Migrations Part 57:

GEORGE C. SHERMAN, eldest son of CHARLES A. SHERMAN and CAROLINE NORTON, was born 25 July 1862 and attended public schools in Watertown. In 1887 he became the secretary and treasurer of the Taggart Paper Company. He was also one of the organizers of the St. Regis Paper Company and served as secretary and treasurer. He married on 17 Nov. 1886 to ALICE LEE TAGGART, daughter of WILLIAM W. TAGGART and they had two children—KATHARINE LEE SHERMAN and CAROLINE NORTON SHERMAN. (See Sherman Family this site)

CHARLES N. SHERMAN was also a son of CHARLES A. SHERMAN and CAROLINE NORTON. He was born in Watertown on 18 June 1871 and attended schools there. His early business efforts were on behalf of the Taggart Brothers Company which he represented for seven years. He was a traveling representative of the company. Charles married GRACE A. STEBBINS, daughter of J. R. STEBBINS, president of the Agricultural Ins. Co. of Watertown. They had a daughter—ADELAIDE SHERMAN.
Source: Oakes Vol. 1

WILLIAM RANDALL married AMANDA ROSS. William Randall was born 11 June 1788 in Vermont. They were originally of Vermont and then Herkimer, NY. Their children were:

1. REUBEN BENAJAH RANDALL born 1 March 1811 and died 23 Nov. 1873
2. CLARINA RANDALL born 1 March 1813; she married JOHN G. HUBBARD and died 17 Aug. 1883
3. JOHN ZINAH RANDALL born 17 May 1815
4. WILLIAM RANDALL JR. born 13 July 1817
5. SOPHIA RANDALL born 22 April 1819; died 24 May 1879
6. SAMUEL NICHOLAS RANDALL born 24 June 1821; died 5 Oct. 1846
7. HEZEKIAH STREETER RANDALL born 26 April 1824, lived at Gouverneur NY
8. ARTEMAS ASAHEL RANDALL born 5 May 1826; died 17 July 1826
9. HARVEY ELEAZER RANDALL born 29 April 1828; died 13 Nov. 1857
10. MARK ANTHONY RANDALL born 30 Jan 1831; died 7 Feb 1842
11. NOBLE WATSON RANDALL born 26 Mar. 1834; died 11 July 1865 before Richmond during the Civil War.

JOHN ZINAH RANDALL, #3 above, was born 17 May 1815 and was killed at the second battle of Fredericksburg on 12 Dec. 1862. He married on 17 Nov. 1840 to ALMENA BROOKS, daughter of JULIUS AND SALLY (OTIS) BROOKS. Almena died 1 June 1896.

Children of John Z. Randall and Almena Brooks:
1. ARTEMUS ASAHEL RANDALL born 3 March 1842 wounded at the second battle of Frederiksburg and died 13 Dec. 1862
2. NELSON W. RANDALL, father of KATE N. who became Mrs. Henry A. Lewis (See Lewis family this site) He was born 22 Feb. 1844 and died 22 Dec. 1892. His early years were spent on a farm at Woods and after his marriage to ELLEN SMITH of Lafargeville on 26 Dec. 1867, he went to Virginia where he remained for two years. He then located in Nyack, NY where he purchased a moulding mill which he conducted for eight years and then sold. He purchased a planing mill in Hoboken NY and was killed by the machinery in his own plant. Nelson and Ellen Randall were the parents of two children—Kate N. who married Henry A. Lewis and EDWIN C. RANDALL born 28 June 1872.
ESTHER J. RANDALL born 11 March 1849; married 25 Oct. 1870 to WILLIAM H. ORMISTON
ELLA A. RANDALL born 27 July 1859; married 18 Feb. 1885 SILAS MONROE.

Source: Oakes Vol 1.

