Migrations Part 71:

CRANSTON GATES was the eldest child of JOHN and JEMIMA (HARVEY) GATES, born 6 May 1810 in Cornish, NH and raised on a farm there. Cranston moved to Wilna in 1829 and worked through the season in the employ of EDMUND RAWSON, helping to build a dam on Black River between Wilna and Champion. He returned to Cornish for one year where he married SUSAN VINTON. In the fall of 1831 he took up residence in Wilna and bought 260 acres of land, which he began to improve. He began farming on a large scale and operated a sawmill. At one point he owned 1,600 acres of land. Much of that land was purchased to secure the timber and he milled large amounts of lumber for building purposes. He continued milling lumber until his death on 7 July 1873 and his widow survived until August 1875. Both Cranston and his wife were members of the Disciples' Church at Carthage. Cranston was a major donor for the building of that church. He also found time to serve in various public offices in Wilna.

Children of Cranston Gates and Susan Vinton:

1. VINTON GATES; resident of Buffalo NY

2. FREDERICK GATES; died in Wilna in 1874

3. LINUS GATES; lived in the town of Denmark and was a lumber jobber and died as the result of exposure on a log drive.

4. JULIUS K. GATES; lived on the homestead, site of the sawmill operated by his father.

5. MARIA GATES; died in 1868; married AARON CRANE of Wilna.

6. SUSAN GATES; married WILLIAM SCOTT and lived on part of the parental homestead

7. CRANSTON O. GATES; grew up in Wilna; worked with his father until he was 23, renting the home farm. In 1864 he enlisted in the Civil War and suffered a wound, which disabled him. When somewhat recovered he made charcoal and purchased his father's sawmill which he operated until 1876. In that year he moved to Carthage and was a millwright and carpenter and contractor. In 1874 he served as collector of the town of Wilna. Cranston was married three times: first, on 18 March 1863 to SUSAN OSBORN, who died in 1866. On 10 Sept. 1868 he married MARY McDONALD, a native of Wilna and daughter of THOMAS McDONALD. She died on 14 Dec. 1874 and left five children. He married at Croghan on 30 Nov. 1880 to CATHERINE CONNOLLY, a native of Carthage and daughter of JOHN and BRIDGE (LEONARD) CONNOLLY, who were natives of Ireland.

Children of Cranston O. Gates:

  8         i      ORVILLE GATES, died young

  9         ii      ORVILLE GATES; carpenter; resided in Carthage

  10       iii      WELTON GATES; died at 17 years

  11       iv       DEBORAH GATES; died in 1898; married GRANT GARDNER

  12        v       SUSAN GATES; died 1897

  13       vi       MARY GATES; died at 18

  14       vii       LEONARD GATES born 4 April 1883

  15        viii     AGNES GATES born 26 April 1885

  16       ix       JOHN EARL GATES born 31 Mar. 1888

  17        x       ROY GATES born 24 Jan. 1890

  18       xi       EDNA GATES born 30 Nov. 1892

  19       xii      DONALD MORRIS GATES born 30 Aug. 1903

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

MAJOR JOHN VINTON was born in 1760 and married SUSANNA MANNING of Woodstock CT in 1784. He served in the Revolutionary War from 1777 to 1780. In 1787 he moved to Cornish NH where he worked as a blacksmith and farmer. He was a man of considerable note in the town and served as major of militia, was deputy sheriff and a large property holder. Their daughter, SUSAN M. VINTON, was born in Jan. 1799 and married in April 1831 to CRANSTON GATES, with whom she moved to Wilna NY. See Gates Family above.

EBENEZER TOLMAN was the eldest son and second child of EBENEZER and MARY (CLARKE) TOLMAN, born 23 April 1784 in Fitz-William, NY and became a resident of Jefferson County, NY in 1817, accompanied by his younger brother, WILLIAM TOLMAN, and three of his sisters. He located in the southeastern part of the town of Watertown and cleared and developed a farm. The farm was later occupied by his grandson, CHARLES A. TOLMAN. He married on 5 May 1816 to HOPEFUL RANDALL, a native of Massachusetts born 1789 and who died 23 Mar. 1845. Ebenezer survived her, and passed away on 7 Feb. 1873. They were the parents of seven children.

