Migrations Part 63:

BENJAMIN F. HUNT spent the greater part of his active business life in counties other than Jefferson; however he was a native of Rodman, Jefferson Co, and was born there in 1810, son of SIMEON HUNT. Simeon was a pioneer of Rodman and also of the Black River country. SIMEON HUNT was born in Coventry, CT in 1773 and in 1798 married ROXALINA MOODY. In 1803 they moved to Rodman where he built a log cabin but as travel through the town increased constantly, his house was turned into a tavern which he conducted for many years. The log structure was replaced by a frame structure. When the town of Adams (which originally included Rodman) was organized, Simeon Hunt was one of its first town officers and in later years, after Rodman was set off from Adams, he was frequently elected to important positions and town meetings were generally held at his tavern. Simeon was also a founder in 1805 of the Congregational Society. Simeon Hunt's love of music was reflected in his fame as a violin player and known throughout the region. An accident while felling a tree, prevented his use of his bow arm. He cleared 100 acres of his heavily timbered land in Rodman. Mr. Hunt was an enterprising man and in addition to his farm, and hotel, owned a grist mill and saw mill. Mrs. Simeon Hunt died in May 1831 from injuries in a runaway accident and in the fall of that same year, Mr. Hunt died.

As a young man, Benjamin Hunt worked on the old home farm and attended district school in the winter. At 16 he began teaching but with the death of his parents, he was obliged with the responsibility of maintaining the farm. At age 25, Benjamin married SARAH R. TALCOTT, the daughter of DANIEL TALCOTT, one of the Adams pioneers. Of their four children, only two were noticed:

Children of Benjamin Hunt and Sarah R. Talcott:
2. BENJAMIN F. HUNT, JR., of Boston

In 1832 Benjamin went into the mercantile business in Kingston, Canada but the cholera epidemic of 1832 and 34 forced his return to Jefferson County where he purchased a large farm in Rutland. Sarah died in 1844 and Benjamin sold out and moved to Rodman, where he partnered in the mercantile business with ROBERT S. WEST. He lived in Rodman for about 13 years and in 1857 moved to Monroe Co, NY, and for many years was the Canadian agent for the famous seedmen, Briggs Brothers, of Rochester. In 1873 he went to Bridgeport CT and entered a mercantile partnership with his son, F. S. Hunt, and carried on business until the fall of 1894 when he retired from active life.

The second wife of BENJAMIN HUNT was LOUISA L. GREENLEAF, of Watertown, who died in Bridgeport in 1893. In October 1897, he married MRS. JULIA A. SHERMAN, wife of JOHN AVERY SHERMAN, one of Watertown's most influential and honored men. Benjamin Hunt died on 7 April 1898.
Source: Our County by Emerson 1898

HIRAM HERRING was born in Denmark, Lewis Co., NY on 18 Jan 1817 and was the eldest of 17 children, 13 of whom lived to be adults. They were all school teachers when young and always took the greatest interest in educational, scientific and social subjects. The father of this family was WILLIAM HERRING, a native of Wiltshire, England. The mother was CYNTHIA BUCK, of Argyle in Washington Co., NY, After living in Denmark, NY, for four years, William went to Champion, Jefferson Co., where he engaged in the brewing business with LYMAN HOLCOMB, father of ORLIN HOLCOMB. In 1826 he closed out his business and went to Gouverneur in St. Lawrence Co. He bought a tract of land there and was a farmer until his death. Hiram recalled that at nine years he drove a team of oxen through the wilderness from Champion to Gouverneur. Hiram attended the village school until 17 when he left home to work in the neighboring village of Ox Bow. From there he went to Watertown where he arrived with the traditional ten cents in his pocket to seek his fortune. After a four year apprenticeship with JASON FAIRBANKS, he went to Rochester, knowledgeable in the manufacture of leather. For two years he worked at his trade in summer and taught school in the winter. In Rochester he met and married PAULINA PROSSER of Clarkson, Monroe County, NY. The marriage occurred on 23 Oct. 1843. Two years prior to the marriage, he purchased a tannery of JOSEPH BROWN in Rodman, where he lived until his death forty years later, on 26 July 1881 at 64 years. Paulina survived him by three years and died 9 Aug. 1884.

