Migrations Part 67:

GEORGE G. LOUCKS died 24 April 1869 at 83 years, 2 months and 24 days. His wife, MARY died 22 Mar. 1863 at 75 years 9 mos, 9 days and both are buried in Orleans. Their son:

LEVI LOUCKS was born 18 Nov. 1808 in Herkimer Co., NY, son of GEORGE LOUCKS, a native of Herkimer County. Levi was reared in Manheim NY and followed farming in that town. In 1843 he moved to Lafargeville, Jefferson Co., NY, and there pursued farming until his death on 30 Jan. 1886. He married NANCY SNELL who was born in 1810, also a native of Herkimer County. She died 6 April 1867 at 55 years, 9 months. Both are buried in the Grove Cemetery in Jefferson Co., NY.

LEVI married (2) as her second husband SALLY (TIMMERMAN) PLATO. [NED]

LEVI and NANCY (SNELL) LOUCKS were the parents of ten children, nine of whom are mentioned below:

1. ROMAIN LOUCKS born 22 Jan. 1836; married MARY GREY. He died 4 April 1923. Mary was born in 1846 and died 30 Sept. 1933; both buried Grove Cemetery.
2. MARY JANE LOUCKS; married HENRY DORR of Lafargeville. She was born 22 Aug. 1843 and died 1 June 1922. Henry was born 11 May 1847 and died 16 July 1923. Both are buried in the Grove Cemetery in Jefferson County NY.
3. FRANCES LOUCKS; married EDWARD SPICER. Edward's first wife whom he married on 2 Feb. 1860, was HANNAH ALLISON, born 21 May 1836 in Limerick NY, daughter of EBENEZER ALLISON and PHEBE PHELPS. She died 26 April 1869. He married second on 15 March 1871 to Frances Loucks. She was born in 1840 and died 1910, buried Perch River Cemetery. Edward was born in 1834 and died in 1913. Buried Perch River Cemetery.

Children of Frances Loucks and Edward Spicer:
a. HOWARD SPICER born 25 Oct. 1875; died 13 Oct. 1878
b. IRENE SPICER born 5 Dec. 1880; married FREDERICK J. CASLER of Dexter NY

4. WALTER LOUCKS born 18 May 1841 and died 14 Dec. 1923
5. GEORGE LOUCKS born 29 March 1845 and died 18 April 1910
6. CORNELIA M. LOUCKS married LUCIEN S. STROUGH. She was born 10 Sept. 1847 and died 27 May 1933; buried Grove Cemetery. Lucien was born in 1848 and died in 1915. Lucien was the son of SAMUEL W. STROUGH and EMELINE TALLMAN. Samuel W. was born 21 Mar. 1817 and died 25 June 1876. Emeline was born 17 Oct. 1821 and died 21 June 1903.
7. LOURETTE/LORETTA LOUCKS born 22 Nov. 1851 and died 15 Aug. 1917; she married MELVIN J. JEROME of Lafargeville, Jefferson Co., NY. He was born 21 Nov. 1847 and died 12 Jan. 1927. Both are buried in the Grove Cemetery.
8. GERTRUDE E. LOUCKS born 24 April 1843; died 16 April 1904. Married LUCIEN L. JEROME, born 23 Feb. 1843; died 16 May 1915. Both are buried in the Grove Cemetery.
9. ZENAS A. LOUCKS born 1834 and died 1894. His wife, LEVANTHIA M. was born in 1836 and died in 1909. Both are buried in the Grove Cemetery.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2 and cemetery records.

SILAS F. SPICER was born in Stonington CT on 20 Feb. 1792. He moved with his parents to Oneida Co., NY and prior to 1812 located at Sackets Habor where he resided during the famous battle. After a common school education he served an apprenticeship as a tanner, currier and shoemaker. He then moved to Brownville in Jefferson County and worked for General Loomis for some years. In 1816 he took up residence in Perch River, but later returned to Brownville. In 1821 he located permanently in Perch River where he conducted an extensive tanning and shoemaking business, making boots for fine trade for many years. He served as a justice of the peace. He was one of the first abolition organization in the town of Brownville and was the agent of the Underground Railroad. On 5 March 1815 he married CHARLOTTE WESCOTT, who was born 20 July 1797 in Deerfield, Oneida Co NY. They had fourteen children. Silas died in Perch River on 1 July 1865 at 73 years. His wife, Charlotte, died 7 Aug. 1882.

