Migrations – Part 65:

SOLOMON WILLARD was born at Worcester, MA on 1 Oct. 1755 and married there on 25 Dec. 1777 to LYDIA JOHNSON, daughter of Capt. MICAH AND PHEBE (MOORE) JOHNSON, born 5 Oct. 1755. She died 9 Oct. 1830. Solomon lived at Sterling, then at Princeton and finally at Worcester. He as thrown from his horse and killed on 4 April 1808.

Children of Solomon Willard and Lydia Johnson:
1. ABEL WILLARD born 25 Mar. 1778 (see below)
2. LYDIA WILLARD born 11 June 1780; died 15 Feb. 1784
3. AARON WILLARD born 16 Mar. 1781; died 27 May 1797
4. SOLOMON WILLARD born 27 May 1784 (see below)
5. JOHNSON WILLARD born 14 Feb. 1786 (see below)
6. PHEBE WILLARD born 12 Nov. 1787; married GARDNER JOHNSON
7. IRA WILLARD born 11 Oct. 1790 (see below)
8. MICAH WILLARD born 28 April 1792
9. SALLY WILLARD born 2 Mar. 1794; married WILLIAM WHIPPLE PATCH
10. ISAAC WILLARD born 7 Sept 1796 (see below)

11. ARCHIBALD WILLARD born 26 May 1798

ABEL WILLARD was born at Worcester MA on 25 Mar. 1777/8, son of SOLOMON WILLARD. He married REBECCA WICKS (WEEKS) who was born 2 June 1782 and died 11 Nov. 1867. Abel moved to northern New York and lived in LeRoy, Brownville, Pamelia and Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY. He died in Byron MI and was buried on 7 April 1860.

Children of Rebecca Wicks and Abel Willard:
1. ELIZABETH WILLARD born 29 May 1802; married JAMES COX who was born 27 Feb. 1806 and died 8 Jan. 1898. She died 13 Nov. 1865. They moved to Wisconsin in 1845 and Elroy IL in 1851.
2. MARY WILLARD born 13 Jan 1805; married 23 Dec. 1823 to GEORGE GOULDING, born at Holden on 6 Dec. 1795; died 24 June 1878; she died 11 Aug. 1891. - 10 children
3. AARON WILLARD born LeRoy NY 16 Feb. 1812
4. JULIANA WILLARD born 17 Jan. 1818; married 1st ALBERT CANFIELD, born 16 Dec. 1817; died 6 Mar. 1856. She married 2nd SOLOMON DILLENBACK who was born 1 Mar. 1805 and died 27 Dec. 1863. She died at Omar, NY on 18 Mar. 1863. - 3 children
5. SARAH WILLARD born 25 May 1823; married 21 Mar. 1847 to WILLIAM HENRY SHED.

SOLOMON WILLARD was born at Sterling on 27 May 1784, son of SOLOMON WILLARD. He married 9 Oct. 1806 to MERCY OTIS, daughter of ARUNAH and ELIZABETH (ADAMS) OTIS, born Marlborough VT on 11 May 1791 and died at Watertown NY on 2 April 1858. Her father was a Revolutionary War soldier and she was descended from the Hingham Otis family. See Arunah Otis

Solomon and Mercy lived at Rutland and Pamelia, Jefferson Co NY. He went into the Black River Country of northern New York as a pioneer. Solomon died 16 Sept. 1864.

Children of Solomon Willard and Mercy Otis:
1. OTIS WILLARD born 7 Sept 1807
2. CLARK WILLARD born 25 Dec. 1809
3. WILLIAM WILLARD born 23 Mar. 1812
4. ELIZABETH WILLARD born 4 July 1814; married 21 Aug. 1835 to MARTIN LUTHER HUNGERFORD, son of ANSON AND SARAH P. (COE)HUNGERFORD, born 15 April 1812; died 21 Feb. 1863. She died 1 Aug. 1864. They had three children who died of scarlet fever within a 16-day period.
LUCY WILLARD born 31 Jan. 1817; married 21 Sept. 1841 to her cousin, HORACE HALE ADAMS, born 20 Mar. 1819; he died 5 Jan. 1889 and she died 6 Jan. 1881.
CHARLES WILLARD born 19 May 1819
ALMA LUCINA WILLARD born 25 June 1822; married 24 Oct. 1844 to WILLIAM HERRICK, son of FREDERICK and ELIZABETH (DUDLEY) HERRICK, born 18 June 1822 at Coon Creek MN on 10 Mar. 1905. She died at Old Town IL on 20 May 1890. They lived in Antwerp, Fowler and Carthage NY until 1865; then to Bloomington IL, then Missouri and then returned to Illinois.
GEORGE WILLARD born 9 Dec. 1824 (see below)
SOLOMON CURTIS WILLARD born 2 July 1827 (see below)
STERLING ANDREW WILLARD born 29 Aug. 1830 (see below)
ORVILLE VELORA WILLARD born 23 Oct. 1834; died 30 Nov. 1864

