Migrations Part 59:

JONATHAN FELT was born 8 April 1753 and died 17 Feb. 1807. His wife was Martha. She as born 15 Oct. 1755 and died 19 Aug. 1829. Jonathan settled in Packersfield (later called Nelson) NY and his children were all born in that town. He is said to have served in the Continental Army at Saratoga in 1777. (Transcriber's note: Jonathan Felt and Martha are listed in the DAR Patriot Index, his service as private of NH). It is rumored that he removed to the Black River country in Jefferson County NY but not supported.

Children of Jonathan and Martha Felt:
1. JONATHAN FELT born 6 Nov. 1776 in Packersfield NH; married 27 April 1802 to ABIGAIL HUNTING, daughter of JONATHAN AND MARY (SAWIN) HUNTING of Packersfield She as born 5 Aug. 1780 and died 21 May 1836. At the time of their marriage Jonathan lived in Stoddard NH, later Keene, and before 1808 moved to Adams, Jefferson Co NY. He as a farmer and died in Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 17 Dec. 1862.

Children of Jonathan Felt and Abigail Hunting:
a. DANIEL FRYE FELT born 17 Jan. 1803; died Oct. 1836; married HANNAH RIPLEY
b. JUSTUS FELT born 27 Feb. 1805; died 30 July 1805
c. CHLOE FELT born 24 Oct. 1806; died Ft. Wayne, IN on 4 Nov. 1854; married SIMEON H. DUDLEY on 20 Mar. 1832.
d. JABEZ FELT born 6 Sept. 1808 in Adams, Jefferson Co., NY; died at Adams on 12 Oct. 1842, killed by a bank caving in under him. He was a farmer. He married in Ellisburgh NY on 5 Mar. 1835 to BETSEY FULTON, daughter of DAVID AND JANE (TAGGERT) FULTON, and sisters of the wives of his brothers, Newell and Warren. Betsey was born in Henderson NY in Feb. 1807 and lived in 1889 with her son in Watertown NY. Jabez moved in 1835 from Smithville to his father's farm for the purpose of caring for him and was killed while digging sand for plastering in a new house he was building.

Children of Jabez Felt and Betsey Fulton:
1. CHLOE LAVANIA FELT born 3 Aug. 1837; married MARQUIS. D. BARNEY
2. GEORGE WASHINGTON FELT born 12 Aug. 1839
3. JAMES MONROE FELT born 1 May 1841
4. ABIGAIL JANE FELT born 24 April 1843; died Adams on 30 Dec. 1847
e. LUCRETIA FELT born 16 Aug. 1811; married 15 Jan. 1835 to WILLIAM COLTON
f. GEORGE WASHINGTON FELT born 20 Aug. 1813; died 7 Aug. 1839
g. MERCY HUNTING FELT born 5 Jan. 1816; married THOMAS DIXON in Newark OH on 9 Jan. 1844. He was the son of THOMAS AND LYDIA (RAY) DIXON of Huddersfield, England. He was born there on 10 Mar. 1817.
h. NEWELL FELT born 20 April 1818 in Adams, Jefferson Co.; died in Pipe Creek, Kansas on 13 Aug. 1884. He married in Belleville NY on 20 April 1843 to SARAH MINERVA FULTON, sister of his brother Jabez's wife and also of the wife of his brother Warren. She was born in Henderson NY on 4 April 1819 and by 1889 was in Pipe Creek.

Children of Newell Felt and Sarah M. Fulton:
1. JESSE SMITH FELT born 10 Mar. 1844
2. CHARLES NEWEL FELT born 5 Dec. 1847
3. JABEZ ALONZO FELT born 24 Aug. 1850
4. MOSES BARRETT FELT born 25 June 1854
I. HARRIET NEWELL FELT born 25 Aug. 1820; married 1 Aug. 1839 to HARRIS S. GREEN; died Fort Wayne Indiana on 27 Aug. 1847
j. WARREN BENJAMIN FELT born 14 Jan. 1823 in Adams, Jefferson Co., NY and married in Belleville on 30 Sept. 1847 to LAURA ANN FULTON, sister of the wives of his brothers, Jabez and Newel. She as born in Henderson, Jefferson Co NY on 28 July 1822. Warren moved from Jefferson Co in 1843 and after four years settled in Fort Wayne IN. - children born Ft. Wayne

LYDIA FELT born 20 Nov. 1778 died 4 Feb. 1827; married 12 April 1796 to NOAH ROBBINS of Packersfield, born Temple NH on 23 April 1771

