Migrations Part 70:

CHARLES GIBSON PORTER was the eldest son of ORA B. and CAROLINE E. (GIBSON) PORTER, born 6 Oct. 1864 in Norwood, NY. He received his education in Norwood. At 16 he went to W. Camden NY and was employed there in a chair factory. At the end of his time he moved to Theresa, NY where he was employed for six years in a like position where he became foreman. Subsequently he was employed at Clayton and Orwell in Oswego County. In 1893 he went to Black River in Jefferson County where he became superintendent of the manufacturing department of the H. C. Dexter Chair Co. He married on 18 Jan. 1888 to MERCY A. MOORE, daughter of HORACE W. MOORE, caretaker of the Holden property at Thousand Island Park. Mercy was born in 1867 and died in 1934 at Alexandria.

Children of Charles G. Porter and Mercy A. Moore:
1. EARL M. PORTER born 5 Aug. 1889

HORACE W. MOORE married MARCELIA ANTOINETTE SHERMAN and they had four children:

1. HORACE MOORE; resided Fine View NY

2. CARRIE MOORE; married W. P. KIPPLER of Wells Island

3. MERCY A. MOORE born 24 Mar. 1867; married Charles G. Porter, above.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

ROSWELL GIBSON, son of NATHANIEL GIBSON was born 24 April 1800 in Grafton VT and died 28 June 1857 in Florence, Oneida Co NY where he settled as early as 1840. He was for some time a resident of Mendon, VT and was one of the organizers of the church at Menden, on 23 Jan. 1836. He married on 24 Jan. 1824 to HANNAH EDSON, born 19 Dec. 1802 at Minot Maine and died 23 July 1893 at W. Camden, NY. Their daughter, CAROLINE ELIZABETH GIBSON, was born 9 March 1840 in Florence NY and married on 2 Aug. 1863 to ORA BAILEY PORTER.
Source: Oakes Vol. 2

REV. OSGOOD EATON HERRICK, D.D. Was the son of SAMUEL HERRICK, born 21 March. 1792 in Reading MA and died 19 Oct. 1876 in Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY. He was a merchant for some years in Boston and then in Windsor, VT. He spent six years at Pillar Point in Jefferson Co., and then moved to Watertown in 1846. He married on 1 Jan. 1817 in Windsor VT to ELIZA HAYES, a sister of Dr. A. A. HAYES, a distinguished physician and chemist and state assayer of MA. She was the daughter of ALLEN HAYES, who for many years the leading merchant of Windsor VT.

OSGOOD HERRICK was born 25 April 1826 in Windsor, VT. In 1839 the family moved to Jefferson Co. and in 1846 moved to Watertown. On 15 June 1851 Osgood was ordained to the ministry of the Protestant Episcopal Church by Bishop DeLancy in Trinity Church at Geneva NY and in the same year became the first rector of Emmanuel Church in Adams, Jefferson Co. In 1853 he became rector of Christ Church, Manlius NY. In 1856 his work took him to St. Paul's Church in Key West, Florida, where he was the rector for 13 years. Twice he was a victim of yellow fever but during the Civil War he constantly offered prayers for the President and Congress. In 1864 President Lincoln heard of his loyal support and appointed him post chaplain in the United States Army. In 1870 he was ordered to Fort Warren at Boston MA and received an order on his departure from Key West by Gen. Sherman, which acknowledged the support he and his wife gave the troops during their time in Key West. In 1875 he was ordered to Fortress Monroe, Virginia where he remained until retired by operation of law. On 25 April 1890. In the following year he moved to Watertown. He married on 16 May 1853 to CHARLOTTE WILLARD SMITH, whose mother was a sister of the mothers of BISHOP WHIPPLE of Minnesota and GENERAL H. W. HALLECK of the US Army.
Source: Oakes Vol. 2

JAMES ROGERS SIMPSON was born 22 July 1805 in Windham, NH, son of ALEXANDER and MARY (ROGERS) SIMPSON. For most of his life, James was connected with the mercantile interests of Jefferson Co. and died in the town of Adams on 7 Oct. 1882.