Children of Hiram Herring and Paulina Prosser:
MARY E. HERRING; married B. L. BARNEY of Hanford, California
WILLIAM P. HERRING; lived Watertown NY
Source: Our County by Emerson 1898

ARNON COMSTOCK married on 25 Aug. 1836 to CLARISSA BARBER, who was born 24 Nov. 1814 and died 2 July 1891 at 76 years. Arnon was born c 1815 and died 23 Jan 1895 at 80 years, son of ARNON COMSTOCK , born Westfield MA 15 Nov 1779, and IRENE MORRIS, daughter of ISAAC and IRENE JOHNSON MORRIS. Arnon and Clarissa are buried in the Sandy Hollow Cemetery in Jefferson County.

Children of Arnon Comstock and Clarissa Barber:
FRANKLIN D. COMSTOCK, b Leroy NY on 12 Sept 1837; married 15 Oct. 1863 in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co NY to MARY SHURTLEFF. She was born in Theresa, Jefferson Co. on 9 Aug. 1840, daughter of ICABOD ATWOOD and SOPHIA (PHELPS) SHURTLEFF. ICABOD A. SHURTLEFF died 14 Dec 1862 at 62 years 2 mos. And Sophia died 23 July 1880 at 76 years 4 mos. Both are buried in the Sandy Hollow Cemetery in Jefferson County.

Children of Franklin D. Comstock and Mary Shurtleff:
a. MILO COMSTOCK born 15 Mar 1869
b. CHARLES COMSTOCK born 12 April 1878

GEORGE COMSTOCK born 24 Mar. 1839
CHESTER COMSTOCK; died 5 July 1864 at 23 years; of Co. C. 10th NY CW; buried Sandy Hollow Cem.
SARAH COMSTOCK born 26 July 1849

GEORGE COMSTOCK, No. 3 above, was born in Martinsburg, Lewis Co NY on 24 March 1839, son of ARNON and CLARISSA (BARBER) COMSTOCK and died 1914. He is buried in the Sandy Hollow Cemetery Arnon was born in Oneida County, son of ARNON COMSTOCK, who lived and died in that county. CLARISSA BARBER COMSTOCK was born in Connecticut, daughter of AARON BARBER, who came to Jefferson County, settling in Philadelphia, where he lived and died. ARNON COMSTOCK, father of George, was a farmer and moved to LeRay in 1842 and in 1860 to Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., where he died on 23 Jan. 1895. George was reared on the farm and educated in the common schools and Carthage select schools. He was a farmer of 345 acres with a dairy of 33 cows. On 13 June 1867, he married ABI KIRKBRIDE, who was born in 1843 in Philadelphia, Jefferson County, daughter of ROBERT and JULIA A. (POWELL) KIRKBRIDE, who were married in 1834 in Leray, and died 1923; buried Sandy Hollow Cemetery.

Children of George Comstock and Abi Kirkbride:
CHESTER E. COMSTOCK born in Philadelphia on 7 Mar. 1869; a farmer. He married JOSEPHINE CARTER
EDWARD C. COMSTOCK born 22 Sept. 1872. He married EMMA ANABLE of Philadelphia; one child, MILDRED COMSTOCK, born 21 Dec. 1895.
ROBERT T. COMSTOCK, born 12 Mar. 1880

ROBERT C. KIRKBRIDE was born in Pennsylvania on 4 April 1807 and died 18 Nov. 1889 in Jefferson Co., NY, and his wife in Oneida County. He moved with his parents to LeRay when he was eight years old. BENJAMIN and HANNAH KIRKBRIDE, his parents, were members of the Society of Friends. BENJAMIN KIRKBRIDE was born 1780-82 in Philadelphia PA and died 6 Sept. 1859 in Jefferson Co NY. He was buried in the Quaker Cemetery in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co. Benjamin married Hannah Carver c 1803 in Philadelphia PA. HANNAH CARVER was born 16 Feb 1782 in Philadelphia PA and died 7 Oct. 1853 in Jefferson Co NY, buried in the Quaker Cemetery in Jefferson Co NY, daughter of JOHN and MARY (BUCKMAN) CARVER of Bucks Co, PA, Byberry Township.

