Migrations: Part 39:
Bacon, Camp, Clark, Hitchcock, Houghton, Hull, Merrill, Monroe, Waldo

ALMON H. HOUGHTON was a leading citizen of Alexandria, NY where he was active in local affairs, and a native of the town. He was born 10 June 1849 on the farm which he later owned. In 1872, Almon married CANDACE RAUGHT of Orleans, Jefferson Co. He was the son of JOSEPH HOUGHTON, who was born in Fairlee, Orange Co. VT on 24 Jan. 1820. Joseph moved with his parents to Jefferson county in about 1831 to Watertown and two years later the family moved to Orleans in Jefferson County. In about 1835, Joseph settled with his father, ROSWELL HOUGHTON in Alexandria. They took up a section of land of about 450 acres. After Roswell died, Joseph continued the farm and married on 1 Jan. 1846 to JANE CLARK, who was born on 26 May 1828 to DANIEL CLARK, who was also a native of Thetford, Orange Co., VT.

Children of DANIEL CLARK:

2 i SARAH CLARK, wife of STEPHEN FOSTER of Lewis Co NY

ii ALMON H. HOUGHTON (above)
iii JENNET S. HOUGHTON born 14 April 1855
iv ALBERT D. HOUGHTON born August 1863; married BERTHA BROWN
v ELVIRA C. HOUGHTON born 15 July 1871; married CHARLES N. HAAS who was an undertaker and furniture dealer in Alexandria.

4 iii ESTHER CLARK, wife of HENRY HUMBERT of Lewis County NY
5 iv EMILY CLARK wife of a Mr. Wilson of Philadelphia NY
6 v DOLLY CLARK who resided in Oswego Co NY


ii ALMON H. HOUGHTON (above)
iii JENNET S. HOUGHTON born 14 April 1855
iv ALBERT D. HOUGHTON born August 1863; married BERTHA BROWN
v ELVIRA C. HOUGHTON born 15 July 1871; married CHARLES N. HAAS who was an undertaker and furniture dealer in Alexandria.

Source: Oakes


GEORGE CAMP was the son of TALCOTT and NANCY (HALE) CAMP, and was born in Glastonbury, CT on 8 August 1790. George came in the winter of 1816-17 to Sacketts Harbor, Jefferson County, where he set up the first printing press and issued the first newspaper in the village. He married ELIZABETH HITCHCOCK, daughter of ELIAKIM HITCHCOCK, a native of New Haven, Connecticut who had moved to Utica, NY.


i TALCOTT H. CAMP; president of the Jefferson County Bank for 40 years; born 17 Jan. 1816 in Utica NY. Talcott married on 3 June 1847 to ANN ELIZABETH SEWALL, daughter of HENRY D. SEWALL. Talcott died on 7 Feb 1897 and Elizabeth on the date of what would have been their 41st wedding anniversary, 3 June 1888. Henry Sewall had moved to Watertown NY shortly after 1830 and built a home on Sewall's Island.
ii GEORGE HULL CAMP; a prominent manufacturer who removed to Marietta, Georgia
iii COLONEL WALTER BICKER CAMP was born on 1 October 1822 in Sacketts Harbor. He was involved in the construction of the first railway from Sacketts Harbor to Pierrepont Manor. His service in the Civil War earned him the title of Colonel. In 1885 he helped in the formation of the Jefferson County Historical Society; as executor of the estate of Elisha Camp, from whose heirs he procured a deed of gift that conveyed it to the Society and to the village of Sacketts Harbor, jointly.

