Migrations Part 58:

CHARLES DENISON BLISH, son of JOHN DENISON and ELCY (COLLINS) BLISH was born 29 June 1822. He married in 1842 to AMELIA AUSTIN, daughter of REV. LEONARD and ELENORE (AUSTIN) FLETCHER. She was born 30 Oct. 1826 at Quantico, Indiana. He married 2nd to THERESA M. WELLS, widow of CHARLES JAY WELLS and daughter of WILLIAM H. and and HARRIET (WARNER) ANGEL. She was born 26 Mar. 1828 at Clayton, Jefferson Co NY and had two sons: WILLIAM ANGEL WELLS born 18 June 1849 at Oswego NY and GEORGE HENRY WELLS born 1 April 1851 at Watertown NY, both of whom were adopted by their stepfather and assumed the name of Blish.

Charles Denison Blish kept a hotel in Watertown NY for many years; he then moved to Oswego NY and ran a distillery; then farmed and bought a distillery at Peoria IL and another at Lacon, IL. He returned to New York City where his brother-in-law, JACKSON HECKLEY, had a contract for street cleaning and Charles was made manager of the work. He remained in NYC until his death. He was also a Wall Street speculator and died 18 Nov. 1883; buried Woodlawn Cemetery.

JOHN SWEETLAND BLISH, son of John Denison Blish and Elcy Collins, was born 22 July 1824 at Hamilton NY. He married on 8 Nov. 1853 at Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson Co NY to MARIETTA HAYWOOD HENSHAW, daughter of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HENSHAW and ALMIRA HAYWOOD. Marietta was born 23 June 1825 at Northampton, MA

Children of John Sweetland Blish and Marietta Henshaw:
1. METTA BLISH born 29 Aug. 1854 at Watertown NY
2. JOHN DENISON BLISH born 2 Nov. 1855 at Watertown NY
3. LIZZIE BLISH born 19 Aug. 1859 at Cape Vincent, Jefferson Co NY

John Sweetland Blish received an academic education and lived in many New York locations including St. Lawrence Co, Jefferson Co., Buffalo and Brooklyn City. He was engaged in both mercantile and manufacturing pursuits. For four years he was in the customs department of the government.

EMILY BLISH was the daughter of AARON BLISH and ROXANA WEBSTER. She was born 2 June 1816 and married 20 March 1843 to BETHUEL SUTHERLAND, son of SMITH S. SUTHERLAND and JANE BOGARDUS. He was born 27 Feb. 1812.

Children of Bethuel Sutherland and Emily Blish:
1. ADELINE LARAWAY SUTHERLAND born 28 June 1845 at Prattsville NY; she married on 7 Nov. 1856 at Jefferson Co NY to GEORGE BIGGS.--2 children
2. FLORA ADELIA SUTHERLAND born 9 Nov. 1847 at Prattsville NY; married 12 Feb 1874 in St. Paul MN to GEORGE WASHINGTON OAKES
3. HARRIET AUGUSTA SUTHERLAND born 6 May 1854 at Equinunk PA; she married 23 Aug. 1877 at St. Paul MN to SYDNEY RUSSELL DEGRAW.

Bethuel Sutherland kept a hotel for seven years at Prattsville NY; he moved to Equinunk PA where he remained for ten years and then moved to Jefferson Co NY where he farmed for 11 years; then back to Delaware co NY. In 1871 he moved to St. Paul, MN.

GEORGE B. SMITH, son of THOMAS H. SMITH and EVALINE CELIA BLISH, was born 18 June 1860 at N. Harpersfield NY. He married 17 Sept. 1884 at Jefferson Co NY to FLORA M. PATCHIN, daughter of HERMAN C. and SALLIE H. PATCHIN. Flora was born 8 Sept 1864 in Jefferson Co., NY. - 4 children
Source: Blish Family in America

ROGER E. HAVILAND, son of DAVID AND HANNAH (ANTHONY) HAVILAND was born 20 Aug. 1842. He lived near Glens Falls NY where he died on 29 June 1883. He was a member of the Society of Friends. He married on 15 Sept. 1869 to ELLEN GARDNER, who was born near Evans Mills in Jefferson Co., NY on 7 March 1849. She died at S. Glens Falls NY on 21 June 1896. She was the daughter of DAVID AND PERSIS GARDNER, and both of her parents were identified with the Friends Society.