Children of Hannah Carver and Benjamin Kirkbride:

Hannah Carver had a sister, ASCENATH CARVER, who was born 3rd mo. 23d 1780 and married JOHN TOWNSEND; they moved to Jefferson Co. NY. John Townsend was an early settler of Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., NY.

Children of Ascenath Carver and John Townsend:
MARY TOWNSEND; married ALFRED COOLIDGE. Mary died 11 March 1889

Source: Our County by Emerson 1898; Comstock Genealogy; cemetery records; census records; Kirkbride Geneal.; Hist. Of Byberry & Moreland Townships, Philadelphia PA by Martindale, pub 1867; Hist. Of Bucks Co PA.

JOHN OTTO ZIMMER, was one of the leading tailors of Watertown. He as born in the town of Alexandria on 10 July 1868, son of GEORGE ZIMMER, who was born in Germany and came to the United States in 1866, and ANNA ZIMMER, who was born in Watertown. After leaving school he was a salesman for A. Bushnell & Co, where he remained for five years and then served an apprenticeship with A. Montgomery of Watertown. He was a customer cutter in the tailoring establishment of Cornwall Brothers of Alexandria Bay, NY. After leaving Cornwall Brothers he entered business on his own account in 1884 and was extremely successful. He employed 10 to 15 skilled workmen in his tailoring business. On 23 Sept. 1891; he married BERTHA E. COUNTRYMAN of Watertown.

Source: Our County by Emerson 1898

ADAM BICKELHAUPT was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany on 10 Mar. 1848, son of HIERONEMUS BICKELHAUPT, who came to the United States in 1853 and settled in the Town of Alexandria, where he became a successful farmer. Hieronemus died in 1875 in his 70th year. Adam was educated in the common schools and remained on the farm until age 18 and then entered the employ of A. A. Holmes & Co. In 1872 he engaged in the mercantile business in which he contined for 25 years and also manufactured cheese. He shipped about 600,000 pounds of cheese a year. In 1874 he married MINA L. OLNY, daughter of SETH OLNY.

Children of Adam Bickelhaupt and Mina L. Olny:

Adam was one of the largest manufacturers of cheese in the state of New York, and served as supervisor for three years.
Source: Our County by Emerson 1898

PETER BICKELHAUPT was born in Hesse-Darmstadt Germany on 23 Nov. 1832 and came to the United States in 1853 and settled in Alexandria. In 1858 he married ELIZABETH HOLLER, daughter of JOHN HOLLER, and they had five sons and two daughters

Children of Peter Bickelhaupt and Elizabeth Holler:

Emerson describes Peter as a self-made man. Peter served as highway commissioner and took an active interest in school and church matters. He died on 22 Nov. 1897
Source: Our County by Emerson 1898

SILAS COMSTOCK was born in 1768, son of ICHABOD COMSTOCK, and died 2 Aug. 1849. He was a resident of Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY and married LYDIA DUNNING.

Children of Silas Comstock and Lydia Dunning:
SOLON COMSTOCK b 21 March 1807 at Western, Oneida Co NY
ICHABOD COMSTOCK born 1809; married LODOISKA COMINS; Ichabod went to California and was last heard from in August 1852 when he was about to start for home.

Children of Lodoiska Comins and Ichabod Comstock all born in Antwerp, Jeff. Co:
a. EMILY COMSTOCK born 6 May 1837; died 1846
b. ELLEN COMSTOCK born 17 Jan 1842; married A. J. CHRYSLER; lived Theresa NY
c. FRANKLIN W. COMSTOCK born 21 Nov 1847; lived Theresa NY

LODOISKA was bc 1817; probable daughter of FRANCIS COMINS, born 4 Oct. 1782 who married 1807 PAULINE BULLARD. They were of Rutland, Jefferson Co, and were in Antwerp in 1830. Francis died there 10 Feb. 1834 at 51 years and wife died 11 Mar. 1850 at 64 years. They are buried in the Vrooman Hill Cemetery at Antwerp, Jefferson Co.
Source: Comstock Geneal.