JOHNSON WILLARD was born at Sterling on 14 Feb. 1786, son of SOLOMON WILLARD. He married 1st to a Miss Pierce. He married 2nd to a Miss Becker. He died at Natural Bridge, Jefferson Co., NY in 1858.

Children of Johnson Willard:
GEORGE WILLARD born 1839; served in the Civil War. Married in 1865 to FANNIE RODDEN, daughter of JAMES HENRY RODDEN. He died in March 1909 and was a lawyer in Chicago IL

IRA WILLARD was born at Princeton on 11 Oct. 1790, son of SOLOMON WILLARD. He married 1st on 1 Jan. 1811 to PHEBE CROSS, who was born 17 June 1791 and died 15 May 1820. He married 2nd on 16 Nov. 1823 to ALMIRA DAVIDSON who was born at Jamaica VT on 23 Sept. 1806 and died 23 Feb. 1832-33. He married 3rd to MARIA OLIVER. He died at Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY in June 1861.

Children of Ira Willard and Phebe Cross:
SOLOMON JOHNSON WILLARD born at LeRoy NY on 10 July 1813; married 1st SUSANNA ROOF or ROOT; he married 2nd NANCY THRASHER and had one child, Ella.
ABIGAIL YEOMANS WILLARD born 13 Nov. 1818; married 2 Jan. 1842 to JOHN SHELDON WILCOX who was born 22 Sept. 1814; died 13 Jan. 1877. She died 1 April 1892.

Children of Abigail Willard and Sheldon Wilcox:
a. MARY AMELIA WILCOX, born 2 Oct. 1842; married 29 Nov. 1858 to EDWARD ELI HENDERSON, born 12 Oct. 1832; died 18 May 1901.
b. LUCINDA ELIZABETH WILCOX; born 20 Dec. 1844; married 1 Jan. 1867 to CHARLES EDWIN WRIGHT, born 23 Feb. 1841
c. ALICE ALVIRA WILCOX born 16 May 1850; married 20 June 1870 to JAMES NORMAN ORMISTON born 1845; died 8 May 1888
d. CHARLES A. WILCOX born 15 Oct. 1855; married 17 Oct. 1876 to ZERIAH PORTER, born 17 Oct. 1855.<.p>

PHEBE WILLARD born and died 1820
ALMIRA J. WILLARD born 16 June 1829; died 30 July 1846
SARAH A. WILLARD; died 25 Dec. 1832
WARREN WILLARD born Fowler NY on 9 April 1837.

ISAAC WILLARD was born at Worcester MA on 7 Sept. 1796, son of SOLOMON WILLARD. He married at Watertown NY on 9 Dec. 1819 to BETSEY STARK, daughter of ELEAZER and BETSEY (DRAKE) STARK, born Ticonderoga NY. She died at Heuvelton NY on 2 June 1873. They lived at LeRoy, Richville and Heuvelton NY. He died at Russell NY on 21 Mar. 1885.

Children of Isaac Willard and Betsey Stark:
BETSEY WILLARD born 3 July 1821; married 18 Dec. 1849 to OTIS C. JILLSON
GEORGE WILLARD born 19 July 1823
ELIZA WILLARD born 4 May 1825; married 22 Mar. 1849 to LORENZO WOODWARD
ELVIRA WILLARD born 21 Nov. 1830; married CHARLES MORRIS
SARAHJANE WILLARD born 18 June 1832; died 6 Feb. 1851
ABEL WILLARD born 24 Sept 1834; married 25 Jan. 1860 LAURA JANE KENYON
MARY DIANA WILLARD born 3 Oct. 1836; married 21 Mar. 1872 to WILLIAM BACKUS
JOHN WILLARD born 20 May 1838; served in the Civil War; died of cholera in New Orleans LA on 28 Dec. 1864
OTIS WILLARD born 3 July 1840; served in the Civil War; married MARY SHATTUCK, daughter of MILO SHATTUCK
ADELIA WILLARD born 3 Dec. 1843; died 6 May 1849

GEORGE WILLARD was born at Pamelia, Jefferson Co NY on 9 Dec. 1824, son of SOLOMON WILLARD. He married at Antwerp NY on 15 April 1855 to SYLVIA ANTICE, daughter of JAMES ELISHA and PRUDENCE (COATES) BENTLEY, born Champion, Jefferson Co NY on 7 May 1826. She died in Antwerp on 15 June 1907. George Willard was a school teacher. He bought the old homestead and lived there until 1872 when he moved to Watertown NY.

