Migrations Part 68:

EDWARD GRANT BALTZ, was a successful son of a successful citizen of Jefferson County. He was born 10 Dec. 1868 in Watertown, son of ANDREW P. BALTZ, a businessman of that city. PHILIP BALTZ, son of ANDRE BALTZ was born in 1814 in the village Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany where he was raised and learned the printer's trade. In 1832 he came to the United States and settled in the town of Orleans, Jefferson County, where he became a successful farmer. Philip died there on 21 Dec. 1852 at the age of 38 years. He married in 1833 to ELIZABETH DORR, who was born in Hawitzheim, Hesse-Darmstadt Germany and died in 1884. She was a daughter of VALENTINE and ELIZABETH (HALLER) DORR.

Children of Philip Baltz and Elizabeth Dorr:

1. ANDREW P. BALTZ; born 7 Dec. 1837 in Orleans. He engaged in the manufacture of limburger cheese, being a pioneer in that line in northern New York and when the business grew, he sold in one year, product to the amount of one hundred and thirty thousand dollars in value. In 1868 he sold out and moved to Watertown where he opened a retail grocery business. He married in 1859 to ELIZABETH HAAS, born in the town of Clayton, and died in 1883. Andrew married second in 1884 to MARY COLLIS, born 4 July 1848 in Oneida Co, NY

Children of Andrew P. Baltz and Elizabeth Haas:

a. SARAH J. BALTZ; married FRANK SCHRYVER; lived in Omar NY

b. GEORGE H. BALTZ; lived in Watertown

c. WILLIAM A. BALTZ; lived in Watertown

d. EDWARD G. BALTZ; studied stenography; moved to Flatbush NY; candidate for various public offices; married 21 Oct. 1894 to IDA SMITH, born NY and was orphan early. She died 5 Jan. 1902—left a daughter RUTH GLADYS BALTZ born 6 Jan. 1896. ALEINE ELIZABETH BALTZ died at 5 weeks. Edward married at Watertown on 30 March 1903 to ANNA KLOCK, daughter of MILTON R. KLOCK of Watertown. Their daughter named DORIS GERTRUDE BALTZ born 7 Jan 1904.

e. FREDERICK W. BALTZ; lived Toledo OH

f. MAUD L., MRS. HOWARD E. REED of Fisher's Landing.

g. JOHN C. BALTZ; died 1893 at 7 years

2. GEORGE F. BALTZ; resided Lafargeville

3. AUGUST BALTZ; lived Battle Creek MI

4. ELIZABETH BALTZ; married GEORGE BRUMM at Nashville, Berrien Co, MI

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

ALBERT FISH, a citizen of Watertown , was a member of a family that had been residents in Jefferson Co. for 100 years. His grandfather, EBENEZER FISH, lived in Rhode Island and was the father of a son, FURMAN FISH. Furman came to Jefferson County and settled on Dry Hill in the town of Watertown. He was a farmer and combined with his agricultural pursuits the occupation of tanner and currier and operated a tannery for several years at Tylerville. He was a prominent man in the community and took a leading part in local affairs. In 1859 he was a member of the State Assembly. He married CAROLINE ROSE and they had seven children. Furman died in 1890. Their son, Albert, was born in Tylerville and received his education in the public schools. He lived at home until age 30 where he helped his father in the management of the family farm. In 1865 he went to Three Mile Bay as a railroad agent, which employment he held for 12 years and then due to poor health had to resign. He was associated with various businesses in Watertown and died on 8 Dec. 1903 at his home. Albert was married three times. His first wife was HARRIET VAN WORT by whom he had a daughter, CARRIE MARIA FISH. Carrie married CHARLES H. HYDE of Watertown.