PHILANDER THURSTON, eldest son of CYRUS and SARAH (SPENCER) THURSTON of Springfield NY, was born there 29 Jan 1810. He married on 8 April 1838 to JANE CLEVELAND, who was born 1 Jan. 1814, daughter of HARVEY and RELIEF (CROSS) CLEVELAND. Philander was a hotel keeper in Black River NY, retired in 1879 and died 9 Feb. 1887.

Children of Philander Thurston and Jane Cleveland:
JANE ANN THURSTON born 9 June 1839; married 14 Oct. 1858 to ORVILLE COMINS, who was born 20 Jan. 1830. He was a chair manufacturer at Black River, NY.

Children of Jane Ann Thurston and Orville Comins:
a. MARTHA COMINS born 4 April 1860; married 6 Oct. 1887 to GEORGE ALLEN, a chair manufacturer in Black River. Children: OLIVE ALLEN born 25 Dec. 1888 and WESLEY ALLEN, born 3 Mar. 1890
b. MARY COMINS b 18 Nov. 1861; married 10 May 1882 to JOHN SCHUYLER, a jeweler in Minneapolis, MN
c. HATTIE COMINS born 3 April 1863; died 23 Nov. 1865
d. JENNIE COMINS born 12 Aug. 1861; died 10 Aug. 1865
e. ALFRED COMINS, born 26 Nov. 1866
f. NETTIE COMINS born 8 Aug. 1868
g. MARIA COMINS, born 14 July 1870
h. VERNON SPENCER COMINS born 8 Nov. 1874

MARTHA AMELIA THURSTON, born 8 Sept. 1842; married 27 June 1860 to GEORGE PETTIBONE OAKES, a farmer in Lyons, Ohio.

Children of Martha A. Thurston and George P. Oakes:
a. GEORGE KIMBLE OAKS born 8 April 1861; a bookkeeper in Black River; married 22 May 1889 to IDA MERRIMAN. Son, George Merriman Oaks born 5 July 1890
b. NELLIE OAKS born 5 Dec. 1864
c. FANNY BELL OAKS born 20 Sept 1871

MARIA OPHELIA THURSTON born 6 May 1849; married 15 Dec. 1880 to JOSIAH BURLINGTON who was born in Brattleboro VT on 29 Aug. 1829, son of JOSIAH and NANCY (SAUNDERS) BURLINGTON, a retired farmer in Black River.

Source: Thurston Geneal.

GERSHOM TUTTLE was born 23 Aug. 1738 and died 5 Jan. 1818 in his 80th year at Watertown, NY. He is believed to have served in the Revolutionary War. He first went to New Hampshire and then in 1799 to Clinton, Oneida Co, NY, and then joined the settlement at Watertown in Jefferson Co, NY and with WILLIAM FELLOWS, was elected the first Deacon of the first Congregational Church, organized on 3 June 1803. He married to TABITHA MITCHELL, who was born 9 Feb. 1736 in Deerfield Franklin Co MA. The marriage occurred on 22 Dec. 1757 in Deerfield. Gershom Sr. is listed in the DAR Patriot Index.

Children of Gershom Tuttle:
SOLOMON TUTTLE born 10 Nov. 1760
SOLOMON TUTTLE born 31 Mar. 1762 in Brattleboro VT; died 4 Sept. 1828; Rev. War. soldier. Moved to Rutland, Jefferson Co NY about 1800 and took up 233 acres of the first allotment of land. Married 10 June 1781 to SARAH MATTHEWS, daughter of THOMAS MATTHEWS of CT and she died 25 Sept. 1808 at 45 years; and 2ND MARTHA? ALEXANDER.