Source: Oakes

WILLIAM HULL was the only son of WILLIAM AND NANCY (WOODHOUSE) HULL and was born in Horstead, Norfolk Co., England on 8 June 1805. He died at Clarks Mills in Oneida Co NY on 28 May 1878. In 1837 he and his parents and two of his children—Mary Ann and Philip—came to America, and arrived on 4 June 1837 in NY. William remained with his parents in the town of New Hartford, Oneida Co until September 1837 when he returned to England. He left his two children with is parents. William remained in England for eleven years and returned to America in November 1848 with his wife and the remainder of his children. He located in Peckville, Oneida Co NY. William's wife, MARY ANN NEAL, was born in Lamas, Norfolk Co, England in February 1805 and died 28 July 1878 at Clark's Mills in Oneida Co NY.


       i MARY ANN HULL who married CHARLES DAYKIN and died at Clark's Mills at 32 years
       ii PHILIP HULL born 18 September 1829 Lamas, Norfolk Co, England
       iii AMY HULL who died in England
       iv CHARLOTTE HULL, wife of JOHN TIER, resided in Walesville NY
       v WILLIAM HULL who died in Utica NY at 47 years
       vi ELIZA HULL who died Rome NY at 32 years and married ALFRED BROWN
       vii HARRIET HULL who died t 22 years
       viii ANNA HULL, who married ANDREW SKILLINS of Rome NY
       ix ALFRED HULL who lived at Roseboom, Otsego Co NY, a Union soldier in the Civil War

PHILIP HULL who was the eldest son of William and Mary Hull, was born in Lamas, Norfolk, England and came to America in 1837. He began his business career at age 13 with $5 borrowed from his grandparents walked nine miles to the city of Utica where he purchased a small tin trunk and between eight and nine dollars worth of goods became a peddler. He had paid $3.50 for the goods and promised to pay the remainder to the dealer. Within six months he was able to pay up all of his indebtedness and purchased another trunk and a larger stock of goods. He arranged with a farm to do chores for his board so that he could obtain schooling. When he was 19 he sent for his father and mother to come to the US. He continued his peddler business until he was 21 and purchased a piece of land adjacent to his grandparents In 1856 he disposed of his property and purchased a farm in Madison Co, NY and in 1866, he purchased a farm and became a resident of Rutland, Jefferson Co NY where he remained until 1870; in that year he sold his property ad purchased another farm near Carthage, NY where he remained for 13 years. Eventually he purchased a fruit farm at Lyndonville in Orleans Co where he lived a short time and then sold for a profit and returned to West Carthage where he lived on Champion Street. Philip was the owner of a large tract of land in the lower end of the village which was subdivided for housing lots and business property.

Philip Hull married on 29 September 1852 in Fulton Co, OH to LUCIA CROSBY, who was born in Hartwick, Otsego Co NY on 7 June 1834. She was a daughter of JOHN AND SARAH (ADAMS) CROSBY and moved with her parents to Fulton Co OH in 1837.
Children of Philip Hull and Lucia Crosby:

i WILLIAM P. HULL born 7 Oct. 1853 in Westmoreland, Oneida Co NY and came to West Carthage at age 17. Attended public schools and in 1890 operated a greenhouse at West Carthage, growing vegetables for local markets and extensive dealer in fruits. He owned a small farm in Orleans Co. with 2,000 trees. On 1 Dec 1880 he married ELLA A. CLARK, born in Lowville NY, daughter of ORRIN S. and HANNAH (PHILLIPS) CLARK. Daughter: LUCIA ELLA HULL born 1 Aug 1888
ii MARY E. HULL born 25 Jan 1855; died 7 July 1860.
iii CHARLES J. HULL (DR.) became a doctor; born 2 June 1857 in Madison Co NY; he married on 2 May 1882 to ISABEL ELIZABETH MONROE
iv GEORGE E. HULL (DR.)was born 20 July 1859; he died in Carthage on 22 August 1884 at 25 years He married ELLA L. CASWELL of Carthage, daughter of OSMOND H. AND MARIA CASWELL. Ella married second to BYRON G. SEAMONS and moved to Richfield Springs, NY
v FRED R. HULL born 11 June 1862; died 23 Sept 1884 at 22 years vi Infant who died at three weeks.