Children of Carrie Maria Fish and Charles H. Hyde:



            DORCAS MAY HYDE



Albert married 2nd to MRS. NELLIE (JEWETT) REED and upon her death he married MARY BORT LAWYER.
Source: Oakes Vol. 2

FREDERICK SPRAGUE, son of HUBBARD SPRAGUE, was an early resident of the town of Theresa, Jeferson Co. He died in Carthage on 18 Sept. 1877 at 45 yeas and 21 days. Hubbard Sprague married PHILANEY LOOMIS, daughter of ALVIN LOOMIS.

Frederick Sprague was born 26 Aug. 1832 in Champion and lived most of his life in Theresa as a farmer. During his later years he had a grocery store in Carthage. He married OLIVA VOLUCIA KNOWLES, eldest child of RUSSELL K. KNOWLES, born 2 Sept. 1832. She died 17 Oct. 1897.

Children of Frederick Sprague and Oliva V. Knowles:

CHARLES H. SPRAGUE; went to Michigan

ELLEN M. SPRAGUE; married J. P. HARRINGTON; lived in Rochester NY.

WEALTHY SPRAGUE died at 18 months

GRACE V. SPRAGUE; married H. N. BENNETT of Cincinnati OH

WAYNE FREDERICK SPRAGUE; a collector for Selmar Hess, publisher of NY; lived in Rochester, NY

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

ROBERT O'NEILL, was born 17 Mar. 1840 in Kingston, Canada where he remained until age 19. He then accompanied JAMES PRINGLE to Watertown and then to Carthage and was engaged in hotel work. He died suddenly of heart disease on 13 Dec. 1872 while clerking in the Levis House. He married in 1862 to CORNELIA HUBBARD, daughter of HEMAN HUBBARD. She was born in 1843 and became the companion of her widowed mother.

Children of Robert O'Neill and Cornelia Hubbard:

MINNIE O'NEILL; married FRED W. WESCOTT of Benson Mines NY

JETTIE ROBERTA O'NEILL; died in 1896; married CHARLES LAKE, merchant of Harrisville NY

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

STEPHEN H. BOLTON was born in Jefferson Co., NY in 1829, son of ISAAC BOLTON, who was born in Philadelphia PA, and came to Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., NY in 1808 with his father, JOSEPH BOLTON, a pioneer. Stephen H. Bolton was a miller at Winooski VT, and moved to Potsdam where he built a mill at the junction and traveled in the milling interest in the West for a time. While living in the west he conducted roller mills in Canton and Cleveland Ohio and Quincy IL. Upon his return to Watertown NY he built a roller mill . Stephen married SARAH A. CRAMER, who was born in Watertown NY in 1825, daughter of JACOB CRAMER, contractor and bridge builder.

Children of Stephen H. Bolton and Sarah A. Cramer:

IDA I. BOLTON; born 1856 Watertown, Jefferson Co. Married 27 Dec. 1876 to DR. HENRY H. DEANE

Children of Ida Bolton and Dr. Henry Deane:

            a. ETTA DEANE

            b. IDA DEANE

            c. GRACE DEANE

ETTA S. BOLTON born 1854; died 1898. Married WALTER D. TYLER

STEPHEN BOLTON; owned a drug store in Watertown.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1

HENRY and LYDIA (BEIDELMANN) CRAMER, were from the Mohawk Valley and moved to Harrisburg, Lewis Co., NY, and then to the southern part of Rutland, Jefferson Co., near Tylerville when their son, CHARLES CRAMER, was a boy. They were farmers and Henry lived to be 84 years and Lydia to 93 years.

CHARLES HENRY CRAMER was born in 1829 in Harrisburg, Lewis Co., NY and died at his home in S. Rutland in September of 1894. He attended public schools. A mechanical genius he invented numerous appliances. His later years were spent on the farm and as a member of Valley Grange of South Rutland. He served as justice of the peace and other local offices. Charles married JANE BAILEY, daughter of TIMOTHY and SARAH (BROWN) BAILEY. After Jane's death, Charles married 2nd MARY (CLEMENTS) widow of JOHN HAZEN.