GIDEON LOW(E) was the first of the family to change the spelling of the name from Low to LOWE. He was born in New Paltz, Ulster co NY on 8 May 1779 and spent his early years in Denmark, NY but later became one of the pioneer settlers of the town of Depauville, NY. He cleared some land but the ground being low and swampy he contracted a fever and therefore needed to move to higher ground. He served in the War of 1812 and received credit and distinction for his gallant and meritorius conduct in the field of battle. He married POLLY GOUDIERE, who was born in Middletown NJ on 2 April 1782, daughter of FRANCES GOUDIERE who came to America from De Vallitte France, province of Var, where he was born in 1755. His wife, ANNIE DE TRIEUX was born in 1758, a descendant of PHILIPPE AND JACQUELINE (NORRET) DE TRIEUX or DE TRUAX. The earliest mention of the LE TRIEUX family is found on the Walloon church register preserved in the University of Leyden, Holland, and by this it is shown that they joined the church at Leyden in Oct. 1617 by letter from Amsterdam, Holland. Gideon died at his home in Depauville on 14 May 1853 at 74 years; Polly died 2 Sept. 1867 at 86 years.

Children of Gideon Low and Polly Goudiere:
ABEL F. LOWE born 3 July 1802; died 1859; one of the prime organizers, founders and a liberal contributor to the Method. Epis. Church and his wife at her decease left a handsome endowment for the Ives Seminary at Antwerp, NY
ABRAHAM LOWE born Sept. 1803; died 18 Dec. 1857; married 1st___FRAME; and 2nd ADELIA FRYE who was born in 1822 and died 27 Nov. 1855 and 3rd HARRIET PAYNE a descendant of MILO MCCUMBER.
JACOB LOWE born 1809; died 6 April 1874; married BETSY (HANCOCK) LOWE; she died 11 Oct. 1895 at 87 years.
JOHN LOWE born 7 Jan. 1810; died 22 Sept. 1876; married EUNICE PHELPS who was born 18 Nov. 1813 and died 1900.
ISAAC LOWE was born at Deer River, town of Denmark on 12 Nov. 1812. He died at his home in Depauville on 31 May 1879 at 66 years and Zilla, his wife died 6 Nov. 1889 at 71 years. As an adult he moved to Clayton near the town of Depauville where he purchased a farm and was an extensive breeder of sheep, cows and horses. He married ZILLA ATWOOD who was born 6 may 1818 and they had nine children three of whom were mentioned:

a. CELIA LOWE; married D. C. HERKIMER of Depauville
b. ALFRED D. LOWE born 26 Sept. 1850 on the homestead in Jefferson Co. Was a dry goods merchant. On 13 Aug. 1873 he married EMMA F. SMITH who was born in Clayton on 12 Aug. 1849, daughter of ABNER AND ELMA (WHEELER) SMITH.
c. FRANK D. LOWE born 17 Oct. 1862; raised in Clayton NY; farmer by occupation; married 29 Nov. 1882 to GERTRUDE A. PLUMB, native of Depauville NY and daughter of SANFORD PLUMB, also a farmer by occupation and who died at 71 years, and BETSY RICE.

FANNY LOWE born 1814
CHESTER LOWE born 26 April 1819; married CELESTINE GOULD who was born 17 Jan. 1822 in MI and died 28 July 1894-two children
MARGARET LOWE born 1821; married HOMER PHELPS and died young
ANN LOWE born 1823 and died at Benton Harbor MI

Source: Oakes Vol. 1.

ZILLA (ATWOOD) LOWE was the wife of Isaac Lowe (above No. 5). She was the daughter of ANTHONY and POLLY (CHANDLER) ATWOOD. Anthony Atwood was born in 1769 in Vermont where he was well known and a highly respected hotel keeper. In 1817 he came to Jefferson County and located at Depauville. At that time there were no houses where the village of Clayton later stood. He spent his life there and died 29 Oct. 1845 at 77 years. His wife, POLLY CHANDLER, was born in 1786 and she died in Depauville on 20 Sept. 1854 at 69 years. She as the daughter of ANTHONY CHANDLER, a relative of GOV. GORMAN CHANDLER of Vermont.

Children of Anthony Atwood and Polly Chandler:
ISAAC ATWOOD born 1810 Vermont; died Depauville on 29 Oct. 1845; came to Clayton with his father as a child. He married LUTHERA STETSON who was born 1814 and died 19 Sept. 1874.