Children of Silas F. Spicer and Charlotte Wescott:
CHARLOTTE SPICER born in Hounsfield on 6 Dec. 1815; married HUGH SMITH, born Bucks Co. PA on 27 Jan. 1811, descendant of Quakers. For many years he was the business partner of HENRY SPICER, his brother-in-law. He was the postmaster of Perch River for 21 years and in 1873 was elected to the assembly. He died in Perch River on 15 June 1887 at 76 years. Charlotte died on 18 Jan. 1905 at 89 years at Perch River. They had five children, two died in infancy and three daughters survived: HANNAH, SARAH and MARY.

SILAS SPICER born 20 Jan. 1817; died 12 May 1867; married HANNAH ROUSE and they had three children: HELEN, WEBSTER, GILBERT. Hannah was the daughter of WILLIAM ROUSE, JR. and SOPHIA COLLINS.

MERCY SPICER born 10 April 1819; died 13 Oct. 1896; married CORNELIUS VAN CAMP who died in 1859; six children: CORNELIUS, DAVID, HERBERT, DEELTON, CLARA AND JENNY MAY.

HENRY SPICER born 20 Oct. 1820 at Brownville and raised in Perch River. He was a teacher and carpenter and joiner. In the fall of 1846 he entered into a partnership with his brother-in-law, Hugh Smith, and opened a large general store in Perch River. After his retirement he turned his attention to farming, buying and shipping cattle and breeding horses. He also began buying pressing and shipping hay in 1870. He served in various public offices and boards of business establishments. On 2 Sept. 1848 he married DELIA E. ALLEN, who was born in Oneida Co NY, daughter of CAPTAIN BERIAH ALLEN of Rome, Oneida Co, and DIANA PRIOR of Brownville and she was born in Rhode Island. Diana died at 70 years. Delia Spicer died in 1879 at 52 years

Children of Henry Spicer and Delia E. Allen:
a. FREMONT W. SPICER, resident of Dexter; manager of the Frontenac Paper Co. He married MINNIE A. WOOD, daughter of OSCAR M. WOOD and MARY L. EASTERLY of Dexter, in 1881.
b. CARRIE E. SPICER; married FRANK T. WATSON of Rome NY; died 1902 at 42 years.
c. HENRIETTA SPICER who married FRED E. WOOD of Dexter; one child: Delia
d. GEORGE E. SPICER born 27 Aug. 1861; in the tobacco trade in Carthage NY. Married AGNES NORMANDER, daughter of Dr. Normander of Carthage; one child: Edna

FANNY SPICER born 22 Aug. 1823; died 8 Feb. 1895. married HENRY S. ARCHER

MARIA SPICER born 29 Sept. 1823; died 24 Dec. 1900; married JOHN BAXTER.

EDWARD (FIRST) born 10 Feb. 1827; died infancy

CAROLINE SPICER born 5 Jan. 1830; died 29 Oct. 1882 at 52 years, 9 months; married OTIS O'CONNOR who died 12 May 1907 at 86 years 9 months.

CLARISSA SPICER born 5 Jan. 1830 (twins) died 30 June 1903; married JAMES B. WEBB of Oak Park IL

MARY SPICER born 12 Aug. 1831; married IRA O. BANKS of Chaumont. MARY died 1909 and is buried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery. Ira was born 1835 and died in 1925. He served in the Civil War and is also buried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery in Jefferson County.

JANE SPICER born 12 April 1833; died 16 Mar. 1904; married ORRIN BARNS who died 29 June 1879; she married 2nd MILES CRANDALL of Oak Park IL

EDWARD SPICER (2ND) born 23 Nov. 1834; served in the Civil War; married Frances Loucks. See their information above.

