Migrations Part 42:
Bartholomew, Bronson, Cheney, Doty, Hart, Hopkins

DANFORTH DOTY was the son of SAMUEL DOTY and MECY DOTY, born Saybrook CT on 24 March 1767. He married at Stephentown NY on 2 Nov. 1791 to SALLY ADAMS who was born 2 Nov. 1775 in Groton, New London CT, daughter of JAMES ADAMS AND MARY RANDALL.

Danforth's father, uncles and elder brothers, having already enlisted in the Revolutionary Army, he in April 1780, being at that time but thirteen years of age, enlisted as a private in Captain Abner Smith's company of Second Regiment Foot Continental Line of CT, Colonel Beebe, and served until December of the same year, for which service he subsequently drew a pension. Danforth is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. He returned to Saybrook, and learned the trade of carpenter but soon after he removed with his elder brothers to Stephentown, NY, where he married Sally. Sally had a sister, EUNICE ADAMS, who had some years previously married Danforth's brother, JOHN DOTY. In later years they removed to Norway, Herkimer County and later to Adams Centre. Jefferson County, NY, where Danforth Doty died on 24 March 1842. Sally survived him and died at their son's home (Roland) in Rome, Oneida Co NY 12 July 1861.

Children of Danforth Doty and Sally Adams:

1) DANFORTH DOTY born Stephentown NY 7 April 1795; married Herkimer NY in 1819 to his cousin, LUCYNIA DOTY, who was born Stephentown 3 October 1793, daughter of JOHN DOTY AND EUNICE ADAMS. They moved to Adams Centre, Jefferson Co NY where he died 27 Aug. 1859; she died there 5 May 1870.
2) SUPHRONIA DOTY; she married at Norway, Herkimer Co to LEVI BRAINARD
3) HENRY DOTY married at Norway, Herkimer Co NY to LUCRETIA HOLDRIDGE. She survived him and he died at Clintonville, Waupaca Co, WI
4) AURINDA DOTY was born Norway, Herkimer Co NY on 12 Nov 1797; she married there on 22 March 1821 to SILVANUS W. FERRIS who was born in Norway on 30 June 1799. She died 10 Sept 1853 and he died 30 Sept. 1887.
5) ROXY DOTY married DAVID JOY of Russia, Herkimer Co NY
6) ROLAND SEARS DOTY born Norway, Herkimer Co NY 26 Nov 1808; he married 1st on 12 Sept. 1832 in Rome NY to CYNTHIA MUDGE who was born in Rome, NY and then moved to New York City. He married 2nd in Rome, NY on 2 Dec 1872 to MRS. ELIZA ALLEN COMSTOCK born Floyd, Oneida Co NY on 10 April 1815, daughter of WILLIAM ALLEN AND DORCAS CHASE. She was the widow of ELON COMSTOCK, who died 10 March 1864 and to whom she was married 20 Dec. 1835. They lived in Oneida Co NY.
7) WILLIAM DOTY born Norway, NY

Source: Doty Geneal; see also Fonda List

JOSIAH BARTHOLOMEW was of Branford CT, born 18 Jan 1710-1; he married in Branford on 10 June 1740 to LYDIA HARRINGTON who died 6 Oct 1751 at 36 years; he married 2nd on 9 April 1752 to the widow, PHEBE MUNSON. He died in Litchfield CT on 12 Feb 1777 and Phebe died in Goshen CT on 25 Sept 1799 at 80 years. In about 1768 Josiah moved to Goshen CT. At the time of mariage, Phebe was the mother of five children: Margaret who married Daniel Maltby; John; Thomas; Hannah; and Caleb Munson. Of the children of Josiah Bartholomew and Phebe Munson:
OLIVER BARTHOLOMEW who was born 20 October 1757 in Branford CT and died 18 June 1850 at 92 years in Jefferson Co NY. Oliver married in Goshen on 6 July 1780 to ANNA LACY, who was the daughter of EBENEZER AND FREELOVE (CANFIELD) LACY. Anna was born in New Milford CT on 23 June 1758 and died in Watertown NY on 30 Oct 1848 at 90 years.
Oliver enlisted at Goshen in Jan. 1776 and served in several regiments during the Revolutionary War. Oliver is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. He moved from Goshen to Lee, MA in 1782; from there to Vershire, VT and in 1794 to August NY. In March of 1800 he settled in Watertown NY, about a mile and a half west of the village on the crossroads to Brownsville where he lived until he deceased. In 1803 he helped in the forming of the first Baptist Church in the county of Jefferson and was a leader in the temperance cause. Oliver was a church deacon for 62 years and was married to Anna for about 68 years. Oliver and Anna are buried in the Brownville Cem. in Jefferson Co NY

Children of Oliver Bartholomew and Anna Lacy:

1) ALMEDA BARTHOLOMEW born 26 July 1781; married 23 Feb 1800 to EBENEZER RANNEY; she died June 1868. He was born 2 May 1776 and they were residents of Stockbridge NY
2) EBENEZER BARTHOLOMEW was born 27 Dec 1782 in Lee, MA and married in Watertown NY on 19 July 1805 to CHARLOTTE PRATT of Watertown; he died Sept 1866 at 83 years; moved to Michigan 3 children
3) SARAH BARTHOLOMEW was born 7 Oct 1784 and married 8 Oct 1863 to WILLIAM A. SWAN
She died Oct. 1814.