BENJAMIN FELT born 31 July 1780; died 19 Sept. 1827; married 14 Dec. 1802 to NANCY BETTS of Stoddard NH who died in Granby NY 1821?. Benjamin lived in Granby, Oswego Co NY and married 2nd in Granby c 1825 to SALLY HUTCHINS, daughter of JOHN HUTCHINS

MARTHA FELT born 28 Sept. 1783 in Packersfield NH; died Cleveland OH on 1 March 1863. She married in Rodman, Jefferson Co NY on 7 April 1807 to JOHN SEYMOUR HALE, son of EPHRAIM AND HANNAH (SPAFFORD) HALE of Leominster, MA. He as born there on 9 Dec. 1779 and died in Solon OH on 10 Feb. 1852. They lived in Rodman but in 1812 moved to Packersfield NH and settled on her father's farm for about two years and then returned to Jefferson County. In Oct. 1832 they moved to Solon, OH. John Hale was a farmer. (Based on the dates provided, all but one of their children were born in Jefferson County NY)

Children of Martha Felt and John Hale:
a. SALLY HALE born 12 Oct. 1809; died c 1867; married 21 Aug. 1831 to JARVIS HEATHER. He was born in Otsego NY on 7 Oct. 1804 and died c 1857
b. MARTHA HALE born 16 April 1811; married 7 Oct. 1835 to LORIN TROWBRIDGE
c. EMILY HALE born 13 Aug. 1813; died Solon OH on 22 May 1839
d. ALBERT MILO HALE born 8 Sept. 1815; died 1855?; married 10 Sept 1836 to LEAFA TINKER.
e. LORIN HALE born 20 April 1817; died Hillsdale Co MI 27 Sept. 1880; married HARRIET COOK, daughter of Levi Cook and 2nd to KATE CRANDALL.
f. SEYMOUR HALE born 10 Jan 1819; died Solon OH on 29 Mar. 1890; married Bedford OH on 20 Mar. 1844 to AMANDA WEBB, daughter of JAMES AND EUNICE WEBB; she born VT on 4 Nov. 1824; died Solon 23 Mar. 1889.
g. MILO HALE born 17 July 1821; died 8 Sept. 1822
h. JOHN SPAFFORD HALE born 31 Jan. 1823; died 5 Oct. 1831

POLLY FELT born 14 July 1785; married JESSE SMITH, son of EZRA SMITH and PHOEBE WALCOTT, was born in Massachusetts on 25 Feb. 1784 and died in Peru Indiana on 7 June 1867. He married POLLY FELT, who was born 14 July 1785 and died in Newark Ohio on 15 March 1855. They married in Packersfield NH on 12 Feb. 1806. Jesse was a distiller in Newark and a banker and merchant. He was also engaged in the transportation business on the canals and lakes. In about 1850 he sold his transportation interest and moved his distilling business to Peru, Indiana.

Children of Jesse Smith and Polly Felt: (all born Jefferson Co NY)
a. HENRY SMITH born 29 Nov. 1806; died Blairstown Iowa on 5 Nov. 1880; married in Smithville Jefferson Co NY on 14 April 1830 to LAURINDA ROBBINS, daughter of OLIVER AND THEODOSIA (MILLS) ROBBINS. She was born 6 May 1809 and died 3 July 1840. He married 2nd in Adams NY on 24 Aug. 1841 to LUCINDA SALISBURY. She was born in Adams on 22 May 1812. Henry was a merchant and manufacturer and lived in Detroit, MI.
b. LUCINDA SMITH born 15 Sept. 1805; died Oswego NY on 21 July 1838. She married in Smithville on 24 Jan. 1828 to LUTHER WRIGHT, who was born in Nelson NY on 13 Sept. 1799 and died Oswego NY on 8 June 1885.Luther settled in Oswego NY I 1832 and was in the milling and forwarding business. In 1842 he founded a private bank which became one of the most successful institutions of the period.
c. OREX SMITH was born 15 Nov. 1811 and died in Newark OH in April 1886. He mrried in Newark on 8 May 1839 to JEANETTE ATWOOD KETCHUM, daughter of BENJAMIN AND CYNTHIA (MITCHELL) KETCHUM of Plattsburg NY. She was born in Chesterfield NY in 1817 and lived in NY City.
d. SELECTA SMITH was born 11 Feb. 1814 and died in Jefferson Co NY on 14 July 1814.
e. MILO SMITH was born 28 July 1815 and died in Newark OH on 17 Nov. 1839.
f. EMELINE SMITH was born 16 July 1817 in Jefferson Co., NY and died there on 16 Oct. 1818
g. ERMINA GERTRUDE SMITH was born 4 March 1819 and died in Newark OH on 23 April 1887. She married in Newark on 16 July 1840 to GEORGE WASHINGTON PENNEY, son of JOHN AND POLLY (BROWN) PENNEY of Adams, NY. He as born in Adams on 13 Oct. 1812. He lived in Newark and was a merchant banker and farmer.
h. ELIZA ADAMS SMITH was born 11 Oct. 1820 and married in Newark on 28 June 1842 to ABNER C. BROWNELL, son of NATHAN C. AND HANNAH BORDON (WILBORN) BROWNELL of Wesport MA. He was born in Tiverton RI on 6 May 1813 and died in Peru Indiana on 2 Mar. 1878.
I. WILFRED SMITH was born 24 March 1822 and died 29 Dec. 1852. He married in Plattsburg NY to JANE CYNTHIA KETCHUM, sister of his brother Oren's wife. She as born in Plattsburg in 1818 and died in New York City in 1876. He was a distiller and lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana
j. ADELIA SMITH was born 14 Sept. 1823 and died in Jefferson Co NY on 18 Feb. 1825

