Migrations Part 40:
Gill, Kirby, Orvis, Slater, Stoddard, Strong, Taylor

SAMUEL ORVIS married SALLIE or SAHARA SAGE of Sandisfield, MA on 2 Feb 1806 in Norfolk, Litchfield Co, CT. In 1806 their possessions were packed in two loads and drawn by ox teams to Lewis Co., NY. In 1813 they moved into the town of Champion in Jefferson County where they settled near Pleasant Lake on the Maple Grove farm. Samuel became a well to do farmer and was among the first settlers of the town. He served in the War of 1812. Sally was born in 1782/3 in Sandisfield, Berkshire Co., MA and died 16 March 1874 in Copenhagen, Lewis Co at 92 years. See Sage Family

Children of Samuel Orvis and Sallie Sage:

4) FANNIE ORVIS; she married SILAS H. CHAPIN as his second wife. Fanny died in 1869.

JAMES STODDARD was a native of Brookfield MA and was a pioneer settler of Pinckney, NY. He was the son of SAMUEL AND BETSEY (DUNN) STODDARD. James married in 1807 to HULDAH GOODENOUGH, who was a native of Chesterfield, MA and they lived in Denmark, NY.

Children of James Stoddard and Huldah Goodenough:

1) LEVI ROBBINS STODDARD was born 29 Sept 1808 in Pinckney where he farmed and worked at his trade of cooper. His last years were spent in Copenhagen NY where he died on 28 Dec 1893 at 85 years. He married on 1 June 1828 MARINDA ORVIS, who was born 6 May 1807 in Champion and died 8 May 1903 at the home of their son, L. W. STODDARD, in Champion. She was the daughter of Samuel and Sally (Sage) Orvis, who were early residents of he town.

Children of Levi R. Stoddard and Marinda Orvis:
a) NORTON STODDARD who was a farmer in Denmark NY
b) EMILY STODDARD who married JOHN HODGE AND 2ND MOSES LANG of Copenhagen NY; she died 4 October 1898
c) CLORINDA STODDARD, who died in Tylerville, NY and married HENRY HODGE; see MARY HODGE WAFFLE who married Clinton D. Hodge, son of Henry and Lorinda
d) SARAH STODDARD married JAMES CLOBRIDGE and moved to Allen MI
e) CEPHAS R. STODDARD remained on the home farm in Pinckney until he was 19 and then worked on local farms. In 1869 he bought 125 acres in the town of Denmark which he owned until 1880 when he exchanged it for his next farm of 155 acres on the State Road in the western part of Champion. He married on 10 May 1871 to MARY TRACY, who was born 10 Jan. 1849 in Bombay, Franklin Co, NY, daughter of NOBLE EVERETT TRACY and CYNTHIA SPENCER.
Children of Cephas Stoddard and Mary Tracy:


f)ORVIS STODDARD, a mason by trade and lived in Copenhagen
g)LEVI WESLEY STODDARD was born 15 Sept 1847 on a farm in Pinckney. As an adult, he purchased 30 acres of land in Denmark and later in life moved to Champion where he purchased 30 acres on the State Road and later traded for 80 acres southwest of Champion. He tilled his land and also rented land to others. His farm included 20 cows. He married on 4 Feb 1874 to ELLA TRACY, who was born in Bombay, NY and a sister of Mary Tracy.
h)DUANE STODDARD; was a farmer in the town of Lowville near the Harrisburg border

2) ELIZA DINAH STODDARD who married DAVID RICHARDS and resided in Belleville, Jefferson Co.
3) AMY STODDARD who married ELI PENNIMAN and died in Illinois
4) JULIANA STODDARD who married DR. N. D. FERGUSON and lived in Carthage, NY
5) JUSTICE STODDARD who died near Carthage, MO
6) JOHN BLODGETT STODDARD a farmer in Pinckney, NY

Notes on NOBLE E. TRACY; he was born in Shelburne, VT and died in Feb. 1899 in Champion, Jefferson Co., NY. Cynthia died in Bombay. Noble was the son of CHRISTOPHER TILMAN TRACY who settled near Black Lake and died in Moira, NYcirca 1860 age 75 years.