Children of Isaac Atwood and Luthera Stetson:

OLIVER P. ATWOOD born 1815; died 21 March 1845 at 30 years.
ZILLA ATWOOD born 6 May 1818; married Isaac Lowe
CORILLA ATWOOD born 1821 died 18 Nov 1839 at 18 years
WILLIAM C. ATWOOD lived in Clayton NY and died October 1903.

ABNER SMITH was born in Brownville, Jefferson Co, son of ABNER SMITH who came to Brownville as a pioneer and built a stone house which stood for a very long time. ABNER SMITH SR. died at 82 years. ABNER SMITH JR. took a prominent part in educational matters—he taught school for many years and is said to have held the first state teaching certificate ever issued in Jefferson County NY. He also owned a 250 acre farm about three miles from Depauville on the road to Clayton but in 1880 he retired and made his home with Alfred Lowe. He served in a variety of public offices. His wife, ELMA WHEELER, was born in Russia, Herkimer co NY, daughter of MYRON AND SALLY (PAINE) WHEELER. MYRON WHEELER came to Clayton NY by means of marked trees and was one of the earliest settlers of that area. He was a drover and died at 80 years. Myron and Sally were the parents of several children three were mentioned: EPHRAIM WHEELER connected with Ives Seminary; ELMA WHEELER married ABNER SMITH and died 1842; SUSAN WHEELER married MORGAN MOFFATT.
Source: Oakes Vol. 1

JOHN DEMSTER LOWE, of Gunns Corners, was born in Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY on 9 Feb. 1857, son of JOHN AND EUNICE (PHEL PS) LOWE. (above) JOHN LOWE SR. was born 7 Jan 1810 in Deer River, Lewis Co NY and as an adult located in Clayton, Jefferson Co.., where he purchased a farm. In 1859 he bought a 185 acre farm at Gunns Corners which was later occupied by his sons, JOHN D. LOWE and ABEL F. LOWE. In 1832 John Sr. married EUNICE PHELPS who was born in Denmark, Lewis Co., NY on 8 Nov. 1813, daughter of SAMPSON AND LOUISA (SMITH) PHELPS. John Lowe died 22 Sept. 1876 at 66 years; Eunice died 22 Nov. 1900 at 89 years.

Children of John Lowe and Eunice Phelps:
ALZINA LOWE born 4 Aug. 1859; married M. V. COOK of Rodman, NY
JOHN D. LOWE; he and his brother Abel took over the management of the home farm after their father died in 1876.
LEONARD LOWE died 1895
ASHLEY D. LOWE; resident of Watertown NY; married IDA BALDWIN of Stone Mills, NY—one child, Gracie.
DELIA A. LOWE born 18 Mar. 1842; married ISAAC WEBB of Kalamazoo MI on 28 Nov. 1860—two children
ABEL F. LOWE born June 1844 in Clayton NY; served in the Civil War in a number of engagements and discharged as a private. Returned to the homestead farm and joined with his brother, JOHN D. LOWE, in general farming and buying/selling of cattle. In 1888 he married KATE CUMMINGS, daughter of A. E. CUMMINGS.

Children of Abel F. Lowe and Kate Cummings:

SYLVIA LOWE; married DAVID A. VAN CAMP of Perch River, NY.

SAMPSON PHELPS, father of Eunice above, was born in New Salem MA in 1779 and died in 1857. Her mother, LOUISA SMITH, was born 30 Aug. 1783, daughter of JOB AND EUNICE (MCCLURE) SMITH.

Children of Sampson Phelps and Louisa Smith:
LOVINCIS/LOVISA PHELPS; married APPLETON NIMS; she was born 1806 and died 1898 at Clayton. Appleton was born 1809 and died 29 Feb. 1894 at Clayton
JOHN PHELPS, born 18 Dec. 1819; married in Frankfort NY to ELIZABETH MYERS who was born 5 Dec. 1822, daughter of FREDERICK F. AND ABIGAIL (FRANK) MYERS-7 children.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1

DAVID A. VAN CAMP was a highly respected and successful businessman of Perch River, NY. He was born in the town of Clayton on 22 Sept. 1844, son of CORNELIUS VAN CAMP who was born in 1818 and died in May 1859, and MERCY SPICER. She was born 10 April 1819 and died 13 Oct. 1896. Cornelius was a farmer and extensive dealer in cattle, and was a son of HENRY D. VAN CAMP, born in Montgomery Co NY, a farmer by occupation who died at Stone Mills.
David received his education in the common schools of Clayton and the Lafarge Institute. During the Civil War he enlisted in Company H. and served until the close of the war. He married on 19 March 1868 to SYLVIA A. LOW, born 31 Dec. 1846 in Clayton NY, daughter of JOHN AND EUNICE (PHELPS) LOW, above. David A. Camp died 17 Oct. 1901.

