Migrations Part 50:
Ballou, Barber, Bliss, Cleveland, Mann,
Munson, Phelps, Powers,Trowbridge, Weston

NICHOLAS POWERS was born 1756 in Livingston Manor, Columbia Co., NY. He died 30 March 1843 in Mannsville, Jefferson Co., NY. Nicholas was a Revolutionary War soldier and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. See Fonda List for military information and pension. His wife's name was Hannah _____whom he married in February 1783 at West Camp, Columbia Co., NY. (Transcriber note: Her maiden name may have been Bortle. )Nicholas and his wife moved to Jefferson Co. about 1823, presumably to live with their son, JACOB POWERS, who was in Jefferson Co., by 1820. Hannah was allowed a pension on 11 April 1843 at 77 years while living with son Jacob. No graves have been found for either Nicholas or Hannah.

Children of Nicholas and Hannah Powers:
1. ANDREW POWERS born 1789
2. JACOB POWERS born 1794. Jacob died 1864 at Ellisburg, Jefferson
Co. at age 70. He married 1st Hannah___who died 23 Aug. 1836 at 41 yrs, bc 1795; buried Jefferson Co., NY. He married 2nd HARRIET OUDERKIRK, bc 1806. She was probably the daughter of JACOB AND CATHERINE OUDERKIRK who lived near Jacob Powers.

Children of Jacob Powers:
a. JACOB POWERS JR. born 1820
c. BETSEY POWERS bc 1824
d. LOVIAS POWERS; bc 1843; died 24 Dec. 1861 at 1 years 24 days; buried Maplewood Cemetery, Jefferson Co NY
e. ADELAIDE POWERS bc 1849* may be grandchild

6. SOPHIA POWERS; married SNYDER. Sophia was born 1805 in Rensselaer Co NY and died in Ontario Co., NY in 1881. She married SHERWOOD SNYDER who was born 1802 in Jefferson Co and died in Ontario Co. in 1872. Both are buried in the Farmington Cemetery in Ontario Co., NY.

Children of Sophia Powers and Sherwood Snyder:
a. NICHOLAS SNYDER born 1826
b. ELIZABETH SNYDER 1835 – 1912
d. JULIA SNYDER 1839 – 1929
f. MARY F. SNYDER 1846


Sources: DAR Patriot Index, Fonda List, cemetery records; census records; Powers Fam. Geneal.; Hist. Of Columbia Co NY; Hist. Of West Camp

AMASA BARBER was born 29 Oct. 1773 in Washington Co., NY and married on 16 July 1794 to ELIZABETH WELLER who was born 15 Nov. 1776. They moved in 1800 from Washington Co to Champion in Jefferson Co. where they remained until 1810 when they moved to LeRaysville where Amasa was employed by the proprietor, JAMES LERAY DE CHAUMONT, to manage the village hotel and farm. Later he bought the property for himself. He died at LeRaysville on 17 May 1834. His wife died 2 June 1849. Both are buried in the Old Sheepfold Cemetery at the edge of Pine Plains. This cemetery was originally a sheepfold on the land belonging to Leray and was afterward given by him to NATHANIEL MUNSON, father of Dorcas above, who was born 17 March 1755 and married 13 Dec. 1777 to EDITH NOBLE. They the town for a burial place. This branch of the Barber family always spelled the name as "Barbur".

Children of Amasa Barber and Elzabeth Weller:
1 SARAH BARBER born 9 May 1795
2 ABRAHAM BARBER born 24 Oct. 1796 in Washington Co NY. Moved to Champion and lived in the Wilmot neighborhood. He married 14 June 1821 to DORCAS MUNSON, daughter of NATHANIEL and EDITH (NOBLE) MUNSON, and she as born 19 Nov 1797. He died 22 March 1859 and Dorcas died 18 Nov 1863.

Children of Abraham Barber and Dorcas Munson:
a. AMASA MUNSON BARBER born 7 March 1822; died Sterlingville NY 22 Jan 1877
b. LATETIA A. BARBER born 30 Aug 1824
c. WILLIAM AMASA BARBER born 12 Jan 1827; died 9 March 1858
e. twins born 12 July 1831
f. HENRY EMERSON BARBER died 14 Sept 1833
NATHANIEL MUNSON, father of Dorcas above, was born 17 March 1755 and married 13 Dec. 1777 to EDITH NOBLE. They settled in Hebron NY. He was a Revolutionary War soldier.

