b) HIRAM HALE
            c) EMELINE HALE married DAVID HAMILTON of Massena NY
            d) MARY JANE HALE

JOSHUA FAIRBANKS (2) was born in Maine on 2 Feb 1795; he moved to Deerfield NY where he spent about four years and then to Antwerp in Jefferson County NY and then to Theresa in Jefferson County where he died on 28 March 1843. Joshua married on 4 Nov. 1818 to HANNAH McCOY, daughter of NEAL AND MEHITABEL (BAKER) McCOY. Hannah was born in Ware, MA on 28 Jan. 1800 and died 6 June 1887.

Children of Joshua Fairbanks and Hannah McCoy:
a) LUCINDA FAIRBANKS born Deerfield NY 14 Nov 1819; married in Antwerp on 21 May 1841 to SOLON COMSTOCK, born 22 March 1807. Lucinda died 14 Feb 1843. Solon was the son of SILAS COMSTOCK and LYDIA DUNNING. Solon died in Gouveneur NY on 8 July 1890. After Lucinda's death, he married 2nd RUTH E. KEENE who died 23 Oct. 1862 at 47 years; and he married 3rd on 25 Aug. 1868 OLIVE A. RHOADES who died 4 March 1870.

            Children of Lucinda Fairbanks and Solon Comstock:
            1) IRVING COMSTOCK bc 1842; married 1)___; married 2)DORA LIVINGSTON
            2) MARRIETTE COMSTOCK b Nov 1849; married J. H. SPRAGUE
            3) MARTHA ELIZA COMSTOCK born 6 Aug. 1853; married JOHN H. WOOD
            4) MARY L. COMSTOCK born 1856; died 27 Feb 1857

b) SYLVESTER FAIRBANKS born 10 Jan. 1822 in Antwerp
c) BETSEY FAIRBANKS, born 20 May 1824 in Antwerp; married 3 March 1847 in Oxbow, NY to JOSEPH CLARK. Moved to Ethan, Dakota.

            Children of Betsey Fairbanks and Joseph Clark:
            1) CATHERINE A. CLARK
            2) CYRUS H. CLARK

d) JOSHUA FAIRBANKS born in Theresa on 12 Dec. 1826; died Michigan 25 April 1872
e) CHARLES FAIRBANKS, twin to Joshua, born 12 Dec 1826; died in Theresa on 9 April 1891.
f) CYRUS FAIRBANKS born in Theresa on 6 April 1829
g) JULIA ANN FAIRBANKS born 29 April 1832; died 13 March 1836
h) JULIA A. FAIRBANKS born 26 March 1837 in Theresa.

SILAS FAIRBANKS was born in Lancaster, Worchester Co., MA, son of SILAS FAIRBANKS and LYDIA PROUTY, on 14 Aug. 1772. Silas and Lydia were married on 17 Mar. 1768 in Lancaster, MA. He settled first in Herkimer Co., NY and then moved to Jefferson Co., NY where he worked as a wheelwright and in the cabinet trades. He died on 7 July 1852 at 82 yrs 10 mos. 23 days; buried at Great Bend, NY. He married on 9 October 1794 to ELEANOR GOODALE, daughter of EZEKIEL and ELEANOR GOODALE of Hillsborough, NH. Eleanor was born 3 Feb. 1777. (Note: Birth Record from Town Book of Temple, NH.) Eleanor died on 30 Aug. 1863 at 86 years, 6 mos 27 days and is buried in Great Bend, NY. Sunnyside Cemetery in Great Bend, Town of Champion, Jefferson Co NY
Children of Silas Fairbanks and Eleanor Goodale:

1) SOPHIA FAIRBANKS born 6 March 1796; married JUDE CROSS of Vineland, NJ; she died 13 Aug. 1867 at 71 years 1 m and 7 days; buried in Great Bend. Jude was an early settler of Jefferson Co, from Berkshire, MA. He was a school teacher in Rutland, where he married Sophia, and also where he farmed. They moved to Antwerp for about 30 years and then to Champion where he died on 14 July 1865 at 71 years 2 mos 9 days; buried at Great Bend. He also served as a justice of the peace in Antwerp.
Children of Sophia Fairbanks and Jude Cross:

            a) JUDE CROSS of Vineland, NJ
            b) SOPHIA CROSS SCRAM of Antwerp
            c) AMANDA CROSS; married A. T. CARTER
            d) ANDREW CROSS of Great Bend; died 9 August 1853 at 24 years 10m; buried Great Bend
            e) SOPHRONIA CROSS of Vineland, NJ.; married H. D. PAYNE

