Migrations Part 60:

DANIEL DOWD MERRIAM was born in CT on 21 May 1783 and married EUNICE CADY. He moved to Jefferson Co NY in about 1806 and then later to Denmark, Lewis Co NY where he died in about 1860. His widow survived him and died two years later at 72 years.

Children of Daniel D. Merriam and Eunice Cady:
1. ROYAL GARDNER MERRIAM born 12 July 1810 in Jefferson Co NY. He married 1 July 1850 to HELEN M. LEROY who was born 6 Dec. 1821 and died 27 Sept. 1902. He as a teacher for eight years and for 23 years manufactured carriages at Champion, near Carthage NY until 1861. He died in Port Huron MI on 12 April 1888.

Children of Royal G. Merriam and Helen M. Leroy:
a. FRANKLIN L. MERRIAM born 25 April 1851; died 20 Jan. 1855
b. DE WITT CLINTON MERRIAM born 2 Dec. 1853
c. EMMA L. MERRIAM born 5 Nov. 1859; married 20 Sept. 1881 to OLIVER BREWSTER BABCOCK, MD; resided Springfield IL
d. SEWARD LINCOLN MERRIAM born Romeo MI on 18 Mar. 1862

2. JOHN HENDERSON MERRIAM died Carthage NY about 1895
3. ZELOTES FITCH MERRIAM died in infancy
5. MARIA FITCH MERRIAM bc 1820; died Romeo MI c 1903 at 82 years
6. WILLIS GAYLOR MERRIAM born 18 Mar. 1822
7. MARY PARTHENIA MERRIAM bc 1824 died Baraboo WI c 1895

SYLVESTER MERRIAM was born at Wallingford, Meriden Co CT on 12 Sept. 1785. He married CYNTHIA JOHNSON. He was a carpenter and moved to Jefferson Co NY and then to LaGrange OH in about 1824. He was in cavalry and on duty at Sacketts Harbor in the War of 1812 and had two land warrants of 40 acres each but no pension. He died in LaGrange on 6 May 1862.

and had two land warrants of 40 acres each but no pension. He died in LaGrange on 6 May 1862.

Children of Sylvester Merriam:
1. PHEBE MERRIAM b 1811?; married WILLIAM B. DIXON
2. STEPHEN J. MERRIAM born 8 Nov. 1816
3. MARSHALL S. MERRIAM born 19 Nov. 1818
4. EUROTUS DRIGGS MERRIAM born 14 July 1824
6. PORTER H. MERRIAM born 31 July 1831

Source: Merriam Fam. Geneal.

WAREHAM GRANT was born in Vernon CT on 29 Aug. 1764 and died there on 1 June 1821. He married at Vernon on 2 Oct. 1788 to GRACE REED of Tolland CT who died in Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY on 12 Sept. 1833. Wareham Grant was a farmer and shoemaker and deacon in the Presbyterian Church.

Children of Wareham Grant and Grace Reed:
1. MIRANDA GRANT born Vernon CT on 12 May 1789; died Rodman NY 1 June 1871; married at Rodman c 1825 to NATHANIEL GILMAN who died in Rodman on 16 June 1831. They resided in Rodman and he was a teacher.
2. ELIJAH GRANT born Vernon CT on 3 July 1791; died Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY on 26 July 1852; married in Rutland, NY on 9 march 1819 to HANNAH PIERCE who was born Halifax VT on 27 July 1797 and died E. Wrightstown WI on 14 April 1871, daughter of REUBEN PIERCE AND ABIGAIL STACY. They lived in Rodman NY in 1817 and Hannah moved to Wrightstown as a widow in 1857. Elijah was a private in the militia in 1814.

