Migrations Part 61:

JOHN FOX was the son of SAMUEL AND MARY FOX, and was born c 1728 in Groton CT. He married ABIGAIL PACKER.

Children of John Fox and Abigail Packer:
1. WILLIAM FOX born 1762; a Revolutionary War soldier
2. HANNAH FOX; married JOHN PETTENGILL, a Revolutionary War soldier
7. AMOS FOX; settled in Onondaga NY
8. ABIGAIL FOX; came to Adams, Jefferson Co NY with her brothers in 1800.

DANIEL FOX, son of John and Abigail, and No. 3 above, was born 1 Mar. 1771 in Groton CT and moved with his parents to Norwich CT when he was five. Four years later they moved to Guilford VT where the parents remained. As a young man, Daniel moved to New York State and married in 1797 at Galway NY to HANNAH HEWITT. She was born 29 Aug. 1774, daughter of ELISHA AND TRYPHENA (BINGHAM) HEWITT, who were married 2 Mar. 1757. Tryphena lived until after 1818, a resident of Providence RI. Hannah Hewitt Fox was one of the first six to form a Presbyterian Society in Adams, Jefferson Co., in 1803 and Daniel gave the land for the church and parsonage and also donated one hundred dollars toward the building fund.

In 1799 Daniel moved to Fort Stanwix (later Rome, Oneida Co NY) and during the same year came on foot to Adams in Jefferson County, accompanied by LOVELAND PADDOCK, a pioneer of Watertown NY and likely also accompanied by David I. Andrus. Daniel purchased five hundred acres of land and brought his family to settle in 1800. He cleared land on the south side of Sandy Creek, about two miles east of the present village of Adams and lived on it for more than 73 years, when he passed away on 23 June 1873, at four months over 100 years of age. Hannah died in 1861 at 76 years in Adams, Jefferson Co., NY.

Children of Daniel Fox and Hannah Hewitt:
1. LYDIA FOX; died unmarried
2. HIRAM FOX; farmer who died near Sackets Harbor
3. LEVI FOX a farmer in Adams wehre he died
4. ELVIRA FOX – twin; married JOHN COWLES COOPER (see below)
5. ELMIRA FOX – TWIN; married CAPTAIN JOHN Q. ADAMS, soldier of the War of 1812 and who lived on a farm between Adams and Watertown.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1

MILES COOPER was a pioneer settler of Jefferson Co NY and was born 27 May 1769 in Haddam CT, where his wife, ASENATH COWLES was born on 20 Mar. 1771. She died in 1854 in Adams, NY. They married in Haddam and in 1793 settled in the town of Durham where four of their children were baptized. In 1803 they moved to Adams, Jefferson Co., where they remained. Miles built the first frame house in the village of Adams in 1811. Miles Cooper died in 1854 at Adams, NY.

Children of Miles Cooper and Arsenath Cowles:
1. RODEMA COOPER born 6 Nov. 1793
2. IRA COOPER born 30 Jan 1795
POLLY COOPER born 22 Mar. 1798
JOHN COWLES COOPER born 12 April 1800; married 15 Sept. 1824 to ELVIRA FOX, daughter of DANIEL FOX, pioneer of Adams (see above Fox family). John died 26 Jan. 1877. Elvira died in 1892 at Adams at 87 years.

Children of John Cowles Cooper and Elvira Fox:
a. LEVI P. COOPER; died Adams, NY
b. DEALTON COOPER; Civil War soldier; died 5 Aug. 1864
d. MELISSA COOPER; married U. S. GILBERT and resided Watertown
e. ADELAIDE C. COOPER; married JEAN R. STEBBINS and lived in Watertown

SARAH COOPER born 2 May 1804
NANCY COOPER born 10 Aug. 1806; died young
ELIZA COOPER born 25 Dec. 1808
GEORGE COOPER born 3 April 1811
NANCY COOPER born 1 June 1813.