Children of Ebenezer Tolman and Hopeful Randall:

AUGUSTUS TOLMAN, born 4 Jan. 1818 on the homestead where his father had settled the previous year. Married on 16 Feb. 1853 to SARAH LOUISA GODDARD, born 25 May 1825 in Clayton, daughter of NATHAN F. and MATILDA GODDARD. They were the parents of a son and an adopted daughter—Charles A. and Luella A. Augustus died on 18 Dec. 1888 on the old family homestead and his wife survived him passing away on 15 April 1892.

Children of August Tolman and Sarah L. Goddard:
1      CHARLES AUGUSTUS TOLMAN born 4 Nov. 1853 on the farm located by his grandfather in 1818. Married 12 May 1880 to EMMA AUGUSTA WILDER, daughter of GEORGE JOSELIN and MARCIA VICTOR (SHELDON) WILDER. He died 12 June 1928.

Children of Charles A. Tolman and Emma A. Wilder:
i      LENA LOUISE TOLMAN born 30 May 1883
ii      WIN AUGUSTS TOLMAN born 19 Jan. 1890
iii      LENORE MARCIA TOLMAN born 6 Oct. 1891

WILLIAM TOLMAN, third son and sixth child of EBENEZER and MARY (CLARKE) TOLMAN, was born 7 Nov. 1795 in Nelson, Cheshire Co., NH. He remained on the paternal farm until he was 22 and in 1817 came to Jefferson County, NY where he was employed on farms and took up land in the town of Alexandria, which he disposed of and after three years went to Pawtucket RI where he cared for and took care of affairs of an aged great uncle. He saved his earnings and returned to New Hampshire after a six year stay in Rhode Island and married, In 1827 he returned to Jefferson County NY and purchased land in the southern part of the town of Waterton on Sandy Creek Road. After living there for six years he purchased a farm farther north, where his son, WILLIAM O. TOLMAN, lived and where he farmed until his death on 3 Aug. 1892. William married on 9 Oct. 1827 to MARY BANCROFT, daughter of TIMOTHY and ABIGAIL BANCROFT. She as born 9 May 1796 in Nelson, NH. Mary died 19 Mar. 1881.

Children of William Tolman and Mary Bancroft:
  3 HENRY TOLMAN; died in infancy
  4 MARY AMANDA TOLMAN; born 9 July 1834; lived with Solon B.; died 1908
  5 WILLIAM ORVILLE TOLMAN; married Ophelia M., born 1839; died 6 Aug. 1907

SOLON BANCROFT TOLMAN, No. 1 above, was born 27 July 1828 in Watertown. He married 16 Mar. 1854 to LODUSTA ARCHER, daughter of ABRAM and HANNAH (UNDERWOOD) ARCHER. She was born 4 Aug. 1834 in Rutland and died in 1897 in her home in Watertown. He died 12 Mar 1908.

WILLIAM ORVILLE TOLMAN, No. 5 above, was born 1 Oct. 1837 and the paternal farm in Watertown. He married on 12 Nov. 1863 MARY OPHELIA BAILEY, daughter of LYMAN and SUSAN (BULL) BAILEY. She was born 16 April 1839 in Whitestown, Wayne Co., NY. She died on 6 Aug. 1907. William died in 1917.

Children of William O. Tolman and Mary O. Bailey:
1 MARY LOUISE TOLMAN born 5 Sept. 1864 in Watertown; married 8 Oct. 1890 to FRED D. SIMMONS and lived on the paternal farm-one child ETHEL OPHELIA SIMMONS, born 15 Oct. 1891
2 SUSIE LUELLA TOLMAN, born 11 May 1869; married 21 Nov. 1894 to ALBERT L. SPINK; lived on a farm at Rodman

Children of Susie L. Tolman and Albert L. Spink:
  a. SEWARD TOLMAN SPINK born 8 Sept 1898; died at four months
  b. SEWELL LABAN SPINK born 28 Nov. 1899 died before two months
  c. SUSIE GWENDOLYN SPINK born 9 Sept. 1903
  d. HATTIE OPHELIA SPINK died in her fourth year.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2, cemetery records