Children of George Willard and Sylvia Antice:
HARRIET CORNELIA WILLARD born 17 July 1856; married 8 Sept. 1881 to JAMES BLACK WISE, son of JOSEPH and ELIZABETH (BLACK) WISE, born Branford CT 27 Dec. 1858. He was a leading manufacturer of Watertown NY and served as mayor for four terms.

Children of Harriet Willard and James B. Wise:
a. CHARLES RALPH WISE born 29 Aug. 1882; married 18 Sept. 1907 to BLANCHE WALLACE, daughter of JOHN CLARKE and ELIZA (WALLACE)HARBOTTLE, born 21 Feb. 1880; resided at Watertown
b. EARL WILLARD WISE born 26 July 1890; attended Sanford Prep. And McKenzie Schools
CLARA AMELIA WILLARD born 1 Sept. 1859; attended public schools of Watertown; died 29 April 1887
JULIA ETTA WILLARD born 27 Sept. 1861; grad. Cornell Univ in 1885; taught at the city schools in Watertown.

SOLOMON CURTIS WILLARD was born at Pamelia NY on 2 July 1827, son of SOLOMON WILLARD. He married at LeRoy NY on 30 Dec. 1851 to MARTHA ANN PORTER, daughter of FRANCIS and SALLY PORTER, born 14 Feb. 1827 and died Libertyville IL on 28 July 1908. They lived at Pamelia, LeRoy and Watertown NY until 1878 when the moved to Libertyville IL. He died 16 Dec. 1905.

Children of Solomon Curtis Willard and Martha Ann Porter:
MARTHA CORNELIA WILLARD born 18 June 1859; died 26 Oct. 1860
MARY ELIZABETH WILLARD born 26 Mar. 1862; married 4 May 1881 to GEORGE ALTON WRIGHT, son of CALEB AND HELEN (CHITTENDEN) WRIGHT, born Ft. Jackson NY on 1 June 1856.

STERLING ANDREW WILLARD born Pamelia NY on 29 Aug. 1830, son of SOLOMON WILLARD. He married at Watertown NY on 20 Feb. 1856 to EMMA ELLEN BUSH, daughter of ELIAS AND MATILDA (GOODRICH)BUSH born at Pamelia on 14 May 1838. Sterling was a farmer at Pamelia until 1870 and then moved to Watertown NY.

Children of Sterling A. Willard and Emma E. Bush:
FRANCES GERTRUDE WILLARD born 16 Oct. 1857; graduated from Women's Medical College in 1881. Returned to Watertown and became a member of the Jefferson Co. Medical Society. She died on 21 Dec. 1881.
CAROLINE AMELIA WILLARD born 24 Oct. 1858; married 28 Sept. 1881 to ALBERT GUVERA MARSHALL son of GUVERA H. and ELLEN (ROOD)MARSHALL, born Clayton NY on 14 May 1857. They resided in Watertown.
HARRY ANDREW WILLARD born 23 Oct. 1873; died 23 Feb. 1875
KITTY EMMA (twin) born 23 Oct. 1873; died 28 Oct. 1873.

ROSWELL CRANDALL WILLARD was born at LeRoy NY on 17 Nov. 1814, son of IRA WILLARD. He married PHEBE MUNN. Roswell died at Black River NY.

Children of Roswell C. Willard and Phebe Munn:
SETH SILAS WILLARD born 10 Oct. 1844; married 6 Oct. 1873 to MARIETTE WRIGHT, daughter of HUMPHREY and PHEBE (PALMER) WRIGHT, born 1 Dec. 1854. Silas served in the Civil War and resided at Black River. He died 28 Sept. 1910.

