Migrations Part 51:
Carter, Clark, Crafts, Dewey, Grant,
Heath, Kimball, Lathrop, Loomis, Porter, Wentworth

ISRAEL DEWEY who was the third son of Israel 2nd, was born 6 Jan. 1757 at Westfield MA. He moved to the Black River Country in NY, likely in Jefferson Co. It is said that he served four months in the Revolutionary War in 1776. He married on 23 Nov. 1786 at Westfield MA to LYDIA WELLER, daughter of EBENEZER WELLER AND SARAH BRIDGEMAN and was born 22 May 1760.
Source: Dewey Family Geneal.

ENOCH DEWEY was the son of EZEKIEL DEWEY and was born 3 March 1793 at Pittsfield MA; he died 29 Dec 1872 at Chaumont NY, He was a carpenter and joiner at Watertown NY and moved to Chaumont, Jefferson Co NY, about 1814. He married 1 July 1827 to MARY ARNOLD, daughter of JACOB ARNOLD. She was born 28 March 1808 at Amsterdam NY and died 3 Feb 1869 at Chaumont NY.

Children of Enoch Dewey and Mary Arnold:

1. CHARLES E. DEWEY born 20 Aug 1828 at Watertown NY; died 29 Oct. 1828

2. ANDREW J. DEWEY born 4 March 1830 at Brownville, Jefferson Co NY; married CELESTIA RYDER and lived Jefferson Co NY

3. ADALINE DEWEY born 10 March 1832; died 12 Sept 1855 in IL; married MINOT ROGERS

4. MARTIN RANDOLPH DEWEY born 17 Oct 1833 at Chaumont NY; moved to Bureau Co. IL married 12 Jan. 1860 at Watertown NY to AUGUSTA POMEROY, daughter of STERLING AND ESTHER (RYDER) and was born 5 Feb 1839 at Brownsville, Jeffersy Co NY; she died 10 March 1883 in IL. Martin married 2nd on 8 Sept 1886 to MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS, daughter of JOSEPH AND BETSEY MORTON, who was born 6 Dec 1833 at Bingham, Maine.

5. CHARLES E. DEWEY born 8 Sept 1835; died 5 Aug 1877 in IL; married LOUISA FORD

6. ESTHER M. DEWEY born 20 July 1837; died 28 Nov 1838.

7. OTIS E. DEWEY, Colonel, was born 6 May 1843 at Watertown; served in the Civil War from Jefferson Co; married 25 June 1872 at Watertown NY to WEALTHY IMOGENE KEMP of Watertown, daughter of JOHN E. AND CAROLINE SIGOURNEY. She was born 7 Sept 1845 at Watertown and died 20 Oct. 1896 at 52 years at Watertown S. Dakota and buried in IL.

Source: Dewey Fam. Geneal.

TIMOTHY DEWEY was born 1784 at Gilsum, NH and died 19 Oct. 1853 at 69 years at Ashland Farm, Jefferson Co., NY. He was a civil engineer in Albany NY until 1820 and then moved to NY City. He went to Europe to study the manufacture of illuminating gas and built the first plant in NY City about 1823. At the same time he was editor of a little newspaper called the Mechanics Gazette. His house on Grand Street in NY City was the first to use gas in the city. His late years were spent with his son, WILLIAM DEWEY in Jefferson Co NY. He married on 11 Dec. 1811 in Albany NY to SYLVIA CANFIELD, daughter of JOSEPH AND HANNAH (HARRISON) CANFIELD; she was born 1786 in Salisbury CT and died in 1831.