3 ROXENA BARBER born 9 May 1799; she married 20 Jan. 1820 to IRA HUBBARD, son of WILLIAM AND MABEL (LELSEY) (Kelsey?) HUBBARD of Kensington CT. He was born Oct. 1796 and they resided in Hubbard's Corners in the town of Wilna near Carthage NY. Roxana died 30 March 1882 and Ira died 3 March 1871.

Children of Roxena Barber and Ira Hubbard:
           a. LEVI HUBBARD
           b. BURRELL HUBBARD
           c. LEVINA HUBBARD
           e. ROSINA HUBBARD married 1 Jan 1843 to LEWIS O. EARL and lived in Denmark MY
           f. MOSES HUBBARD
           g. HEMAN HUBBARD

4 COMFORT BARBER born 12 Oct. 1801; died 8 Sept 1817
5 LOVINIA BARBER born 7 Nov 1803 in Champion; she married at Champion on 14 April 1825 by Rev. James Snowden to JAMES WARD, son of THOMAS AND MARY WARD, who was born in New York City on 8 Aug 1801 and died in Carthage NY on 5 Sept 1880. Lovinia died 23 Dec. 1883. They settled first in LeRay and then LeRaysville and Evans Mills. In 1863 they moved to Carthage.

Children of Lovinia Barber and James Ward:
a. MARY JANE WARD born 3 May 1826
b. THOMAS W. WARD born 20 Sept 1827
c. MARTHA LETITIA WARD born 25 Dec. 1829
d. JAMES SELAH WARD born LeRay 8 July 1832; married in Leray on 24 March 1858 to HELEN M. ROSE, daughter of JARED and DELIA (RUSSELL) ROSE, who was born 3 April 1835. James served in the Civil War and in 1852 he went with the gold seekers to California via Cape Horn. One his return he lived in Carthage NY until 1882, when he went to Dakota and later to San Diego CA where he died. Adopted daughter MARY LOUISE WARD married FRANK WILCOX of Pittsburgh PA.
e. BUEL FULLER WARD born 28 Nov 1833
f. PAMELA MARIA WARD born 16 Jan. 1836
g. FRANK BENJAMIN WARD born 17 June 1838
h. EMMA JOSEPHINE WARD born 8 July 1840
j. ELLA FLORENCE WARD born 1 Feb. 1845
k. ELIZABETH WARD born 4 June 1847; died Carthage NY on 11 June 1904.

Notes on the Ward family: THOMAS WARD, the emigrant, was born in Kettering on 18 Jan. 1776. He married in NY City on 7 March 1798 to MARY LEISHMAN, daughter of JAMES AND ANNA (HAYES) LEISHMAN, part of a Highland Scotch family. THOMAS WARD came to the town of LeRay NY with a survey party under BENJAMIN BROWN and in 1802 settled and built a log cabin on the banks of Pleasant Creek. He was the first Town Clerk and Justice of the Peace; was a soldier in the War of 1812 and participated in the battle of Sackett's Harbor. He died in 1821. He and Mary (Polly) who died in 1871, are buried in the Old Sheepfold Cemetery in LeRaysville.

6 SELAH BARBER died 26 Sept 1831, TWINS born 21 Sept 1805
7 ASENATH BARBER died at birth
8 POLLY BARBER born 22 Dec. 1807; she married 22 Dec 1825 to BENJAMIN COLLINS who was born 1801. They lived in Evans Mills where Benjamin died. After his death the widow and children moved to Indiana.

Children of Polly Barber and Benjamin Collins:
           a. SHARRILLE COLLINS born 1826
           b. ELIZABETH COLLINS born 27 July1829; married 24 March 1846 to FLEURY F. KEITH who died 20 Feb 1890
           c. ELBRIDGE COLLINS born 1831
           d. ABEL POTTER COLLINS born 19 Dec 1836.

9 KATHERINE BARBER born 29 Oct 1814; married 1st 14 July 1831 to ENNIS MOSHER, son of JONATHAN AND SARAH (PALMER) MOSHER, who was born 9 Nov. 1808. He died 5 Sept 1872. She married 2nd on 14 Oct. 1879 to EDWIN CARTER. She died 20 Nov 1885.