WARREN WILLARD was born at Fowler N on 9 April 1837, son of IRA WILLARD, and married at Champion, Jefferson Co NY in Dec. 1866 to SARAH ANN GRAVES, daughter of ELIJAH and LURINDA (CLARK) GRAVES. Sarah Ann was born at Antwerp NY on 26 Aug. 1837; they moved to California in 1893 – 3 children

GEORGE WILLARD was born at LeRoy NY, on 19 July 1823, son of ISAAC WILLARD. He married LUCY DIANA WOODWARD, daughter of BARNEY and LAURA (ELLIS) WOODWARD. She as born 21 Sept. 1830 and died at Lexington MI on 11 June 1896. George died at Detroit MI at 84 years on 27 Dec. 1907. - 4 children

Source for all Willard families from the Willard Genealogy

LT. JOEL ADAMS was the youngest son of JOHN and ABIGAIL (ROWE) ADAMS. He was born in Suffield CT on 20 Dec. 1729 and married on 16 July 1761 to ELIZABTH FOWLER. She died at 90 years. Joel was a soldier in the French War and was wounded in the battle at Lake George in 1755. He held a lieutenant's commission under the British crown. He is said to have manumitted his slaves that they might fight in the war for independence. He settled at Marlboro VT. His will was probated in March of 1820.

Children of Lt. Joel Adams and Elizabeth Fowler:
LUCINA ADAMS married___Hale
ELIZABETH ADAMS married ARUNAH OTIS, soldier of the Revolutionary War. Their daughter, MERCY OTIS married SOLOMON WILLARD. See Solomon Willard above.
JOAB ADAMS; born Suffield CT 3 April 1765; died 22 April 1846; settled Marlboro VT and then to Washington and Jefferson Counties, NY. Married Mary____. He died 19 Oct. 1841.
JOEL ADAMS; married PRISCILLA KIMBALL; was a soldier in the Revolution in Bradley's battalion, Wordworth's brigade; removed to Jefferson Co NY, and then Erie Co, OH

Source: Hudson-Mohawk Geneal. & Family Memjoirs: Adams

JOHN ANTHONY BECK, immigrant Beck ancestor, came from an old and prominent family in Germany. He was a second cousin to King George of Sweden and was born in Iseinah Germany. He came to America before the Revolution and settled in the Mohawk Valley. He was well-educated and a scholar. Some of the towns in the Mohawk Valley were named by him. He led the choir in the Lutheran Church in Palatine NY. By trade he was a tailor, doing fashionable tailoring and cutting. He died at Palatine about 1847 at 90 years. His wife was MARY NELLIS.

Children of John Anthony Beck and Mary Nellis:
WILLIAM BECK of Jefferson Co NY
MARY BECK; married Peter Smith

Source: History of Western NY

EDWARD G. SHORTT, a successful inventor and patentee of many useful appliances, including engines and air brakes, was a native of Ireland and became a citizen of Jefferson County NY. He was born 26 May 1846 in Rathsvilla, Kings County, Ireland and was about one year old when he came with his parents to America. His grandfather, EDWARD B. SHORTT, was a hatter in Rathsvilla and died there in 1825 at the age of 25. His widow, BRIDGET (DORAN) SHORTT, came to America and died in the town of Worth in Jefferson County in 1871 at 71 years. She is buried in the City of Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY. Edward and Bridget had two sons and a daughter:

JOHN B. SHORTT; born 15 Aug. 1823 in Rathsvilla, Ireland. Married there to ESTHER GOONAN, who was born there, daughter of JAMES and ANN GOONAN. In 1847 he set out for the United States and located at Philadelphia NY in 1850. He learned the occupation of carriage making and worked for the Jefferson Iron Company. He held a number of positions and public offices. Esther died 28 Oct. 1879 at 53 years.

Children of John B. Shortt and Esther Goonan:
b. JAMES SHORTT; lived at Fine, St. Lawrence Co NY
c. BRIDGET SHORTT; died at 39 years
d. WILLIAM SHORTT; resident of Carthage NY
e. MARY SHORTT; married JOSEPH MINER, an innkeeper of Carthage.
f. THERESA SHORTT; lived with sister, Mary, in Carthage
2. THOMAS SHORTT; died Watertown, Jefferson Co. in 1899
3. BRIDGET SHORTT; married MICHAEL CONROY; resident of Worthville in Jefferson
County. Bridget and Michael are buried in Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery in Pinckney, Lewis Co., NY. Michael was born in Sept. 1828.