Miles Cooper had brothers ABNER COOPER AND GEORGE COOPER. George served on a man-of-war during the Revolutionary War and was wounded in the thigh by a splinter from the rail.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1

MOSES NIMS, son of EBENEZER NIMS, was born 1718 and settled at Mill River MA. He moved to CT after the Revolutionary War. He married 1st on 20 June 1748 to MARGARET ALLEN, daughter of BENJAMIN ALLEN and widow of ELEAZER HAWKS. She died 27 Aug. 1772.

Children of Moses Nims and Margaret Allen:
MOSES NIMS born 10 May 1748' carpenter; fell from steeple at the meetinghouse in Deerfield MA while it was being built in 1768. He survived the fall and lived at Mill River and died 1839
ELISHA NIMS born 22 Oct.. 1749
ARIEL NIMS born 25 Feb. 1751

ELISHA NIMS, son of Moses and Margaret, and No. 2, above, was a Revolutionary War soldier in 1775. He lived at Bloody Brook MA and died in June 1809. He married 28 Mar. or Nov. 22, 1776 to TAMMA BARDWELL, daughter of SAMUEL BARDWELL. She died Nov. 1807 at 56 years.

Children of Elisha Nims and Tamma Bardwell:
ROXANA NIMS born 4 Feb 1778; married 23 June 1799 to ENOCH BARDWELL
RUFUS NIMS born 4 Oct. 1781; married 18 Jan. 1804 to CYNTHIA WRIGHT, daughter of WESTWOOD WRIGHT and settled in Adams, Jefferson Co NY. Cynthia Wright was born 8 June 1779 Deerfield, MA. Cynthia died 6 July 1860 at Morristown in St. Lawrence Co NY. She married second to Ebenezer Blackstone in 1813. Durant and Peirce document the arrival of Rufus in Jefferson County in the year 1804.

Children of Rufus Nims and Cynthia Wright:
a. EMILY NIMS born Deerfield MA 29 April 1801; married 31 Oct. 1821 to AUGUSTUS FITCH. See Migrations Part 34 for children of this couple under Augustus Fitch, and Ebenezer Blackstone.

RUEL NIMS born 6 Dec. 1783
MARGARET NIMS born 30 July 1785
TAMA NIMS born 21 Mar. 1788; married 29 Nov. 1806 to ISRAEL GRAVES
ELISHA NIMS born 11 Feb. 1790

ARIEL NIMS, son of Moses and Margaret, and No. 3, above, was a Revolutionary War soldier in 1775 and died at the house of his son, JEHU NIMS, in Jefferson Co NY. He as born 25 Feb. 1751 in Deerfield MA. He married on 14 June 1773 to ANNA BREWER of Sudbury, who died 17 Oct. 1828 at 75 years, born 1753. See Fonda List for military service.

Children of Ariel Nims and Anna Brewer:
JAMES NIMS; bapt. 24 Feb 1779; married 15 Oct. 1801 to LUCY BOYDEN, daughter of JOHN BOYDEN of CT.
MARY NIMS; bap. 24 Feb. 1779
JOEL NIMS bapt. 30 Jan. 1781; settled Jefferson Co NY about 1818. He bought the improvements of WILLIAM WAFFUL; married Sally A.__, born 1776 and died 1855. Daughter, ELIZA ANN NIMS died 4 Nov. 1833 at 14 years
ANNA NIMS bapt. 6 May 1783; married 25 Dec. 1806 to LUTHER BARTLETT of CT
ASAPH NIMS bapt 9 Jan. 1784
JEHU NIMS bapt. 29 Sept 1787; settled Jefferson Co NY; Fairview Cem. Record shows he was born 13 Mar. 1782 and died 9 Oct. 1876. Served in the War of 1812. He married PHILA MCKEE, who was born 15 May 1791 and died 2 Mar. 1869.