Children of Charles Henry Cramer and Jane Bailey:

IDA L. CRAMER; married DR. OSCAR MERRILLE of Copenhagen

WILLIAM HENRY CRAMER a practicing physician in Copenhagen

LUCINDA CRAMER; married WELLINGTON ATWATER and lived in Rutland.

LANSING J. CRAMER, a physician in Castorland, Lewis Co NY

CHARLES W. CRAMER; farmer lived on the homestead in S. Rutland

CHARLOTTE M. CRAMER; married in 1884 to GEORGE E. TWINING. Charlotte was born 14 June 1859 in S. Rutland and George was born 24 Dec. 1860 on the paternal farm. His father was ALFRED W. TWINING.

NELLIE RUTH CRAMER, a teacher at College Point Long Island

Children of Charles Henry Cramer and Mary Clements:

CAROLINE B. CRAMER; married FRED CURTIS, a farmer of South Rutland

ROBERT CRAMER, a resident of Pinckney, Lewis Co., NY.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1.

WILLIAM TWINING was the pioneer of the family by that name in Champion, Jefferson Co., NY. He was born 14 June 1789 in Tolland CT. He was the son of WILLIAM TWINING, born 13 Nov. 1763 and died 12 Nov. 1846 at Tolland. William Sr. married TABIATHA SMITH, who died 25 Jan. 1854 at 88 years. William Jr. married on 27 April 1813 to OVANDA FOWLER, who was a native of Tolland. She died 9 May 1855. William Jr. entered Williamstown College in 1808. After leaving college he made a trip on horseback to Licking Co OH and Jefferson Co NY with his uncle, LEWIS TWINING., and bought several hundred acres of land in Champion from his uncle. In the spring of 1818 they settled in Champion on the farmer where his great-grandson later lived on lot 54. There he took up 100 acres of land which he cleared and added to the purchase. For several years he was a justice of the peace.

Children of Ovanda Fowler and William Twining:

SUSAN TWINING; born 14 Feb 1814; married on 15 Oct. 1833 to Rev. J. H. WHELPLEY and lived and died in Thompson Michigan.

ALFRED W. TWINING; born 3 Sept. 1822 in Champion and died there in 1890. In adulthood he purchased his father's farm and was engaged in dairying. He married twice, first in 1846 to JEANETTE FARGO, daughter of PERRY and HULDAH FARGO. He married 2nd to MIRANDA GIBBS, daughter of SHEREBIAH and OLIVE GIBBS of Wilna. Sherebiah Gibbs was the son of Jonathan Gibbs and was born 3 Jan. 1782 in Sturbridge MA and died in Wilna on 17 Jan. 1855. Olive was a daughter of WILLIAM HEATON.

Children of Alfred W. Twining and Jeanette Fargo:
1. NELSON P. TWINING born 13 Oct. 1848; married ADA LEWIS on 6 Feb 1869; she born 10 July 1849; resided S. Champion.

Children of Nelson P. Twining and Ada Lewis:

            a. LEWIS A. TWINING born 10 Oct. 1870
            b. BELLE E. TWINING born 6 July 1872

2. EMOGENE C. TWINING born 1851; married JAMES O. WALDO.

Children of Alfred W. Twining and Miranda Gibbs:

1. GEORGE E. TWINING born 24 Dec. 1860 on the paternal farm; married CHARLOTTE (LOTTIE) CRAMER (see above). Married on 13 Feb. 1884

2. ADA E. TWINING BORN sEPT. 1863; married HENRY CHICKERING of Copenhagen NY on 18 June 1884; resided Copenhagen NY

LUCINDA A. TWINING born 6 May 1818; married 1st JOAB MILLER on 16 Feb. 1840 and he died 1843. She married 2nd SAMUEL SMITH in 1845 and divorced in 1855. She married 3rd JOHN MILLS on 10 Nov. 1861 and he died 8 July 1862. She married 4th G. W. ADAMS on 10 Mar. 1886; she died in Brodhead, Wisconsin