Children of Sarah Bartholomew and William A. Swan:
a) CHESTER SWAN resided in Theresa, Jefferson Co NY

4) AUGUSTINE BARTHOLOMEW born 2 Jan 1788 in Vershire VT; married in Henderson, Jefferson Co NY on 10 Sept 1810 to MARY DEXTER; he died 9 August 1825 at 38 years and is buried in Brownville, Jefferson Co. She died 17 March 1882 at 96 years- 4 children
5) BETSY BARTHOLOMEW born 11 April 1790; married ALEXANDER PARKER; she died 6 June 1878 at 83 years. He was born 3 Sept 1789 and died 29 May 1871 at 81 years 10 children
6) OLIVER BARTHOLOMEW born 18 March 1793 in Vershire VT and married in Watertown on 26 Dec 1819 to MARY EVERETT; he died 16 March 1878 at 85 years. Mary was born 30 Jan 1796 and died 19 Sept 1867. Oliver enlisted in June 1812 in Jefferson Co. NY in the War of 1812. The couple moved to Michigan and had 7 children
7) DANIEL BARTHOLOMEW born 19 Jan 1796 in Augusta NY; he married in Watertown NY on 13 Nov 1828 to SARAH G. PARKER and died 25 Oct 1878 at 82 years. Sarah was the daughter of JOSEPH AND LYDIA (WILLS) PARKER of Middleton VT where she was born 21 May 1807 and died in Blissfield MI. They remained in Watertown, NY until 1857 at which time he moved to Attica OH and then in 1867 to MI. - 9 children

Sources: Bartholomew Geneal.; Fonda List;

DEACON SETH BRONSON, son of ISAAC BRONSON, married CHLOE PRICHARD, daughter of GEORGE PRICHARD on 27 Nov 1770 in Waterbury CT. He died 11 Oct. 1828. Chloe died 16 Jan. 1805.

Children of Seth Bronson and Chloe Prichard:

1) ANN BRONSON born 19 Jan 1773; married_____KELSEY of Jefferson Co NY
2) CHLOE BRONSON born 28 Dec 1777; married DAVID TYLER of Middlebury and went to Rutland, Jefferson Co NY
3) JONAS BRONSON born 25 Sept 1779 married MELINDA BALDWIN; was deacon of a Congregational Church and lived in Jefferson Co NY.
4) MARCUS BRONSON born 8 Sept 1781; married REBECCA THOMPSON and lived n Middlebury

Source: Hist. Of Waterbury CT

JOSEPH HOPKINS, son of Joseph, married RUTH GILBERT, daughter of ABIJAH GILBERT of Salem, NY on 22 Jan 1784. He settled in Waterbury and then moved to Rutland, Jefferson Co NY: Joseph served in the Revolutionary War and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. He was a silversmith by trade and moved to Rutland, Jefferson Co in 1808 with 11 children. Joseph died 20 Feb 1829 at 69 years and is buried in the Maple Hill Cem., Jefferson Co. NY. Ruth died 19 Aug. 1841 at 73 years and is buried in the Maple Hill Cemetery.

Children of Joseph Hopkins and Ruth Gilbert:

1) ANNA HOPKINS born 9 March 1786; married JOSIAH TYLER of Rutland, NY

Children of Anne Hopkins and Josiah Tyler:

2) GILBERT HOPKINS born Dec 1787; married BETSEY SHERMAN of Rutland NY; children: Ann; Gustavus; Maria; Samuel; George; Morris and Jane.
3) REBECCA HOPKINS born 21 March 1790; married ABEL DOOLITTLE. Children: William, Eliza, Henry and Justus
4 SOPHIA HOPKINS born 26 Dec 1791; married WILLIAM SILL of Rodman NY. Children: Mary; John Sterling; Edward and Elizabeth.
5) JESSE HOPKINS born 23 Feb 1794; died 18 May 1817 at 23 years; buried Maple Hill Cem. Jefferson Co.
6) JOSEPH HOPKINS born 26 Oct. 1796; married PAMELIA PICKET of Gouverneur NY. Children: Bower, Sara; Emily; Brayton and others
7) ELIZA HOPKINS born 2 Dec 1798; married Rev. Banks and 2nd Mr. Holgate of Utica NY. Children: Jane; Frances; Asa Hopkins and Arbella Eliza.
8) HENRY HOPKINS born 10 Feb 1803; married CELESTIA TYLER, daughter of Dea. DAVID and CHLOE TYLER, of Rutland NY in 1829. Children: Charles; Catharine; Martha; Mary Ann and Henry Tyler. Celestia died in 1863 while visiting friends in CT and Henry married 2nd MRS. CHLOE E. BURNHAM, widow of DEXTER M. BURNHAM and daughter of OTIS ANDRUS of Rutland, NY.
9) MARY ANN HOPKINS born March 1806; married GEORGE M. FOSTER, ESQ. Of Ogdensburgh NY
10) EMILY HOPKINS born April 1808; married ISRAEL LAMB, ESQ of Ogdensburg, NY. Children: Frances, George and others.