Children of Solomon Tuttle:
a. SOLOMON TUTTLE, born 17 Sept. 1783; died young
b. CHAUNCEY TUTTLE, born 13 Nov. 1784
c. JOSEPH TUTTLE born 2 Jan. 1786; married 1st RHODA ROCKWELL and 2nd SUSANNA MACK. Joseph was born 2 Jan. 1786 in New Hampshire; died at the residence of his daughter, MRS. PHIPPEN, in Watertown NY on 3 Dec. 1875 at 90 years. He served in the War of 1812 and married on 11 Feb. 1810 to RHODA ROCKWELL, daughter of SAMUEL ROCKWELL of Hartford CT. She was born 13 April 1785 and died in Orleans, Jefferson Co NY on 7 July 1824 at 39 years. Joseph married on 10 July 1825 to SUSANNA MACK, who was born in Salem, MA on 2 Oct. 1788. She also died at Mrs. Phippen's home on 21 May 1876 in her 88th year.

Children of Joseph Tuttle:
SARAH TUTTLE born 6 Mar. 1811; died 31 Mar. 1812
child died young
child died young
ELVIRA TUTTLE born 13 Aug. 1815; married 15 Feb. 1837 to HORATIO PHIPPEN, born Westminster VT on 8 Sept. 1797; died Watertown NY on 20 May 1861.

Children of Elivra Tuttle and Horatio Phippen:
a. HOMER W. PHIPPEN born 22 Dec. 1837; married 11 Feb. 1862 to JENNIE E. WARE
b. WILLIAM PENN PHIPPEN born 15 July 1839; died 11 Aug. 1870
c. GEORGE T. PHIPPEN born/died 19 June 1843
d. ROCKWELL C. PHIPPEN born 24 Jan. 1845
e. CHAUNCEY W. PHIPPEN born 19 Nov. 1849; married 1 Oct. 1874 to ALZADA A. CLEVELAND

ELIZA A. TUTTLE, born 15 Aug. 1817; married 6 Mar. 1839 to PORTERSHUMWAY of Martinsburg NY who died 9 Sept. 1861 and 2nd on 19 Oct. 1869 to DEAC. WM. C. LAWTON who died 21 July 1874 of Copenhagen NY
SHELDON TUTTLE born 8 Aug. 1819; died 15 Sept. 1825
EUNICE TUTTLE born 3 Nov. 1823; married 27 Dec. 1842 to ALEXANDER O. BINGHAM; resided Martinsburg NY
ROCKWELL TUTTLE born 30 May 1824; married HANNAH E. WELCOMB
WILLIAM TUTTLE born 21 Mar. 1826; died in the Civil War; married NANCY PRICE of Wisconsin
RHODA TUTTLE born 25 April 1828; died 13 May 1834
BETSEY TUTTLE born 29 July; died 11 Sept. 1829

d. THOMAS TUTTLE born 13 Aug. 1789; married RHODA WOODRUFF; went with his father to Jefferson Co and served in the War of 1812. He moved to Wisconsin in 1839 and died in Clinton in June 1873 at 84 years.
e. THEODORE TUTTLE, born 25 Dec. 1793; married 1st MARY WEAVER and 2nd PAMELIA TUTTLE. Mary Weaver died 12 July 1852 and he married on 2 Mar. 1853 to Pamelia C., who was the daughter of Gershom Tuttle. They resided in Watertown, NY. Theodore died in 1884 in Watertown, NY. Pamelia/Permilia born 1805; died 1892 at Watertown.
f. CHAUNCEY TUTTLE born 1796; married 1st AMY WEAVER and 2nd DELIA E. BENEDICT' He served in the War of 1812 and moved to Wisconsin in 1836 where he died in 1871.
g. EUNICE TUTTLE, b 29 Sept 1798; died infant, twin
h. EUNICE ELIZA born 4 Sept. 1800; married in Rutland, Jeff. Co. on 3 Feb. 1823 to WILLIAM CLARK LAWTON
I. EMILY TUTTLE born 15 Oct. 1804; died young
j. GERSHOM TUTTLE born 10 Feb 1803; died in winter of 1829
K. ALBERT TUTTLE born 4 Mar. 1816; removed to Clinton Rock Co WI; married LUCRETIA BARRETT. His mother died at his home in Rock County.
l. GILBERT TUTTLE born 8 Mar. 1825; resided Doddington Co., Dakota Territory