Source: Oakes, Haddock

LEWIS MONROE, son of MICHAEL MONROE, was born at Carthage on 23 Sept. 1834 and died 11 Dec. 1901 at Pierrepont Manor where he spent his last 20 years. At age 14, Lewis went to Watertown and was employed as a clerk in a store but became a blacksmith. He conducted shops at Ellisburg, Adams and Fayetteville but settled at Pierrepont Manor where he operated a wagon shop. He was a well-read man and although his parents wanted to have him enter the priesthood, he ran away from home and made his own career. He married 1st to ARVILLA BEEMIS, who was a widow and died in 1888.
Children of Lewis Monroe and Arvilla Beemis:

i HENRY MONROE of California
ii WILLIAM MONROE of Los Angeles
iv FREDERICK MONROE who was a resident of Pierrepont Manor

The progenitor of the Monroe line was GENERAL MOREAU who was active in the American Revolution. He settled in Canada where the name was changed to Monroe. One of his sons, MICHAEL MONROE, a long resident of Carthage, was a tanner by occupation and died in Croghan. Michael was the father of Lewis Monroe above.
Source: Oakes

MOSES MERRILL, was the son of DANIEL AND SUSANNAH MERRILL and was born 25 Dec. 1702 in Hartford, CT; he lived in West Hartford and Farmington CT, where he died 4 Aug. 1776 at 74 years. He married 1st to MARY COOK, before 1727 and 2nd RACHEL WELLES on 20 Nov 1740 in W. Hartford, daughter of SAMUEL WELLES and RACHEL CADWELL. He married 3rd to BATHSHEBA GRIMES on 12 Jan. 1766 at Farmington CT.

MOSES MERRILL, son of Moses, was born 1733 at West Hartford and was a farmer there and died there 3 April 1794. He married in Hartford to ELIZABETH WELLESand his second wife was WAITSTILL HETH, born 1744. They were married 5 Sept. 1773 in W. Hartford.
Children of Moses Merrill and Waitstill Heth:

i SAMUEL MERRILL born 21 June 1774; died Sandisfield MA
ii MARY MERRILL born 29 Feb. 1776; married SAMUEL ROWLEY
iii WAITSTILL MERRILL born 1 June 1778; married NICHOLAS LEWIS of Champion, NY iv MINER MERRILL born 25 August 1781; came to Champion in the spring of 1804. See Miner Merrill
v MOSES COOK MERRILL born 3 June 1785 in West Hartford CT and came to Champion in 1804. He settled a mile and a half from Great Bend where he died in 1839. He married PHILENA CRANDALL, daughter of ABEL AND ELIZABETH CRANDALL, early pioneers of Champion. Philena died in Champion in 1856. Of their 15 children two died in infancy.

Children of Moses Cook Merrill and Philena Crandall:
a) WAITSTILL MERRILL married WILDER REED and settled in Philadelphia NY near Sterlingville.
b) MINER C. MERRILL lived and died on the homestead
c) SAMUEL MERRILL died W. Carthage
d) ELIZA MERRILL died in Champion unm
e) LUCRETIA MERRILL; died Champion unm
f) SIBYL MERRILL married IRA SWEET and died Lynhurst Canada.
h) HARRIET MERRILL died in Hammond St Lawrence Co NY; wife of JOSEPH LAFAVE i) JOHN MERRILL died Hammond NY j) ATHELIA MERRILL married REV. JONATHAN DAKE; moved to Stambough, Iowa
k) MARY SOPHRONIA who married SAMUEL PHILLIPS of Hammond, NY
l) EVELINE MERRILL married RONASTUS SLITER and died Lynhurst, CA

vi ELIZABETH MERRILL born 1790; died before 10 years

LAWRENCE COOK MERRILL, son of MOSES COOK MERRILL was born 1811 in Champion and died there in November 1849. As a young man he settled in Antwerp at the Keene's Station and farmed. Injured by a pair of wild steers while hauling wood he became disabled. He returned to Champion where he spent his last ten years. In the spring of 834 he married LOVINA MILLER who was born on Martin Street near W. Carthage, daughter of MOSES MILLER of Vermont whose wife was a Martin. Mrs. Miller was a daughter of Captain Martin of the Revolutionary War who died at 97 years, and his wife also died at 97 years. Lawrence and Lovina had two sons: ERWIN MOSES MERRILL and SAMUEL LAWRENCE MERRILL.

a)ERWIN MOSES MERRILL was born 16 October 1836 in Antwerp; he served in the Civil War and became a Captain. He married at Hailesboro, NY to ELLEN M. GATES, a native of St. Lawrence Co NY, daughter of ISAIAH AND SUSAN (WALDO) GATES on 3 Nov. 1849. She died at age 36 years 6 months. They were the parents of seven children