Children of Katherine Barber and Ennis Mosher:
           a. CHARLES EUGENE MOSHER born 31 May 1833
           b. ALBERT POTTER MOSHER born 24 June 1835
           c. SARAH ELIZABETH MOSHER born 25 May 1840
           d. MARIA ADELIA MOSHER born 20 Nov. 1843
           e. CORNELIA MOSHER born 5 April 1846; died 30 April 1847 f. FREDERICK MOSHER born 5 April 1846; died 15 July 1851.
           g. FERDINAND ARTHUR MOSHER born 17 March 1855.

10 ELBRIDGE GERRY BARBER born 4 Nov 1816
11 COMFORT L. BARBER born 31 May 1819; died 20 March 1820

There is a discrepancy between the bible records of Amasa Barber's family and the dates shown on the gravestones in the Old Sheepfold Cemetery. According to the transcription on Amasa Barber's gravestone he died on 7 May 1831 at 61 years, but according to the bible record he was born 29 Oct. 1773 so that he would have been a little past 57 years of age at the time of his death, if the date of death on the gravestone is correct.
Also, according to the bible record Betsey Barber, wife of Amasa, was born 15 Nov. 1776 while the transcription on her gravestone states that she died 22 June 1849 at 74 years.
The cemetery inscription gives the date of death of the son, Selah, as 26 Sept 1831; this record does not appear on the bible record nor is there any positive evidence that he and Asenath were twins, but there is a family tradition to that effect.

Source: Barber Fam. Geneal.

RANSOM PHELPS, son of URI PHELPS, was born at Harwinton CT on 6 May 1800. He married 27 Sept 1826 to LAURA PLANT. They settled in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co NY.

Children of Ransom Phelps and Laura Plant:
1 NANCY PHELPS born 5 Feb 1829; married GOULD
2 URI BUTLER PHELPS born 28 Nov 1830

Source: Barber Fam. Geneal.

ISAAC CLEVELAND died Hartwinton, Litchfield Co CT on 19 Mar. 1819 at 84 years; he married 1 March 1754 to SARAH DECASTRO, probable daughter of VACAH DECASTRO. He married 2nd to MARY RICH, probable daughter of SAMUEL RICH. He served in the Revolutionary War and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. Isaac died 19 March 1819.

Children of Isaac Cleveland and Sarah Decastro:
1 ISAAC CLEVELAND born 22 Jan 1755 Canterbury, CT; lived Jefferson Co NY; served Revolutionary War. See Fonda List for military information. He is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. He died 14 May 1838 at 83 yrs at Watertown NY. He married MAMRE MATHEWS who was born 14 July 1760 and died 3 July 1845 at 85 years at Watertown NY.

Children of Isaac Cleveland and Mary Rich:
5 SUSANNAH CLEVELAND born 1761 married ISAAC BARBER; settled in Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., NY
8 DORCAS CLEVELAND born 1767; died Oneida Co NY; married HEZEKIAH ROGERS
10 SAMUEL RICH CLEVEAND b 10 Mar. 1771

Source: Cleveand Genealogy

JESSE BALLOU JR. was born in Richmond NH on 26 March 1785; he married SUSANNA FULLER who was born 27 March 1788. Jesse settled first in Wallingofrd VT and then at Ellisburg in Jefferson Co NY; he finally settled in Boylston NY where his wife Susanna died on 27 May 1850 at 62 years. He died there on 16 Dec 1871 at 96 years 8 months 21 days.

Children of Jesse Ballou Jr, and Susanna Fuller:
1 HOSEA BALLOU born Wallingford Vt 19 Mar 1813; married MARY ETHERIDGE
2 MAHALA BALLOU born Wallingford VT 26 Oct. 1814; married DAVID KNOWER
3 JAMES MADISON BALLOU born Wallingford vt 6 Oct. 1816; married HULDAH HART
4 MARIA W. BALLOU born Ellisburg NY 20 April 1819 married JESSE B. ODELL
5 AMANDA BALLOU born Boylston NY 20 June 1822; married HENRY PALMER
6 ABNER K. BALLOU born Ellisburg NY 24 Mar 1824; married EMELINE HUNTER
7 WARREN O. BALLOU born 25 July 1826 Ellisburg NY; died 25 Mar. 1829
8 DANIEL BALLOU born 3 July 1829 Ellisburg NY; married NANCY C. JOYNER

Source: Ballou Family Geneal.