SARAH SPICER born 16 Nov. 1836; married REV. GEORGE CALKINS. Sarah died in 1932 and is buried at Perch River. Rev. George was born 1836 and died 1864. Served in the Civil War. He is also buried at Perch River. George was the son of ERVIN CALKINS and MARY McCOMBS of Perch River.

GEORGE E. SPICER born 11 May 1839; killed at Antietam on 16 Sept. 1862.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2 & cemetery records of Jefferson County.Childs

JUDAH LORD was the son of ELISHA and LYDIA LORD and was born 2 July 1802 in Woodstock VT where he spent his youth. He learned to make plows and in 1820 moved to Brownville in Jefferson County, NY to join an older brother, COLONEL WILLIAM LORD. It was at his brother's establishment that he made the first plow in northern New York. In 1823 he moved to Watertown and purchased land on Sewall's Island where he built a shop. He began the manufacture of plows and other tools and continued until his shop was washed away by a freshet. He rebuilt at once but was driven out by fire. From 1828 to 1835 he lived at Juhelville and then moved to Brownville. From 1839 to 1841 he lived on a farm in the town of Hounsfield and then returned to Watertown. He had retained his property on Sewall's Island and now took up his residence there as a pattern maker by one of the manufacturers of the town. In 1847 he rented ground on Beebe's Island and again began the manufacture of plows and various agriculture implements and the business grew rapidly. After three years his nephew, GILDEROY LORD and FRANK GREGORY became associated with him. Judah invented a rotary stove which was made by their firm and largely sold in the area. In 1865 he sold out to his nephew and with Judge Charles D. Wright and John Sheldon, made Davis sewing machines. Poor health forced his retirement and he died 29 Feb. 1876 at his home on State Street in Watertown. Judah served in various public offices. On 22 Sept. 1825 he married ALMIRA SMITH, daughter of BENJAMIN and POLLY (MORRIS) SMITH who came from Chester VT and settled in Hounsfield.

Children of Judah Lord and Almira Smith:

MARY JANE LORD born 6 Sept. 1826; resided in Watertown; married JAMES DeLONG.

CORNELIA JUHEL LORD born 14 April 1829; died at 25 years.

FRANCES LOUISA LORD born 10 August 1831; died at one year

LYDIA CAROLINE LORD born 23 June 1834; lived in Watertown with sister, Frances A.

FRANCES AMELIA LORD born 25 Dec. 1841; married ROSS C. SCOTT.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

ROSS CLARK SCOTT was the youngest child of HENRY and MARGARET SCOTT. He was born 19 October 1838 in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY and had just attained his majority when he moved with his parents to Watertown. He attended the public schools of the county and the Wesleyan Seminary. In 1860 he received his Bachelor of Science from Genesee College at Lima NY, later Syracuse Univ. He was extremely active in public affairs and held various public offices. Ross married FANNIE A. LORD, daughter of JUDAH and ALMIRA (SMITH) LORD, (see above). Ross died in Watertown on 20 Sept. 1898 at his home. Fannie survived him until 1 Sept. 1903 when she passed away at their home. Both were buried in Brookside Cemetery in Watertown.

Children of Ross Clark Scott and Frances (Fannie) Lord:

EVARTS LORD SCOTT born 1866; died at 10 years

ALLYN ROSS SCOTT born 23 Nov. 1874

CHARLES HENRY SCOTT born 15 Aug. 1882.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