Children of Roger E. Haviland and Ellen Gardner:
HANNAH HAVILAND born 4 July 1870; married MADISON S. GARDNER
CLARENCE D. HAVILAND born 19 March 1873; married ELIZABETH WAFFLE and lived in Leraysville NY;

Harold Haviland
Elmer Haviland Arthur Haviland

A. GARDNER HAVILAND born 18 Nov. 1881; married DAISY EVERETTS.

Source: Hudson-Mohawk Families

JACOB AMADON married CHLOE IVES and resided at Wallingford VT where he died about 1820. Their daughter, ELIZA AMADAON, married EDWIN AXTELL and lived in Watertown, NY.

JOHN AMADON, son of Jacob, was born in 1808. He married NANCY FODDER and died in Watertown NY in 1892.
Children of John Amadon and Nancy Fodder:
GEORGE AMADON born 1834; married in 1858 to ADA BLODGETT. He died in the army Civil War 1863.
EDWARD C. AMADON born 10 Sept. 1841

AURELIA AMADON married ED. ROUNDS; lived Watertown NY

Source: Amadon Fam. Gen.

ELLA MARIA HULL was born 1851; she lived in Oxford, Chenango Co NY and Cortland, Jefferson Co NY, daughter of ELISEPH and ELLEN GOODRICH HULL. Ella married on 8 Oct. 1873 to NATHAN A. BUNDY. - 3 children
Source: Hull Family in America

AMOS B. COUNTRYMAN was born in the town of Pamelia, Jefferson Co., NY on 3 April 1838. He as the son of HENRY AND ELIZABETH COUNTRYMAN. (See Henry Countryman this site). His grandfather was a native of Herkimer co NY where he followed farming and had a family of four sons and four daughters. Henry Countryman was born in Herkimer Co. in 1800. He was a carriage builder by trade and carried on farming extensively for several years. In 1824 he moved to Jefferson County where he died on 13 June 1876 in his 76th year. His wife died 25 Dec. 1872 at 72 years. He served in a variety of public offices and was a justice of the peace in the town of Pamelia. They were the parents of nine children. Amos attended schools in Jefferson County and was in the Civil War. He married on 6 June 1876 to ISABELLA H. MATTHEWS of Philadelphia PA.
Source: Hist. Of Washington Co NY.

J. K. HOWARD was a contractor and builder and lived in Odell Indiana. He was born in Jefferson Co NY on 4 Jan. 1840 and farmed until he was 18; he then learned the trade of carpenter and builder which he followed. He enlisted in the Civil War and became an Orderly Sergeant and was discharged for his injuries. He married on 21 Jan. 1863 to F. A. PARRISH of Jefferson Co, daughter of W. R. PARRISH who was in Odell. They had four children.
Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL

S. H. PENNEY, banker of Odell, IL was born in Jefferson Co NY on 27 Sept. 1833. He as brought up on the farm and after he received a common school education, he moved to LaSalle Co IL in 1859. He farmed there until his removal to Livingston Co IL in 1864. After one year of farming he engaged I the mercantile business as a member of Penney Brothers, dealers in general merchandise. He had considerable real estate in the county and owned a farm of 640 acres in Odell Township. He married on 10 Sept. 1856 to ELIZABETH C. WILCOX of Jefferson Co NY; they had five children.

Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL.

R. C. ADAMS, retired farmer of Dwight, Livingston Co IL, was born in Watertown NY on 26 Sept 1827 where he remained during the early part of his life. He attended school in Jefferson County and went to California in the spring of 1850. He was in the musical profession in California. He returned to Watertown in the fall of 1852 and in 1858 moved to Chicago for a short time and then to Livingston Co. where he entered 1,400 acres of land in Nevada Township, valued at $40 per acre. He married ADALAIDE E. FIELD of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co. on 14 Feb. 1856.

Children of R. C. Adams and Adalaide E. Field:
NELLIE C. ADAMS born 13 Nov. 1856
EDWIN F. ADAMS born 11 May 1859
HERBERT F. ADAMS born 28 Feb. 1861
CORA E. ADAMS born 21 July 1868
CHARLIE ADAMS born 22 Mar. 1876

Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL.