Children of Elijah Grant and Hannah Pierce:
a. OTHELLO GRANT born Rodman NY on 7 Jan. 1820; died Rosendale WI on 23 Aug. 1847; west a resident of Antwerp NY and moved in 1844 to Rosendale.
b. WAREHAM WALCOTT GRANT was born in Rodman NY on 10 Sept. 1821 and died Newton Iowa on 15 April 1888; married at Rosendale WI on 9 Feb. 1848 to BETS M. CRANE, born Rome NY on 7 March 1828 and died 20 Aug. 1850; married 2nd on 15 June 1854 to MRS. RUTH ELIZABETH (PLANTZ) BAKER, born Toronto Ont, on 22 Feb. 1832
c. OZIAS GRANT was born in Rutland NY on 8 June 1823 and died in Rosendale WI on 27 June 1897. He married at Ripon WI on 12 Sept. 1860 to AMELIA LEORA SOLES, born Trenton NY on 25 Aug. 1840.
d. GRACE REED GRANT born Antwerp NY on 23 July 1825 and died Plover WI on 18 March 1887. She married at Omro WI on 3 July 1859 to BURRITT FISHER SANFORD, born Plymouth on 5 June 1820
e. JOHN DODGE GRANT born Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY on 18 March 1827 and married in Antwerp on 29 Jan. 1851 to ANGELINE ARMINDA CARPENTER, born Antwerp 31 May 1833, daughter of THOMAS CARPENTER AND ANN WRIGHT. They resided in Luverne MN. He was a farmer and merchant.
e. MYRANDA ANN GRANT born Antwerp NY on 23 April 1831; married in Antwerp on 12 May 1856 to FRANCIS C. JENKINS who was born in Fowler NY on 13 Sept. 1832, son of CALVIN JENKINS and OLIVE KENDALL. They resided later in E. Wrightstown, WI
f. NATHANIEL GILMAN GRANT was born in Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY on 31 March 1834; married at E. Wrightstown WI on 5 Nov. 1858 to MARIA ANNY TYLER born 4 Nov. 1843 in Wadsworth OH.

WAREHAM GRANT was born in Vernon CT on 16 April 1793; died Rodman, Jefferson Co NY on 26 April 1875; he married at Rodman in 1833 to HARRIET BURTON who was born in Rodman on 3 March 1811 and died in Rodman on 12 April 1893. She was the daughter of JOHN D. BURTON AND BETSY DANIELS.

Children of Wareham Grant and Harriet Burton:
a. FRANCIS BERDETT GRANT born Rodman NY on 7 Sept. 1833; died Watertown NY on 25 Sept. 1894; married at Watertown on 1 July 1857 to EPHELINE CARPENTER who was born in Antwerp on 2 April 1835, daughter of THOMAS CARPENTER AND ANN WRIGHT.
b. IRVING D. GRANT died at Rodman NY on 23 Nov. 1891 at 56 years
c. ROSEAL LELAND GRANT born Rodman NY on 1 April 1841; married at Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co NY on 26 Nov. 1885 to MRS. EMMA J. (GREEN) TOUSLEY who was born in Henderson NY and died 12 July 1887, daughter of DYER GREEN AND PRISCILLA REED.
d. GELANA CAROLINE GRANT born Rodman NY on 16 Dec. 1841 and married at Carthage NY on 4 Nov. 1882 to JACOB RAB who was born Rusbrick, France on 15 May 1842, son of JOHN RAB AND CATHERINE SNIDER. They lived in New Bremen NY and he was a farmer.
e. DELFORD ADDISON GRANT born Rodman NY on 12 Oct. 1848; married at Watertown NY on 2 Sept 1880 to ALICE P. GREEN born Rodman, daughter of DYER GREEN AND PRISCILLA REED. They resided at Rodman and he was a farmer
f. MARY ELIZABETH GRANT born Rodman NY on 22 Aug. 1851; married at Rodman on 12 Oct. 1869 to ABRAM FRALICK who was born in Brownville NY on 18 Jan. 1852, son of PETER FRALICK and CATHERINE VANDERWALKER. They resided in Rodman. He was a carpenter and millwright.

HORACE GRANT was born 2 Jan 1797 and died in Vernon CT on 10 July 1798

HORACE REED GRANT was born in Vernon on 25 March 1807 and died there 12 Jan. 1809.

Source: Grant Geneal.

NEHEMIAH ANDREWS was born 28 May 1746 in CT. He married in 1775 to HANNAH FOX of Glastonbury, by whom he had two daughtersóHannah and Elizabeth. Hannah, the mother died, and he married 2nd in 1778 to ELIZABETH SCOTT of Bernardston MA. He had moved there from CT. Elizabeth was born c 1754 and died 18 Mar. 1842 at 88 years. Nehemiah died at Guilford VT on 8 Mar. 1813. He was a farmer by occupation.