JACOB BLISS JR. was a farmer of Watertown NY, son of JACOB BLISS and MARY SHERLOCK of Otsego NY. He was born at Richmond MA on 29 April 1785 and married at Otsego in 1803 to MARTHA HUBBELL. She was born in Sheffield MA in 1783 and died in Wtertown in 1854.

Children of Jacob Bliss and Martha Hubbell:
1 ORLANDO BLISS born 16 March 1804; married SARAH ANN BLISS, duahgter of JESSE BLISS AND FANNY TUTTLE of Hartwick NY. She was born 16 April 1811 and died in Buffalo NY in July 1835.
2 MINERVA BLISS born 18 March 1809; married RAWSON COMINS of Watertown where he died in 1869
3 EMILY BLISS born 9 March 1811 died in Watertown 1849
4 MARY BLISS born 14 March 1813; married WASHINGTON GENNET of Watertown shere she died in 1856
5 JACOB BLISS born 15 June 1816 in Hartwick; married 1841 to PERMELIA TALLMAN who was born at Little Falls NY in 1820 and died Belleville Ontario CA in 1848; married 2nd ELMIRA DERBY in 1855 and 3rd MARGARET E. KILLMER.
6 JOHN BLISS born 1820, farmer of Watertown NY.

Source: Bliss Fam. Geneal.

EPHRAIM P. WESTON was born 22 May 1836 in Jefferson Co., NY; he married MARGARET FLEMING on 2 Feb. 1857 in Kinderhook NY. He was a millwright and worked at his trade until he moved to Torrington CT .
Source: Hist of Torrington CT

NEWTON MANN was born in Attleboro MA in 1770. He remained in Attleboro until about 1806 when he moved with DR. SETH CAPRON and his family and the widow of DR. J. MILTON MANN and her children to Whitesboro, Oneida co NY for the purpose of manufacture of cotton goods, which Dr. Capron had studied closely in New England. With Dr. Capron Benjamin S. Walcott, Theodore Sill (who maried Eliza Mann, daughter of Dr. J. Milton Mann—g grandparents of Edward Comstock of Rome NY) and Thomas R. Gold, he organized a stock company and erected the first cotton factory in the state. Newton was the principal stockholder. The company continued for several years until 1815 when the markets were flooded with imports. Before 1825, Newton Mann moved his family to Mannsville, Jefferson Co NY, which was named for his son, MAJOR HERBERT B. MANN, who in partnership with JUDGE DANIEL WARDWELL built a large cotton mill there which was burned in 1827 before it could begin operation, Newton remained in Mannsville until his death on 11 April 1860 at 90 years. His home in Mannsville was a passing point in the underground railroad and he helped several persons make their way to Canada. He married in 1795 to ABIGAIL MAXCEY, daughter of JOSIAH MAXCEY and granddaughter of Lt. JOSIAH MAXCEY of Attleboro MA. She was born in Attleboro MA in 1766 and died at Mannsville on 17 Nov 1860.

Children of Newton Mann and Abigail Maxcey:
3 ABBY MAXCEY married DR. ROSWELL KINNEY of Mannsville NY

Source: Hist. Of Rome NY

JOHN TROWBRIDGE was born 28 Feb 1772 in Wilton CT and died 25 Feb 1852 in Adams Centre, Jefferson Co., NY. He was married 1st in 1792 at Whitesborough NY to SARAH GOULD, daughter of JAMES AND SARAH GOULD, who was born in 1774 and died in 1803 in Whitesborough. He married 2nd in 1804 to ABIGAIL NOURSE who died April 1812 in Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY. He married 3rd in 1818 at Pinckney NY to WAITY (GREENE) WITTER. She was the widow of JAMES WITTER and daughter of CHARLES AND WAITY (BAILEY) GREENE, born 20 Dec. 1787 in Westerly RI and died 9 Sept. 1873 in Adams Centre. John emigrated to NY probably with his father and brothers. He was a farmer and deacon of the Baptist church in Adams Centre.

