Migrations Part 54:

JOHN NILL of Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY was the son of JOSIAS NILL, who was born 7 May 1835 in Nehren, Tuebingen Kingdom of Wurtemberg, Germany and WALDBURGE SCHILLING, his wife. Josias was a son of Josias, a stocking weaver, who purchased land and became a farmer. His wife was a daughter of JOHN SCHILLING. Josias Jr. was a farmer and owned his own land where he lived and died. John came to America in 1853 when he was 18 with his first stop at Utica NY. There he worked as a candy maker for seven years. In 1860 he came to Watertown and after three years formed a partnership with HENRY JESS and established a bakery. The company grew and by 1885 employed 50 men. In 1889 John served as mayor of Watertown NY; he was an abolitionist. He married in February 1860 to DOROTHY JESS and they had two daughters: LOUISA CAROLINE NILL and AMELIA PAULINA NILL. Dorothy's father was a cabinetmaker who lived and died in Mecklenburg, Germany.
Source: Oakes, Vol. 2.

LINCOLN GRANT HAWN was a supervisor in the town of LeRay and a native of Jefferson County, NY where he was born 16 May 1866 in the Town of Clayton, son of CYRUS J. HAWN and SARAH GRISWOLD. Lincoln left school at about 12 years and became connected with the wholesale hay business. After five years he was the proprietor of a flour and feed business which he conducted until 1897. He then became the proprietor of the Brick Hotel at Evans Mills. In 1890 he married LOUISE LINSTRUTH who was born in Lewis Co NY in 1868. She was the daughter of JOHN LINSTRUTH, and early settler of that county but who moved to Evans Mills in Jefferson where he died on 13 May 1904.

Children of Lincoln G. Hawn and Louise Linstruth:

CYRUS J. HAWN was the son of JOHN H. and PHOEBE (MORSE) HAWN and was born 22 July 1833 in the town of Ellisburg where his parents resided. At about 21 years he settled on a farm in Clayton where he farmed until retirement; he then moved to LeRay. His wife, SARAH GRISWOLD was born in Clayton, daughter of JOSEPH GRISWOLD, a pioneer farmer of Depauville. Sarah passed away at her home in Clayton at 52 years. She as born in 1835 and died in 1887. She is buried at Depauville. Cyrus J. Hawn died in 1913 and is also buried in Depauville.

Children of Cyrus J. Hawn and Sarah Griswold:
1. EDWIN HAWN; resident of Evans Mills
2. IDA HAWN; married GEORGE W. HARTER; lived Lowville NY
3. ALICE HAWN; married M. W. DOXTATER of LeRay
4. ELBERT HAWN a resident of Craig, Montana
6. MINNIE HAWN; married JOHN LINSTRUTH and lived Evans Mills
7. GEORGE HAWN; a resident farmer of Clayton
8. CLARENCE HAWN; lived Evans Mills

JOSEPH GRISWOLD was born 19 Jan. 1796 in Herkimer Co., NY and died 29 April 1874 in Depauville at 77 years His wife was ELSIE BUSHNELL and she was born September 1795 in Saybrook CT; she died 22 Feb. 1863 in Depauville at 68 years. They had four daughters and one son.
One of their daughters, ELSIE GRISWOLD, died 1844 at 16 years and she is buried near her parents.

JOHN H. HAWN was born 9 Oct. 1793 in Connecticut, son of REV. GEORGE HAWN, a German minister who had located in that state. Child's Gazeteer says of Rev. George Hawn that he was a native of Poland and served in the Revolutionary War.. And also that John H. Hawn was born in Johnstown NY and served in the War of 1812. John H. was in Herkimer Co NY early and served as sheriff of that county. His last forty years were spent in the town of Clayton in Jefferson Co., where he died 27 April 1882 in his 89th year. His wife, PHOEBE MORSE was born 5 May 1801 in Skaneatles NY and died 23 Nov. 1880, daughter of DR. NATHAN MORSE and MELINDA THOMPSON. Another child of John and Phoebe was ROWENA HAWN, born 1820, who married ABIAL/ASHBEL COOK of Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY. Rowena died 3 Mar 1899 at 78 years 7 mos 13 days at Ellisburg, NY.