JOSEPH FELT born 14 July 1787; married 5 May 1816 BETSEY___; who died 20 Oct. 1853 at 56 years

SOLOMON FELT born 15 April 1789; died 19 Sept. 1801

HENRY FELT born 8 Aug. 1791; died Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 29 Feb. 1872. He married MALINDA MORSE, daughter of ALPHEUS MORSE. She died in Lorraine, Jefferson Co NY on 31 Oct. 1889. They were residents of Adams in Jefferson County.

Children of Henry Felt and Malinda Morse:
a. AMOS FELT born 9 Jan. 1821
b. HORATIO OSGOOD FELT born 25 June 1822
c. HENRY THOMSON FELT born 23 June 823; went to California in 1847
d. EVELINA FELT born 17 May 1826; married ERVING W. BOVEE
e. MELVINA FELT born 26 Sept. 1830; married ALMANZO REEVES
f. JESSE SMITH FELT born 16 Feb. 1833
g. CHARLES WRIGHT FELT born 30 March 1825

MERCY FELT born 6 July 1793; she died in Porter, Niagara Co NY on 9 May 1873. She married ZIBA HENRY. They lived near Adams Mills in Jefferson Co NY and in March 1835 moved to Porter and settled there on a farm on the Niagara River. Ziba was born 14 Mar. 1791 and died in Porter on 11 Sept. 1859.

Children of Mercy Felt and Ziba Henry:
a. WILLIAM HARRISON HENRY born 10 Nov. 1814; died Cleveland OH on 15 July 1886. He married in 1842 at Stowell's Corners in Jefferson Co., NY to HELEN M. COWAN, daughter of JOHN and LOVINA (BROWN) COWAN of Rice's Corners. She was born in Rice's Corners on 10 Sept. 1819 and died in Cleveland OH on 9 June 1862. He married 2nd in Stowell's Corners in Oct. 1866 to NANCY RICHARDSON, daughter of STEPHEN AND LYDIA (BENJAMIN) RICHARDSON. Nancy was born in Stowell's Corners on 8 Nov. 1823.
b. PHILETTA YOUMANS HENRY born 20 Jan. 1816 and died Youngstown NY on 7 Aug. 1874; married ther in August 1835 to HIRAM LINDSAY. He died in Jefferson Co NY.
c. JARED HENRY was born 20 Jan. 1818; married in Porter NY on 18 Jan. 1843 to CANDACE MARTIN, daughter of JOEL MARTIN. She born Bennington Vt. On 30 Sept 1820 and died in Van Buren MI on 21 July 1886. They lived in Belleville, MI
d. LEWIS HENRY was born 26 Sept. 1819 and died in Porter NY on 20 Oct. 1867; he married in Porter on 26 Sept. 1842 to ISABEL HOSMER, daughter of PRENTICE AND ELLEN (BROWN) HOSMER. She as born in Porter on 25 May 1822 .
e. MILTON H. HENRY was born 26 Nov. 1821 and died in Blairstown Iowa on 4 June 1880. he married in Belfast NY in July 1850 to CLARISSA KINGSBURY, daughter of AARON and CORNELIA (WOOD) KINGSBURY. She as born in Lima, NY on 6 June 1832 and lived in Chicago IL.
f. MARIETTA E. HENRY was born 26 Sept. 1823 and died 10 April 1825.
g. ORCELUS HENRY born 10 Aug. 1825; died Dysart Iowa on 21 Aug. 1885; married in OH on 19 Aug. 1851 to EVELINE HARRIET SHAFTER of Newark.
h. HELEN A. HENRY born 30 mar. 1827; died Lewiston NY on 22 Nov. 1873; married on 1 Jan. 1845 to GIDEON SHIPPY, son of JOSEPH AND NELLIE (SEETON) SHIPPY of Lewiston
I. SIMEON DUDLEY HENRY born 13 Jan. 1829; married in Lockport NY on 10 Mar. 1864 to HELEN HOSMER, whose sister married his brother, Lewis. She as born in Porter NY 6 Mar. 1831
j. ELI H. HENRY born 5 Oct. 1830; married in Wilson NY on 10 Jan. 1856 to LURA A. TABOR, daughter of NOAH B. AND ADALINE P. (WITHERELL) TABOR of Wilson. She born Grand Isle VT on 1 Feb. 1837
k. CHLOE L. HENRY born 5 Aug. 1832; died 15 Sept. 1871; married Sept. 1853 to SAMUEL SHIPPY, brother of her sister Helen's husband.
l. OREN S. HENRY born 18 June 1834 and died Suspension Bridge NY on 19 Nov. 1884. Married in Cambria NY on 11 Sept. 1862 to MARGARET KENNEDY, daughter of JOHN AND ELIZABETH (LENDRUM) KENNEDY of Niagara NY. She born Niagara 29 May 1841.
j. MILO SMITH HENRY born 5 Aug. 1838; married in Tonawanda NY on 2 Mar. 1880 to JESSIE (BROWN) MORELAND, daughter of SAMUEL AND MARY JANE (HUNTER) BROWN of Quebec, and widow of HENRY MORELAND of Tonawanda. She was born in Quebec on 18 Mar. 1842.