LYMAN BAILEY, a respected farmer in the town of Watertown, was born 29 Sept. 1803 in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY. His father was SILAS BAILEY, born 19 May 1770 a farmer of Stephentown, who died 30 June 1841. Silas was married to OLIVE SWEETLAND, born 19 Dec. 1776 and died 17 June 1868. Lyman resided in Wayne Co., NY and then moved to Watertown about 1840. He purchased the Johnson Bull farm near Burrville and lived there until his death which occurred on 15 Jan. 1877. He married on 1 Jan. 1837 to SUSAN BULL, daughter of JOHNSON and NANCY (BROWN) BULL. Nancy was the daughter of ICHABOD BROWN.

Children of Lyman Bailey and Susan Bull:
  1 LOUISA ANN BAILEY born 11 Dec. 1837; resided Watertown with her sister, Mrs. W. O. Tolman.
  2 MARY OPHELIA BAILEY born 16 April 1839; married WILLIAM O. TOLMAN.
  3 DWIGHT L. BAILEY born 12 July 1847; married HATTIE WAITE; died 27 Oct. 1903 in Watertown.
  4 ISIDORE S. BAILEY born 18 Nov. 1857; married ORVILLE M. REXFORD and lived in Watertown.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2.

THOMAS HARDY married in 1784 to LUCY COLBOURN, daughter of LT. ROBERT COLBOURN.

Children of Thomas Hardy and Lucy Colbourn:
  1 THOMAS HARDY born 23 Oct. 1784; Dartmouth College grad in 1812
  2 MOSES HARDY born 14 Sept. 1786
  3 ELIAS HARDY born 3 April 1788; died in infancy
  4 ROBERT HARDY born 23 Mar. 1789
  5 LUCY HARDY born 25 Nov. 1792
  6 PHINEAS HARDY; born 23 Jan. 1795
  7 ELIZABETH HARDY born 28 Nov. 1796
  8 ELIAS HARDY born 19 Dec. 1798
  9 ANNA HARDY born 14 May 1801.

ROBERT HARDY, the fourth son, above, was born 23 Mar. 1789 in Dublin NH. In 1811 he headed for Black River country and settled in Watertown near Burr's Mills. With his brother, PHINEAS HARDY, he purchased 112 acres of land which they cleared. Phineas spent his time in cultivating the land and Robert spent much of his time in the trade of builder. He employed several men and after a few years he bought his brother's interest in the farm, which he managed while still engaged in building. In 1836 he was injured in a fall and then turned his attention to farming. In 1818 he moved to Rutland where he spent the rest of his life. He died on 30 Nov. 1860 at his home in the northern part of Rutland. He married on 2 Feb. 1815 in Dublin NH to ABIGAIL STONE, who was born in that town on 15 Nov. 1793. She survived him and passed away on 15 Mr. 1868.

Children of Robert Hardy and Abigail Stone:
    1 THOMAS HARDY born 7 Nov. 1815 in Watertown; died 24 Sept. 1841
    2 LOVILLA HARDY born 25 June 1817; married JAMES HUNT of Champion and died 29 May 1868.
    3 ABIGAIL HARDY borrn 16 Feb. 1819 in Rutland; married DANIEL PATTON of Lowville NY and died 28 Feb. 1847
    4 ROBERT C. HARDY born 1 Oct. 1820; lived in Rutland
    5 GUSTAVUS HARDY born 3 Aug. 1823; resident of Watertown
    6 LUCY ANN HARDY born 19 Nov. 1825; married SAMUEL FRINK; resided in Rutland
    7 WILLIAM ADDISON HARDY born 29 Dec. 1827; married SARAH JANE WARNER; he died 20 Mar. 1895 in Rockford IL
    8 CHARLES CARROLL HARDY born 31 Mar. 1830
    9 JOHN CALVIN HARDY born 7 April 1833 married JULIA SCOTT; resided in Copenhagen NY
    10. ARTHUR LIVERMORE HARDY born 22 Jan 1835; died 1842