Children of Rowena Hawn and Abial Cook:
ELLA COOK; died 22 Mar. 1852 at 8 days at Clayton
FRANKLIN COOK; died 1 July 1854 at 8 Months 5 days
IDA C. COOK died 8 April 1853 at 5 m 15 days

Another daughter, MARY ANN HAWN married NORMAN Q. HURD of Orleans, Jefferson Co. son of BENJAMIN HURD and NANCY OLIVER, and he served in the Patriot War. Norman was born in Vermont, son of Benjamin Hurd and Betsey Hurd Grove, and died 19 March 1893 at 74 years 9 months 29 days. : see marriages below for Benjamin Hurd.

Children of Mary Ann Hawn and Norman Q. Hurd:

Source: Oakes Vol. 2; Child's Gazeteer and cemetery records of Jefferson County, NY

ISAAC HURD was born in Bennington VT and moved to Jefferson Co NY in 1812. He first went to Champion and later settled at Lafargeville where he built a log house for his family. Later he lived at Antwerp and his last years were spent with his children in Watertown, NY. His 1st wife was MARY CUTHILL, born on Long Island in Revolutionary War times. Her father was a captain of a vessel on Long Island Sound. Isaac married a 2nd time when he was age 89 and living at Hounsfield in Jefferson Co NY to POLLY MOORE, who was age 71 and of Hounsfield. John Baker, Esq. officiated on 25 Sept. 1847.
Of the children born to Isaac Hurd and Mary Cuthill (Tuthill?): SUSAN HURD, born Bennington VT in 1809; married HIAL COOK who was born in 1815 at Rodman, where his father first settled and then to Lafargeville where Hial's father died at age 70. Susan died on 3 Nov. 1910 at 102 years, 5 months, 19 days. Hial died in Clayton Village, son of Peter, on 17 Jan. 1889 at 82 years.

BENJAMIN HURD born Bennington VT; moved to Champion in 1810 and in 1820 to Orleans. He died in Clayton in 1863 at 73 years and buried in LaFargeville. He married 1st BETSEY HURD GROVE and 2nd NANCY OLIVER who died at 70 years. They had 10 children.
a. NORMAN Q. HURD, above married Mary Ann Hawn.
Source: Oakes Vol. 2; Child's Gazeteer and cemetery records of Jefferson County, NY

HORATIO JOHNSON CLEVELAND lived at Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., and was reared by his grandfather, JOSIAH CLEVELAND, until age 15 and then served seven years learning the tanner's trade. He lumbered and ran the river until the War of 1812 when he enlisted. He was in Sackett's Harbor battle and was discharged at Sackett's Harbor at the close of the war. After several stops in other states, he settled in LaGrange Texas in 1841. He is buried in the Mulberry churchyard in Fayette County. His wife is buried at the Methodist Church Cem. In Colorado Co. Tex, six miles east of Prairie Point, Anderson Co., Tex. The Cleveland Genealogy states he died in Lavaca Co., TX on 22 March 1864 at 74 years; he married in Hounsfield Township, Jefferson Co NY on 18 March 1813 to CYNTHIA CARLEY, who was born in Williamstown, VT on 19 Sept. 1796 and died 26 Dec. 1859, daughter of QUARTUS and REBECCA (SMEDLEY) CARLEY.

Children of Horation J. Cleveland and Cynthia Carley:
IANTHA PORTER CLEVELAND born 2 Jan. 1814 in Kilkenny NY; died Grindstone Island in 1830.
HENRY PORTER CLEVELAND born 18 Mar. 1815 in Fowler, NY, formerly Kilkenny.
REBECCA NAOMI CLEVELAND born 17 Oct. 1817 in Hounsfield, d. LaGrange, Fayette Co TX in 1851; married HIRAM KING PERSONS/ PARSONS in 1834-5
SYLVESTER JOHNSON CLEVELAND born 18 July 1819 in Hounsfield
SALLY MARIA CLEVELAND born 18 May 1820 Grindstone Island
LUCINDA JANE CLEVELAND born 19 Aug. 1822 Grindstone Island; died before 1871; married 1843 ERASTUS CLARK. He died in LaGrange on 11 April 1856.
CHARLES JOSIAH CLEVELAND born 18 Nov 1823 in Hounsfield
SALMON CARLEY CLEVELAND born 3 Feb 1825 at Depauville, Jefferson Co NY
LORINDA CLEVELAND born 26 Sept 1826; died 1833
EMELINE PAMELIA CLEVELAND born 20 Sept 1829 at Depauville; died before 1871. She married 1st in 1851 to ZADOC B. BIRCHALL; she married 2nd WILLIAM L. FLUKER
CYNTHIA ALTHEA CLEVELAND born 16 July 1834 Depauville; died before 1871; married 1st AUSTEN DUMAS and she married 2nd WILLIAM MCKINZIE
EUGENE FRANCIS MARION CLEVELAND born 12 Dec. 1836 Racine Co WI; died 1845 TX
FRIEND WILLIAM CLEVELAND born 15 July 1840 Racine Co, WI; died before 1871; married MARY HOLT.