1) RAY WALDO MERRILL was born 28 Jan 1878 in Carthage; became a lawyer

b)SAMUEL LAWRENCE MERRILL served in the Civil War; born 29 March 1838 at Antwerp. Read medicine with DR. GEORGE N. HUBBARD. He received his medical diploma at the University of Nashville in 1865 and then joined the Seventeenth US Infantry in which his brother was a captain and became an assistant surgeon until May of 1866 when he was discharged. For eight years following the war he was engaged in the drug business and then resumed his practice in Carthage, NY in the fall of 1875. He and his brother, Erwin, were in partnership in a drugstore and Samuel took it over, in connection with his practice. He also owned a large dairy farm in Lorraine. On 25 Feb. 1864 he married MARY E. OSBORN, a New Jersey native, daughter of JONATHAN OSBORN, a farmer in Wilna. Mary died on 20 Sept 1873 survived by one of her three children: Lawrence the eldest, died at age 10; and the youngest at seven months. ANNA MERRILL, the second child, married REV. J. FOSTER WILCOX of Syracuse and had a daughter, Ruth Elizabeth. Dr. Samuel L. Merrill married for his second wife to ELLEN E. BROWN of Ellisburg, daughter of WATERMAN BROWN, one of the early farmers of that town, and his wife, NANCY WILLIAMS.

Source: Oakes, Child's, Merrill Geneal.

SHUBAEL WALDO was born 10 Jan 1733 in Lisbon, CT and died 4 Sept 1807 in Herkimer, NY. He was a tanner by occupation and lived at various places. He was with his father at Alstead NH and then moved to New York early in life. By occupation he was a tanner. He married 2 October 1754 in Mansfield CT to PRISCILLA SMITH, daughter of SAMUEL AND BETTY SMITH. Priscilla was born 4 Jan 1734 in Colchester, CT.
Children of Shubael Waldo and Priscilla Smith:

1) TABITHA WALDO born 26 August 1755; married ____WOODARD and lived at Brownsville, NY.
2)J OSEPH WALDO born c 1757; died 1828. He married 1782 in Herkimer Co NY to MARTHA EGGLESTON born 1757; died 1829 Willoughby OH.
4) CALVIN WALDO married and had children: moved to Ohio
5) JERAM WALDO was the fifth child of Shubael and Priscilla and was born in May 1772 in Herkimer Co; he died 1841 in Great Bend. A farmer in Champion, he also was a shoemaker. He married at Rossie, NY to LOIS KINNEY, who was born 1775 and died in 1855 in the town of Rutland. They had nine children.
Children of Jaram Waldo and Lois Kinney:

a) SALLY WALDO married WILLIAM H. CALDWELL and lived Litchfield OH
b) JONATHAN HASKELL WALDO born 5 Feb 1801 Otsego NY
c) SHUBAEL WALDO, third child of Jaram and Lois Waldo, was born 28 May 1804 in Herkimer and died 11 May 1836 in St. Lawrence Co. He married on 27 May 1827 in Champion to PHOEBE DELANA CALDWELL of Champion, who was born 5 May 1809 and died 1 April 1892 in St. Lawrence Co. Parents of four children. She was the daughter of WILLIAM CALDWELL AND LOVINA CHURCH.

1) SUSAN WALDO, the eldest child of Shubael and Phoebe, was born 16 Jan. 1828 in Champion and died 28 March 1865 in Great Bend. She married on 15 Oct. 1848 in Fowler, NY to ISAAC GATES, son of ARBA AND SUSAN (CLINTSMAN) GATES of Hermon, NY, where Isaac was born. Isaac died 30 May 1852 in California Their daughter, ELLEN M. GATES was born on 3 Nov 1849 and married to ERWIN M. MERRILL.

d) DANIEL WALDO born March 1807
e) HARRIET WALDO married Major Bent and was of Pinckney, Lewis Co NY
f) HULDAH WALDO; married ALANSON CALDWELL and died before 1861
g) SOPHIA WALDO born 28 July 1810 at Rutland, NY
h) AVASTIA WALDO born 28 Feb 1813 at Rossie, NY; died 4 Dec 1836 at Great Bend, Jefferson Co; she married 4 Dec. 1836 at Great Bend to SAMUEL FULTON, son of JAMES AND SARAH (CHOATE) FULTON of Colerain MA; Samuel was born 1799 at Coleraind and died 13 Nov 1881 at Great Bend; he was a farmer, and at one time a dyer and clothier.