Children of Timothy Dewey and Sylvia Canfield:
1. WILLIAM T. DEWEY born 24 Jan 1813; died 1876 at 64 years at Ashland Farm in Jefferson Co., NY. He and his father obtained about 1,400 acres, known as the Soper Swamp, which they drained with 13 miles of pipe and produced a beautiful farm. They were identified with the construction of the Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg RR. William served three times as an Assemblyman from the county.
2. ARETHUSA HELENA DEWEY born 8 Dec 1814
3. EDWIN DEWEY died Oct. 1816
4. JOHN STEARNS DEWEY born 11 Dec 1817 and died 11 May 1818
5. MARCIA AMES DEWEY born 24 March 1820 NYC; died there 20 Dec 1894; married 1840 to CAPT. JOSEPH AUGUSTUS PHILLIPS, son of JOHN AND MARY PHILLIPS of Lawrenceville NJ, born 1805; died 4 Jan 1846.
6. THERESA MARIA DEWEY born 7 July 1826; died 19 Nov 1865 at Quincy IL; married HAMILTON HOFFMAN
7. JOSEPHINE MCILVAINE DEWEY born 1830; died at 2-3 years

Source: Dewey Family Geneal.

BARZILLA DEWEY, son of JEREMIAH DEWEY, was born 13 Oct. 1761 at Bolton CT and died in 1841 at 80 years at Adams, Jefferson Co., NY. He has a military history in the Revolutionary War. See Fonda List for his enlistments. His name appears in the DAR Patriot Index. He married HARRIET MCKEE ? and first they settled at Rutland VT, after the war. Between 1832 and 1840 they moved to Adams, Jefferson Co., NY and lived with son, HORACE DEWEY. Barzilla gave the land on which the courthouse in Rutland, now stands.

Children of Barzilla Dewey and Harriet McKee:
BARZILLA DEWEY 2nd born 4 Sept 1784
CHESTER DEWEY born 1786; died 1863 Livingston Co NY
HORACE DEWEY born 1789; died Avoca IA; had son Horace and daughter Diantha.
FANNY DEWEY born 1791; married ASA WOOD
GEORGE DEWEY born 1793

Source: Dewey Fam. Geneal.

WILLIAM A. WENTWORTH was born near Chillicothe, OH on 5 Nov. 1822; he married MARY WENTWORTH, daughter of CHARLES WENTWORTH of Huron OH. She was born in Adams, Jefferson Co NY. They moved to St. Louis MO and then to Belleville IL where his wife died in 1861.
Source: Wentworth Fam. Geneal.

JEFF T. HEATH, a manufacturer in Wonewoc, WI, was born in Jefferson Co NY in 1839, where he lived with his parents; he was educated as an engineer and surveyor. In 1853 he came to Wisconsin. In Dec. 1868 he married EVA SMITH, who was born in OH in 1842.
Source: Hist. Of Juneau Co WI

ORRIN NELSON CARTER (Judge) was born in Jefferson Co NY on 22 Jan. 1854, son of BENAJAH and ISABEL (COLE) CARTER. He married NETTIE J. STEVENS of Ransom IL on 1 Aug. 1881.
Source: Who's Who in Chicago IL

ASAHEL GRANT was born in Paris, Oneida Co NY on 17 Aug. 1807, son of WILLIAM AND RACHEL (WEDGE) GRANT. He married in Torrington CT in 1827 to ELECTA SPAFFORD LOOMIS who was born in Torrington on 9 April 1807, daughter of RICHARD AND RACHEL (HIGBE) LOOMIS. She died in Braintrim, Wyoming Co PA on 4 Aug. 1831. He then moved to Utica NY. He married 2nd on 6 April 1835 to JUDITH SABRINA LATHROP, who was born in Rutland, Jefferson Co NY on 12 Jan. 1811, daughter of ERASTUS AND JUDITH (CRAFTS) LATHROP and adopted daughter of DR. WILLIAM AND SABRINA (CRAFTS) CAMPBELL of Cherry Valley NY; when she was three days old, her birth mother died.
Source: Hist. Of Ancient Windsor CT

JUDITH CRAFTS, daughter of Griffin Crafts, was born in Pomfret CT on 29 May 1775. She married in Cherry Valley NY in 1801 to ERASTUS LATHROP, son of EBENEZER AND DEBORAH (LATHROP) LATHROP of Windham CT and later of Canajoharie NY. Erastus was born at Scotland Parish, Windham CT on 23 May 1772. Soon after their marriage they settled as pioneers in Jefferson Co NY where he built the Lathrop Mills, thus laying the foundations for the new town of Rutland as it was later called. They had seven children all born in Rutland. Judith died there on 17 Jan. 1813 at 37 years. He married 2nd to MRS. LUCY MORSE JOHNSON by whom he had nine children. He was a practical surveyor and a school and music teacher. He also possessed a great inventive faculty and mechanical ingenuity. Among his inventions were a roof dam and screw wheel. He died while engaged in selling the patent for his invention at Greenfield, Hancock Co., IN on 16 Oct. 1830 at 58 years.