Children of David Van Camp and Sylvia Low:
CHARLES H. VAN CAMP born 10 Jan. 1869; resided Perch River
PITT DE ELTON VAN CAMP born 13 April 1872; educated at Perch River and Fort Plain Military School; moved to Bisbee ND where he was a telegraph operator on the Great Northern Railroad.
CARRIE GRACE VAN CAMP born 6 July 1877; died 17 Aug. 1888
ROY DAVID VAN CAMP born 1 Feb. 1886; attended common schools at Brownville; attended Park College, MO.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1.

TAYLOR E. CALKINS was the brother-in-law of MRS. DAVID A. VAN CAMP, and was born near Perch River, NY on 21 April 1849, so of ERVIN CALKINS and grandson of SETH CALKINS. He was the great grandson of ASAHEL CALKINS, a native of NY state who died in Oswego Co NY and whose wife, LENA (SAVINS) CALKINS bore 12 children. SETH CALKINS married NANCY HOLMES and she also had 12 children. ERVIN CALKINS was born in Canada and moved to Oswego Co NY and then to Jefferson County, near the home of the then-widow of TAYLOR E. CALKINS, where he first conducted farming operations until he died. Ervin married 1st to ABIGAIL WRIGHT and they had two children—Ann Eliza and Jane. Ervin married 2nd to MARY MCCOMBS of McComb's settlement, daughter of JOHN AND MAGDALENA (FRANK) MCCOMBS.

Children of Ervin Calkins and Mary McCombs:
GEORGE CALKINS; served as chaplain in the Civil War
HENRY CALKINS served as corporal in the Civil War and died at Antioch Church, VA
WALTER CALKINS; resident of Dexter; served in the Civil War in Co. G.; married CHRISTINA E. LOWE, daughter of JACOB AND BETSEY (HANCOCK) LOWE of Brownville. Christina died at 90 years.

Children of Walter Calkins and Christina E. Lowe:
a. GEORGE E. CALKINS born 29 Aug. 1866; died 22 Jan. 1894
d. REV. JOHN CALKINS; resident of Ox Bow
e. EDWIN CALKINS; resident of Watertown; born 1847 died 1914 Watertown
f. TAYLOR E. CALKINS; born 21 April 1849 raised in Perch River, NY; attended common schools in Adams and the Belleville Instit. Was a farmer by occupation and on 2 Feb. 1875 married CLARA VAN CAMP, daughter of CORNELIUS AND MERCY (SPICER) VAN CAMP. Cornelius died in April 1859 and Mercy died 13 April 1896. Taylor died at his home in Perch River on 27 Nov. 1902-3. Clara, his wife who was born 22 Sept. 1853, died 26 June 1931 and is buried at Perch River.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1.

O. P. CARRUTH, farmer was born Jefferson Co., NY on 8 Sept. 1829. He was one of eight children born to WILLIAM AND ELEANOR PATTERSON-CARRUTH, natives of Springfield, MA and Fort Anne NY respectively. O. P. was raised in Jefferson County and at 21 years went to Auburn NY where he spent six years in a boot and shoe establishment. On 27 Oct. 1859 he was married to MARY VEEDER, a native of that county and a daughter of Dr. Veeder who was one of the old residents of that township. After his marriage he moved to his present farm in Mount Pleasant, Wabash Co., MN. His wife died on 19 March 1879. They had four children: FRED H. CARRUTH, ELLEN B. CARRUTH.
Source: Hist. Of Wabasha Co MN