MILO S. TWINING born S. Champion NY on 10 Dec 1826; moved to WI in 1854; married KATE A. ROCKWOOD on 11 Dec. 1860. Resided Brodhead WI

WILLIAM F. TWINING born 17 Aug. 1820; died 20 July 1886 married 1st MARTHA M. TAYLOR on 19 Feb. 1846; she born Saratoga Co NY in 1824 and died 29 July 1879. He married 2nd NELLIE ROOK on 26 March 1882; moved to Morrison IL from Jefferson Co. in 1863.

Children of William F. Twining and Martha M. Taylor:

            a. MARY FRANCES TWINING born 2 Jan 1846; died 12 May 1849

            b. WILLIAM E. TWINING born 8 June 1848; married 23 March 1887 to IDA M. BAKER

            c. MARY F. TWINING born 10 Oct. 1849; married ORRIN M. BENT on 16 Jan. 1866

            d. FRED A. TWINING born April 1857; died 5 March 1862

            e. FLORENCE A. TWINING born 11 June 1860; married ABSALOM C. VENUMN on 1 July 1880.

            f. GRACE B. TWINING born 18 Nov. 1884

MARIETTA O. TWINING born 27 Oct. 1829; married 1st J. W. SMITH and 2nd SILAS WELLER on 10 Sept. 1860.; she died in Rutland in 1901..

Children of Marietta O. Twining and J. W. Smith:

            a. LEONORA SMITH born 27 Feb. 1851; married 12 Oct. 1870 DAVID WALDO

Children of Marietta O. Twining and Silas Weller:

            b. BIRDIE WELLER born 7 Dec. 1862; died 22 March 1864

            c. ETTIE WELLER born 17 Feb. 1867; married FRANK STOCKWELL; resided S. Rutland, Jefferson Co.

JOHN TWINING born 6 Jan. 1816; ; married EVELINE R. SMITH; lived near Copenhagen in Lewis Co, where he died in 1876.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1., Twining Family Geneal.

JOSEPH TWINING, son of WILLIAM TWINING, was born 27 March 1796 in Tolland CT and died 5 Feb. 1860 in S. Champion, Jefferson Co NY. He married RACHEL LEWIS who died 30 Dec. 1875.

Children of Joseph Twining and Rachel Lewis:
JAMES HIRAM TWINING born 18 Oct. 1823; died 16 Aug. 1851 at Champion. Married Abigal Waldo.

Children of James H. Twining and Abigal Waldo:

a. HIRAM M. TWINING born 29 May 1848; died 14 Aug. 1851

b. CHARLES W. TWINING born 7 Dec. 1849; died 14 Aug. 1851; these children were buried in one casket and their father was buried the same time of "bloody flux".

c. MARY A. TWINING died as infant.

ELIZA A. TWINING born 4 Feb. 1825; married MORTIMER WALDO who died in 1887. They resided in E. Watertown NY.

Children of Eliza Twining and Mortimer Waldo:

            a. JAMES H. WALDO born 21 Oct. 1847; died as infant

            b. ELLEN E. WALDO born 4 Oct. 1852; married JAMES HODGE; resided Copenhagen NY

            c. CHARLES M. WALDO born 29 Oct. 1861; died 24 Aug 1887

HENRY M. TWINING born 19 April 1828; died 21 Dec. 1846

MARY F. TWINING born 2 July 1831; died 7 Nov. 1839

Source: Twining Family Geneal.