Source: Cleveland Fam. Geneal. Vol. 2

JANE CECELIA CLEVELAND, daughter of JOHN CLEVELAND, married 1st at Bloomfield CT on 5 Nov. 1873 as his 2nd wife to ALBERT GALLATIN NEARING born 15 May 1812 and died 10 Mar. 1884, son of ASHEL and MARY LOOMIS NEARING. She married 1nd on 2 Dec. 1885 to HORACE CLARK WOLCOTT who was born in Watertown NY on 29 Aug. 1845, son of WELLS WARNER and EMILY BANCROFT WOLCOTT.
Source: Cleveland Fam. Geneal. Vol. 2.

HANNAH LUCRETIA CLEVELAND, daughter of ELIHU CLEVELAND, married at Adams, NY on 22 Mar. 1838 to CHARLES E. GREEN of Sackett's Harbor, NY. He was born Pinckney NY on 25 Mar. 1810, son of CALEB AND SUSANNAH WILLIAMS GREEN. They lived five years in Lewis Co NY, 22 years in Oneida Co NY and then settled in Jefferson Co NY in 1883. Charles was a farmer.

Children of Hannah Lucreita Cleveland and Charles E. Green:
EDWIN MARSH GREEN born 19 Feb. 1839 Hounsfield, NY; married 19 Feb. 1875 to MARY R. WARREN born Hounsfield on 8 Nov. 1842.
Child: J. GRAFTON GREEN b 20 Aug 1876 Watertown NY
FRANCIS D. GREEN born 29 Nov. 1840 in Adams; married 17 March 1868 to EMMA HUNT, born Hounsfield on 11 June 1844.

Children of Francis D. Green and Emma Hunt:
a. CHARLES F. GREEN born 2 Dec. 1872 at Hounsfield
b. OSCAR M. GREEN born 15 Sept. 1842 at Verona NY; died Hounsfield on 14 Aug. 1843

OSCAR M. GREEN b 29 June 1844 at Hounsfield; died Buda, Bureau Co IL on 19 Aug. 1871; married CELESTINE MATTERSON born Hounsfield 20 Nov. 1844. Child: EDWIN N. GREEN born 10 April 1867 at Hounsfield
ISADORE L. GREEN born 8 Feb. 1846 at Hounsfield
COURTLAND D. GREEN born 17 Aug. 1849 at Hounsfield; married CLORINDA OWENS who was born in Henderson NY on 27 June 1852.

Children of Courtland D. Green and Clordina Owens:
a. LEWIS B. GEEN born 15 April 1873 at Hounsfield
b. OWEN D. GREEN born 28 Oct. 1874 at Hounsfield

Source: Cleveland Geneal. Vol. 2.

JAMES MONROE CLEVELAND, son of ELIHU CLEVELAND, married at Adams NY on 20 Feb. 1841 to LAVINIA CATHERINE BATES, who was born in Adams, NY on 6 Feb. 1820, daughter of ARTEMAS AND CATHARINE (STOWELL) BATES. James resided in Unadilla NY until 1834 and then at Adams. It was James Monroe Cleveland who began the enormous seed growing business

Children of James Monroe Cleveland and Lavinia Catherine Bates:
ARTEMAS CLEVELAND born 21 Dec 1841; died 5 Dec. 1842
EMMA PRUDENCE CLEVELAND born 29 Dec. 1845; married at Adams on 11 Oct. 1864 to SYLVESTER GILBERT NOTT, born Summerville, St. Lawrence Co., NY on 2 Feb. 1836, son of REUBEN AND OLIVE (BAGLEY) NOTT.
ARDELLA LUCRETIA CLEVELAND born 15 Mar. 1849 died 28 Dec. 1863
ARTIE BATES CLEVELAND born 20 April 1853; married at Adams NY on 24 Dec. 1877 to HATTIE BRAYTON LAMSON who was born Albany NY on 13 Sept 1857, daughter of HOMER AND CARRIE (BRAYTON) LAMSON. Artie was in Adams in 1879 and then Cape Vincent in Jefferson Co until 1884.