Children of Jehu Nims and Phila McKee:
a. AMITA P. NIMS born 21 May 1821; died 3 Mar. 1902; married 12 Dec. 1845 to CHAUNCEY EASTMAN. Chauncey was born 22 July 1822 and died 12 July 1915, son of AZARIAH EASTMAN.
LEONARD NIMS bap. 5 July 1795; went to Manlius NY and then to Ohio
unk child born 1797; died Aug. 1803

Source: Hist. Of Deerfield MA by Sheldon

The GREENES and the SHELDONS trace their lineage to DAVID MOORE of Exeter RI. The connection is through David Moore's daughter, ELIZABETH MOORE.

DAVID MOORE was born in Westerly RI on 13 Sept. 1721 and died Exeter RI on 5 Dec. 1805. He married on 24 Nov. 1745 to MARY BARBER, as her second husband. Mary was born in S. Kingston RI on 12 June 1721 and died in Richmond RI on 28 Feb. 1808. She is buried there with David Moore in Rhode Island. Her first husband was THOMAS JAMES who died 8 Oct. 1739. David Moore's will was dated at Exeter RI on 7 Nov. 1804 and proved 2 Jan 1806. He named his wife, Mary, three sons David, Silas and John Moore; daughters Phebe Niles, widow; Mercy James, ELIZABETH SHELDEN and Amey Webb, deceased with heirs, and granddaughter Mary, wife of Nathan Moore. Daughter ELIZABETH SHELDON and her family moved to Berlin, Rensselaer Co NY after August 1805.

ELIZABETH MOORE was born in Richmond RI in 1756 and died in Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 8 Aug. 1828 at 72 years. She married in South Kingston RI on 14 Oct. 1781 to JAMES SHELDON.

Children of Elizabeth Moore and James Sheldon as listed in Gen. V, Descendants of The George Soule Family (Mayflower):
WAITE SHELDON born 1782 and died 1870; married 1798 to JOSHUA LOCKE
ELIZABETH SHELDON born 1784 and died 1825; married 1801 to SAMUEL CLARKE
MARY M. SHELDON born 1786 died 1876; married 1803 NATHAN MOORE
AMY SHELDON born 1788; died NY 1874; married 1803 CHARLES GREEN
MARTHA SHELDON born 1788; died NY 1846; married c 1808 EDWARD GREENE
MERCY SHELDON born 1791; died NY 1862; married 1809 to WILLIAM H. GREENE
VIRTUE SHELDON born 1792; married____RHODES
SUSANNA SHELDON born 1796; married ___MAIN.

Durant and Peirce mention James Sheldon in connection with the Universalist Church of Watertown. The Universalist Society was organized on 26 April 1820 at the courthouse in Watertown. A legal society was formed on 3 Jan. 1825 of which James Sheldon was one of the first trustees.
Source: Mayflower Geneal. As cited above. Durant & Peirce

EDMUND TUCKER was born in Granville, Washington Co NY on 30 July 1793 of Quaker parentage. His father died when he was six which left the family with limited resources. He went to live in the family of his uncle, ISAIAH DEAN. With a common school education he began the occupation of surveying and bookkeeping and by diligence managed to work his own way and assist in the support of his widow mother and two sisters—Abigail and Hannah.

In 1816 he moved to Jefferson County and entered LeRay's offices at LeRaysville as bookkeeper, surveyor and land agent. He was engaged in selling and surveying lands in LeRay, Philadelphia, Theresa, Alexandria and Wilna.

He married on 19 Mar. 1819 ANN STRICKLAND , daughter of JOHN STRICKLAND SR. and settled in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co NY, where he lived and died on 6 Jan. 1836 of consumption at 42 years.