Children of John Trowbridge and Sarah Gould:
1 SARAH TROWBRIDGE born 10 Aug 1793; married WILLIAM BUTTERFIELD of Rodman NY
2 ADONIS TROWBRIDGE born 14 Sept 1795; died 21 Dec 1880 in Adams Centre NY; married 21 Aug. 1817 in Rodman NY to FANNY TAYLOR, daughter of GILBERT and CLARISSA (GIBBS) TAYLOR, born Mexico NY on 20 Nov 1800; died 20 may 1882 in Adams Centre. Adonis was a soldier in the War of 1812 and received both pension and land warrant for 160 acres for his services.

Children of Adonis Trowbridge and Fanny Taylor:
a. GILBERT TROWBRIDGE born 10 July 1818
b. SARAH TROWBRIDGE born 5 June 1820; married 23 March 1843 JOB CLARK GARDNER of Pinckney NY
c. JOHN TROWBRIDGE born 28 June 1822
d. DWIGHT TROWBRIDGE born 10 June 1828
e. SAMUEL FARWELL TROWBRIDGE born 3 May 1830; married EMILY ADLINE MCCLOUD born 20 Nov 1831 VT; moved to Minooka IL about 1856.
f. PHILOMELA TROWBRIDGE born 13 Sept 1835; married 11 Sept 1882 to JOHN CONSTANT WOODWARD and lived Adams Centre NY

3 PHILOMELA TROWBRIDGE born 8 Feb 1797; married SAMUEL FARWELL of Utica NY
4 JAMES TROWBRIDGE born 1 March 1799; went to Mississippi

Children of John Trowbridge and Abigail Nourse:
THANKFUL TROWBRIDGE born 1805; married ____Hall of Springfield MI
RACHEL MARIA TROWBRIDGE born 20 Aug 1807; married GEORGE W. PERKINS of Pulaski NY
POLLY TROWBRIDGE born 10 Mar. 1809; married 1st WILLIAM NICHOLS of Rodman and 2nd ABEL PARKER of Rodman
LORIN TROWBRIDGE born 9 Mar. 1811; died 16 Jan. 1876 in Washington IL; married 7 Oct. 1835 in OH to MARTHA HALE, daughter of JOHN SPARFORD AND MARTHA HALE.

Children of John Trowbridge and Waity Greene:
ORRIN ALONZO TROWBRIDGE born 19 Oct. 1819 in Pinckney NY; died 23 Sept 1900 in Adams Centre. Married 1st in 1842 at Pinckney to HENRIETTA JONES, daughter of WILLIAM AND BETSEY (RANDALL) JONES. She was born 1819 in Berlin NY and died 23 June 1862 at Adams Centre. Orrin married 2nd on 24 April 1863 at Pinckney to ESTHER CORNELIA (JONES) STODDARD, widow of PHILO STODDARD of Pinckney and daughter of ZEBULON AND ABIGAIL (BROWN) JONES, born 23 June 1834 in Berlin NY. He served in the 1837 War of Rebellion.

Children of Orrin Trowbridge and Henrietta Jones:
           a. JOHN RILEY TROWBRIDGE born 18 Feb 1844
           b. WILLIAM RANDALL TROWBRIDGE born 26 Dec 1847
           c. LOREN JONES TROWBRIDGE born 30 Mar 1849
           d. EMMA ELIZABETH TROWBRIDGE born 31 mar 1852; died 8 April 1862
           e. ELI SEELEY TROWBRIDGE born 10 Aug 1854
           f. CHARLES JAMES TROWBRIDGE born 26 Oct. 1856
           g. THOMAS PHILANDER TROWBRIDGE born 17 April 1859

Children of Orrin Trowbridge and Esther Jones:
           h. FRANK TROWBRIDGE born 1 April 1864
           i. SETH SAMUEL TROWBRIDGE born 9 Jan 1866
           j. HENRIETTA TROWBRIDGE born 9 July 1868; married 18 Dec 1894 to ERNEST VINCENT STEVENS and resided Henderson Jefferson Co NY
           k. MARGARET ANN TROWBRIDGE born 6 Aug 1871; married 19 Feb 1896 to EDWARD ALVA WHITFORD and lived at Rodman NY

CINDERELLA TROWBRIDGE born 28 Aug 1822; married 29 Dec. 1853 to ELI A. SEELEY and lived Adams Centre, NY
JOHN RILEY TROWBRIDGE born 1824; died 1835
MARGARET ANN TROWBRIDGE born 1 June 1826; married SMITH CHAPIN of Rodman, Jefferson Co, NY

Source: Trowbridge Fam. Geneal.

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