Source: Cleveland Geneal. Vol. 2

MARY ARTEMISA CLEVELAND, daughter of PALMER CLEVELAND, married 1st at New Haven, Oswego Co NY on 16 Mar. 1862 to NATHANIEL BROTHERTON, who was born in Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY on 22 April 1835. He was drowned in Lake Huron on 12 April 1882 with their son MENDELSOHN FRED BROTHERTON. Nathaniel was the son of ENOCH and LUCRETIA (McINTYRE) BROTHERTON. Mary married 2nd on 10 May 1885 to ZEBEDEE MACOMBER of Huron Co OH, son of EGBERT AND ANN MACOMBER.
Source: Cleveland Geneal. Vol. 2.

MALINDA CLEVELAND, daughter of HENRY CLEVELAND, died 20 April 1876 at 66 years and is buried in Pinckney, NY. She married 3 Aug. 1833 to DATUS GREEN born 21 Feb. 1808 and died Adams NY before 1883, son of ETHAN AND MERCY (CHASE) GREEN. Datus Green lived at Adams NY and was a farmer.

Children of Malinda Cleveland and Datus Green:
WINTER D. GREEN; resided Tremaine's Corners NY

Note: ETHAN GREENE married MERCY CHASE, born Westerly RI on 29 Sept. 1772.

SAMUEL REED CLEVELAND, son of HENRY CLEVELAND, married at Rutland, Jefferson Co NY on 16 June 1838 to THANKFUL M. MITCHELL born Hounsfield NY on 1 April 1824, daughter of JAMES AND SALLY (COOK) MITCHELL, of Canastota NY.

Children of Samuel Reed Cleveland and Thankful M. Mitchell:
GORDON FILIP CLEVELAND born 7 April 1841 at Pinckney NY
GIFFORD WESLEY CLEVELAND born 12 Dec. 1842 at Adams NY
CHARLOTTE ANN CLEVELAND born 27 May 1846 at Sullivan NY
IDA MAY CLEVELAND born 24 Nov. 1863
SQUIRE REED CLEVELAND, son of HENRY CLEVELAND, married at Sackett's Harbor NY on 13 June 1841 to ANN FEAVEL who was born Little Paxton, Huntington Co England on 18 Sept. 1819, daughter of THOMAS AND MARGARET (LANE) FEAVEL of Winneconne, WI.

Children of Squire Reed Cleveland and Ann Feavel:
HENRY WASHINGTON CLEVELAND born 6 Oct. 1842; drowned Oswego NY on 3 April 1860
EDMUND FEAVEL CLEVELAND born 24 Aug. 1845 in Hounsfield NY; married Menasha, WI on 28 Sept 1875 to EMMA DIANA HOYT, born 20 July 1846, daughter of JACOB HAWES and MINERVA HOLSTEAD.

Children of Edmund F. Cleveland and Emma Diana Hoyt:
a. JULIA ANN CLEVELAND born 22 Mar. 1847 at Sackett's Harbor

LILY CLEVELAND born 23 Mar. 1848 Sackett's Harbor
FLORA CLEVELAND born 19 Mar. 1850 Sackett's Habor
EMILY JANE CLEVELAND born 18 June 1852
MARION CLEVELAND born 23 Sept. 1854
CAROLINE CLEVELAND born 19 aug. 1859
IDA MAY CLEVELAND born 29 April 1861

WILLIAM MELANCTHON CLEVELAND, son of HENRY CLEVELAND, married at Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 10 Jan. 1850 to CELESTINE ELIZABETH HEATH, who was born at Rodman NY on 4 Oct. 1829, daughter of JACOB AND DORCAS (RATHBONE) HEATH of Hounsfield NY. William was a carriage maker.

Children of William Melancthon Cleveland and Celestine E. Heath:
IDA MAY CLEVELAND born 24 April 1855; married at Rodman on 24 Dec. 1873 to EVERETT AUSTIN COOLEY who was born at Rodman on 15 June 1849, son of EGBERT AND CAROLINE ELIZA (EASTMAN) COOLEY of Rodman. Merchant.