CHARLES CARROLL HARDY, No. 8 above, was born 31 Mar. 1830 in Rutland. At 19 he left home and engaged with BENJAMIN GIBBS of Watertown, to learn the carpenter and builder trade. He became involved in architectural drawing and took up the study with OTIS L. WHEELOCK. In 1853 he traveled to California Eldorado. His route was via Nicaragua in the ship Independence which was wrecked and burned near the island of Santa Margarita off the Mexican coast and 150 of the 400 persons on board were lost. Charles was among the survivors and was taken off the island and transported to San Francisco by a whaling ship called Meteor. He tried mining with mixed success and turned his attention to his trade; he did much building at the mining town of French Gulch. Later he obtained an appointment as master mechanic and builder on government work at Fort Walla Walla in Washington territory and continued in that position until he returned to Jefferson County in 1859. After the death of his father, in the following year, he bought the interests of the other heirs and became sole owner of the homestead, where he built new buildings. He was a successful farmer and his principal products were those of dairy and maple syrup and sugar. In 1881 he moved to a farm on the South Road where he pursued agriculture and bee keeping and died 6 Dec. 1901 at almost 72 years.

ROBERT HARDY married on 1 Jan. 1861 EMILY CAROLINE SCOTT, daughter of STEPHEN and MARY B. SCOTT. She was born 8 Aug. 1837 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co.

Children of Robert Hardy and Emily C. Scott:

DAVID ROGERS HARDY, No. 1 above, was born 25 Oct. 1861 on the paternal homestead in the town of Rutland. He married 17 Jan. 1884 to EMILY GRACE WILSON, daughter of GEORGE A. WILSON and GERALDINE COLLINS of Burrville. Emily was born 17 Feb. 1864 in Watertown.

Children of David R. Hardy and Emily G. Wilson:
    1 RAYMOND WILSON HARDY born 8 Dec. 1884 in Rutland
    2 CHARLES MILLAR HARDY born 9 Dec. 1891 in Clayton
    3 WALTER COLLINS HARDY born 27 Feb. 1898

FANNIE JENNETTE HARDY, daughter of Charles C. and Emily, was born 31 Oct. 1864 in the town of Rutland and educated there and in Watertown. She married 16 Mar. 1893 to ARTHUR L. WILLIAMS, a druggist in Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY where they resided.

JENNIE SARAH HARDY, daughter of Charles C. and Emily, was born 30 Dec. 1865 and educated in Watertown. She married on 17 Oct. 1894 to GRANT L. LEWIS and lived in Rutland where Grant farmed. Their daughter, IDA ROBERTA LEWIS, born 23 Mar. 1896.

MARY SCOTT HARDY, daughter of Charles C. and Emily, was born 10 Nov. 1874 and was educated in Watertown. She married on 16 June 1902 to HARRY STEWART BANDFIELD, a bookkeeper and lived in Brooklyn, NY.

PHINEAS HARDY, son of THOMAS and LUCY (COLBOURN) HARDY was born 23 Jan 1795 in Dublin NH. At 18 years he joined his brother, Robert, who had settled in Watertown. He bought land in Rutland, three miles south of the village of Black River, between the State Road and Ruland Hollow Road. He developed a farm and lived there until 1832, four of his children being born there. Having sold his land to advantage he bought land in Lorraine and lived one year in that town. Again he sold out and moved to LeRay and purchased the old county farm at Sanford's Corners on 15 April 1834. He lived on that farm until 1869 when he sold out to his son and moved to Black River. He was a pioneer cheesemaker of the town and kept from 40 to 60 cows. The products were marketed in Albany and Boston. Phineas married on 24 Mar. 1822 to SARAH HOWLAND, only daughter and second child of RICHMOND HOWLAND. She was born 1 April 1798 in Providence RI and died 13 Jan. 1887 in Black River at close to 89 years.