Children of Edmund Tucker and Ann Strickland:
JOSEPH TUCKER; died 1827
HANNAH TUCKER; died 1827
JOHN TUCKER; dorwned in Indian River in 1827
GEORGE E. TUCKER; married MARY G. LAMB of Ogdensburgh NY and occupied the homestead
MATILDA TUCKER; married HENRY B. MOSHER and lived in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY

Source: Durant and Peirce

HENRY GORDINIER settled in the Town of Rodman, Jefferson Co. at the close of the War of 1812. He fought as a soldier all through that war and at its close bought 50 acres and settled where he lived until his death which occurred in 1818. He left a wife and three young daughters. HENRY GORDINIER, the youngest, was born a short time after his father's death. HENRY GORDINIER SR'S widow, married DAVID GORDINIER, brother of her deceased husband. He died in 1860. Henry Jr. remained with his mother and attended school until he was 13. In the meantime, the family farm passed out of the possession of the family and Henry Jr. went out to work and earn his own living amongst the area farmers until he was 21. He then married AMELIA MALTBY of Rodman and bought a farm in the Town of Theresa where he farmed for four years. He then sold out and went into partnership with his father-in-law in Rodman for five years. He then purchased the hold homestead where his father died and lived thereafter. By purchase, he added to the old home farm and it became 200 acres. His wife died 18 July 1858 and left three children: ORVIL M. GORDINIER, MINERVA H. GORDINIER AND CARRIE A. GORDINIER. Henry Jr. married second to JULIETTE WOODWARD of Rodman and they had two daughters: MINNIE E. GORDINIER and ANNA J. GORDINIER.

Source: Durant and Peirce

CALEB HARRINGTON, eldest son and second child of NATHANIEL HARRINGTON, was born 7 Mar. 1751 and moved from CT or Rhode Island

to Clarendon, VT. He married SALLY PERRY, who died 11 July 1827.

Children of Caleb Harrington and Sally Perry:
RHODA HARRINGTON born 1 Dec. 1781
CYRIL HARRINGTON born 1 June 1783
AZUBA HARRINGTON born 20 Oct. 1788
POLLY HARRINGTON born 30 Dec. 1790
CALEB HARRINGTON JR. born 3 May 1801

NATHANIEL HARRINGTON, one of the sons, No. 3 above, and father of HARRY HARRINGTON, was born in Vermont in 1785. In 1800 at the age of 21 he moved to Jefferson County in quest of game and was a hunter, and fisherman for several years. During that time he selected a spot for his future home in the Town of Rodman. Oakes says the year was 1806. In 1808 he married DIANA EDMUNDS, daughter of JUDGE ELIPHALET EDMUNDS of Jefferson Co., who was originally a native of Vermont. Soon after his marriage he built a log house and started clearing the farm on which lived. He owned initially 100 acres but by purchase increased the farm to 300 acres. Nathaniel served in the War of 1812. Nathaniel died at 85 years on 4 June 1890 and Diana at the age of 64 on 4 June 1854.

Children of Nathaniel Harrington and Diana Edmunds:
SALLY HARRINGTON born 1809; married HOWARD BEARD who was a cooper of Rodman and later a merchant and justice of the peace.
BETSEY HARRINGTON; born 24 Oct. 1810; married DANIEL FOX, second, a carpenter of Adams Center.
ELECTA HARRINGTON; born 23 April 1815; married VOLNEY AYRES, a farmer of Adams.
ERI HARRINGTON; born 1 April 1813, a resident of Adams NY; lived to be 91
RILEY HARRINGTON; born 27 Sept. 1820, a farmer who died 30 Dec. 1862.
NATHANIEL HARRINGTON; born 5 Aug. 1822 and died at age 22.
HARRY HARRINGTON; born 16 Sept. 1824; was a farmer. Lived on the home farm until age 26. Married FRANCES M. FREEMAN of Rodman on 18 Sept. 1848. In 1850 he became the owner of a part of the old home farm and erected a house on it where they resided. On 2 Jan. 1852 they had a daughter, MARY F. HARRINGTON. At age 18 on 28 Sept. 1870 she married EDWIN DILLIN. She died on 23 Nov. 1876 and left a daughter, FLORENCE M. DILLIN.
BENJAMIN F. HARRINGTON; born on the farm in Rodman on 18 May 1827.; married 22 Jan. 1852 to JENNETTE A. SWEET who was born 1 June 1828, daughter of IRA AND ANNA (GREEN) SWEET, pioneers of Jefferson Co. Her grandfather was CHARLES GREEN, one of the first settlers of the Green settlement after living in Pinckney NY as a pioneer.