ALEXANDER SIMPSON, son of ALEXANDER and JANET (TEMPLETON) SIMPSON was born 28 Nov. 1756 in Windham, NH. Early in life he settled in Bow, NH where he married MARY ROGERS, daughter of SAMUEL ROGERS. Alexander was in the Lexington Alarm service and participated in the battles of Bunker Hill and Saratoga. He enlisted at several times, serving four months in 1775, four months in 1777, three months in 1778 and other short periods. He applied for a pension on 11 Sept. 1832 and it was granted for one year of service. He returned to Windham NH to reside in 1789. One of his children was born in Salem and the others in Bow and Windham, NH. Mary suffered derangement before her death and in about 1806 Alexander joined in the migration to the Black River County. He settled in the extreme south end of Champion in Jefferson Co., where he cleared land and operated a sawmill. Late in life he visited his sons at Lower Sandusky, OH and died there. The children of his first wife were treated so unkindly by their stepmother that they embraced the first opportunity to be on their own.

Children of Alexander Simpson and Mary Rogers:

JANET LINDSEY SIMPSON born 5 March 1784 in Bow; married her cousin, JOHN LINDSEY WILSON and lived in Rutland in Jefferson Co., NY


ALEXANDER SIMPSON; lived in Lower Sandusky OH

SYLVANUS LEONARD SIMPSON; lived in Lower Sandusky OH

SAMUEL ROGERS SIMPSON married NANCY STODDARD and lived in Alexandria Bay and was buried in Whitesville.

ISAAC SIMPSON was drowned at Black Rock near Buffalo at 19 years.

MARGARET FLANDERS SIMPSON was the second wife of JOHN L. WILSON, whom she survived and then married OTIS ANDRUS and died in Rutland Hollow.

ELIZABETH MCCONNELL SIMPSON was the wife of PATRICK NORRIS and died in Rutland.

JAMES ROGERS SIMPSON gave some time to carpentry and also taught school. For 25 years he lived at Sackett's Harbor where he was employed in a store. He was a farmer for six years, half of the time at Great Bend and the balance in the town of Pamelia. After the close of the Civil War he went to Smithville and Adams and Henderson where he kept a general store for several years. He married 7 Sept. 1840 to HANNAH FULTON, born 9 Sept. 1809 in Champion near Great Bend, daugher of JAMES and SARAH (CHOATE) FULTON. Hannah died 17 Jan. 1871 at Smithville.

Their only child:

1. CLEANTHA SIMPSON married ALONZO P. HALL and lived in Watertown.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

CHARLES HAMILTON WALTS, a judge of Jefferson Co., was a descendant of early Dutch settlers of the state. Their original location was in Otsego County, and WILLIAM WALTS moved to Jefferson Co., where he settled on a farm in the town of Pamelia. His wife, LOUISA ALLEN, was a native of Otsego Co., and they were the parents of CHARLES H. WALTS. William was a successful farmer and retired to the City of Watertown where he spent his last years. William died there on 31 Dec. 1898 and his widow survived by four days, and she passed away on 4 Jan. 1899. Both are buried in the North Watertown Cemetery.

Their son, CHARLES H. WALTS, was born 7 Dec. 1839 in the town of Pamelia and attended the common schools and he decided to make the legal profession his lifework. He entered the office of Clark and Calvin, who were attorneys in Watertown. He pursued his studies after attending the Albany Law School where he graduated in 1861 with the Bachelor of Laws degree. His practice began in Theresa where he remained a short time and then moved to Watertown. He was chosen county judge in 1877 and re-elected in 1883. He married early in life to REBECCA L. LAWYER, daughter of HON. NICHOLAS LAWYER of Perch River, Jefferson Co. She died in Jan. 1895 and on 27 June 1901 he married CATHERINE L. MITCHELL of Watertown. They had an adopted daughter, Jeannette.
Source: Oakes Vol. 2

JOHN LEE HALL was the son of ELIHU and NANCY HALL, born 5 Dec. 1808 in Bridgewater, NY and died 18 Sept. 1894 on a farm two miles south of Smithville in Jefferson County NY. In 1835 he moved to Jefferson County and settled on a farm in the town of Ellisburg near Belleville. For a time he was an innkeeper being located for three years at Pierrpont Manor and two years at Sacketts Harbor. In about 1860 he retired from business and moved to Smithville, later to Butterville, where he died. He married first on 9 Jan. 1831 to MARY WARD, a native of Brookfield, Madison Co., NY who died in February 1863, the mother of two sons and a daughter. The daughter, ELIZABETH HALL, married MARCUS MANVILLE and died at Smithville. JAMES HALL, the youngest, died at Smithville about the same time as his mother at age 24 years. John married 2nd to ZIPHA THOMAS, widow of MORTON THOMAS who survived him and lived in Adams, Jefferson Co.