2) POLLY FAIRBANKS born 21 Nov. 1797; marred___Worden; she died 14 Aug. 1860.
3) SILAS FAIRBANKS born 25 March 1800; lived in Rutland, Jefferson Co.; married CAROLINE DUNTEN who was born Watertown NY on 16 Mar. 1809.
4) AMANDA FAIRBANKS born 8 July 1802; died 9 Feb 1803; married REUBEN GOODALE, who was born 29 Dec 1804
5) REUBEN GOODALE FAIRBANKS born 29 Dec 1804 Herkimer Co NY.
6) JARED FAIRBANKS born 15 Oct. 1806 Herkimer Co., d 31 Oct 1867 Kansas; married ROENA VIBBER, who was born 11 May 1806; died 19 July 1848 in IL.
7) ALANSON FAIRBANKS born 5 March 1809; died 2 October 1860
8) LUCINDA FAIRBANKS born 16 June 1811
9) AMANDA C. FAIRBANKS born 10 July 1813; married___McNett; died Wilson, NY 24 Mar. 1847.
10) JAMES M. FAIRBANKS born 7 Feb 1816
11) ELEANOR FAIRBANKS born 1818; died 29 March 1818
12) LEVI D. FAIRBANKS born 4 July 1819; died 27 April 1859;his widow married 2nd at Antwerp NY to JAMES B. HARRIS of Antwerp, NY.

Sources: Fairbanks Geneal.; Town Records; Vital Records; cemetery records; Comstock Geneal.

MILO G. McKEE, a well known citizen of Kern Co., California, was born in the town of Adams, Jefferson Co., NY on 17 October 1862, where he attended public schools until he was age 15. He then learned the tinner and plumber trades, at which he worked until he moved to Kern Co. California in 1888. He worked at his trade until 1891, when he bought 20 acres, which he farmed until 1898. In that year his brother, GEORGE S. McKee came to the county and they formed a partnership. They bought land until they had 160 acres which they turned into orchards, seven miles south of Bakersfield. George was born 29 Dec. 1860 and educated in the public schools. At age 17 he supported himself by farm labor and in 1885 located in Perkins Co., Nebraska where he homesteaded. He then moved to Ft. Lupton, Colorado and spent eight years there as a buttermaker. He left Colorado and joined Milo in California.
Source: Hist. Of Kern Co, California

D. W. SMITH was born December 1833 in Jefferson Co., NY, son of DAVID WILLARD SMITH AND HANNAH W. ADAMS. After a common school education, he learned the machinist trade and worked for the Syracuse RR shops. In 1850 he became an engineer in the construction of the W. & R. railroad road and ran the first engine into Watertown, NY, and piloted the first engine into Cape Vincent. In 1852 he married ELIZA A. BELTZINGER of Schuyler Co., NY and they had six children. In 1856 he purchased a farm in Michigan, sold it and became the foreman of a sawmill in Saginaw City, MI but then returned to the railroad business.
Source: Hist. Of Jackson Co. MI

LUTHER COOK, (REV.) was born 8 Aug. 1821 at Belleville, Jefferson Co., NY. Son of the REV. MARTIN E. COOK, a native of Shelburne Falls, Franklin Co., MA and a Baptist minister. Martin was the father of 15 children and a seventh generation from Plymouth Rock lineage. Luther's mother was BETSEY BURGE, a descendant of Rev. Dr. BURGE, a Scotsman, and the first Presbyterian minister of Boston, MA. Luther Cook's boyhood was spent at Belleville where he received his early schooling. He went to Dayton OH for his academic work and read medicine with Dr. Mordecai Morton in Kent Co, OH and commenced practice in that county at age 23. In 1849 he moved to Adrian, MI and in 1856 to South Jackson where he assumed the pastorate of the S. Jackson Baptist Church, where he remained for five years. In 1861 he moved to Jefferson Village where he assumed the duties of pastor and lived as a resident. After eight years he resumed his medical practice. He married on 2 June 1844 to HATTIE M. OSGOOD, daughter of EMORY OSGOOD, a lawyer by profession. Hattie was born in Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY on 12 July 1825. Hattie's grandfather Osgood was a captain in the American Revolution, and a brother, MAJOR R. E. OSGOOD, served in the Civil War.
Source: Hist. Of Jackson Co. MI