Children of Nehemiah Andrews:
1. SOLOMON ANDREWS born 6 Oct 1779 at Bernardston; married BETSEY GAINES
2. GRACIA ANDREWS; born July 1781 at Bernardston; married WHEELOCK ALDRICH
3. ELIJAH ANDREWS; born 6 May 1783 at Bernardston
4. NEHEMIAH ANDREWS born July 1785 at Bernardston; married 1806 to OLIVE ALDRICH
5. OTIS ANDREWS was the son of NEHEMIAH ANDREWS of Glastonbury CT, Bernardston MA and Guilford VT, and his second wife, ELIZABETH SCOTT of Bernardston, who was born 12 May 1788 at Bernardston MA. He married on 21 Mar. 1816 SUSAN ELLIS. He was in New York State in 1808 and learned the trade of carpenter. He lived in E. Watertown NY in 1871 and was in his 84th year. He was a pioneer in the settlement of the Black River Country. He died 2 October 1871 at 83 years, 4 mos. 20 days in Rutland Hollow. Susan, his wife,died Rutland, Jefferson Co on 28 Dec. 1839.

Children of Otis Andrews and Susan Ellis:
a. OTIS ANDREWS born 13 Sept 1818 and died New Orleans 1863
b. SUSAN MAHALA ANDREWS born 14 June 1821; married J. F. TREADWAY
c. SABRA ANDREWS born 3 May 1823; married C. D. SMITH
d. CHLOE ELLIS ANDREWS born 9 July 1825; married DEXTER BENHAM
e. MARIAH ANDREWS born 23 Mar. 1828; died 10 April 1858
f. GRACIA ELLIS ANDREWS born 28 Aug. 1832; married PERCY P. FULLER
g. CHARLES OSCAR ANDREWS born 17 Jan 1834; died 16 Jan. 1862

6. CHESTER ANDREWS born May 1790 Guilford VT
7. CHLOE ANDREWS born 15 June 1792 at Guilford; married AMASA ALDRICH
8. LUTHER ANDREWS born 1794 at Guilford; died 1796 at Guilford

ELIJAH ANDREWS was the second son of NEHEMIAH ANDREWS of Glastonbury CT, Bernardston MA and Guilford VT and his second wife, BETSEY SCOTT of Bernardston MA. Elijah was born 6 may 1783 at Bernardston and married Alsina_____. He died in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY.

NEHEMIAH ANDREWS JR., brother of Eijah, was born July 1785 at Bernardston MA and married in 1866 to OLIVE ALDRICH of Guilford VT. They lived in Bakersville, Clinton Co NY. Nehemiah died July 1867 in Rutland, Jefferson Co NY.

OTIS ANDREWS, brother of Elijah and Nehemiah, was born 12 may 1788 at Bernardston MA and married 21 Mar. 1816 to SUSAN ELLIS. He went to NY State in 1808 and learned the trade of carpenter. He lived in E. Watertown NY and was active into his 84th year. He was a pioneer in the early settlement of the Black River country, and a fox hunter. He died 2 October 1871 at 83 years, four months 20 days in Rutland Hollow, NY. Susan, his wife, died in Rutland, Jefferson Co on 28 Dec. 1839.
Children of Otis Andrews and Susan Ellis:

CHLOE ANDREWS, sister of Elijah, Nehemiah and Otis, was born in Bernardstown on 15 June 1792 . She married at Guilford VT to AMASA ALDRICH; he died in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co NY c 1835; they had five children.
Source: Hist. Of John and Mary Andrews of CT pub. 1872

JOHN ANDREWS married PRUDENCE FOX and lived at Black River, Jefferson Co NY. They had the following children:

JOHN ANDREWS born at Black River
NANCY ANDREWS born Black River
RUTH ANDREWS born Black River
JOSIAH ANDREWS died in the War of 1812.

Source: Hist. Of John and Mary Andrews of CT

PELITIAH HALL moved to Walpole NY about 1760 and married 2nd to LYDIA HUNT. He died 11 Jan. 1784 at 82 years. His son, Pelitiah, married in 1782 to LYDIA DEXTER. Peletiah and Lydia had a son, ROLAND HALL who married in 1777 to ELIZABETH WILLARD and moved to Cooperstown NY.

Children of Roland Hall and Elizabeth Willard:
CAPT. ROLAND HALL was born 1783 and went as a young man to the Black River Country of Jefferson Co NY, with his brother, PELITIAH. They bought wild land and cleared portions of and both became thrifty and well-to-do farmers. Roland married LYDIA HARRIS, daughter of WILLIAM HARRIS who was a captain of distinguished ability in the War of 1812.