Children of Benjamin F. Harrington and Jennette A. Sweet:
a. ELLANO HARRINGTON born 15 Jan. 1858; a farmer in Adams
b. CHARLES E. HARRINGTON born 2 April 1861; a merchant in Amsterdam NY and manager of a Woolworth store.

Source: Durant and Peirce, Oakes Vol. 1

SILAS GATES, son of JOHN GATES, was born 29 Jan. 1757 and died 28 Aug. 1836. He married 23 April 1786 to IRANAS WISWELL, born 18 Mar. 1757 and died 2 April 1837. Both are buried in Jefferson Co NY.

GEORGE GATES, son of SILAS GATES, emigrated in 1810 from Massachusetts to Jefferson Co NY. He was born at Petersham, Worcester Co MA on 3 April 1787 where he spent his early years. In 1815 he married PAMELA HUNT of Vermont and in the same year settled on the farm where he resided for his life. He died on 10 April 1871. Pamela died on 25 April 1854 at the age of 68 years, born 1787. The family farm consisted of 300 acres about one mile west of the village of Rodman.

Children of George Gates and Pamelia Hunt:
GEORGE A. GATES ; married MARTHA GREEN of Rodman on 27 Jan. 1864. She was born 1834 and died 2 July 1904.
ELIZA GATES; unmarried and lived with brother George.
SIMEON H. GATES; born 24 Mar. 1822; died 4 Oct. 1893; married 21 Feb. 1855 to EUNICE T. BABBITT who died in the same year on 9 Dec. He married 2nd ELLEN E. WOOD on 13 Dec. 1863. She was born Dec. 1833 and died 14 Sept. 1914, daughter of DARIUS WOOD.

Children of Simeon H. Gates and Ellen E. Wood:
a. CHARLES W. GATES; born 22 Nov. 1865; died 20 April 1936; married 14 Mar. 1894 to FANNIE GORDON. She was born 14 Feb. 1865 and died 27 Oct. 1940. Daughter of Rev. David Gordon.
c. S. HAROLD GATES; born 28 June 1871; died 21 Jan. 1954; married 23 Feb. 1898 to ANNA OSBORN. She was born 11 Aug. 1876 and died 15 Oct. 1958, daughter of Theodore Osborn.

Source: Durant and Peirce and cemetery records

HENRY A. FISKE was a native of Jefferson Co., NY and moved to Genesee County in 1819, where he farmed. He married ELIZA PARKER and they were the parents of:

SMANTHA FISKE BROOKS born 5 Sept. 1831
HENRIETTA FISK born 21 July 1834; died 25 Feb. 1845
AMANDA FISKE born 15 Jan. 1836; died 2 Mar. 1845
EARLE FISKE born 19 Nov. 1839
WILBUR FISKE born 5 May 1843 died 24 Feb. 1845
HENRY I. FISKE born 15 May 1845; died 1 Mar. 1845

Henry A. Fiske died 22 Sept. 1863 at 60 years. His wife died 20 Jan. 1874.

Source: Hist. Of Genesee Co.

PAUL ANTHONY of Oakfield NY, was born in Jefferson Co., NY on 25 April 1823, son of DYER and RACHEL (WINNER) ANTHONY. He had the mail contract from Batavia to Albion for a time and served as a school trustee for five years. He married EMILY CHILDS, daughter of WILLIAM CHILDS. - 3 children. See Pioneer Anthony Family.
Source: Hist. Of Genesee Co NY

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