Notes on CYNTHIA SPENCER; she was the daughter of WILLIAM SPENCER. Who was born in Dutchess Co NY on 8 Sept 1795 and died in Martinsburg, Lewis Co NY on 7 Nov. 1877. William married DIADAMA ROOT, who was the daughter of Salmon and Diadama (Byington) Root of Salem (Naugatuck) CT.

Source: Oakes; Child's

JOHN GILL was born about 1781 and moved to Antwerp in Jefferson Co., NY in 1808, where he began clearing land. He purchased the stage route between Denmark and Ogdensburg and continued in its operation until his death on 6 Jan. 1838 at age 57 years. John married THEODOCIA HENRY, who was the daughter of WILLIAM AND POLLY (HOLDEN) HENRY.
Children of John Gill and Theodocia Henry:

1) WILLIAM GILL; lived and died in Antwerp
2) MARY GILL, the second, married 1st EPHRAIM TAYLOR and 2nd to JOHN BURTON; she died in Philadelphia, NY
3) JOHN GILL died in Henderson and buried in Antwerp
4) ELUTHERIA GILL died and buried in Antwerp
5) MARCUS GILL settled in Iowa where he died
6) JAMES GILL was born 19 July 1817 in Antwerp and died 9 July 1899 in that town. He settled near the paternal homestead in Antwerp and married when he was about 30 years of age to SARAH BEAMAN, who was the daughter of JOSEPH AND ANNIS (BEMUS) BEAMAN of Antwerp. Sarah was born 28 July 1819 and died 3 July 1885 in her 65th year. Parents of four children.
7) HARRIET GILL died at age 18
8) LUCIUS GILL died in Watertown NY and buried in Antwerp.
9) HUGH GILL died and buried in Atlanta GA
10) FANNY GILL married CALVIN PIER and died 15 Jan. 1903 in Chicago over 80 years
11) RALPH GILL lived near Chamberlain, SD
12) SUSAN GILL died age 13
13) ROBERT GILL hotel keeper at Carthage, NY

LOAMI TAYLOR was the second son of DANIEL AND EUNICE TAYLOR and was born 9 Nov. 1784 in Springfield, MA. At age 20 he went to Turin, New York but returned to Springfield where he married BETSEY KENDALL. She was born 9 Jan 1784 in Springfield and died 9 Jan. 1865 in Harrisburg. They first lived in Lewis County and then went to Pamelia in Jefferson County prior to 1825. In that year Loami settled in Harrisburg and farmed there for the rest of his life. He was buried in Denmark. Loami was a soldier in the War of 1812.

Children of Loami Taylor and Betsey Kendall:

1) JULIA TAYLOR died at 26 years; married DANIEL BAILEY of Edwards NY.
2) ISABEL TAYLOR married PERRY CROFOOT and died in Constableville
3) ELIZABETH TAYLOR died in the same place; married NORMAN HIGBY
4) RICHARD TAYLOR was born 27 August 1809 on his father's farm. He purchased land in Watertown NY which was later owned and occupied by a grandson, FRED EMORY TAYLOR. Richard died 13 Jan. 1865. He married on 25 Jan. 1836 to CHARLOTTE M. TWITCHELL who was born 6 July 1806 and died 25 July 1883 in Watertown at 78 years.

Children of Richard Taylor and Charlotte Twitchell:
a)DUANE DE MINER TAYLOR born 23 Jan. 1837; died 25 Nov 1892
b)GEORGE ADAMS TAYLOR was born 16 Nov 1838 near Copenhagen; he purchased a farm that adjoined his father's in Watertown and was succeeded by his son. In 1890 he moved to the city and engaged in the retail harness business. George married on 20 Jan. 1864 to LUCINDA BALL, daughter of JOHN BALLARD BALL AND MELINDA BAILEY. Lucinda was born 2 March 1840 at Miller's Bay, in the Town of Cape Vincent. They had two sons--Richard and George Edgar.

Children of George Adams Taylor and Lucinda Ball:
1) EUGENE RICHARD TAYLOR was born 3 Feb 1865 on his father's farm, which was also the homestead of his grandfather. He married on 22 Nov 1888 HATTIE E. HARDY who was born 1 May 1864 I the town of Leray, daughter of DAVID and ANNA (SLACK) HARDY. They had one son, Richard Hardy Taylor born 12 Nov 1893.
2) GEORGE EDGARD TAYLOR JR. was born 24 Feb 1872 and attended public schools became an expert bookkeeper and lived with his mother in Watertown, NY

c) EMMA JANE TAYLOR born 26 Oct 1845; married NATHAN ROSE and lived Milford, NY where she died 15 May 1890.

