Migrations Part 48:
Bacheller, Ball, Bassett, Bonnel, Chase, Child, Clark, Harlan,
Johnston, Lambert, Loomis, Potter, Putnam, Reed, Rugg, Seargeant, Thompson

OLIVE LIDA HARLAN born 10 March 1855 in Philadelphia PA; moved with her parents CHARLES M. HARLAN and REBECCA C. BUCK, to Muscatine Iowa in 1856 and to Keokuk Co in 1872. She married there at Sigourney Iowa on June 28, 1875 EDWARD GIBBONS PECK, wholesale dealer in tobacco, who was born at Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY on 17 Sept. 1853. He was the son of ALFRED PECK born 20 Feb 1793 and MATILDA NICKERSON born Sept. 20, 1810. Alfred was a Universalist clergyman.
Source: Harlan Family Genealogy.

HARRIET BALL was the 5th child of AARON BALL. She married STEPHEN BONNEL.

Children of Harriet Ball and Stephen Bonnel:
1. ELIZA BONNEL married J. A. WOOD and lived in Jefferson Co NY.

Transcriber's note: Harriet Bonnell, wife of Stephen died 20 Jan 1849 at 58 years and is buried in Carthage Village Cem., Jefferson Co. NY. A Sarah Bonnell wife of Stephen Bonnel died 18 April 1897 at 92 years and 2 months and is buried in the Fairview Cem. In Jefferson Co.

Source: Bonnel Family Genealogy.

HORACE LOOMIS was born 4 Aug. 1774 in Windsor CT, son of SERAJAH LOOMIS. Serajah was born 4 Dec. 1740 and married SIBYL LOOMIS on 21 Oct. 1767. He died 1811. Horace married 1st to URSULA COOK who was born 22 April 1800 and who died 4 June 1815 at 36. He married 2nd to HANNAH HINE who died 13 Aug. 1824 at 44 years. He married 3rd AMY CLARK who died 1848. Horace died 3 Jan. 1827 at Champion, Jefferson Co NY.
Source: Loomis Family Genealogy.

SOLOMON LOOMIS was born 27 Sept. 1760 in Tolland, CT, son of SOLOMON LOOMIS SR. Solomon Sr was born 4 Nov 1732 and married 1st MARY CHAPMAN who died 11 Feb 1774 at 42 years and he married 2nd MARY JOHNSON on 21 Dec 1775. He died 5 Aug 1805 in Tolland CT. Solomon Jr. married 1st BETSEY BURT on 13 Nov. 1793 and she died 27 Feb. 1809. He married 2nd to SARAH AMES in 1809 who died 1838. He died July 1830 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY.

Brother of Solomon Loomis was JUSTIN LOOMIS. He was born 10 July 1783 and married SARAH SELICK. In 1814 he moved to Champion, Jefferson Co., NY.
Source: Loomis Family Genealogy.

STEPHEN BUCKINGHAM LOOMIS was born 7 Sept. 1786, son of SIMON LOOMIS, of German Flats NY. Stephen married CATHERINE BERT on 5 May 1820. In March 1834 he moved to Orleans NY and in 1860 to Dexter, Jefferson Co., NY where he died 13 March 1868.
Source; Loomis Family Genealogy.

ENSIGN NATHANIEL LOOMIS was born 28 Aug. 1747 and married 1st LAVINIA CLARK of Lebanon, CT who died 13 June 1790 at 3 years at Andover. He married 2nd RACHEL WHITE. He moved to Westmoreland Oneida Co NY in 1794 and died 16 Dec 1825.

Children of Ensign Nathaniel Loomis and Lavinia Clark:
POLLY LOOMIS was born in 1783, daughter of Ensign NATHANIEL LOOMIS of Coventry CT and Westmoreland, NY. Polly married GURDON CASWELL. She died in 1852 at Clayton, Jefferson Co NY.

Source: Loomis Family Genealogy.

JONATHAN LOOMIS was of Champion, Jefferson Co., NY and was a brother of Ensign Nathaniel Loomis. He was born 16 Dec 1753 and married 1st to MARTHA BLACKMAN. He married 2nd to MRS. PATIENCE PELTON. Jonathan was a Revolutionary War veteran and moved from Pittsfield MA about 1804 to Champion NY where he died 12 Dec. 1832.