Children of Capt. Roland Hall and Lydia Harris:
a. WILLIAM HALL M.D. Was born in Champion, Jefferson Co NY on 17 Nov. 1808; he married MARY HICKOCK of E. Bloomfield NY and became an eminent physician. He died at E. Bloomfield on 22 Feb. 1846, leaving a wife and six children.
b. FLAVILLA HALL was born in Champion on 12 May 1810; she married ALFRED BROOKS, a farmer, on 27 Mar. 1828. He died at Lowville NY on 13 April 1857 and Flavilla died in the City of Buffalo NY on 28 June 1867 in the 57th year. - one child
c. ELIZA ANN HALL was born in Champion NY on 23 June 1812; she married JOHN W. BUXTON. Eliza died at Lowville NY on 23 Feb. 1856 in her 44th year. She left three daughters and one son.
d. HARRIET HALL was born 13 Aug. 1814 and died 25 Feb. 1816
e. AUGUST HALL was born in Champion on 6 May 1819 and became a successful Methodist preacher. He died at Baraboo WI. He married CLARISSA MILLES and left two sons and a daughter.
f. STEPHEN H. HALL born 30 July 1821; died Malay TX on 10 June 1870
g. ALVIN H. HALL born in Champion Jefferson Co NY on 17 July 1824; married 1st to LUCY A. SYLVESTER. She died of consumption in their second year of marriage and left one child, MARY L. HALL, who died in the 4th months of her age. He married 2nd to HELEN A. BOON, only daughter of STEPHEN BOON, ESQ., a wealthy gentleman of the City of Watertown NY. By the second marriage, Alvin had two children:

2. ALVIN S. HALL born 1862; clerk in the brokerage business in Watertown NY.
Alvin H. Hall sold his business interest in 1883 and moved to Watertown NY. He planted a colony of 20 families as freeholders of lands purchased by him and sold to the settlers on easy terms. The place became Hall's Settlement in the Town of Lyme.

h. HARRIET P. HALL born 17 Oct. 1826; died in Champion on 16 March. 1845. I. ROZELL H. HALL born in Champion on 28 April 1830; married JENNETTE C. SMITH of Champion on 20 Nov. 1856 by whom he had a son and daughter: Jennettee and Rozelle Jr. j. ROLAND HALL born in Champion on 12 Oct. 1833; married ESTHER CLARK of the same town in Feb. 1856 by whom he had three children:


Roland resided with his family at Sargants Bluffs Iowa and was a successful stock raiser and farmer.

Source: Hall Famly of New England

PERRY HULL JEWETT was born in Sangerville NY on 12 April 1832; he married in Geneva MN on 23 Oct. 1859 to HELEN E. LYNDE who was born in Macomb NY on 28 April 1844, daughter of ISAAC P. and PARTHENA L. (CLARK) LYNDE of Jefferson Co NY. Perry was a soldier in the civil War out of Minnesota an was mustered out of service in March 1863. He was a carpenter by trade and settled in Warren IL and then in Albert Lea, MN. - 5 children

Source: Hist. Of the Jewetts in America

CLARISSA TOWNER was born in Southbury CT in 1778 and married there on 31 Jan. 1798 to JOSEPH OSBORNE. They moved to Jefferson Co NY and lived there for some years. They had three children; her husband abandoned her and went to Canada. She returned to Oxford with her children and died there in 1832:

Children of Clarissa Towner and Joseph Osborne:
CLARISSA OSBORNE m. CALVIN GOODRICH and moved to Binghampton NY and later to Spencer NY

Source: Towner Fam. Geneal.

COL. JOHN WOODIN FOSTER, son of DANIEL and HANNAH FOSTER, was born in Portland ME on 3 Nov. 1801 and married at Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY in 1827 to HARRIET ELIZABETH GOULD who was born in 1801 and died 12 March 1856. He was a farmer. He moved to Kansas and died there in 1885. John's father. DANIEL FOSTER, was a private in the Continental Army, born in Scarboro Maine in 1761. He married HANNAH GARDNER who died in Vermont. Daniel moved to Antwerp NY in 1819 and died there on 16 July 1841. Daniel and Hannah had 15 children. John Woodin Foster was commissioned a colonel by Gov. Clinton.