5) HENRY TAYLOR born 5 Oct. 1822; died 15 Oct. 1902 in Harrisburg.
6) JOHN TAYLOR born 28 march 1825 in Pamelia; lived near Carthage.

Source: Oakes

WILLIAM KIRBY was born 26 March 1827 at St. John, New Brunswick, son of JOHN KIRBY. At eight years he attended a boarding school in Nova Scotia and four years later was sent to England to complete his schooling On his return from England, he taught for two years at Granville, Nova Scotia. In 1849, he and his brother EDMUND KIRBY set out for the gold fields. They reached San Francisco via Cape Horn, a journey of 195 days. San Francisco was sheltered by tents and huts. William was successful in mining but lost his fortune and after six years of prospecting returned east and engaged in farming in Hounsfield and Clayton, Jefferson Co NY. After 20 years as a farmer, he moved to Watertown NY where he spent 13 years. In 1885 he made his home with his son at Wilkes-Barre PA and died there on 22 Feb 1895. He married at Hounsfield on 30 April 1858 to ANGELINE ELIZABETH SLATER, who was born 10 Dec. 1831, daughter of JOSEPH AND ZYLPHA (MORGAN) SLATER. She died 1 November 1903 at Wilkes-Barre. See Slater family this site.

FRED MORGAN KIRBY, son of William and Angeline, was born 30 October 1864 in Brownville, NY. He attended public schools in Watertown and at 14 left school to clerk in a dry goods store in Watertown. During eight years with the firm of Moore and Smith he became the bookkeeper. With five hundred dollars saved, he entered partnership with CHARLES S. WOOLWORTH and they established a five and ten cent store in Wilkes-Barre. When the partnership expired in three years Fred became the sole proprietor. The stores retained the Woolworth name, however. The business expanded and Mr. Kirby became a millionaire. He married in May of 1886 to JESSIE AMELIA OWEN , born 5 Jan. 1861 in Ogdensburgh, NY, daughter of JAMES C. AND HULDAH (MAIN) OWEN, granddaughter of CAPTAIN J. MAIN of Chaumont. The couple had three children.

JOSEPH SLATER was the son of STEPHEN SLATER and was born 18 Aug. 1798. He was a farmer of East Hounsfield NY where he was a constable for several years. He married 1st in 1820 to ZYLPHA MORGAN, daughter of RICHARD MORGAN of Bloomfield, Prince Edward County, Ontario, CA. She was born in 1801 and died 27 May 1848 in Hounsfield, NY. Joseph married 2nd in 1850 to SARAH JANE SMITH, daughter of PETER SMITH of Canada. Sarah Jane was born 6 December 1811.
Children of Joseph Slater and Zylpha Morgan:

5) ANGELINE E. who married William Kirby

Children of Joseph and Sarah Jane:


Source: New England Families Geneal.

JONATHAN STRONG was the son of STEPHEN AND ABIGAIL (BUEL) STRONG of Lebanon, CT. He was born at Coventry CT n 7 June 1741 and died at Onondaga NY in Nov. 1814. He married 1st to MARY BREWSTER who died 2 Sept 1779. She was the daughter of Peter Brewster.*Mayflower descendants Jonathan and his wife Mary bought land in Lebanon CT in July 1766 and in 1769 he was spoken of as "late of Coventry". On 14 March 1783 he sold all his property and he, his second wife and children moved from Lebanon to Jefferson County NY between 1783 and 1786. He served in the Revolutionary War and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index.
Children of Jonathan Strong and Mary Brewster:

1) LOIS STRONG born 24 Nov 1762
2) STEPHEN STRONG, twin of Lois
3) PETER BREWSTER STRONG born 11 Nov 1764; died 1824
4) WALTER STRONG born 10 Dec 1766
5) JONATHAN strong born 10 Nov 1768; died 13 November
6) MOLLY STRONG born 8 June 1770 ; married ELIJAH PHELPS
7) BETTY STRONG born 17 April 1772; married THOMAS DAY
8) EUNICE STRONG born 8 Jan. 1774
9) JONATHAN STRONG born 6 April 1777
10) ANNE STRONG born 13 July 1779; married BENJAMIN ROSE

