Migrations Part 62:

EDWIN DILLIN was a prosperous agriculturist of the town of Rodman and was born in Plessis in Alexandria, Jefferson Co., NY on 23 Aug. 1847, son of LODIWICK and JULIA ANN (SMITS) DILLIN, and grandson of WILLIAM and MATILDA (HAWKINS) DILLIN

WILLIAM DILLIN was born 27 May 1770, probably in Connecticut. It is thought that he resided near Utica NY and moved in 1800 to Brownville, where he brought his family the following year. He settled first on the village site of Brownville and worked at the trade of carpenter in association with his brother-in-law, EDWARD HAWKINS. They built the first sawmill there for MAJOR BROWN. Later he purchased and cleared a farm which was located one mile north of the village, which proved to be a profitable investment. He was a member of the militia during the War of 1812 and assisted in burying the dead after the battle of Sacketts Harbor. A family tradition states that his father, also named WILLIAM DILLIN, and NED HAWKINS, father of his wife, participated in the Battle of Bunker Hill where William Dillin Sr. lost his life. WILLIAM DILLIN JR. and NED HAWKINS cut the first road from Watertown to Brownville. Mrs. William Dillin and daughter Cynthia, were tossed into the water from a boat while crossing to Brownville and narrowly escaped drowning; they were first supposed dead but were finally resuscitated.

LODIWICK DILLIN was born in Brownville NY on 29 Aug. 1813. He had a limited education and at an early age began clearing land, later becoming the owner of a farm in Alexandria, which was later owned by one of his sons, JAMES DILLIN. Lodiwick was an organizer of the Baptist Church of Redwood and served as deacon for many years. He was the principal contributor in the building of the church. During the last 20 years of his life, he and his wife lived in the home of their son, EDWIN DILLIN and their church membership was transferred to the Baptist Church of Adams Centre. By his marriage to JULIA ANN SUITS, who was born 16 Oct. 1818 in Harrisburg, Lewis Co NY, a daughter of ADAM and CATHERINE SUITS they had the following children:

1. NANCY DILLIN; married JOHN GRAY of Clayton
2. LOUISE DILLIN; married WILLIAM TAYLOR of Lawrence, MI where she died on 22 Mar. 1887
3. CORDELIA DILLIN who married CASPER ECKER of Plessis NY.
4. JAMES DILLIN, farmer who resided in Alexandria Bay, NY
6. SARAH DILLIN; married EDWARD MAXOM of Adams NY, a farmer
7. MATILDA DILLIN; married ORLEY BURDICK a farmer and resided at Greenwich, Washington Co NY

LODIWICK DILLIN died at the home of his son, EDWIN DILLIN, on 2 Sept. 1903. His wife survived him for a few months and passed away on 14 Jan. 1904.

EDWIN DILLIN was raised on his father's farm in Town of Alexandria, obtained a common school education and served as a teacher. In 1865 he purchased his farm in Rodman, NY of 180 acres. He was also one of three stockholders of a cheese factory located near the northwest corner of the Town of Rodman. For 12 years he served as the first and only postmaster at Dillin, the post office being in his home. On 16 Sept. 1870 he married MAY HARRINGTON of Adams NY and they had one child born 16 Sept. 1871; she was FLORENCE DILLIN who married WILLIAM W. MANTEL, a farmer who lived in Rodman.

Children of Florence Dillin and William W. Mantel:
May Harrington Dillin died 20 Nov. 1876 and Edward married second to ELIZA VAN PELT of Champion NY, who was born 13 Oct. 1856, daughter of ANDREW and MARY (GRAVES) VAN PELT of West Carthage NY. Andrew was a cooper and manufactured butter tubs. The marriage took place on 23 Feb. 1878

Children of Eliza Van Pelt and Edwin Dillin:
JOHN RAYMOND DILLIN born 7 Aug. 1882; farmed with his father; short course farm graduate of Cornell University
ETHEL LOUIS DILLIN born 29 Dec. 1884
RUTH MILDRED DILLIN born 1 Aug. 1894