JAMES D. NEWTON of Marshall Co., Kansas, was born 23 Aug 1846 in Jefferson Co., NY where he lived until age 22. He was educated at the Ives Seminary in Antwerp, NY and then moved to Iowa. From Iowa he moved to Pawnee Co. Nebraska, where his father had moved to in 1869. His father died in 1870 and James assumed the duties as head of household. He moved to Beattie, Kansas where he farmed for a number of years and then moved to the city where he was engaged as a stone mason, having been involved in the building of some of the most important structures of the city. He took on a partner, a Mr. Cornell, and under the name J. D. Newton & Co. processed stone. James retired from the business in January of 1889. James married at Antwerp, NY on 20 Feb 1871 to ELIZA GATES, the marriage took place and her home. Eliza was born in Antwerp, NY on 19 Feb. 1850, daughter of ROBERTSON GATES, who was born at Champion, Jefferson Co NY on 25 Dec. 1801 and was occupied for many years in a large foundry in Jefferson Co. Robertson Gates married in 1833 to EUNICE LYNDE, a native of Jefferson County, who was born 25 Sept. 1809. Eunice died on 10 April 1878 and Robertson died in October 1879. SAMUEL NEWTON, father of James D., was born near the city of Ottawa Canada on 7 April 1818. At 17, he emigrated to Jefferson Co, NY, where he met and married SYLVIA LYONS. He lived there until 1869 on a farm near Antwerp, N Y and then moved to Pawnee City Nebraska in 1870, leaving a family of seven children.
Source: Hist. Of Marshall Co. Kansas

ASHER BRAINERD married 15 Dec 1816-17 in Jefferson Co., NY to CLARISSA PALMER. Asher served during the Warof 1812 with Wheeler's NY Militia. Clarissa Palmer Brainerd died 27 Jan. 1879 in Oshkosh, WI.
Source: Brainerd Geneal.

LUCINDA POMEROY, daughter of ELISHA POMEROY, was born 1785 in Suffield, CT. She married in 1800 to OLIVER WILCOX, who was born 31 August 1780 and died 16 Nov. 1868, son of OLIVER WILCOX born 20 May 1747 in Rhode Island, and wife, MARY STUART of Connecticut. Mary Stuart was born 31 Dec. 1749 and she and Oliver died at 99 years in Plainfield, NY. Oliver Jr. was born in CT and died at Point Peninsula, Jefferson Co., NY. A descendant, MINOT I. WILCOX, of Toledo, Ohio stated that his grandmother, Mary Stuart, was of ANDREW NICHOLS, son of David and Jerusha (Spinning) Nichols was born in Oneida Co NY on 2 April 1806 and died in Chautauqua Co NY direct descent from the royal Stuarts of England.
Children of Lucinda Pomeroy and Oliver Wilcox:

1) LUCINDA WILCOX born 1801; died 1804

LAURA POMEROY, daughter of Elisha, was born 18 May 1787 and married OLIVER WILCOX, who had previously been married to her sister, Lucinda. Laura died 20 May 1844.
Children of Laura Pomeroy and Oliver Wilcox:

1) SAMANTHA WILCOX born 24 Jan 1807; died 1824
2) AUSTIN WILCOX born 23 Nov 1809; died 1831
3) WILLIAM WILCOX born 12 Nov 1811; died 1813
4) WELCOME WILCOX born 26 Oct. 1813
5) ORVILLE WILCOX born 23 June 1816; died 31 Dec 1872
6) EMELINE WILCOX born 2 October 1818
7) LEONARD WILCOX born 7 Jan 1821; died 12 May1880
8) SABRA WILCOX born 15 March 1823; died January 1847
9) CHAUNCEY F. WILCOX born 12 Aug. 1825
10) MARY ANN WILCOX born 23 April 1827
11) MINOT I. WILCOX born 7 April 1829; died Toledo, Ohio. Ship chandler and banker of Toledo.

Source: Pomeroy Geneal.

DAVID NICHOLS was the grandson of DAVID AND HANNAH (GASKILL) NICHOLS, and was born at Claverack, Columbia Co NY about 1775. He later settled in Jefferson Co., NY at Cape Vincent where he died in 1830. He saw service in the War of 1812 and was a farmer. He married JERUSHA SPINNING.
Children of David Nichols and Jerusha Spinning:


ANDREW NICHOLS, son of David and Jerusha (Spinning) Nichols was born in Oneida Co NY on 2 April 1806 and died in Chautauqua Co NY on 13 May 1891. He was a farmer in Jefferson County, owned his own land and was engaged in the lumber business on the St. Lawrence River. In 1870 he sold his interest and moved to Chautauqua. In 1830 he married CORDELIA HOLCOMB born Essex Co NY on 22 March 1811; she died 21 October 1900 at 89 years, daughter of SULLIVAN HOLCOMB, born Guilford, CT 3 Dec. 1776 and who settled in Jefferson Co NY near Cape Vincent; where he died on 25 Jan. 1865 at 88 years. Sullivan married ABIGAIL LEE, born 7 Oct. 1778; died 7 Nov. 1866, daughter of SETH LEE.
Source: Geneal. Of Central NY See also: Migrations Part 11

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