JOSEPH TUTTLE; married in CT about 1799 to SARAH HAMLIN. In 1800 he moved from Oneida Co to Watertown NY and was given one of the first deeds of land on 20 Aug. 1802.
4. GERSHOM TUTTLE was born 11 June 1769 and moved from Bristol CT to Oneida Co NY about 1790. In about 1800 he moved to Jefferson Co NY and opened a farm of 275 acres about five miles from what later became Watertown, NY, his farm being in Rutland, formed two years later, in 1802. He was one of the first commissioners of highways. In about 1803 with SETH BAILEY, he built the first grist mill in town. From 1808 to 1816 he was commissioner for loaning moneys of the state. In 1810 his name appears as a subscriber in the stock of the Black River Navigation Company.

Gershom engaged in trading, manufacture of potash and other business ventures. Because his house was on a thoroughfare between northern New York, New England and the lake country, and being favorable he made additions to his house and opened a tavern. At the rear of his house was a magnificent spring that bubbled seemingly out of the solid rock. When the War of 1812 commenced the travel along the road to Sackett's Harbor became enormous with army supplies, artillery, baggage, wagons, troops, soldiers and sailors every evening. During the War of 1812, Col. Tuttle was in command of a militia regiment and was suddenly ordered to the defense of Sackett's Harbor in which action he participated.

Gershom married in Farmington CT on 8 July 1788 to PAMELIA STRONG CLARK of Farmington, who was born 4 Nov. 1770. Pamelia died in Nashville Indiana on 15 April 1851 at 81 years. In 1816, Gershom moved all of his family except son Dennis, to Vigo Co., Indiana where he died 5 Sept. 1823 at 54 years, with Masonic honors.

Children of Gershom Tuttle and Pamelia Strong Clark:
a. CYNTHIA TUTTLE born 10 Nov. 1789; died 11 Jan. 1795
b. CHAUNCEY TUTTLE born 15 Sept 1791; died 14 Dec. 1795
c. DENNIS TUTTLE born 7 Oct. 1793; married LAURA PORTER
d. CHESTER TUTTLE, born 1 Sept 1796
e. ARA TUTTLE born 6 Aug. 1798; died 20 March 1813
f. EDWIN TUTTLE born 22 Nov. 1800; married; lived in Jefferson Co Nyg
g. CYNTHIA TUTTLE, born 14 Feb. 1803; married 1st NEWMAN PORTER and 2nd, NATHANIEL HUNTINGTON, son of NATHAN HUNTINGTON of Butternuts NY; she was his second wife. Cynthia married 3rd to JAMES HUNTINGTON, brother of Nathaniel, and resided in Dundee, Yates Co NY
h. PAMELIA CLARK TUTTLE; born 15 Feb. 1805; married THEODORE TUTTLE
I. MARY TUTTLE; born 4 March 1807; married HENRY MARKLE of Columbia Indiana
j. AMANDA TUTTLE, born 9 March 1810; married HENRY MARKLE; resided Bloomington Indiana
k. CLARK STRONG TUTTLE; born 28 April 1811; resided Otter Creek Township, Jackson Co MI
l. ANA TUTTLE born 27 Oct. 1813; married and had a family; lived Danville, Illinois

6. ZEBULON TUTTLE; with his brother, Solomon, moved to Rutland NY; married. Transcriber's note: This may be the Ziba Tuttle who died in 1842 at 79 years and is buried in Antwerp, NY. The Deerfield MA VIR shows that Zebulon Tuttle of Paris, Oneida Co NY., married AFFALINDA MITCHEL on 25 Jan. 1798. This is not the actual marriage date, but the intention date.
8. DAVID TUTTLE; lived in Oneida Co NY

Source: Tuttle Family Geneal.; Deerfield MA VIR

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