Children of Jonathan Loomis:
EBER LOOMIS born 1778; married REBECCA COLLINS and moved to Larange OH
SAMUEL LOOMIS born 22 Dec 1780; married SARAH SANDERS in Jan. 1806. He died 25 Feb. 1843 at Champion NY
JOHN LOOMIS born 29 Oct. 1782; married ACHSA BROOKS on 5 Dec. 1805; she died 23 May 1859 at 78 years and he died 12 Oct. 1867.
ALVIN LOOMIS born 28 July 1783; married NANCY WAITE on 13 April 1809. She died 22 Oct. 1871 and he died 19 April 1858 at Champion NY
ANNA LOOMIS born 1786; married NATHAN CLARK. She died in 1850 at Lagrange, OH.
OTIS LOOMIS born 7 March 1790 Pittsfield MA; married RACHEL HARRIS on 6 Sept. 1811; he died 21 Nov. 1868 at Champion NY. See Asa Harris for Rachel Harris.

Children of Otis Loomis and Rachel Harris:
a. CHAUNCEY H. LOOMIS born 21 Jan 1813; married 1st to SUSAN ACKLEY; married second to MARY CANFIELD. Chauncey died 2 Aug 1855 in California.
b. LEONARD H. LOOMIS born 24 April 1815; married ELIZABETH ANDREWS; lived Rutland NY
c. CHARLES LOOMIS born 18 July 1817; married FIDELIA PLAN; lived Denmark, Lewis Co NY
d. ASA LOOMIS born 18 Dec 1819; married 1st SARAH JACKSON and 2nd MARIA DAVIS. Lived Utica NY
e. EGBERT LOOMIS born 14 July 1822; married MARTHA M. GREEN on 1 March 1849; he died 3 Oct. 1852 at Champion
f. HARRIET LOOMIS born 23 Sept 1824; married WILLIAM CLARK and lived Denmark, NY
g. MARIETTE LOOMIS born 5 April 1827; married JOHN WRIGHT; lived Denmark NY
h. SYLVESTER LOOMIS born 15 Sept 1829; was a farmer; married AMELIA FREEMAN on 11 Feb 1857 and lived Champion NY. She was the daughter of ERASTUS FREEMAN of LeRay.

Children of Sylvester Loomis and Amelia Freeman:

i. ALMIRA LOOMIS born 18 Jan 1832; died 3 Feb 1849
j. MARTHA LOOMIS born 27 Dec 1833; and died 9 April 1834
k. RACHEL LOOMIS born 2 June 1837; married CHESTER CARTER; lived Carthage, Jefferson Co., NY

HORACE LOOMIS born 23 May 1794; married PHILA HARRIS on 17 April 1813. Lived Champion, NY.
HORACE LOOMIS born 23 May 1794; married PHILA HARRIS on 17 April 1813. Lived Champion, NY.

Children of Horace Loomis and Phila Harris:
a. EBER LOOMIS born 29 Sept. 1816; married SARAH TOWNSEND; lived Wilna NY
b. ASHLEY LOOMIS born 15 July 1820; married HARRIET FRANCIS on 2 May 1844. Lived Burke, Franklin Co NY
c. LEWIS H. LOOMIS born 6 March 1823; married ELIZA SHELDON on 20 April 1852. Lived Lindonville, Orleans Co NY
d. FOSKET LOOMIS born 26 July 1825; married ELIZABETH EUSTIC on 1 Jan 1850; lived Tekamah, Nebraska
e. WARD LOOMIS born 22 June 1828; married ELIZABETH STRICKLIN. Lived Tekamah Nebraska
f. WESLEY LOOMIS born 1 Jan. 1831; married MALVINA PIERSON; lived Hannibal MO
g. CLARK LOOMIS born 14 Jan. 1833; married HELEN FREEMAN on 17 Dec 1857; lived Champion NY

MARTHA LOOMIS born 1796; married THOMAS SWEET. She died 1850 in Lagrange OH

Source: Loomis Family Genealogy.