Source: Oakes Vol. 1

FRANKLIN ALLEN HINDS was of Watertown, NY and was distinguished in Jefferson and adjoining counties as a civil engineer. He was of English descent, the founder of the family in America being JAMES HIND who came to New England in 1635. His son, JOHN HINDS, was born in 1659 and married MARY BUTLER in 1681 and was living in Lancaster, MA when their son, John, was born in 1683. This John married HANNAH (WHITAKER) CORLIS of Haverhill MA and was the father of 13 children. Corlis Hinds lived in Barre, MA and operated a mill on the Ware River; he married JANET McMASTER on 6 Sept. 1742, and died in 1821 at 105 years. Of his nine children, Corlis JR. born 1748 was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and married SUSANNA HENRY, daughter of an Englishman who died on a French prison ship, having been captured during the French War at Oswego NY. Corlis and Susanna (Henry) Hinds were the parents of eight children, of whom two—Corlis and Thomas-were pioneers in Black River Country. They married sisters, the daughters of DAVID BENT of Mt. Holly, VT. POLLY BENT was the wife of Corlis, one of the early settlers of Jefferson Co. and the first supervisor of Watertown upon its organization as a township.

THOMAS HINDS who was born in 1780 married PHOEBE BENT and opened a mercantile business in Mt. Holly VT. In the autumn of 1809 he and his family followed his brother, CORLIS HINDS, into norther NY. They came through the valleys of the Mohawk and Black Rivers and the journey was difficult. In crossing the West Canada Creek, the wagon with its occupants and load of household goods was swept down stream and barely rescued. They stopped at Denmark, in Lewis Co., NY, where they lived for two or three years and then moved to Champion, Jefferson Co NY and settled on a farm between Tylerville and Copenhagen. THOMAS HINDS was a soldier in the War of 1812 and took part in the Battle of Sackett's Harbor. He and Phoebe were the parents of 12 children. EARL BENT HINDS became the father of FRANKLIN A. HINDS.

EARL BENT HINDS, son of Thomas and Phoebe, was born in Denmark, Lewis Co NY on 25 Oct. 1811. He was a farmer and lived in the town of Watertown on Dry Hill. In 1845 the family moved to Pamelia. Earl B. Hinds married ALMIRA ALLEN, whose lineage began with BARNABAS ALLEN who came from Scotland to Gloucester MA early in the 18th century. His son, BARNABAS ALLEN JR., was born in Seekonk RI about 1740. Barnabas Jr. had a son, BENJAMIN ALLEN, who lived in Cheshire MA and was a major in the Revolutionary War. His son, REUBEN ALLEN, was the father of ALMIRA ALLEN who became the wife of Earl Bent Hinds.

Children of Almira Allen and Earl Bent Hinds:

FRANKLIN ALLEN HINDS, the older son, was born 17 Nov. 1843 and grew up on his father's farm where he received an elementary education. His training as an engineer was begun in Jefferson County and at 21 years he went to Portland Oregon where he studied under the county and city surveyors for two years. He had a year of technical training in the engineering department of Yale College and then spent a year working under an engineer in New York City, who was a specialist in landscape and drainage work. Franklin returned to Jefferson County and was engaged in the early surveys of the Black River and St. Lawrence railroad, later called the Carthage and Adirondack. After the preliminary surveys of that road were completed, he was made chief engineer of the Carthage, Watertown and Sacketts Harbor Railroad, which position he held until the line was finished. Later he laid out and mapped as a landscape architect, many of the parks in the islands of the St. Lawrence, Thousand Island Park, Westminster Park, Round Island Park and Central Park, one of the best known. His business and surveying interests were many and prominent. On 25 Dec. 1867 he married MARY R. THOMSON of Watertown, formerly of Houseville in Lewis Co., NY. Mary's mother was of the sixth generation in descent from WILLIAM PEABODY of Plymouth MA, whose wife, ELIZABETH was the daughter of JOHN ALDEN and PRISCILLA MULLINS of Mayflower lineage. GEORGE PEABODY, the philanthropist was of the same lineage. Mrs. Hinds' parents were WILLIAM and MARY (PEABODY) THOMSON. Franklin Hinds and Mary R. Thomas had one son, EARL WILLIAM HINDS who was born 22 Oct. 1870 and died 3 June 1872.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1

PELETIAH HALL located in Walpole NH soon after 1760 and probably with his brother, JOHN HALL, who located there at the same time MRS. PHILIPPI HALL, who was born 1684 died in Walpole in 1774 and presumed to be the mother of these brothers. Peletiah Hall had for a second wife, LYDIA HUNT, whom he married in 1778. He died 11 Jan. 1784 at 82 years. They had two sons—Peletiah and Roland. See Migrations: 60 for more details of this Hall family.