Source: Oakes, Child's, Waldo Geneal.

ANNA WALDO, daughter of JONATHAN and ANN (PALMER) WALDO, was born 8 Sept 1778 at Shaftsbury VT; died 7 August 1858 in S. Champion, NY. She was taken by her parents as an infant to Western, Oneida Co NY and married 14 March 1798 at Western, to JAMES BROWN, son of WILLIAM BROWN of Warren, MA, who was born 16 April 1772 at Warren; he died 2 May 1857 at S. Champion, NY. It is said that William Brown was a Revolutionary War soldier. James and Ann lived at Bridgewater, NY but moved in 1804 to Champion, where James bought a square mile of land from the original proprietor, Mr. Champion. For some years, Mr. Brown kept a tavern but finally abandoned the business and devoted himself wholly to the farm.
Children of Anna Waldo and James Brown:

1) ELAM BROWN born 13 Dec 1802; married MARY OLNEY WALDO, daughter of Jonathan and Mary (Waldo) Brown of Rutland. After Mary's death, Elam married 2)AGNES E. PEASE of Rome, NY who died 18 May 1868.
2) ORVILLE BROWN born 27 Jan 1805; died 13 June 1882 at S. Rutland, NY. He was a farmer and lived until 1836 on the home farm in S. Champion and then on his own farm at S. Rutland. He married 24 DEC 833 at S. Champion to LOVISA PHELPS, daughter of ERASTUS AND BETSEY SHELDON PHELPS of Suffield, CT and Rutland NY. She was born 22 June 1812 in Rutland and died 15 April 1886 at Champion while visiting her sister-in-law, MRS. ADALINE (BROWN) JOHNSON.

Children of Orville Brown and Lovisa Phelps:
a)ADALINE MARIA BROWN born 12 Nov 1834
b)ELLEN ELIZABETH BROWN born 12 April 1836; died 29 March 1864 in Rutland
c)MARY AUGUSTA BROWN born 1 April 1838; died 28 May 1868 in Rutland
d)JAMES ERASTUS BROWN born 4 Feb 1840
e)APALONIA HARTMON BROWN born 19 April 1842; died 11 March 1875 at Rutland
f)ALICE BROWN born 4 March 1846.

3) ADALINE BROWN born 28 June 1809; died 12 Jan 1886 at S. Champion NY; she married on 14 March 1839 at S. Champion to CONVERSE JOSHUA JOHNSON, son of CONVERSE JOSHUA AND POLLY (PRENTISS) JOHNSON of Ellington CT and S. Champion. He was born 24 July 1802 at Plainfield NH and died 18 Aug 1880 at S. Champion, a farmer.
Children of Adaline Brown and Converse Joshua Johnson:

a)ANNA BROWN JOHNSON born 11 May 1842; died 5 Oct. 1871 at S. Champion

4) WALDO BROWN born 23 May 1815; died 21 Oct 1882 at Aurelia Iowa; buried in Luverne, MN. He married 1 June 1847 at S. Champion to SUSAN MARY APPLETON, daughter of Richard and Ann (DOYLE) APPLETON of Denmark NY. She was born 26 March 1827 in New York city. Four children.

Source: Waldo Geneal.