MILLY FELT born 3 Sept. 1795; died 18 Aug. 1814

BETSEY FELT born 22 Oct. 1797; died 24 Oct. 1798

AMOS FELT born 11 May 1799; died 19 March 1812.

Source: Felt Family Geneal.

SIDNEY S. SMITH moved to Mitchell Co Iowa in 1871 and located in Cedar Township where he owned 280 acres. He was born in Jefferson Co NY on 14 May 1840 where he attended school and was brought up on his father's farm until 1862 when he went to Wisconsin. In August of that year he enlisted for service in the Civil War and was in 25 battles or skirmishes. Suffering a severe wound he was sent to the hospital where he remained for three weeks and was then sent home for two months after which on crutches he joined his regiment in New Orleans. On July 1865 he was honorably discharged and returned to Wisconsin and in 1868 moved to Iowa, Chickasaw County. In 1865 he married MELISSA DUNNING who was a native of Jefferson Co., WI. They had five children.

Source: Hist. Of Mitchell and Worth Counties Iowa

DAVID MARLEY was born in Wampa, Erie Co NY on 25 June 1850, son of JOHN AND THERESA (SEDGEWICK) MARLEY who emigrated to Douglas Township, Mitchell Co Iowa in 1868. He married MARY SULLIVAN on 11 Jan. 1881. His brother, JOHN MARLEY was born at Melford, Jefferson Co., NY on 31 Oct. 1858.

Source: Hist. Of Mitchell and Worth Counties Iowa

JOHN A. WRIGHT was an early settler of Mitchell Co Iowa in 1857, two years after he entered his land claim. He was born in Herkimer co NY on 3 Nov. 1828, son of AMOS AND MINERVA (GRISWOLD) WRIGHT who were Connecticut natives. John married in 1862 to MARY L. FAY of Jefferson Co NY. They had six children.

Source: Hist. Of Mitchell and Worth Counties Iowa

CHARLES WARREN was born in Jefferson Co NY on 28 Feb. 1826 and died in Rock Township Mitchell Co Iowa on 9 May 1882. In 1869 he moved to that township and bought land. He served in the Civil War and was engaged in several battles and was wounded at the Battle of Petersburg on 2 April 1865. He as twice married: his first wife was PHEBE A. VORHIS, a native of Jefferson Co NY. They lived in Jefferson County until 1869 when they moved to Iowa. Phebe died in 1876.

Children of Charles Warren and Phebe A. Vorhis:
Charles married second to URSULIA JENKS, widow of LEVI JENKS.

Source: Hist. Of Mitchell and Worth Counties Iowa

H. H. REMORE lived in Northwood, Worth Co, Iowa beginning in 1864. He was a native of Oneida Co NY, where he was born 12 July 1824. When he was quite young, his parents settled in Jefferson Co NY where he grew to manhood and married in 1845 to NANCY HULL by whom he had five children:

HATTIE E. REMORE married PERRY PERKINS with whom she lived about three years and died in Northwood on 22 Mar. 1868.
CHARLES H. REMORE; died Jefferson Co NY on 27 Aug. 1851
MARTHA J. REMORE; married ORRA PERKINS of Kensett Iowa.