WILLIAM H. CONSAUL, was the son of LEWIS and JANE ANN (LINGENFELTER) CONSAUL, born 17 May 1840 in Clayton. See Lingenfelter and Consaul this site. He received his primary education in the common schools and spent his early years on the farm. At 20 he began operating a threshing machine and for 12 years pursued this occupation until it became highly profitable. In 1872 he moved to Clayton where he was a grain merchant and in 1888 he bought the ground where he erected his office and warehouse. He dealt in grain of all kinds, flour mill feed, hay, salt and cement. Later his emphasis was on the coal and wood business, and in 1903 built very spacious coalsheds that could hold 3,000 tons of coal; he used his own vessels in transporting it from various points on the lakes and rivers, and had a large trade, not only in Clayton but also supplying a large number of private yachts of the summer residents. He also dealt in hay as in 1902 he bought fourteen hundred tons. William was a charter member of the Thousand Island Publishing Co. of Clayton; an organizer of the Telephone Exchange and a director and vice-president of the First National Bank. He also served in a variety of public offices. William married on 9 April 1863 to JULIA M. BARRETT, daughter of FRANCIS and ELIZA (WEBB) BARRETT. Julia was born in Clayton in 1838 and passed away on 15 April 1893. They had two daughters—Eliza and Cornelia, both of whom apparently died young.

FRANCIS BARRETT was a farmer and miller, as well as a man of education and culture. He taught school for some years. He married ELIZA WEBB who was born in 1814 and died in 1882. She is buried in the Clayton Village Cem. He was born in 1808 and died 24 Aug. 1894 and buried also at Clayton.

They were the parents of ten children:
CORNELIA BARRETT; married 1st a Mr. Fuller and 2nd JAMES HAMMOND.


MARY BARRETT married WILLIAM N. WRIGHT; resided in Oklahoma


KENDRICK BARRETT died 19 June 1886 at 44 years. He married FRANCES VAN DE WALKER who was born 3 Feb. 1858 and died 11 Jan. 1915. Buried in Clayton Village.


JOHN BARRETT; born 12 Dec. 1848 and died 1920 at Clayton. Married SOPHIA A. LEFEBVRE, who was born 1855 and died 1945.


NELLIE BARRETT; married 1st MR. JARVIS and 2nd DEWITT HOLLENBECK. Dewitt was born in 1858 and died in 1922. Nellie was born in 1856 and died in 1943. Both buried in Clayton Village Cem. Dewitt was the son of JOHN M. HOLLENBECK and MARIA. See below.

Children of Dewitt Hollenbeck and Nellie Barrett:

a. CLARENCE HOLLENBECK, age 20 of Clayton, son of Dewitt and Nellie, married GERTRUDE EVANS, age 22 on 27 Mar 1902. Gertrude was the daughter of JOHN C. EVANS and GEORGIANNA LEECH.

b. ROY HOLLENBECK born Oct. 1885 Clayton, Jefferson Co NY; died 20 Nov. 1885


Source: Oakes Vol. 2., Childs, cemetery stones in Jefferson Co.

MICHAEL HOLLENBECK was born about 1794 and died before 11 Feb. 1850 in Johnstown, Fulton Co NY. He married CATHERINE STOLLER who was born 9 Jan. 1795 in NY and died after 1860, daughter of MICHAEL STOLLER and MAGDALENA LINGENFELTER.

Children of Michael Hollenbeck and Catherine Stoller:

MAGDALEN HOLLENBECK born 31 Aug. 1818; died 18 Feb. 1863 in Clayton, Jefferson Co NY. She married PETER BURTON HART who was born 21 Aug. 1813 and died 28 Jan. 1899 in Clayton, Jefferson Co NY. They married on 4 Feb. 1841. Peter B. Hart was the son of HENRY HART and ANNA EVA KILTS.

JOHN M. HOLLENBECK bc 1816 NY; died about 1860 in Johnston, Fulton Co NY. He married Maria, born 1821. Upon the death of their respective spouses, PETER B. HART married the widow, MARIA HOLLENBECK.

Source: "tbc"

FRANKLIN FOSTER, son of BENJAMIN FOSTER, was born in Tisbury MA on 1 May 1791. He married in 1813 to BETSY COLLINS, daughter of JAPHET COLLINS and EUNICE. She was born in Greenville NY and died at Tribes Hill NY on 2 Sept. 1838. Franklin married 2nd to MRS. ORPHA MAXSON (HARRIS) on 14 July 1839 at Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY. She was the daughter of WILLIAM and MERCY (NICHOLS) HARRIS, born Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY on 7 Nov. 1810, widow of DANIEL CARPENTER MAXSON. Franklin died 1 Feb. 1852, a resident of Fulton, NY. Franklin had eleven children with his first wife.
Source: Foster Geneal.