Children of Erastus Lathrop and Judith Crafts:
1) ERASTUS CRAFTS LATHROP born 4 June 1804; married 6 Dec 1838 to MARY SPENCER, daughter of REV. URIEL SPENCER of York, Lucas Co OH. She died 5 July 1840 with her infant daughter. He married 2nd on 25 April 1841 to PATIENCE SMITH. She died 25 July 1841 at 32 years. He was a physician and teacher of music. He died at York, Lucas Co OH on 30 Aug 1841 at 40 years
2) WILLIAM CAMPBELL LATHROP born 4 Feb 1804; married 20 Dec. 1828 to LAURA JOHNSON in Henderson, NY. She died 15 June 1839. He married 2nd to the widow Gunter. He was a farmer and justice of the peace. He lived at Liberty, Wood Co., OH and died in 1851 at 47 years.
3) EBENEZER LATHROP born 4 July 1806; married 1 Dec 1829 to ALMIRA KEYES DODGE of Bowman's Creek, Montgmery Co NY. He as apprenticed in cabinet making but gave it up to teach and finally entered into law practice; was probate judge for many years. He moved to California in 1850 and to Appleton MN where Almira died on 24 Dec. 1885. He died at Benson MN on 27 Sept 1883.
4) JULIAN LATHROP born 6 April 1807; died Nov. 1808
5) GRIFFIN CRAFTS LATHROP born 6 June 1809; married 25 May 1837 to CLARISSA HARLOWE SABIN. She as born 10 Sept 1820 and died in Fulton NY on 19 March 1884. He died at Auburn NY on 24 April 1893 at 84 years.
6) ALFRED CRAFTS LATHROP born 12 Nov. 1811; married in Meriden CT on 2 May 1839 to STELLA MEREDITH HOUGH, daughter of PHINEAS AND DESIRE (COOK) HOUGH. She was born there on 3 Feb 1813 and died Glenwood MN on 14 Feb 1873 at 60 years. He married 2nd at Glenwood on 15 April 1875 to MRS. MARY JANE (LYTTLE) RAYNOR, born Salem NY on 2 May 1830 and resided in Grafton Centre NY. He died in Sherwood TN on 27 July 1888
7) JUDITH SABRINA LATHROP born 12 Jan. 1813. On the death of her mother when she was 3-5 days old she was adopted into the family of her aunt and uncle. See Asahel Grant above. She married on 11 May 1835 to DR. ASHAEL GRANT of the Nestorian Mission and went with him to Persia. She died there at Ooroomeyah on 14 Jan. 1839 at 26 years. He died in Mosul in 1844. Her memoirs, written by Judge William W. Campbell, were published in 1840. Three children born in Persia.

Source: Crafts Fam. Gen.

SARAH CRAFTS was born in Pomfret CT on 29 April 1756. She died at Canajoharie NY on 13 Aug. 1834 at 75 years. She married 7 May 1778 to LEBBEUS KIMBALL of Pomfret CT, son of RICHARD AND ABIGAIL (HOLT) KIMBALL. He was born there on 25 Feb 1751 and died at Bowman's Creek, Montgomery Co NY on 4 Sept 1839. He was a Revolutionary War soldier but was dis charged by reason of disability and returned home.

Child of Sarah Crafts and Lebbeus Kimball:
1) CRAFTS PAYSON KIMBALL (Dr.) was born in Pomfret CT on 14 Jan. 1788. He married at Rutland, Jefferson Co NY on 14 Jan. 1814 to JULIANA PORTER, daughter of RAPHAEL AND MERCY (HAMLIN) PORTER of Rutland. Juliana was born at Clinton NY on 3 June 1796. Crafts studied for the medical profession and settled in 1810 in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY. He was a surgeon in the army during the War of 1812 and became an extremely successful physician. Juliana died in Rutland, NY at the homestead on 21 April 1868 at 71 years. He died 7 Nov. 1872 at 84 years.