Children of John Woodin Foster and Harriet Elizabeth Gould:
PUBLIUS DARWIN FOSTER born 13 Dec. 1829; married in 29 Sept. 1857 in Killingly CT to to AMANDA ELIZABETH WARREN. She was born 18 July 1831, daughter of DYER AND MINERVA (DURFEE) WARREN of Killingly. He attended common schools in Jefferson Co, became a bookkeeper and studied law with Judge Daniel Kellogg in VT. He returned to Antwerp in 1852 and was admitted to the bar in 1853. He retired from his law practice and left the state capitol in 1876. He died 2 Sept. 1897 in CT.

Children of Publius D. Foster and Amanda E. Warren:
a. WARREN WORDIN FOSTER, MD.; born 10 Aug. 1858 at Antwerp, Jefferson Co. NY
b. IRVING LYSANDER FOSTER; b 6 July 1870 in Washington DC; married 9 June 1898 to NELLIE O. PATTERSON. Resided Center Co. PA
c. HARRIET MINERVA FOSTER; born 6 Jan. 1861 at Antwerp; married 14 Oct. 1891 to JOHN GILLESPIE MOORE of Chicago. He was born 6 Jan. 1860; grocer in Chicago
e. ELIZABETH HEARTY FOSTER born 22 June 1868 in Washington DC; died 24 Sept. 1869
LAURETTE ELIZABETH FOSTER bc 1831; married ___BATES; resided Williamstown, Kansas
ANNA SOPHIA FOSTER born c 1835; resided Williamstown Kansas
JENNIE MARIA FOSTER born 22 Oct. 1842; married at Williamstown on 7 Nov. 1861 to MOULTON GUY FARNHAM who was born 30 Aug. 1829.

Sources: Foster Fam. Geneal and Haddock

JEMIMA FOSTER was born 8 Nov. 1794 and married in Salisbury NY to DANIEL EDGERTON who was born 29 Nov. 1791 in Lyme CT. He died in Ava NY on 21 Nov. 1870 and Jemima died there on 15 April 1873. He was a farmer. Jemima was the daughter of NATHANIEL FOSTER and JEMIMA STREETER, originally of Vermont and later Salisbury NY. Daniel's father was JEDEDIAH EDGERTON who had moved from the state of Rhode Island to CT and in 1806 he moved with his family to Schoharie NY. He bought a small farm where the family lived until Daniel became of age. Daniel went to Salisbury in Herkimer Co., NY where he married Jemima. Then he bought a farm in Columbia of the same county and included in the farm purchase were two slavesóBlack Molly and Tim. When he sold his farm he gave them their liberty, a small house and two acres of land where they lived until they died. Daniel at this time had two children. In the spring of 1818 he and his family moved to Antwerp in Jefferson County where he remained for about eight years. For two or three years fever and ague was so prevalent that he sold out and moved to Pickney where he remained for a year. He moved on to Martinsburg and lived there for seven years; sold out and came to Boonville (later called Ava) in 1835 where he spent the remainder of his life.

Source: Foster Fam. Geneal.

POLLY FOSTERwas born 20 Mar. 1803, daughter of ABRAHAM FOSTER and SABRA SCOTT of Middleville NY. She married in Jan. 1819 in Middleville to RILEY FOWLER who was born 2 Dec. 1789 and died in Brownville NY on 9 July 1862 at 72 years 7 mos. 3 days. He as the son of ASHBEL FOWLER of Westfield MA. Polly died 8 April 1886 at 83 years 19 days. They were of Brownville.

Children of Polly Foster and Riley Fowler:
MARY JANE FOWLER born 1 April 1835; married April 1854 to JAMES MAGOVERNY who was born in Scotland on 23 Nov. 1834. She died 8 Oct. 1891.

Source: Foster Fam. Geneal.

SETH FOSTER was born 19 Feb 1763 in Hardwick MA and married MARGARET SHAYS, daughter of DANIEL SHAYS. Seth Foster SR. was the son of EDWARD FOSTER, born 3 July 1738 in Rochester MA and DEBORAH BANGS who was born 5 Feb 1844 in Hardwick MA. She died in Jan. 1828 and is buried in Schoharie Co NY. Edward died Jan. 1828 at 90 years. Seth Foster SR. married HANNAH SHAYS, daughter of Gen. DANIEL SHAYS, by whom he had seven children. Seth Foster Sr. and wife Hannah Shays are buried at the east end of Cayuga Lake, NY.

Children of Seth Foster and Margaret Shays:
1. CYNTHIA FOSTER born 1802; married in Antwerp NY in 1818 to JEREMY STIMSON, who was born 1794. She died in 1846. Jeremy was a sergeant in the War of 1812.