GEN. THOMAS LOOMIS was born 25 July 1788, son of THOMAS LOOMIS of Lebanon CT and Hartwick NY. Gen. Thomas married 1st EUNICE LOOMIS who died 11 Oct. 1843; he married 2nd to SILIVA LUSK who died 4 April 1846 and 3rd to PAMELA SHEPARD in Oct. 1848. He died 23 April 1869 at Brownsville, Jefferson Co NY.
Source: Loomis Family Genealogy.

JANE LOOMIS was born April 1816, daughter of Devester Loomis of Sangerfield, NY. She married HENRY GREEN and lived Jefferson Co NY.
Source: Loomis Family Genealogy.

LAURA LOOMIS was born Feb. 1799 and married NATHAN BASSETT. She was the daughter of JOHN LOOMIS of Lebanon CT and Westmoreland, NY. They lived in Limerick, Jefferson Co NY.
Source: Loomis Family Genealogy.

SAMUEL SWEET of Richfield, Otsego Co. NY; his will filed in Rensselaer Co NY:
Brother John Sweet of Berlin NY; Mother___; brother Eliphalet Sweet; Brothers: Silas Justus, Henry R.; Noyes; Sisters: Patty Pride or Price; Polly Balch; Pamelia Smith: Exec. Brother Noyes. To: EMELINE J. SWEET, daughter of my cousin SAMUEL A. SWEET of Adams, Jefferson Co., NY
Will dated: 31 Dec 1846; Probate 1 Nov 1847

Marriages & Death Dates from the Black River Gazette of 1831-32 & Northern Journal Published at Lowville NY:

LAMBERT, LAURA ANN, daughter of Rev. CHANDLEY LAMBERT AND WIFE LAURA, died 25 May 1840 at 20 years; born Houndsfield, Jefferson Co NY 7 April 1819

POTTER, ANGELL of Copenhagen NY; died at the residence of his son, H. G. POTTER on 5 Feb 1858. One of the pioneers of Jefferson Co., moving there from Norway, Herkimer Co NY

PUTNAM, COL. CALVIN formerly of Lowville; died at North Adams, Jefferson Co on 3 Nov. 1842 at 38 years.

REED, CHARLES A. of LeRay, Jefferson Co., NY married ANN B. JOHNSTON, 2nd daughter of ARCHIBALD

JOHNSTON of Copenhagen NY; married 27 Nov. 1848.

RUGG, LOVINA consort of ELIJAH RUGG died at Pamelia, Jefferson Co. on 17 Dec. 1830

BACHELLER, S. B., of Lyme, Jefferson Co NY married SOPHIA D. STEVENS of Lowville NY; married 9 Jan. 1848.

BASSETT, NANCY wife of BARACHIA BASSETT died Alexandria, Jefferson Co., NY on 6 March 1845 at age 60

CHASE, NATHAN formerly of Lowville, died at Wilna Jefferson Co NY on 17 Oct. 1847 in his 52nd yr.

CLARK, Z. of Woodville Jefferson Co married SARAH CRANSHAW of E. Martinsburgh on 13 Feb 1855

SERGEANT, RICHART T. of Orleans Jefferson Co., married PHEBE SAGE of Denmark on 1 Feb. 1849

THOMPSON, CHARLES S. of Denmark NY married MRS. LUCINDA TAYLER HAMMOND of Jefferson Co on 3 Mar. 1857

JOSEPH CHILD, eldest son of CEPHAS CHILD JR and PERCILLA NAYLOR was born in Plumstead PA on 19 Oct. 1753. He married on 27 Dec. 1780 to HANNAH BURGESS of Fallsington, Bucks Co PA. They moved to Jefferson Co NY in 1804, a pioneer family, and lived there until his death which occurred in LeRay on 21 Feb. 1829 at 77 years. Hannah Child died 22 March 1830 AT 77 years.
Children of Joseph Child and Hannah Burgess:

DANIEL CHILD born about 1752 Bucks Co. PA; married ANNE GARDNER


MOSES CHILD born 12 May 1789; married 24 May 1814 to NANCY BURDICK

a. HANNAH B. CHILD born Jefferson Co
b. MAHLON M. CHILD born Jefferson Co on 19 March 1835; married MARY W. BURTON

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