Children of Crafts Payson Kimball and Juliana Porter:
1 MORRIS SYLVESTER KIMBALL born 25 April 1815; married 10 Jan 1841 at Mt. Morris, Livingston Co NY to LOUISA C.C. TOBEY, daughter of ELISHA and LAURA (HURLBERT) TOBEY of Alford, MA. She was born there 31 Aug 1813. Morris was a civil engineer and lived at Fulton NY where he died 26 Oct. 1875 at 60 years. His widow lived at Syracuse NY.
2 VOLNEY PORTER KIMBALL was born 10 Dec. 1816 at Rutland; married at Brooks Grove, Livingston Co NY on 10 Oct. 1842 to MARY BROOKS HALL, daughter of WILLIAM AND MARY (HAINES) HALL of New York City. She was born at E. Bloomfield NY on 2 Feb 1821. They lived in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY for 30 years. He as by occupation a miller and died 27 June 1886. She died 13 June 1888.

Children of Volney P. Kimball and Mary Brooks Hall:
a. ALICE CYNTHIA KIMBALL born Rutland on 1 July 1845; married 24 Oct. 1867 to JOHN E. HARROUN of Watertown, formerly of Fulton NY.
b. SARAH HALL KIMBALL born at Watertown NY on 2 Dec 1851

3. CYNTHIA KIMBALL born 7 Dec. 1818; married 16 Nov 1842 to DR. JOSEPH P. DUNLAP, later of Syracuse NY. She died at Millport, Chemung Co NY on 13 Feb 1844.
4. OLIVE AMELIA KIMBALL born 24 Aug. 1822; married 14 Sept. 1845 to J. BENNETT TYLER. He died in July 1880; lived Philadelphia PA
5. BRUCE JEROME KIMBALL born 21 March 1828; married in Oswego NY on 28 April 1857 MARGARET MARION WILSON of Oswego NY. She was born 22 Oct. 1834 and resided in Fulton NY. He was a civil engineer and resided in Fulton; he died 4 March 1891.
6. HENRY NORMAN KIMBALL born 27 Jan 1832; married at Watertown NY on 24 June 1857 to CAROLINE WADLEIGH. She was born 2 Sept 1838. He was a farmer and had a homestead at Rutland NY.

Children of Henry N. Kimball and Caroline Wadleigh:
a. ANNIE TAYLOR KIMBALL born 24 Aug 1860
b. FRED HUBERT KIMBALL born 7 June 1863
d. JULIA KIMBALL born Sept. 1875

7. HUBERT CRAFTS KIMBALL born 24 Aug 1835; died 14 Aug 1863.

Source: Crafts Fam. Geneal.

SABRINA HAMLEN was born in Hampden, Maine on 2 Aug. 1796; she married at Charlestown MA on 19 April 1818 to JOHN CLARK who was born Chester VT on 14 Dec. 1790. He was a farmer at Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY. Sabrina died at Charlestown on 29 Jan. 1870 and John died in Antwerp on 8 Aug. 1854.

Children of Sabrina Hamlen and John Clark.
JOHN DANA CLARK born 29 Oct. 1818; died 8 Nov. 1822
PERSIS SABRINA CLARK born 2 Sept 1821 Antwerp NY
NATHANIEL HAMLIN CLARK born 22 Feb 1823; died 12 Oct. 1824
JOSEPH HARVEY CLARK born 5 Feb 1830 at Antwerp NY
SARAH ELIZA CLARK born 7 Sept 1831; died 22 Mar. 1866
SAMUEL PEREZ CLARK born 19 Sept 1833; died 27 March 1849
MARY ANN BEALS CLARK born 3 Mar. 1835
JOHN M. CLARK born 10 Feb 1838; died 14 June 1849

Source: Hamlen Fam. Geneal.