CHARLES JOHNSON, farmer of Dwight, IL, was a pioneer of that town. He was born in Williamstown MA on 9 Oct. 1803 and moved with his parents to Jefferson Co NY where he was raised. He moved to Illinois in 1856 at a time when there were few settlers. He served in a variety of public offices. He married NANCY WATERS in Jan. 1824 and she died 18 April 1860, leaving 12 children. Charles owned 160 acres of land.
Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL.

A. Z. TAYLOR, farmer and dealer in farm lands was of Gardner, IL. He was born in Jefferson Co NY on 7 June 1823 where he received his education. He moved to Illinois in 1845 and located in Kendall Co., where he bought and improved 160 acres of land. In 1855 he bought 800 acres in Livingston Co, his residence. He moved to Livingston Co in the spring of 1862. He was one of the largest land owners in the state and owned 12,000 acres in Arkansas. He held various offices and was considered an early settler. He married ABIGAIL R. SMITH of Oneida co NY on 31 Oct. 1847; she as born 16 May 1822. They had five children.
Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL

MOSES CHAMPLIN, farmer and stock raiser and dealer in grain lived in Fairbury, IL. He was a resident of Livingston Co since 1860, having moved there from Marshall Co. where he had lived for two years. He was born in Albany Co NY on 23 Dec. 1809 and at about 6 years his parents moved to Madison Co NY and six years later to Jefferson Co NY. He lived in Jefferson Co until 1858 when he moved to Illinois. He settled on his farm in 1863, of 320 acres. Moses married TIRZAH STANLEY of Jefferson Co NY in November of 1833. She was born in Oneida Co NY in March of 1810. They had six children.

Children of Moses Champlin and Tirzah Stanley:

Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL

FREDERICK S. HALL, farmer of Potosi, IL, was born in Jefferson Co NY on 26 Nov. 1822 where he lived until the fall of 1866; he then removed to Illinois and in the fall of 1867 he moved to Belle Prairie Township. He owned 160 acres of land. He married CAROLINE SPENCER in 1850; she as born in Jefferson County NY on 14 May 1833.

Children of Frederick S. Hall and Caroline Spencer:
GILES R. HALL born 6 June 1853
SARAH E. HALL born 3 Oct. 1855
ANNIE L. HALL born 9 June 1860
NAAMA R. HALL born 15 Aug. 1867
FRANCIS A. HALL born 11 July 1870
JAMES T. HALL born 9 Aug. 1851; died 16 Nov. 1877
CHARLES W. HALL born 3 Nov. 1857; died 4 Nov. 1875
CARRIE M. HALL born 7 Oct. 1862; died 28 Oct. 1863

Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co. IL

ALBERT HARRIS, farmer of Dwight, IL, owned 80 acres of land in that township. He was born in Jefferson Co NY on 3 July 1838 and moved to LaSalle Co IL in 1853 and to Dwight in 1868. He married LAURA REEDER, daughter of JOSEPH REEDER on 12 Nov. 1861. She was born in Wisconsin on 22 Sept. 1842; they had four children.
Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL.

JOHN SPRAGUE, son of MARSHALL SPRAGUE and ELIZABETH WAGNER, was born at Cummington MA on 11 Oct. 1842. He married at Wilmington VT on 1 Dec. 1872 to ELLA ALDRICH. They moved to Endicott NY.

Children of John Sprague and Ella Aldrich:
RUTH SPRAGUE; married 1)___FEAR and 2nd PERRY A. BLAIR; resided Rodman, NY

Children by her first marriage:
a. LUELLA S. FEAR born 1 Mar. 1898
b. GEORGE E. FEAR born 29 Jan 1900

Child by her second marriage:
OLIVA ANNA BLAIR born 29 Aug. 1912

LEWIS SPRAGUE born Antwerp NY on 15 Dec. 1853; died Watertown NY on 4 Aug 1904; married ANNIE CULBERTON of Antwerp; they resided in Watertown NY
ELLEN SPRAGUE born at Antwerp NY on 5 Oct. 1855; married at Wilna NY on 14 Nov. 1878 to JOSEPH PELHEY, who was born Perth Canada; died at Watertown NY on 21 Dec. 1903; resided Antwerp NY.

ELIZA ELIZABETH PELHEY born Wilna, Jefferson co on 5 Sept 1879; married at Wilna on 8 Sept. 1897 to RAYMOND WILDER; resided Antwerp Jefferson Co NY

CHARLES R. SPRAGUE, born Antwerp NY on 12 July 1859; married at Wilna, NY on 1 May 1879 to GRACE WHITE. He was a farmer of Antwerp.