RUSSELL K. KNOWLES was an early resident of Champion, Jefferson County, and descended from early settlers of Cape Cod, MA. He was the son of WILLARD KNOWLES and his first wife_____SNOW. Russell was born 28 July 1799 in Barnstable Co., MA and grew up there where he acquired a good education for the times and became a master carpenter and house builder. On reaching the age of majority he visited Champion and secured land, going back as far as Albany to meet his father and family who joined him later. He walked from Albany to Champion driving a yoke of oxen. The family included several children younger than himself. Willard Knowles married 2nd to LOIS FREEMAN. Transcriber's note: The History of Barnstable Co, MA which was published in 1890, contains a chapter on the Town of Eastham which seems to be the home base for both the Knowles and Snow families. There are several successive generations of Willard Knowles and without further investigation it would be difficult to determine which of the Willard Knowles came to Jefferson County.

Children of Willard Knowles:

RUSSELL K. KNOWLES; settled on a farm five miles from Carthage. For 15 years he lived in the town of Denmark in Lewis Co, where he served as constable and collector, and was active in local affairs. He died in W. Carthage on 1 July 1885 near his 86th year. He married on 29 Nov. 1827 to WEALTHY A. HUBBARD, daughter of JOEL HUBBARD, born 1 April 1803 and died in 1903 at almost 100 years. See Pioneer Joel Hubbard Family this site. Six of their seven children lived to maturity.

Children of Russell Knowles and Wealthy A. Hubbard:

            a. OLIVA VOLUCIA KNOWLES married FREDERICK SPRAGUE. She died at Rochester NY on 17 Oct. 1897 at 65 years. See Frederick Sprague above

            b. MERCY CELESTIA; lived at Carthage; married FRANKLIN B. JOHNSON.

            c. SAMUEL KNOWLES; lived in West Carthage.

            d. SARAH CHARILLE KNOWLES; married EGBERT H. McNITT and lived at South Champion. See Pioneer McNitt Family this site.

            e. CHARLES LORD KNOWLES lived in W. Carthage; a bachelor; born 1841; died 1921.

            f. JOHN KNOWLES died at 6 months.

            g. WEALTHY SEDATE KNOWLES; born 1847 and died in 1921; lived West Carthage

SARAH KNOWLES; married SEYMOUR NASH and lived in Champion

MARY KNOWLES; married ___HUBBARD. He died in Ohio and she returned to Champion where she died leaving a son, EDMUND HULBERT HUBBARD.

SAMUEL KNOWLES; lived and died in Champion and left a son, HIRAM KNOWLES, who served in the Civil War and died as the result of a wound in head at Rochester, NY. He left two sons, Walter and Fred, the former a resident of Rochester.

WILLARD ATWOOD KNOWLES died in Champion and left a son, EGBERT KNOWLES, who lived in Johnstown, NY

WILLIAM KNOWLES; died without issue

DANIEL KNOWLES; settled in the west

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

SHEREBIAH GIBBS born 3 Jan. 1782 in Sturbridge MA was the son of JONATHAN GIBBS and LUCY LUMBIRD/LUMBART of Brimfield who where married (int.) 25 Mar. 1776 in Sturbridge MA. Sherebiah died in Wilna, Jefferson Co NY on 17 Jan 1855 at 73 years 16 days; served War of 1812.

Sherebiah married OLIVE HEATON, daughter of WILLIAM HEATON who went from MA to VT when she was two years of age. Olive lived to be close to 90 years. She died 28 Mar. 1879 at 89 years and is buried in Jefferson Co., NY. Both are buried in the Hillside Cemetery. Sherebiah and Olive had four children. Probable father of Olive Heaton: WILLIAM HEATON, born 1732 and died 1814, commanded a company of Vermont militia at various alarms. He moved from Swansea NH in 1774 to Thetford VT and married IRENA KING.

MIRANDA GIBBS; married Alfred W. Twining (see above)

Source: Oakes, Sturbridge MA VIR, cem. records

SHEREBIAH FAY was born 29 June 1758 and was an early settler of Watertown, Jefferson Co NY. He served three years in the Revolutionary War. He married ELEANOR STANLEY.
Source: Central NY and Its People

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