EMMA MARIA CLEVELAND born 25 June 1859; married at Barnes Corners, Lewis Co NY on 30 Sept. 1877 to GEORGE ALFRED FOX born Worth, Jefferson Co NY on 2 March. 1853, son of JOHN AND MARGARET ANN (VANDEWALKER) FOX of Rodman. Farmer . Child: BERTHA MAY FOX born 27 Oct. 1878 at Rodman.

HOMER WILLIAM CLEVELAND born 7 July 1861; married at Loraine, NY on 18 Mar. 1882 to EMILY LOUISA SMITH who was born at Rodman NY on 7 July 1863, daughter of AMOS AND ADELAIDE JULIANA (COLE) SMITH of Rodman. Farmer.

MAHLON WASHINGTON CLEVELAND, son of HENRY CLEVELAND, married at Sackett's Harbor NY on 16 Dec. 1847 to CAROLINE FEAVEL, who was born Kildare, Lower Canada on 29 Oct. 1830, daughter of THOMAS AND MARGARET (LANE) FEAVEL. (See Feavel and Squire Reed Cleveland). Children of Mahlon and Caroline born Wisconsin.

HENRY WARREN CLEVELAND, son of HENRY CLEVELAND, married at South Rutland, Jefferson Co NY on 16 Feb. 1853 to PHEBE MARIA PERHAM, born Bleecker, Fulton Co NY on 16 Feb. 1838, daughter of LEVI AND MARTHA (SOULE) PERHAM. Children born in Illinois.

Sources for above Cleveland families from Vol. 2 of Cleveland Geneal.

MARY ALLEN CLEVELAND, daughter of RICHARD FALLEY CLEVELAND, married at Holland Patent NY on 8 Dec. 1853 to WILLIAM EDWARD HOYT born NY City on 5 Feb. 1829, son of CHARLES HORATIO HOYT AND ELIZA JACKSON. William Edward Hoyt was a resident of Fayetteville NY from 1835; he engaged in business at Theresa NY in 1852. He served in the Civil War and returned to Fayetteville NY in 1872.

Childrenof Mary Allen Cleveland and William Edward Hoyt:

RICHARD CLEVELAND HOYT born 9 Aug. 1855 Holland Patent

CHARLES GROVER HOYT born 19 Aug. 1860 at Theresa, Jefferson Co NY; married in Jefferson Co Nebraska on 9 May 1882 REBECCA DILLER born Plainfield Cumberland co PA on 9 Nov. 1862.

MERRITT ANDRUS CLEVELAND was the son of PHILANDER BLODGETT CLEVELAND and was married at Sodus NY on 20 May 1875 to ELLEN ELIZABETH SMITH, who was born at Sodus on 14 July 1857, daughter of ORRIL and CAROLINE (PROSENS) SMITH. Merritt lived at E. Hounsfield working his father's farm and attending Jefferson Co schools until 1869. In 1870 he joined the civil engineer corps at the Carthage, Watertown and Sackett's Harbor RR and worked with other railroads as well. During construction phases he lived at Kingston ONT. He went on to found constructions firms that worked on canals in both New York and Canada.

Children of Merritt Cleveland and Ellen E. Smith:

MILO L. CLEVELAND born 21 Jan. 1879 Port Colborne CA

NELLIE LOUISE CLEVELAND born 4 April 1880 Port Colborne CA

HAROLD CLEVELAND born 24 June 1885 Brockport NY


Note: ORRIL SMITH born Enfield CT on 2 Nov. 1817; married CAROLINE PROSENS born 1821; died 20 May 1850, daughter of PETER AND MARY (MILLHAM) PROSENS of Pleasant Valley NY.

Source: Cleveland Geneal. Vol. 2

JACOB DELANO died in Chaumont, NY on 1 Aug. 1845; he married EVELINE LAWTON, daughter REV. JOHN AND MARY LAWTON. She was born Feb. 1792 and died in Chaumont on 25 Feb. 1864.

Children of Jacob Delano and Eveline Lawton:
ROSILLA DELANO; bonr German NY on 25 Nov. 1811: died Amherst, WI 13 March 1874; married Lyme, NY 15 Jan. 1832 to SOLOMON YORK who was born 15 Jan. 1806 and died at Worth NY on 4 Dec. 1858.