PARLEY BROWN, attorney of Lake City, Wabasha Co., was a native of Lorraine, Jefferson Co NY, son of WALTER AND ABIGAIL (RISLEY) BROWN. He was one of 14 children in the family. He was born 11 April 1818 and reared on the farm until 21 and then learned the miller's trade. Eventually his studies turned to the pursuit of law. In 1862 he moved to Minnesota and located at Lake City. In 1840 he married MARIA MYERS, a native of Schoharie Co NY. They had six children—two sons and four daughters—and died in 1875. His second marriage in 1875 was to CHARLOTTE TOTMAN, who was born and reared in Jefferson Co NY.
Source: Hist. Of Wabasha Co MN

LACONIUS M. HOWARD, a farmer at Zumbro MN, was the 12th of 13 children, born in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co VT on 28 Aug. 1836. His father was JOSEPH HOWARD, a soldier in the War of 1812. His mother was PURLEY FRANKLIN and both parents were born in Vermont. He passed his early life on the farm and remained on the homesteaded after reaching maturity. On 13 Jan. 1857 he married HARRIET LOVE, daughter of JAMES and POLLY LOVE of Converse, Vermont. He participated in the Civil War and in the fall of 1865 moved to Minnesota. In 1867 he bought 80 acres of land.

His children were;

Source: Hist. Of Wabasha Co MN

CALVIN DICKINSON VILAS, M.D. Was the first physician to locate in lake City, Wabasha Co., and was born 1 May 1822 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY. His parents were NATHANIEL VILAS and BETSEY DICKINSON both of New Hampshire. Nathaniel was a pension of the War of 1812. Nathaniel operated a large tannery which he built at Sterling Center, NY . Calvin attended medical school and graduated in 1846. In December of that year he married MARY C. FORD, daughter of WILLIAM AND MARY C (WRIGHT) FORD. Mary was born 1818 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co. and reared in Sterling. The couple had several children.
Source: Hist. Of Wabash Co MN

GREEN GARNER was an enterprising Rhode Island Yankee who lived in the Town of Norway, Herkimer Co., NY. He moved to Herkimer in about 1796 and bought 200 acres of land, south of the village and also the mill sites on Manly Brook. In 1798 he built a saw mill and a grist mill and added a distillery in 1803. In about 1809 he sold his farm land and mil property and moved to Great Bend, Jefferson County NY.

GEORGE C. GARNERof Danube, Herk. Co., was born in Danube in Dec. 1851, son of PETER GARNER. His grandfather, JOHN GARNER, settled in Jefferson Co NY.

CHARLES B. REDWAY of German Flats was born in Jefferson Co NY on 21 July 1865. He was the son of ALBERT P. REDWAY, whose father was ALBERT G. REDWAY, a native of Vermont.

GOULD SILLIMAN was of Russia in Herkimer Co. He was born in Frankfort on 26 April 1834. In 1864 he moved to Ilion as a contractor. He married MILLA A. HULL and they had four children. Milla was born in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY on 22 Oct. 1838, daughter of SHUBAL HULL

HENRY W. HULL was born in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY on 10 May 1836 and settled in Litchfield Herkimer co in 1878. He married ELIZA M. JONES and had two children. HENRY HULL was the son of SHUBEL HULL, a native of Watertown, Jefferson Co. Shubel married SOPHRONIA PIERCE of Lorraine, Jefferson Co. NY and was the son of JOHN HULL a mason contractor and builder, who was a native of CT and settled early in Jefferson Co.

ALEX L. MORSE of Dolgeville, Herk. Co, was born in Jefferson Co NY on 12 Oct. 1832.

HENRY WALRATH of Litchfield, Herk Co., was born in Jefferson Co, on 23 Nov. 1837.

NELSON W. SHOLES of Winfield, Herk. Co, was born in Jefferson Co on 22 may 1822, son of RODERICK SHOLES, who was born in CT. Roderick came in about 1802 with his mother, brother and one sister to Otsego Co and settled there. He married about 1820 to ZAMA COLE, a native of Otsego Co. They had six children.

ADAM H. FIKES of Stark, married AMANDA SHIMEL. She was the daughter of JACOB AND KATIE (FORT)SHIMEL. Jacob Shimel was born in Jefferson Co. and died at Richfield in June 1890 at 92 and his wife at 70.
Source: Hist. , Herk Co NY

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