LOIS STRONG, daughter of Jonathan and Mary Strong, married at Windham, CT on 16 May 1782 to WILLIAM WEBB, son of NAPHTALI and MARY (MUDGE) WEBB of Windham. William was born in Windham on 26 April 1758 and died at Perch River, Jefferson Co NY on 6 April 1824. Lois died at Perch River on 2 April 1810. The couple moved from Windham CT to New York State in 1789. William Webb served in the Revolutionary War and was taken prisoner by the British and confined to the prison ship "Jersey" in Long Island. When the ship was burned, he managed to escape and was part of a prisoner exchange. The DAR Patriot Index shows William with wife Lois and 2nd MRS. HANNAH CLAPP EATON and 3rd ESTHER CURTISS
Children of Lois Strong and William Webb:

1) POLLY WEBB born 17 May 1783; died in infancy
2) JONATHAN WEBB born 23 March 1785; died Jefferson Co NY on 19 Feb 1867; married 1806 to REBECCA COLE; 11 children
3) AMY WEBB born 19 Nov 1787; she married 1st in 1802 to RICHARD LAVALLEY who died in Jefferson Co NY. She married 2nd in 1815 to JONAS BENJAMIN. Amy died in Jefferson Co on 20 March 1869.

Children of Amy Webb and Richard LaValley:
a) PAMELIA LAVALLEY born 4 May 1805
c) PHILENA LAVALLEY born 1812; died Dewagiac, MI in 1889; married 1st HARVEY HILLS and 2nd HENRY KEITH

4) LOIS STRONG WEBB born 1 May 1789; married at Brownville NY in 1808 to ELIPHALET PECK, son of ELIPHALET and ABIGAIL (HAWLEY) PECK of Danbury CT where he was born on 14 March 1786. He died at Stone Mills NY on 14 Dec 1869 and Lois died at Stone Mills on 17 March 1860.

Children of Lois Webb and Eliphalet Peck:
a) LOUISA PECK born 1810; died 1844
b) ZERAH PECK born 10 May 1812; died Ford's Station VA on 29 April 1891; married SYLVIA PECK
c) WILLIAM SHERWIN PECK born 24 March 1816
d) WALTER PECK born 13 April 1818 died Salina, Kansas on 4 Nov 1890; married in 1856 to KATE O'STIEN 7 children
e) ABNER WEBB PECK born 8 Feb 1822
f) ALBERT PECK born 1824; died 1844
g) FRANKLIN B PECK born 1826
h) ELLIOTT J. PECK born 31 Dec 1831; married 1861 to PERSIS MITCHELL 3 children

5) WILLIAM WEBB born 17 March 1791; died Jefferson Co on 1 Jan. 1860; married 1st in 1816 to FANNY AINSWORTH and 2nd ATTA STRONG; 6 children
6) DR. WALTER WEBB born 14 Oct 1794; died Washington NJ on 11 Aug 1887; married 1)ZERIAH GREEN; 2ND INNOCENT BLACKSTONE; 3rd LUCY SALISBURY 5 children
7) MARY (POLLY) WEBB; born 2 October 1796; died Brownville NY on 15 Sept 1889; married at Perch River on 11 March 1819 RUSSELL WEVER 8 children
8) SILAS H. WEBB born 22 Sept 1798; married at Perch River NY on 25 Feb 1825 to BETSEY MOFFATT, daughter of ISAAC and SUSANNA (PICKARD) MOFFATT. She was born 2 October 1806 and died Kalamazoo MI on 30 June 1880; he died 17 Aug 1872 in Kalamazoo.
9) HARRIET WEBB born 1802; died 1818 at Perch River.
10) ABNER WEBB born 29 Feb 1804. Married three times
11) LEWIS MORGAN WEBB born 13 Jan 1806; died Perch River on 22 April 1886; married 1st at Watertown NY in 1830 to PHEBE INGALLS and 2nd in Jefferson Co in 1839 to ELIZA A. DOWNEY-3 children

Source: Brewster Geneal.

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