Children of Rosilla Delano and Solomon York:
a. DAVID DENISON YORK born 25 Aug. 1833
b. JOTHAM CRANDLE YORK born 11 Oct. 1835
c. HORACE JUDSON YORK born 24 Aug. 1837; died 29 June 1862
d. EDSON DELANO YORK born DeRuyter NY 28 Sept. 1839; resided Birnamwood, WI; married at Worth NY on 16 Dec. 1863 to CORDELIA AMELIA PEASE, daughter of Norman AND SALLY (CROSS) PEASE. She was born at Cape Vincent NY on 4 Sept 1844. Children born in Wisconsin.
e. LEVI HENRY YORK born Lyme 23 June 1842; died 18 Oct. 1862
f. LOUISA JANE YORK born 21 May 1844; married at Barnes Corners NY on 18 Jan. 1865 to RICHARD ROSE FRYAR born Watertown NY on 18 Nov. 1840 of Amherst, WI. Children born Wisconsin.

BENJAMIN DELANO born 1815; died 8 Dec. 1870; married at Chaumont to MARY ANN FULLER, daughter of JOHN AND BETSY FULLER

Children of Benjamin Delano and Mary Ann Fuller:

JOHN LAWTON DELANO born 27 April 1817; lived Henderson Harbor NY; served in the Civil War. Married 1st at Chaumont NY on 3 Mar. 1842 to ELIZABETH TORREY, daughter of SAMUEL AND SUBMIT (LAWTON)TORREY, born Triangle, NY on 14 Jan. 1820. She died Chaumont on 10 Sept 1849. He married 2nd at Watertown NY on 20 Nov. 1850 to MARIA HANNAH MCGILLIS, daughter of TERRANCE and LAURA ANN (NOTT) MCGILLINS. She was born Chaumont on 21 April 1821 and died in Adams NY on 30 Dec. 1890.

Children of John L. Delano:
a. ELLEN LUCCELIA DELANO born 24 March 1843; resident of Henderson Harbor; married at Chaumont NY on 1 Jan. 1866 to EDWARD BAKER HORTON born 21 Oct. 1840

Children of Ellen L. Delano and Edward B. Horton:
1. FRANK ASHLEY HORTON born 16 Jan. 1870 (adopted)
2. ELIZABETH MARIA HORTON born 20 march 1872
3. HOWARD BAKER HORTON born 14 Oct. 1881

b. EMMA DELANO born 1845; died young
c. LUCY AMELIA DELANO born 7 Oct. 1846; died Altoona Iowa on 28 Jan. 1876; she married at Watertown NY on 1 Jan. 1864 to MICHAEL MADIGAN born St. Lawrence Co NY 15 Oct. 1839; died Pueblo CO 11 Nov. 1884.

Children of Lucy Amelia Delano and Michael Madigan:
1. LIBBIE MAY MADIGAN born Chaumont 5 Jan. 1865; married Adams NY on 19 Dec. 1883 to WILBUR FRANCIS WALKER, born Worth Center NY on 23 Jan. 1860

d. MARY DELANO died young
e. CARRIE ESTELLA DELANO born 27 Aug. 1857

DAVID DELANO born 9 April 1819; died Newark NJ on 13 June 1889; married Three Mile Bay Jefferson Co on 24 June 1849 to SARAH COSELLMAN, daughter of FREDERICK AND ELIZABETH G. (LEPTMAN) COSELLMAN, born Mohawk NY on 13 Nov. 1828.

ASHNAH DELANO born 5 April 1824; died Adams NY on 28 Dec. 1894; married 1st Three Mile Bay Ny to CATHERINE RACHEL COSELLMAN, daughter of JOSEPH AND JULIA ANN (THUM) COSELLMAN; he married 2nd to MISS WEAVER.

Children of Ashnah Delano:
a. WILIAM O. DELANO died Worth Center NY age 25; married LUCINDA WEAVER
e. WESLEY DELANO resided Adams

ERASTUS DELANO born Cincinnatus NY on 3 Mar. 1830; resided Fairport NY; married in NY on 25 Dec 1864 to SARAH GAGE, daughter of NATHAN AND JANE (DULY) GAGE, born Equinunk PA on 8 Feb. 1849.

RANSOM DELANO born 1827; died 27 Dec 1891; married 1854 to CHARITY DEMAREEE, daughter of JOB AUSTIN AND ELEANOR (SCHERMERHORN) DEMAREE. Born Hunter NY 1812

Source: Delano Family Genealogy

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