ALONZO P. HALL, the oldest child of JOHN LEE and MARY (WARD) HALL was born 21 Nov. 1833 in Bridgewater NY and was a small boy when his parents brought him to Ellisburge where he grew up. He attended the schools near Belleville and the academy. He remained with his father on the farm until about 1855 and aided in the operation of the Ontario House at Sacketts Harbor during the two years that his father was the proprietor. Alonzo then clerked in a general store in Smithville where he continued until 7 Aug. 1862 on which date he became a soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War. He became a duty sergeant and continued in that post until Feb. 1865 when he was promoted to second lieutenant. In the spring of 1866 Alonzo engaged in farming in the town of Pamelia and sold out his farm after three years and was in the mercantile business in Smithville where he remained until 1880. Alonzo died in 1918 in Watertown. He married on 14 Aug. 1862 to CLEANTHA SIMPSON of Sacketts Harbor. Cleantha S. was born in 1842 and died 1916 in Watertown. See Simpson Family above for her lineage.

Children of Alonzo P. Hall and Cleantha Simpson:

FRED A. HALL born 26 June 1867 in Pamelia; married Oct. 1893 to CORA A. CARTER, daughter of ASA L. CARTER, and lived in Cortland NY. - Daughter: RUTH CLEANTHE HALL, born 13 July 1900 at Elmira NY. Fred died 1930 in Watertown.

JESSE HALL born 5 Aug. 1872 in Smithville; died 20 Jan. 1896

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

LEONARD POWERS was born in Proctersville VT and then moved to St. Lawrenc Co NY. By occupation he was a farmer and a soldier in the War of 1812, serving at Sackett's Harbor. He married DIADENCE/DIADEMA M. CALDWELL. Leonard was born in 1795 and died in 1884 and is buried in Watertown. Diadema was born in 1798 and died in 1844 in Watertown. They had four children but only one was mentioned.

Children of Leonard Powers and Diadence Caldwell:

ISAAC PROCTER POWERS, born 6 Sept. 1826 in St. Lawrence Co., NY. Moved in Jan. 1852 to Watertown and became a successful merchant. He opened a book store and was an incorporator of the Watertown Steam Engine Co. Isaac held a number of business positions in Watertown. He was a Mason and Odd Fellow. Isaac married LORINDA I. LAMON, daughter of FRANCIS R. LAMON, an old Watertown family. Lorinda was born in 1837 and died in 1922. Isaac died in 1908 in Watertown. They were married in 1858 and had three children, but only one was noticed: ALICE POWERS who married EDWARD N. SMITH, a lawyer in Watertown. FRANCIS R. LAMON was born in 1807 and died in 1891 in Watertown. Wife, Susan, born 1811 and died 1854 in Watertown.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2, cemetery records

JOSEPH (JOHN) MULLIN, father of JOSEPH MULLIN SR. was born in Ireland about the middle of the 18th century and for the greater part of his life engaged as an educator. In 1815 he was the principal of a school but resigned his position and five years later emigrated to the United States. He was accompanied by his whole family with the exception of one son, Andrew, who succeeded his father as principal of the school in Ireland. Joseph settled in Watertown NY where he lived for the rest of his life. He married MARTHA BODEL, and they had 11 children. John died in 1855 at 87 years and is buried in Watertown. Martha died in 1854 at 87 years and is also buried in Watertown.