EVIRISSA FOSTER was born 20 Nov. 1827. She married 26 March 1848 to JOHN L. FARRAR. He was born in Watertown NY on 29 April 1824 and died 27 Feb. 1893, a lawyer. Resided in Peru Indiana. - one child: Arnold Foster Farrar, born 29 May 1857; died June 1877.

DANIEL FOSTER, son of Benjamin, was born in Scarboro Maine in 1761 and married HANNAH GARDNER. She died in Vermont. Daniel enlisted in the 7th MA regiment to serve six months during the Revolutionary War. He married HANNAH GOULD of Portland Maine and moved to Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY in 1819 and she died there. Daniel died 16 July 1841. They resided in Portland Maine and Antwerp NY.

Children of Daniel Foster:

JOHN WOODIN FOSTER born 3 Nov. 1801; married HARRIET E. GOULD

14 other children not noticed

Source: Foster Geneal.

JOHN WOODIN FOSTER (COL), son of Daniel, was born in Limerick Maine on 3 Nov. 1801. He married at Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY in 1827 to HARRIET ELIZABETH GOULD, who was born 1801 and died 12 March 1856. John was a farmer. Harriet was formerly of Chester VT. In 1827 John was commissioned lieutenant-colonel of the One Hundred and Eighty-fourth NY infantry in 1830. He moved to Williamstown Kansas between 1850 and 1860 and died there in 1885.

Children of John Woodin Foster and Harriet E. Gould:


LAURETTE ELIZABETH FOSTER, born 1831; married___BATES. Moved to Williamstown Kansas

ANNA SOPHIA FOSTER, born 1835; moved to Kansas

JENNIE MARIA FOSTER born 22 Oct. 1842; married in Kansas on 7 Nov. 1864 to MOULTON GUY FARNHAM, born 30 Aug. 1829.

Source: Foster Geneal.

PUBLIUS DARWIN FOSTER, son of John W. Foster (above), was born in Antwerp NY on 13 Dec. 1829 and married in Killingly CT on 28 Sept. 1857 to AMANDA ELIZABETH WARREN. She as born 18 July 1831. Publius studied law in Vermont where he was admitted to the bar in 1852. He settled in Antwerp, having been admitted to practice in Jefferson Co. in 1853. On 28 Sept. 1857 he married Amanda, who was the daughter of DYER and MINERVA (DURFEE) WARREN of Killingly CT.

Children of Publius Darwin Foster and Amanda Elizabeth Warren:

WARREN WORDEN FOSTER born 10 Aug. 1858.

HARRIET MINERVA FOSTER born 6 Jan. 1861; married 14 Oct. 1891 to JOHN GILLESPIE MOORE.

ELIZABETH HEARTY FOSTER born 22 June 1868; died 24 Sept 1869

IRVING LYSANDER FOSTER born 6 July 1870; married 9 June 1898 to NELLIE O. PATTERSON.

Source: Foster Geneal.

POLLY FOSTER, daughter of ABRAHAM FOSTER, was born 20 March 1803 in Middleville, Herkimer Co NY. She married ion 19 January 1819 at Middleville NY to RILEY FOWLER. He was born 2 Dec. 1789 at Westfield Hampden Co., MA and died at Brownville, Jefferson Co NY on 9 July 1862, son of ASHBEL FOWLER of Westfield MA and LUCRETIA KELLOGG. Polly died 8 April 1886, a resident of Brownville, age 83.

Children of Polly Foster and Riley Fowler:

MARY JANE FOWLER born 1 April 1835; married April 1854 to JAMES MAGOVERNY, born Glasgow Scotland on 23 Nov. 1834. She died 8 Oct. 1891.






Source: Foster Geneal.

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