ABIATHER WALDO, son of Jonathan and Ann Palmer Waldo, was born 16 Dec 1780 at Shaftsbury VT and died 27 Jan 1838 in Sackett's Harbor NY, He was a farmer and carpenter and owned real estate in Shaftsbury until 1834. In 1812 he moved to Adams, Jefferson Co NY where he kept a hotel and in 1816 to Sackett's Habor and worked for Col. Camp, land agent for Hounsfield. While surveying Abiather caught a severe cold which proved to be fatal. He married about 1807 in Westernville NY to HANNAH HOMAN, daughter of MORRIS AND TEMPERANCE (PLATT) HOMAN of Oneida Co NY. She was born on Long Island NY and died 2 May 1847 at Harrisburg NY.
Children of Abiather Waldo and Hannah Homan:

1) CLARISSA ANN WALDO born 24 Feb 1809
2) ELIZA BUSH WALDO born 28 Jan 1811
3) GEORGE BRAYTON WALDO born 13 Feb 1813; died March 1813
4) TEMPERANCE PLATT WALDO born 15 Feb 1815
5) MARY AUGUSTA WALDO born 20 Jan 1817; died 21 Feb 1837 at S. Champion. She married in 1836 at Sackett's Harbor to NORMAN WOOD, who died Dec 1875 at Adams NY; he left a widow named CORNELIA.
6) ALLEN WALDO born 16 March 1819
7) GEORGE WILLIAM WALDO born 22 July 1821
8) ORANGE GERSHOM WALDO born 6 March 1823
9) HARRIET CORNELIA WALDO born 20 May 1826; married EDWARD HARDISON who fell dead from heart disease on his steamer while leaving Port Goderich, Canada.

Children of Harriet Waldo and Edward Hardison:

10) MORRIS ABIATHER WALDO born 20 Sept 1828

Source: Waldo Geneal.

JONATHAN WALDO, son of JONATHAN AND LUCY (MATTISON) WALDO was born 19 Jan. 1787 at Shaftsbury VT and died 29 April 1841 at Rutland in Jefferson Co NY. He was a farmer and lived at one time in Western NY. He married MARY OLNEY, daughter of WILLIAM OLNEY of Stillwater NY, born 30 June 1790 at Stillwater; she died 16 April 1867 at Champion, NY Mary Olney Waldo married 2nd in April 1844 at Rutland, NY to ISAAC MYERS of Stillwater, where they lived. She is buried with her first husband at S. Champion. Their gravestones inscribed:
Jonathan Waldo died April 29, 1841 at 54 years 3 months 10 days
Mary, his wife, died April 16, 1867 at 76 years 9 months 16 days
Children of Jonathan Waldo and Mary Olney:

1)WILLIAM OLNEY WALDO born 10 march 1813
2)ALLEN WALDO born 25 Oct. 1814
3)MARY 9OLNEY WALDO born 26 May 1819
4)THEODORE WALDO born 8 Jan. 1821
5)MORTIMER WALDO born 8 Jan. 1821

Source: Waldo Geneal.

TIMOTHY BACON of Dedham, MA , born 12 April 1753 in MA, married on 4 April 1776 by Rev. West in the town of Needham, MA to SIBBELL PARKER. In her declaration for a pension date of 29 Sept 1837, she stated that her husband died on 4 May 1823 and that she remained a widow. Sibbell, born 1757) stated further that Timothy Bacon was a private in the Revolutionary Army and served a term of six months in 1776. In 1777 he served another term of three months. He was by occupation a carpenter and joiner. Sibbell died on 27 Nov. 1846 in Watertown, NY at 89 years. Although the couple had 12 children, only the following are known so far:
Children of Timothy Bacon and Sibbell Parker:

1) MOSES BACON born 6 August 1777, Natick, MA; settled probably in Watertown, NY about 1800.
2) AARON BACON born 9 April 1778 Natick MA; early settler of Watertown, NY
3) BETSEY BACON born 27 March 1780.
4) TIMOTHY BACON born 2 April 1782
5) SIBBEL BACON born 17 April 1784
6) NABBY BACON born 8 Mrch 1786
7) JOHN BACON born 4 Nov 1787
8) ISAAC BACON born Jan. 1792 of Watertown, NY; Baptist minister of Watertown.
9) JACOB BACON born 22 Jan 1794
10) RHODA BACON born 2 March 1797
11) LIDDAY BACON born 16 June 1800

See Fonda list this site. Timothy Bacon is listed in the DAR Patriot Index with wife, Sybil Parker.

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