JOSEPH MULLIN, their youngest child, was born 6 Aug. 1811 in Dromore, County Down, Ireland and was about nine years of age when his parents brought him to America. He became a lawyer and held many public offices, including several judicial positions. Judge Mullin retired from the bench on 31 1881. In addition to his judicial duties, he was heavily involved in local affairs and in 1853 and 1854 served as president of the Village of Watertown. He married in January 1839 to LYDIA M. TEN EYCK, daughter of HON. EGBERT TEN EYCK of Watertown, who was for many years one of the judges of the court of common pleas of Jefferson Co. Judge Mullin and Lydia had five children. The Judge died in June 1882 in Saratoga but his remains were interred in Watertown. Lydia Maria TenEyck died in 1884 at 69 years and is buried in Watertown.

ANTHONY TEN EYCK MULLIN, their elder son was born 24 Jan. 1841 in Watertown and died suddenly at his father's home on 21 Sept. 1877.

JOSEPH MULLIN, son of Joseph and Lydia, was born 29 May 1848 in Watertown where he received his primary education. He attended Troy Polytechnic Institute where he graduated with honor. Following in his father's footsteps, he became a lawyer and was admitted to the bar in 1871. In 1891 he was elected to the state senate. Senator Mullin married on 20 April 1887 to MRS. ROSE BABCOCK, widow of H. P. BABCOCK, and daughter of JOHN and MARIETTA (PRIEST) MONROE. Rose died in 1908 at 55 years and is buried in Watertown. Senator Mullin died suddenly on 1 Sept. 1897 at the University Club in New York City. The entire community attended the funeral as he was liked and respected by all.

MRS. HENRY BOYER of Watertown


MRS. CATHERINE BROWN of Nashville Tennessee

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

SELDEN MUNSON, was the son of ABEL and LUCY MUNSON, born 2 June 1799 in Windham NY and died 22 Jan. 1873 in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY. He was a farmer by occupation. On 4 May 1825 he married AMANDA BARNES, daughter of MANNING BARNES, who kept the first tavern at West Camden NY. She died 1 Dec. 1869. MARY ANNIS MUNSON, second of three daughters and third of the five children of Selden and Amanda, was born 16 Jan 1836 and married JOHN WESLEY GAMBLE, who died in Watertown, NY.
Source: Oakes Vol. 2

HON. CUSHMAN KELLOGG lawyer and statesman, died in St. Paul MN on 27 Nov. 1900. He as a native of Jefferson Co., NY, born in Henderson on 16 June 1838, son of HORATIO NELSON DAVIS and CLARISSA CUSHMAN. Horatio was a pioneer settler in Wisconsin in 1838. Cushman married in 1880 to ANNA MALCOM AGNEW of St. Paul MN.
Source: Oakes Vol. 2

HENRY DEVEREUX SEWALL was the son of SAMUEL SEWALL and ABIGAIL DEVEREUX. He was intended for a mercantile career and was not given a college education. In 1807 he went to Portland where he was employed in a branch establishment of one of the business houses of Boston. In 1811 he moved the business to Montreal Canada and in 1813 owing to the war with England was required either to take the oath of allegiance or to leave Canada. He chose the latter and abandoned his business. Being obliged to return to Montreal during the year, he was arrested as a spy but succeeded in proving his innocence. In 1814 he traveled for a time in western NY, collecting debts and later for some years in foreign shipping and commission business in New York City. In 1828 he began to bild a home for himself on Sewall's Island and in May 1829 he and his family moved to Watertown in Jefferson Co, where they took possession of their new home on 17 October 1829. Henry helped advance the prosperity of Watertown by his interest in manufacturing. He married MARY CATHERINE NORTON who belonged to a well-known Connecticut family. Henry and Mary Catherine Sewall were the parents of nine children. Mary Catherine died in Dec. 1840 and Henry in June of 1846.

Their son, EDMUND QUINCY SEWALL, was born 1 July 1826 in New York City and was age three when brought to Watertown by his parents. He attended the common schools and at 14 entered Harvard University and graduated at 18 years. He studied law and spent two years at Heidelberg Germany. His involvement in Watertown with public works was varied. On 28 June 1866 he married KATHERINE SMITH, daughter of MAJOR HENRY SMITH, an officer in the US Army, who during the Mexican War, commanded at Vera Cruz. Edmund died 21 Aug. 1892 at his home in Watertown; his widow survived him.