In 1855 H. H. Remore settled in Columbia Co WI and in 1857 moved to Olmstead Co MN. They were pioneers of the area; they sold their farm and moved to Worth Co Iowa in the spring of 1864. It was noted that his father was still living in Jefferson Co NY at 90 years and had been a soldier in the War of 1812.

Source: Hist. Of Mitchell and Worth Counties Iowa

J. C. CALHOUN moved to Mason City Iowa in 1870, then to Fertile Township, Worth County and purchased a farm of 160 acres. He was born in Jefferson Co NY on 11 July 1832, son of BENJAMIN CALHOUN, a native of South Carolina and brother of the Hon. JOHN C. CALHOUN born in 1789. In 1816, Benjamin Calhoun married MARTHA SHERMAN, a native of Cazenovia NY who was born in 1792. Benjamin died in 1841 and Martha in 1868. They had a family of eight children, J. C. being next to the youngest. He received a common school education and followed sailing and farming. He married in Jefferson Co NY on 29 July 1856 to MARIA T. BUSKIRK who was born in Jefferson Co. on 6 Mar. 1840. In 1868 they moved to Gananoque CA and were in the hotel business until 1870 when they moved to Iowa.

Children of J. C. Calhoun and Maria T. Buskirk:

Source: Hist. Of Mitchell and Worth Counties Iowa

JOHN E. TOWNE was born in Rutland, Jefferson Co NY on 5 June 1811. he moved to Columbia Co WI in Nov. 1853 and on 25 June 1857 settled in Hartland Township, Worth Co Iowa. His grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, having come from England before the war began. His father, EPHRAIM TOWNE, and his brother SAMUEL TOWNE, were in the War of 1812 and in the Battle of Sacketts Harbor. John E. Towne served in 1838 in the line on the Canada Border, then French Creek, now Clayton on the St. Lawrence River. For that service John Towne was given a US land warrant and located on the land in Hartland Township. His father, EPHRAIM TOWNE, was a Vermont native. John married on 11 Aug. 1832 to AMANDA D. TOBEY who was born in Pomepy, Onondaga Co NY and she died 5 Sept. 1880 at 65 yrs. Both are buried in the Sunset Rest Cemetery, Northwood, Worth Co Iowa. As is his second wife, JULIA PERKINS TOWNE who was born 20 Feb. 1811 and died 11 Nov. 1902. John and Amanda had 8 children.

ALBERT L. TOWNE moved to Worth County in 1857. He was born in Jefferson Co NY on 12 Mar. 1835 and died 9 Sept. 1912, buried Sunset Rest Cem. In Worth Co. Iowa. When he as 18 he went to WI to make his home and then moved to Iowa. He served in the Civil War and was with Gen. Sherman and participated in several battles. Upon his return he farmed. He married MARY WILLIAMS on 12 Feb. 1866, a native of McHenry Co IL. She as born 8 Jan. 1848. They had 6 children.
Source: Hist of Mitchell and Worth Counties Iowa

PHILO C. TOWNE was an early settler of Worth County. He was born in Jefferson Co NY on 4 Oct. 1837. When he was 16, his parents moved to Wisconsin and in 1857 to Iowa. He took up a claim in Worth County and built a log house, which later became a school house. He then crossed into Freeborn Co MN and bought government land. He married on 1 Jan. 1858 to HARRIET PERKINS, a native of New York State, born in Edwards, St. Lawrence Co. They had 10 children.
Source: Hist. Of Mitchell and Worth Counties Iowa.

GEORGE E. TURNER bought a tract of wild land in Union Township in 1876 and located in 1877. He was a pioneer of Mitchell county, emigrating in 1856 and followed his trade of carpenter and joiner until 1867 when he opened a furniture store, which he sold in 1876. He was born in Jefferson Co NY on 7 Oct. 1830 and lived on a farm. At age 12, his father who was a blacksmith, moved to Rodman and opened a blacksmith shop. At 18 years he went to a cabinet shop to learn the trade; then the carpenter trade in NY until 1852 when he moved to Winnebago Co IL and spent two years; then to Van Buren Co MI and then to Mitchell Co Iowa. He married in 1854 to MARY HANSON and they had three children. George was the son of HENRY TURNER, a native of Vermont, being the son of a Revolutionary soldier and a pioneer of Jefferson County NY. Henry married in Jefferson Co to ROSETTA EDWARDS, a daughter of a soldier in the War of 1812. They emigrated to WI in 1855. Henry died in Portage Co WI in 1880.
Source: Hist. Of Mitchell and Worth Counties Iowa

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