MERCY HAMLIN was born in Sharon CT on 8 Sept 1757 and married RAPHAEL PORTER, who was a merchant and early settler of Jefferson Co NY. They lived in Clinton, Oneida Co NY and Rutland, Jefferson Co NY. Both died in Rutland, Jefferson Co. She died 24 Aug. 1835 and he died Dec. 1796.

Children of Mercy Hamlin and Raphael Porter:
ALARICA PORTER married Brooks
OLIVE PORTER married Burr
RAPHAEL PORTER born 1789l; died 1881 MI
JULIANA PORTER born 3 June 1796 (above)< p>

Transcriber's note: Mercy Porter's tombstone: Born 1755; died 1834 buried Brookside Cemetery in Watertown, Jefferson Co. NY And: Raphael Porter served Rev. War 1775-1783 from MA, First Regiment.

Source: Hamlin Fam. Geneal.

JONATHAN LOOMIS was born 10 Dec. 1753 in Coventry CT, son of NATHANIEL LOOMIS of Coventry CT. He married 1st to MARTHA BLACKMAN and 2nd to MRS. PATIENCE PELTON. He was in the Revolutionary War and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. See Fonda List this site for military service. He moved from Pittsfield MA about 1804 to Champion NY and died 12 December 1832.

Children of Jonathan Loomis and Martha Blackman and Patience Pelton:
EBER LOOMIS born 1778 married REBECCA COLLINS and moved to Lagrange, OH
SAMUEL LOOMIS born 22 Dec. 1780; married SARAH SANDERS in Jan. 1806. He died 25 Feb 1843 at Champion NY at 62 years, 2 months, 3 days.
JOHN LOOMIS born 29 Oct. 1782; married ACHSA BROOKS on 5 Dec 1805 who died 23 May 1859 at 78 years. He died 12 Oct. 1867 at 84 years 11 mos 3 days.
ALVAN LOOMIS born 28 July 1783; married NANCY WAITE on 13 April 1809. She died 22 Oct. 1871 at 83 years, 5 mos 9 days. He died 19 April 1858 at Champion NY at 74 years, 8 months, 21 days.
ANNA LOOMIS born 1786; married NATHAN CLARK. She died 1850 at Lagrange OH
OTIS LOOMIS born 7 March 1791 in Pittsfield MA; married RACHEL HARRIS in 1811 who was born 6 Sept. 1811. She was the daughter of ASA HARRIS. He died 21 Nov. 1868 at Champion NY at 78 years 8 mos 14 days. Rachel died in 1889 at 95 years 4 months 27 days. They had 5 sons and 5 daughters.

Children of Otis Loomis and Rachel Harris:
a. LEONARD LOOMIS of Rutland
b. CHARLES LOOMIS of Martin St.
c. HARRIET LOOMIS Mrs. William Clark of Denmark NY
d. MARIETTE LOOMIS Mrs. John Wright in Lyons Nebraska
e. RACHEL LOOMIS Mrs. Chester Carter of Hannibal MO
f. SYLVESTER LOOMIS of Champion NY; married AMELIA FREEMAN, daughter of ERASTUS FREEMAN of LeRay in 1856; five children.

Notes on ASA HARRIS: originally from CT; lived between Champion and Watertown. He died in 1834 and his wife in 1848. Came to Champion in 1803 and was an early settler. Was a major of militia and served in War of 1812. He married RACHEL FARR on 20 Nov. 1784. She was born 1765 and died 1848. They had 10 children

HORACE LOOMIS born 23 May 1794; came to Champion in 1804; married PHILA HARRIS on 17 April 1813 at Champion NY. She was the daughter of ASA HARRIS. He died 1880. Phila died in 1872, born 1796. She lived in Champion.

Children of Horace Loomis and Phila Harris:
g. CLARK LOOMIS; married HELEN FREEMAN; occupied homestead.

MARTHA LOOMIS born 1796; married THOMAS SWEET. She died 1850 at Lagrange OH.

Source: Loomis Fam. Geneal.; cemetery records; DAR records and lineage; Fonda List.

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