Source: Hist. Of Waterbury CT; see also Biographies of the Town of Rutland for Mayflower lineage.

HENRY HART married at the Reformed Dutch Church of Stone Arabia NY on 7 March 1790 to ANNA EVA KILTS. Henry was born in 1755 and died 28 Feb 1835; lived Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY. Anna was born 30 May 1770 in Palatine, Montgomery Co NY, daughter of JOHANN PETER KILTS AND ANNA MARIE BELLINGER. Anna died 20 Jan 1847 in Clayton, Jefferson Co NY and received a widow's pension number 21246. Henry served in the Revolutionary War and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index.

A direct quote from his pension file:
His marriage record in the books of the Reformed Dutch Church of Stone Arabia reads: Heinrich Hardt mit Anna Eva Kilts. He died on February 28th, 1835. He served as a private in Captain Peter Ehle's Company of Batteaumen under Colonel Stofel Yates from February of 1779 until January of 1780. He served as a private in the companies of Captain Christopher Fox and Captain Henry Miller of the Palatine District Regiment of Tryon County Militia. In 1781, he served in Captain John Denny's Company of Batteaumen commanded by Colonel Undy Hay. He also served for nine months in Captain Abner French's Company of Lieutenant Colonel Marinus Willett's Regiment in 1782. His file contains depositions by William Smith and Peter Getman of Captain French's Company. His file also contains depositions by Jacob Cramer and Captain Peter Ehle of the Batteau Service.
Henry's grave was found in Watertown but Anna's grave was not located.

Children of Henry Hart and Anna Eva Kilts:

1) MARIA HART born 16 June 1791; died 4 June 1828
2) CATHARINE HART born 9 June 1793; married FREEMAN K. WILBER; she died 11 Sept 1854
3) HENRY HART JR born 13 June 1796 Montgomery co NY; married DOROTHY STOLLER on 2 Sept 1819 in NY; Henry died 11 Nov 1869 in Montgomery Co and is buried in the Tribes Hill Cem. In the Town of Mohawk. Dorothy was born 1802 and died 1893.
4) EVALINE HART born 21 March 1798; married 1828-9 to JOHN GUNSOLUS . He was born 1798. Evaline died 21 Aug. 1845.
5) ELIZABETH "BETSY" HART born 20 June 1800; married LINUS CLARK on 3 Oct. 1822, he bc 1800. Elizabeth died 21 Aug 1845.
6) ADAM HART born 11 July 1802; died 19 July 1813
7) BENJAMIN HART born 21 Aug 1806; married MARIA BATCHELDER on 8 June 1828; she bc 1806. Benjamin died 26 June 1861 at Greenbush, WI
8) ANNA NANCY HART born 6 July 1808 in Palatine, Montgomery Co NY; married POTTER SHELDON who was bc 1808
9) MARY HART born 6 July 1810 married POTTER SHELDON; he born 13 Nov 1799. Potter died 15 Sept 1853 and Mary died 24 Mar. 1871
10) SARAH HART born Dec. 1813; died 1 Oct. 1858
11) PETER BURTON HART SR born 21 Aug 1813; died 28 Jan 1899
12) JOHANN HART born 13 Oct. 1816 at Palatine.

Sources: Fonda List, Hist. Of Montg. Co NY, church and cemetery records; Hudson-Mohawk Hist.

ELIPHALET CHENEY was born in Plaistow, NH on 5 Dec 1756 and married at Hampstead NH on 23 Nov. 1780 to MARY ELA. She was received in the church there and baptized on 18 Feb 1781. He enlisted in Plaistow, NH on 1 May 1775; in 1775 he was reported on furlough and gave an order for a bounty coat or money on 25 Dec. 1775; receipted for wages in Dec. 1776. On 7 July 1779 he bought lot 40 in the second division of Sutton NY. He was a petitioner for the incorporation of NY on 21 May 1783. In 1833 he was receiving a US pension for services in the Massachusetts line, being then a resident of Jefferson Co NY and reported as being 63 years old at the issue of the pension in 1819.

He is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. See Cheney Family for descendants.

Source: Hist of Plaistow NH

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