Children of Phineas Hardy and Sarah Howland:
1 DAVID HARDY born 19 Nov. 1823; married ANNA SLACK; was a farmer in LeRay and died 2 Nov. 1889.
2 ELIAS HARDY born 16 Nov. 1826; farmer in Throop, Cayuga Co. and moved to Auburn
3 MARIA HARDY born 11 Dec. 1828 in Rutland; married SIMEON DEXTER
4 LUCY HARDY born 1 April 1831 in Rutland; died in childhood
5 PHINEAS HARDY born 21 Feb. 1838 in LeRay; farmer there all his life and died ther 24 July 1895; married 5 April 1866 to EUNETIA EARL who survived him and she moved to Sanford's Corners. Two children: GEORGE L. HARDY and MARY GERTRUDE HARDY; married WILL BALLARD BALL of Watertown

STEPHEN SCOTT was a son of GIDEON and MARY SCOTT. He was born 4 June 1806 in Remsen, Oneida Co NY. He married in 1835 to MARY BULLOCK CARPENTER, born 4 Dec. 1806. Stephen was a shoemaker and engaged in farming. He settled in Fairfield, Herkimer co NY where he removed upon his retirement to Collinsville, Lewis Co., where he died 13 May 1888. Mary died 3 Nov. 1896 at the home of her daughter, MRS. CHARLES C. HARDY in the town of Rutland. Mary was 89 years of age.

Children of Stephen Scott and Mary Bullock:
1 EMILY CAROLINE SCOTT; married Robert Hardy See above
2 MARY JULIA SCOTT, born 27 May 1839; married 25 Dec. 1860 to JOHN CALVIN HARDY and resided in Copenhagen, Lewis Co NY; she died 13 Sept. 1903—eight children55

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

WILLIAM SILL, son of WILLIAM M. SILL, born in Lyme CT on 8 Feb. 1792. During the year of 1812 he moved to Jefferson Co NY and located at Brownville and later became a merchant in the town of Rodman. In 1825 he began farming in the town of Henderson and in 1836 he purchased a farm in Rodman where he spent his remaining days. The property was 218 acres and he added 17 more, all of which was under cultivation. On 2 Oct. 1816 he married SOPHIA HOPKINS who died 16 May 1851 at 59 years and in 1853 he married 2nd to MRS. SARAH ISHAM. William died 8 Aug. 1869.

Children of William Sill and Sophia Hopkins:
1 MARY SILL; married HORACE BROWN of Henderson; later a resident of Adams where both died.
2 JOHN STERLING SILL; born Rodman on 27 Oct. 1820. On 19 June 1850 he married ARLETTA V. WINSLOW of Rodman NY, daughter of WILLIAM WINSLOW. She died 20 Mar. 1900 at 80 years.

Children of John Sterling Sill and Arletta V. Winslow:
a. JOHN STERLING SILL JR. born 1 Aug. 1858
b. WILLIAM ELISHA SILL; married ANNA GATES, daughter of SIMEON GATES of Rodman, born 27 Oct. 1868. - one child.

3 EDWARD SILL; died 1893; physician in Dexter and Watertown
4 ELIZABETH SILL; married ERASTUS KELSEY of LeRay NY, a farmer

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

DAVID WALKER, son of SYLVESTER and MARY (PULLEN) WALKER was born 28 Oct. 1799 in Swansea, (Somerset) Ma. He married in March 1820 to EUNICE THOMAS, daughter of IRA THOMAS. [Use Search Engine to find references to Ira Thomas. ] Eunice died 3 Aug. 1824 in Adams and left two daughters. On 19 Sept. 1826, David married LUCY THOMAS, sister of his first wife and they had two children. He was a local preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church as well as being a competent civil enginner and who surveyed most of the lands in the southern part of the county. In early life s he owned and tilled a farm of 170 acres in Ellisburgh but moved in 1839 to the village of Adams where he lived until old age where he died at the home of his son in Cape Vincent on 3 Sept. 1883 at almost 84 years.