Children of Edmund Q. Sewall and Katherine Smith:

GRACE FOSTER SEWALL; married W. C. STEBBINS of Watertown




Source: Oakes Vol. 2

ELON THAYER was the sixth child of LUKE and MARY THAYER. He married LUCY PATCH in November of 1820 and settled at Cape Vincent, Jefferson Co. NY. He was a merchant tailor. He died 8 April 1864.

Children of F. Elon Thayer and Lucy Patch:

MARY MELINDA THAYER; born 11 June 1821

ALBERT ALONZO THAYER born 16 Jan. 1824; died 8 Oct. 1835

MARTHA MARIA THAYER born 24 Feb. 1828

GALEN HENRY THAYER born 8 Oct. 1835

Source: Thayer Geneal.

WILLARD THAYER was the fourth child of MOSES and HANNAH THAYER. He married SALLY BLANCHARD in 1826 by Esquire Thomas, J. P. and settled at Evans Mills, Jefferson Co NY. He was a stone and brick mason. Willard died 15 Sept. 1852 and Sally died 10 Nov. 1863.

Childred of G. Willard Thayer and Sally Blanchard:


MOSES ALEXANDER THAYER born 8 Jan 1829; died 15 Jan. 1867

GEORGE NELSON THAYER born 10 Feb. 1831; married BETSEY ROGERS, daughter of ASAHEL and ESTHER ROGERS of Philadelphia, Jefferson Co. NY on 4 Feb. 1852 and settled there. George was a farmer. He died 19 Jan. 1857.

Children of George N. Thayer and Betsey Rogers:

a. MARIA THAYER born 17 Dec. 1852

OREN THAYER born 12 May 1833


IRA WADKINS THAYER born 15 June 1839

ANN JANE THAYER born 8 Nov 1841



WILLARD ZIBA THAYER born 23 June 1849

Source: Thayer Geneal.

STEPHEN P. THAYER, seventh child of SANFORD W. and SALLY MINOR THAYER, his second wife, married HARRIET L. NICHOLSON, daughter of PALATIA NICHOLSON of Jefferson Co NY on 7 July 1847 and settled in Oswego NY. Sally was born 2 July 1829. Four children.

Source: Thayer Geneal.

BENJAMIN THAYER was the seventh child of SIMEON and ZERVIA THAYER, born 4 June 1783 and died 25 Jan. 1872, buried Pierce Cem. He married EUNICE (DODGE) TYLER on 15 April 1810 and settled in Wilna, Jefferson Co., NY in 1824. He was a farmer. Eunice was born 29 Dec. 1786 and died 2 Feb. 1877; buried Pierce Cem.

Children of Benjamin Thayer and Eunice Tyler:

FRINDA THAYER born 25 Oct. 1811died 22 Jan 1875 at 63 years

LAURA THAYER born 1813; married in 1833 to SAMUEL J. DAVIS

HARRIET THAYER born 10 Jan 1815

EMILY THAYER born 26 Aug 1817

GEORGE DODGE THAYER born 7 June 1819; died 14 May 1858

MARIA THAYER born 4 Mar. 1821; died 27 Dec. 1828 at 4 years

BENJAMIN THAYER born 24 April 1825

Source: Thayer Geneal., cemetery records.

DELIA THAYER was the eighth child of ELIJAH and LYDIA THAYER. She married JACOB FULLER and settled in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY. Farmers by occupation. Jacob settled in Rutland in 1804 and remained there until his death on 9 August 1859 at 79 years. Jacob was of Shelburne Falls, MA. He married Delia in Massachusetts and they had five children. Child's states Jacob and Delia died on the old homestead. Cemetery records of Felts Mills show Dilla Fuller Thayre died 26 June 1858 at 74 yrs 2 months. Jacob was in the War of 1812./p>

Children of Jacob Fuller and Delia Thayer:


DAPHNE FULLER died 28 April 1870

GRATIA FULLER died 21 years; buried Felts Mills

LUCRETIA FULLER died 17 Nov. 1839 at 11 years

NORMAN J. FULLER; resided in Carthage.

Source: Thayer Geneal., Childs, cemetery records

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