ROLAND HALL, son of Peletiah, married in 1777 to ELIZABETH WILLARD. He settled in Cooperstown NY and had sons: ROLAND, PELETIAH, WILLARD, SYLVANUS and SAMUEL and three or four daughters.

CAPTAIN ROLAND HALL, son of ROLAND, was born 1783 and married LYDIA HARRIS, daughter of CAPTAIN WILLIAM HARRIS, who was prominent in the War of 1812. Captain Hall accompanied his brother, PELETIAH HALL to Champion, Jefferson Co NY in a very early day—before 1808 where both bought land and became well to do.

Children of Lydia Harris and Captain Roland Hall: (all born in Champion)

ALVIN H. HALL, No. 7 above, was born 17 July 1824 in Champion and became widely known and useful in organizations designed to advance agriculture. He became a newspaper publisher. He married first to LUCY A. SYLVESTER, who died of consumption within two years and their only child died at four months. He married second on 27 July 1859 to HELEN A. BOON, daughter of STEPHEN BOON, a prominent Watertown citizen. Helen died on 10 Jan. 1893 in Watertown where she was born 17 June 1837. Alvin died in March. 1884 in Ypsilanti MI. Their eldest child became the wife of JOHN J. ALLEN. The second, ALVIN S.HALL became an attorney in New York City.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1

STEPHEN BOON was born 27 July 1805 in Manchester VT, son of STEPHEN and SALLY BOON, natives of the same town, and died 15 August 1892 in Watertown. Stephen became a large landholder, his property all within the city limits and built the City Hotel and over one hundred houses. He was a director of the Watertown Bank. He served as superintendent of the poor and acted as appraiser of bank mortgages. He married MARY ANN WILCOX, daughter of ROSWELL and INNOCENCE WILCOX of Malone, NY. She was born 19 Dec. 1812 and died 30 Jan. 1871.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1.

CHAUNCEY WESTCOTT came from Massachusetts and Rhode Island ancestry. His mother was born I the town of Cheshire, MA on 20 Sept. 1784 and his father HENRY WESTCOTT, in Rhode Island on 15 Oct. 1778. Henry moved with his father's family to Oneida Co. NY and married AMY DEXTER CUSHING in 1803. He died 24 Oct. 1855 and his wife in October 1870. Chauncey Westcott was born in the Town of Deerfield Oneida Co NY on 10 Dec. 1804. In January following, his father moved to Jefferson County. Chauncey lived in the county until Jan. 1831 and then moved to Onondaga Co where he lived for four years but retired to Alexandria, Jefferson Co. in 1835. In 1832 he married EMELINE EVERSON, daughter of ISAAC and CHARITY EVERSON, both natives of Montgomery Co NY. Emeline was born in the town of Manlius, Onondaga Co on 27 Sept. 1812. Chauncey and Emeline had two children:

WILSON H. WESTCOTT born Cicero, Onondaga Co NY on 20 Nov. 1833; married JANE THOMPSON in Jan. 1844 and had one daughter, EMELINE F. WESTCOTT born in Alexandria, Jefferson Co on 12 Sept. 1835. She married CHARLES WOODWORTH in February 1858 and they resided in Alexandria Bay. See Everson Family this site.

Source: Durant and Peirce

PETER YANDES was an early resident of Rodman in Jefferson Co., NY. The early history of Rodman mentions Peter in various positions within the community. The John Yandes family is listed in the 1810 census of Jefferson County at Rodman. Peter Yandes at Whitesville built a distillery at an early date, the only one ever at that place. He had a tavern there between 1808 and 1814.