Children of David Walker and Eunice and Lucy Thomas:
1 LUCY ELMIRA WALKER; died at 16 years
2 EUNICE WALKER; died in childhood
3 SARAH JANETTE WALKER; married JONATHAN HALL of Smithfield PA, whom she survived and died at Adams in the autumn of 1862
4 GEORGE SUMMERFIELD WALKER; born 27 Nov. 1830 in Ellisburg; raised in Adams. He married on 11 April 1860 by Rev. B. S. Wright of Watertown, to ELLEN E. WILLIAMSON , born 22 Feb. 1835 in Rodman, daughter of SAMUEL and ANNA (WILLIAMSON) WILLIAMSON. Anna was born in Rodman, daughter of CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMSON, an early settler and his wife, ELEANOR HEUSTIS, only daughter of a family of six brothers who came from England. SAMUEL WILLIAMS was born 21 Aug. 1799 and lived in Rodman and Adams. He died 6 Aug. 1899 at 99 years and 50 weeks at the home of a daughter in Rochester NY. Anna died 28 May 1883 in New Haven, Oswego Co., NY

Children of George and Ellen Walker:
      a. LILLIAN J. WALKER; married DANIEL MARKS, dentist of Bridgeton NJ
      b. LEONE LUNETTE WALKER head of schools in New Rochelle NY
      c. LUCY ELLEN WALKER; married DeWITT L. PARKER, M. D., of Brooklyn NY
      d. HERBERT D. WALKER; advertising publisher; lived New Rochell
      e. GEORGE SAMUEL WALKER; lived New Brunswick NJ
      f. ANNA M. WALKER, died at 23 years

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

HON. HARRISON FULLER of Adams was active in state government having served several terms in the legislative assembly of New York. He was the son of WILLIAM FULLER and grandson of SAMUEL FULLER.

SAMUEL FULLER was born in Whitingham VT in 1775 and was a farmer by occupation. He was an early pioneer settler of the town of Adams where he purchased a tract of land. He was successful in his business operations and he died 4 Oct. 1857 at 82 years. He married ANNA PHILLIPS and they were the parents of seven children:


WILLIAM FULLER, No. 1, above, father of Harrison, settled on the farm later occupied by his son about two miles northeast of Adams Centre. On 10 Sept. 1837 he married MARTHA KEEP, sister of HENRY KEEP. They had four children—three daughters and one son. Two of the daughters died, one at five and one at 12. William died at his residence in Adams Centre on 20 April 1884 at 72 years. Martha died 18 Jan. 1883.

Their children:
a. MARY FULLER, their daughter, married JOHN A. D. SNELL of Adams Center where she resided.
b. HARRISON FULLER, their only son, was born 1 Aug. 1845 on the homestead in Adams; he served in a variety of public offices and on the boards of several businesses in Watertown. He married on 25 Oct. 1865 to ELLA SNELL. They had a daughter, MARTHA ANNETTE FULLER. Harrison died in Watertown, thrown from his carriage on 2 June 1904 at the city hospital.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

ELIPHALET EVERETT was born 3 Dec. 1757 in Sharon CT and married RHODA PECK, a descendant of the Massachusetts Pecks. He was a farmer and lived many years in Sharon (Ellsworth Society). Later he moved to Watertown NY. On 3 Mar. 1777 he enlisted as a private soldier for three years and in April 1778 was transferred to General Washington's Life Guard and remained with them until 1780. Family tradition said he was for two years a steward of Washington's military family. He died in 1816 and is buried in Brownville, Jefferson Co., NY. See Fonda List this site for military record.

Children of Eliphalet Everett and Rhoda Peck:
3 LAURA EVERETT; born 19 Sept. 1787 in Sharon CT; married 18 Oct. 1806 to HENRY HATCH of Kent, CT. They moved to Watertown Jefferson Co in 1811; she died 4 Feb. 1882.

Children of Laura Everett and Henry Hatch:
a. MARIA HATCH; married AMASA POWERS; lived in Hounsfield where she died
b. MARY HATCH married 1st JESSE AYERS and 2nd ELISHA WAKEFIELD; died in Watertown
c. ABIAH HATCH; married WILLIAM BROWN; lived E. Arlington VT where she died
d. LAURA ANN HATCH; married NATHAN COFFEEN of Watertown where she died
e. MAHALA HATCH; married ABNER TREMAINE; lived in Watertown
f. GEORGE WHITFIELD HATCH; died May 1903 in Watertown


Source: Oakes Vol. 2

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