Children of Cynthia Foster and Jeremy Stimson:
a. SARAH STIMSON married 1 Mar. 1842 to BENJAMIN FULLER; resided Antwerp NY
b. MARY STIMSON born 30 Dec. 1822; married 23 Aug. 1847 to JAMES R. SWEENER and resided in Watertown, Jefferson Co. He was born 10 April 1814 and died 17 May 1898.
c. HENRIETTA STIMSON married 5 July 1849 to WILLIAM DUFF and resided Potsdam NY
d. FANNY STIMSON died 5 Feb 1881
e. NANCY JANE STIMSON born 18 Feb. 1852; married JOHN S. BENTLEY and lived Augustine FL
f. JEREMY STIMSON married ALMIRA MOREY and 2nd SUSAN GRAVES; resided Glen, Nebraska
h. HARLAN PAGE STIMSON married 17 July 1867 to CLARA SUTTER and lived Chicago






SETH FOSTER born 3 Mar. 1799; married FANNIE ALVERSON and 2nd NANCY GAMBLE.

Source: Foster Fam. Geneal.

HOPESTILL FOSTER, son of EDWARD FOSTER AND DEBORAH BANGS, was born 29 June 1782 in Pelham MA and married in Feb. 1808 to LAURA OSBURN who was born 12 Nov. 1786; She died 17 May 1837 and he married 2nd at Jefferson WI to MRS. WILLARD. Hopestill's parents migrated to Renssalaerville NY and then to Antwerp, Jefferson Co in 1806, early settlers, and lived at Foster's Corners. It was there that Hopestill cleared three farms and where their children were born. In 1839 he moved to Wisconsin, accompanied by sons Hopestill Jr. and Lucius. Hopestill died 30 June 1869 in Aztalan, WI.

Children of Hopestill Foster and Laura Osburn:

VOLNEY FOSTER born 20 Oct. 1816 in Antwerp at the Ox Bow; he married 1 Nov 1846 to MIRRIAM TORREY who was born 24 Aug. 1822 and died 3 Dec. 1888. In 1836 he set out for Wisconsin. Mirriam was born in Columbia Co NY and in 1844 moved with her sister, JANE E. TORREY, WILLIAM W. TORREY and WILSON TORREY and her mother, PHEBE VONDERMERE VAN SICKLER TORREY to Jefferson Co WI where her father bought the Yellow Tavern farm.

HARVEY FOSTER born 6 Jan. 1813 at Antwerp; married in Pottsdam NY on 26 Sept. 1841 to REBECCA FOSTER. They also moved to Jefferson Co WI.

HOPESTILL E. FOSTER born May 1820; married HULDAH PRICE; he died Stockton CA

LUCIUS FOSTER born 22 Nov. 1822; married at Lake Mills WI on 3 July 1850 to MARGARET RICHARDS; she was born 3 may 1831 in PA. Moved to Jefferson Co. WI.

LAURA FOSTER born 10 Sept. 1824; died 5 Oct. 1829

ELIZA FOSTER; died at 4 years.

Source: Foster Fam. Geneal.

JOHN C. FOSTER, brother of Hopestill above, was born c 1784 in Pelham MA and married BETSEY LEWIS; he married second to PERSIS DUNCAN. He was an early settler in Jefferson County with his father and brothers. He served in the War of 1812 and was stationed at Brownsville NY aBrownsville NY and attached to the brigade commanded by Gen. Ela Collins. He died in 1811 in NY

Children of John C. Foster and Betsey Lewis:
LEWIS FOSTER born 12 Nov. 1813 in Antwerp; married 12 June 1836 to LUCY SABIN HYER. She was born in Arlington VT on 26 Sept. 1815 and died 18 Sept. 1882.

Source: Foster Fam. Geneal.

FRANKLIN FOSTER, son of BENJAMIN FOSTER, was born at Tisbury MA on 1 May 1791 and married in 1813 to BETSY COLLINS, daughter of JAPHET AND EUNICE COLLINS, born Greenville NY and died Tribes Hill NY on 2 Sept. 1838. He married 2nd at Watertown NY on 14 July 1839 to MRS. ORPHA MAXSON (HARRIS) daughter of WILLIAM AND MERCY (NICHOLS) HARRIS, born Antwerp NY on 7 Nov. 1810, widow of DANIEL CARPENTER MAXSON. He died 1 Feb. 1852, resident of Fulton NY-11 children.
Source: Foster Fam. Geneal.

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