Children of Charles R. Sprague and Grace White:
a. MARSHALL J. SPRAGUE born 26 Nov. 1891
b. JOSEPHINE E. SPRAGUE born 24 April 1898
c. BENJAMIN L. SPRAGUE died infancy
d. LEWIS B. SPRAGUE born 28 Dec. 1903

Source: Brown Geneal.

JOHN UTTER, son of ABRAM AND HANNAH (WHITE) UTTER, died March 1863. He married 1st on 5 Sept. 1801 to ESTHER SAUNDERS who was born 26 Apr. 1770 and died at Westerly RI on 15 May 1810. He married 2nd on 22 April 1811 to PRUDENCE LEWIS who was born 5 Feb. 1789 and died at Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 23 Feb. 1863. Note: John Utter is buried in Adams Center, NY with his second wife, Prudence Lewis. Esther is buried in Hopkinton RI.

Children of John Utter and Esther Saunders:
JAMES NOYES UTTER born 10 Oct. 1802; married MATY ANN AILMAN and 2nd MRS. CELINA CHASE.
ESTHER UTTER born 2 June 1804; died 25 Sept 1875; married CHARLES WEST
JOHN UTTER born 20 Sept. 1806; married ANNA COLGROVE BLOODGOOD
ABRAM UTTER born 6 May 1810

Children of John Utter and Prudence Lewis:
EDWIN UTTER born 30 Mar. 1815; died 3 Dec. 1815
ALBERT UTTER born 25 Nov. 1818; married 4 May 1847 to JULIA EMMA WESTCOTE
BENJAMIN COURTLAND UTTER born 16 Sept 1826; died 6 Mr. 1847.

JOHN UTTER JR. son of John and Esther (above), was born 20 Seppt. 1806. He came with his parents to NY State from Hopkinton RI about 1812-16. He married a Unadilla Forks in Otsego co NY on 8 April 1834 to ANNA COLGROVE BLOODGOOD, born near Unadilal Forks on 30 July 1814, daughter of GAGE BLOODGOOD and his third wife, BETSY COLGROVE. He died at Adams Center, Jefferson Co NY on 3 May 1872; she also died there on 17 June 1901; both buried in Union Cemetery. He was a farmer.

Children of John Utter Jr. and Anna Colgrove Bloodgood:
ADELAIDE ELIZABETH UTTER born Brookfield NY on 26 May 1835; married ADONIRAM JUDSON WELLS.
VICTORIA ELVIRA UTTER born 21 April 1827 at Hounsfield; married HORACE GILBERT HOLLOWAY
OCTAVIA ANN UTTER born 1 April 1839 Hounsfield; married ANDREW HEATH.
JAMES DE ESTING UTTER born 26 Feb. 1841 at Hounsfield; married 1st at Rochester NY on 17 June 1863 to GERTRUDE GREEN born Alfred, Allegheny Co NY on 20 July 1846. She died at Hounsfield on 12 Feb. 1886 and buried in Union Cem. At Adams Center, NY. and 2nd MAUDA ATHES. He married in Feb. 1887 to Mauda, who was born at Kingston, Canada on 12 Sept. 1869. She was the daughter of AMOS ATHES and ELLEN BENNY. Mauda died at Sulphur Springs in Jefferson Co on June 1894.

Children of James D. Utter and Gertrude Green:
a. ALVARO JAY UTTER born 17 Nov. 1866; married ELLA GRACE PATRICK whom he married in Adams Center NY in May 1886. She was born at Dexter in Jefferson Co on 12 Sept 1866, daughter of HIRAM PATRICK and LUCY MARIA WILDER. Alvaro was a papermaker.

Children of Alvaro Jay Utter and Ella Grace Patrick:
1. SHELDON HIRAM UTTER born 22 Feb. 1892
2. ROY HENRY UTTER born 17 Jan 1895; died Hounsfield on 18 Sept 1895; buried at Dexter
3. ALIA FRED UTTER born Piercefield, St. Lawrence Co NY 10 Feb. 1896.
b. SHELDON UTTER born 14 Dec. 1869 at Hounsfield and buried Union Cemetery.
MARY UTTER born 4 Mar. 1853; married ELI KELLOGG.

Source: Brown Geneal.

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