In the Senate of the United States on 26 Feb. 1825, read: An Act for the relief of PETER YANDES. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the proper accounting officers of the Treasury Department be, and they are hereby authorized and directed to pay to PETER YANDES, one hundred and twenty dollars, the value of a horse lost by said Yandes while engaged in the service of the United States, by towing a boat to Ogdensburgh during the late war; and that the same be paid out of any money in the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated. Feb. 26, 1825; Passed the House of Representatives. Attest, Mat. St. Clair Clarke, C.H.R. Peter Yandes was a merchant and farmer in Rodman. From 1825 to 1829 he was appointed as superintendent of the poor house. Durant and Peirce note that Peter was an active citizen prior to 1811. JOHN B. YANDES is listed in the 1810 census at Rodman and Peter was considered a a pioneer.

Source: Senate Bill, census records, Durant & Peirce, Child's

EDWARD VILLARS of the Edward Villars & Company, druggists of Carthage, NY, was a progressive and enterprising businessman. A native of Jefferson County, he was born 23 Mar. 1861 in the town of Antwerp. His grandparents, EDWARD and MARY (BROWN) VILLARS, lived and died in County Limerick, Ireland where Edward was a farmer. His ancestors were French refugees who settled in Ireland. Mary Brown was the daughter of PATRICK BROWN, a farmer of the same location.

PATRICK VILLARS, son of Edward and Mary Villars, was born 12 August 1827 at Castletown Conyers, County Limerick Ireland, where he remained until he was 20 years of age. Determined to seek his fortune in the new world, he sailed from Liverpool on a sailing vessel in May 1847, and after four weeks landed in Boston on 3 June. He proceeded to the town of Antwerp in Jefferson County where he was employed for some time in the blast furnaces there. He bought and sold farming land and passed the best years of his life on a farm midway between the villages of Antwerp and Philadelphia. In 1873 he left the farm and spent three years weighing coal at Sterlingville furnace. From 1876, he was a resident of Carthage and for several years was in charge of Nunn's pump factory. In 1887 he joined his son in establishing a drug store under Edward Villars & Company. In 1894 it was located in a block which they built for that purpose on State Street, above Mechanic, one of the most substantial and handsome business blocks of the town. Patrick married on 8 April 1855 in Carthage to ANN McNULTY, who was born in 1835 in Ballynagh County, Sligo, Ireland, and came to America with her widowed mother, ELLEN (CLARK) McNULTY and sisters IN 1849. Her father, JAMES McNULTY was a farmer and had been deceased for some years when his family left Ireland. Mrs. Villars passed away in Carthage on 11 Oct. 1902 at 67 years. They had six children.

MARIA VILLARS; died at 7 years
JAMES VILLARS, 2nd died at 42 years in Menominee, MI
ELLA VILLARS; married EDWARD BURNS – 2 children; lived in Carthage


5. CARRIE A. VILLARS; married GEORGE HABERER of Lowville – one son, William B.
6. JOHN THOMAS VILLARS died at age 10

EDWARD VILLARS married on 13 June 1900 to CARRIE A. CARROLL of an old Pinckney family. Her sister was MRS. JAMES GALVIN of Carthage, NY.

Source: Oakes Vol 1

AZARIAH H. SAWYER, known professionally as Judge Sawyer, was a native of Potsdam, NY, born 19 June 1834, son of Rev. GEORGE and MARY ANN (RICHARDSON) SAWYER. George Sawyer was a native of Potsdam and was the grandson of CAPT. MANASSEH SAWYER, a Revolutionary War patriot. He entered the service at 17 and received several promotions. After the close of the war, Captain Sawyer emigrated to St. Lawrence Co., where he was a pioneer. Mary Ann Richardson was the daughter of Major Richardson, an officer of the US army, who served during the second war with Great Britain. Rev. Sawyer was a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Children of George Sawyer and Mary Ann Richardson:
GEORGE C. SAWYER, lawyer and business man of Syracuse, NY

Azariah H. Sawyer served in a number of public offices and was well known as a judge. He married on 3 Nov. 1859 to CAROLINE M. BUCKLEY, daughter of WILLIAM BUCKLEY. Caroline Sawyer died 16 April 1867 and on 15 Dec. 1869 he married FRANCES C. FOX.

Children of Azariah H. Sawyer and Caroline M. Buckley:

Children of Azariah H. Sawyer and Frances C. Fox:

Source: Our County by Emerson – 1898

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