EDWARD G. SHORTT, the eldest son of John and Esther Shortt, had no recollections other than those of his childhood in Jefferson County NY. He attended the public schools of Redwood and Philadelphia and then assisted his father in the operation of the wagon shops. In 1864 he moved to Carthage and took on a three-year apprenticeship with Brown, Winch & Bliss, to learn the trade of machinist. When the apprenticeship was completed he remained for three years a journeyman with the same company. He invented and perfected a shaft coupling. In 1876 he went to Seneca Falls and worked for the Rumsey Mfg. Co., making pumps and engines. He returned to Carthage on the organization of the Empire Steam Pump Co. whose pump he had invented and had charge of their shops for four years. He operated an experimental shop in Carthage, developing air brakes with more than 100 patents which were assigned to the International Air Brake Co. His later inventions included an efficient gas engine. In 1887 he built a home at the corner of Budd and Church Streets in Carthage. He married on 5 July 1868 to CATHERINE McGOWAN, who was born 18 July 1849 in Boonville, NY, daughter of MICHAEL and MARIA (HYLAND) MCGOWAN. Michael was a native of Ireland and Maria of Canada, of Irish descent.

Children of Edward G. Shortt and Catherine McGowan:
FREDERICK SHORTT; a moulder by occupation; married ANNIE O'KEEFE—two children: Beronica and Francis
HOWARD SHORTT; a draughtsman; married ROSE LEACH-two children: Alice and Catherine
FRANK SHORTT; worked in insurance

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

ASA SOUTHWORTH was born 14 April 1785 and died Feb. 1849 in New York State. He married SALLIE CLARK. They lived in Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY for a time and then went West. Asa was the son of URIAH SOUTHWORTH and PATIENCE GOODSPEED who married 11 March 1773. Patience was the daughter of JONATHAN GOODSPEED AND ABIGAIL of Easton. In Jonathan's will , signed 23 July 1776, he names wife Abigail, and six daughters, viz—Patience Southworth—I have already given my beloved daughter Patience Southworth, and that she shall have no more than her equal proportion with my other beloved daughters. His executor was unable to serve so the duty fell to Uriah Southworth, who was appointed administrator by the court.
Source: Southworth and Goodspeed Genealogies.

EBENEZER MACOMBER was born 12 May 1785 and died 24 Sept. 1849; he married SALLY ANN JEWELL of Woodstock CT on 22 May 1787 and died 26 Oct. 1873. He was a farmer of New Salem.

Their son was:
GEORGE SOUTHARD MACOMBER who was born 18 Oct. 1819 and died 1 Jan 1866. He married in 1845 to FANNY STEWART and studied medicine at Worcester College. His practice was in Watertown, NY.

Children of George Southard Macomber and Fanny Stewart:
BELLE MACOMBER married GEORGE B. MONTGOMERY and lived Rochester NY

Source: Southworth Geneal.

SAMUEL SOUTHWORTH was born in Haddam CT on 11 Feb 1771 and died 29 April 1841. He married 16 Feb. 1794 to HANNAH SHIPMAN, born 1771, died 19 April 1827, daughter of SAMUEL AND SARAH (STANCLIFF) SHIPMAN. He was in Paris, Oneida Co NY in 1806.

Their daughter, FANNY M. SOUTHWORTH was born 23 Nov. 1797 and died in Watertown NY on 6 June 1874. She married 1st___Flitcher and 2nd___ Lanfear
Fanny had a sister:
SALINA SOUTHWORTH born 13 March 1809; married 1st ___Doran and 2nd ____Gibson. They resided in Watertown NY.

Source: Southworth Genealogy pub 1900

HEMAN GOODSPEED was born at Barnstable MA and taken to Vermont in 1800; he died in Niagara CO., NY on 31 Mar. 1869. In 1823 he married LOUISA ALBRIGHT who died in Brockport NY on 30 Aug. 1883.

Children of Heman Goodspeed and Louisa Albright:
MARSHALL GOODSPEED was born near Lockport NY on 20 Mar. 1824 and married on 21 Sept. 1847 to CORDELIA PETTY. She died 31 July 1906 at Lexington, Iowa. She was born in Jefferson Co NY on 6 Jan. 1825, daughter of JOHN and LORINDA (COFFEEN) PETTY and grand daughter of REV. MICHAEL COFFEEN who as a seventeen year old fought at Bunker Hill on 19 April 1775 as a member of Captain Abel Wilder's Company and Colonel Ephraim Doolittle's Regiment. Michael Coffeen was married to SARAH PRESTON.

Source: Goodspeed Genealogy.

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