Migrations Part 73

ABERDEEN SINCLAIR, son of JOHN SINCLAIR, was born in Champion, Jefferson Co NY on 12 Sept 1808 and lived in Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY. He married on 27 Dec. 1829 to SYLVIA ANN HOLMES, born 3 July 1806 in Whitesboro, Oneida Co NY.

Children of Aberdeen Sinclair and Sylvia Holmes:
2)JOHN HENRY SINCLAIR b 15 Nov. 1837
4)HELEN MAR SINCLAIR b 20 Sept 1845

Source: Sinclair Genealogy


EBENEZER BARTHOLOMEW was born in Lee, MA on 27 Dec. 1782; he married in Watertown NY on 19 July 1805 to CHARLOTTE PRATT of Watertown and died Sept. 1866 at 83 years. He was a farmer and spent the latter half of his life in Michigan.

Children of Augustine Bartholomew and Charlotte Pratt:
3)PHINEAS BARTHOLOMEW, who died at 20 years.


AUGUSTINE BARTHOLOMEW was born in Vershire VT on 2 Jan 1788 and married in Henderson, Jefferson Co NY on 10 Sept 1810 to MARY DEXTER. He died 9 Aug. 1825 and she died 17 Mar. 1882 at 96 years.

Children of Augustine Bartholomew and Mary Dexter:
1)ALBERT BARTHOLOMEW died at 18 years
2)DENNIS BARTHOLOMEW b 24 Mar. 1817; resident of Strathallen, Ont. CA
3)DEXTER BARTHOLOMEW; married 1) in 1846 to MARY A. AUSTIN and 2)ELLEN ROGERS. Resident of Willow Creek MN; two children by 2nd wife.
4)DELIA ANN BARTHOLOMEW b 2 April 1823; married 5 Mar. 1843 to DANIEL H. COLE who was born 23 July 1812 and was a resident of Henderson, Jefferson Co NY

Children of Delia Ann Bartholomew and Daniel H. Cole:
a)MABEL COLE b 20 April 1845; died 12 Jan. 1859


OLIVER BARTHOLOMEW was born in Vershire VT on 18 Mar. 1793 and married in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY on 26 Dec. 1819 to MARY EVERETT and died 16 Mar. 1878 at 85 years. Mary was born 30 jan 1796 and died 19 Sept. 1867. Oliver enlisted in June 1812 in Jefferson Co., NY in Capt. Camp's Light Artillery Co; also in the summer of 1813 in Capt. Gifford's Company, Col. Tuttle's regiment. In 1861 he voluntarily gave the use of his hotel in Hamilton, Van Buren Co MI for public meetings to encourage the war feeling. He early removed to Michigan where he spent the latter portion of his life.

Children of Oliver Bartholomew and Mary Everett.
1)GEORGE BARTHOLOMEW b 3 May 1821; resident of Keelersville MI
2)FRANKLIN BARTHOLOMEW b 25 Mar. 1823; never married; farmer in San Pueblo, California where he located at the early settlement of the state.
3)ABI BARTHOLOMEW b 7 July 1825; died 8 Feb. 1843
4)CORNELIA BARTHOLOMEW b 20 Aug. 1827; married 16 May 1850 to REV. CHARLES A. SKINNER, a leading Universalist clergyman who was pastor of churches in Hartford CT, Cambridgeport and Boston MA for over 25 years. Resident of Sommerville MA; three children
5)EGBERT BARTHOLOMEW b 8 Nov. 1829; married 30 May 1857 to L. McCOMBER; died 16 Feb. 1875; no children
6)MARY BARTHOLOMEW b 25 Mar. 1832; d 20 April 1845
7)EVERETT BARTHOLOMEW b 26 Dec. 1834; married 5 Nov. 1856 to ELIZABETH E. WHITE; died 15 April 1870; no children


DANIEL BARTHOLOMEW was born in Augusta NY on 19 Jan. 1796 and married in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY on 13 Nov. 1828 to SARAH G. PARKER; he died 25 Oct. 1878 at 82 years. Sarah was the daughter of JOSEPH and LYDIA (WILLS) PARKER of Middletown VT where she was born 21 May 1807 and lived at Blissfield MI. Daniel remained in Watertown until 1857, when he moved to Attica Ohio and then in 1867 to Ai, Ohio where he died. He was a farmer.

Children of Daniel Bartholomew and Sarah G. Parker:
1)WILLIAM BARTHOLOMEW b 23 Dec. 1829; resided in Sylvania Ohio
2)LYDIA BARTHOLOMEW b 24 Nov. 1831; married 27 Sept. 1853 to GEORGE L. GURNEE, a druggist of Watertown NY; he born 19 Dec. 1822.

Children of Lydia Bartholomew and George L. Gurnee:
a)WARREN B. GURNEE b 19 Aug. 1854
b)WILLIAM H. GURNEE b 21 Nov. 1855; married MARY C. SNELL; resided in Watertown, NY
c)GEORGE A. GURNEE b 22 Feb. 1857; died 18 Sept. 1859
d)CHARLES K. GURNEE b 9 Jan 1859
e)FRANK D. GURNEE b 17 May 1861
f)IDA CELIA GURNEE b 3 July 1867
g)EUGENE R. GURNEE b 31 Mar 1869

3)CELIA BARTHOLOMEW, b 27 Sept 1833 (twin)died 22 Sept. 1852
4)DELIA BARTHOLOMEW, b 27 Sept 1833 (twin); married 1) on 24 Jan. 1861 to ANTHONY W. LEMMON who d 9 Jan. 1863; she married 2) on 14 Mar. 1874 to DR. HEBBEN CHEYNEY; resided in Waterloo, Indiana

Children of Delia Bartholomew and A. W. Lemmon and Dr. H. Cheyney:
a)FRANCIS A. LEMMON b 13 Jan. 1862 in Attica OH
b)IDA MAY CHEYNEY b 24 Mar. 1873 in Apple Creek OH
c)ANSON A. CHEYNEY b 8 April 1876 in Waterloo, Indiana

5)LAURA ANN BARTHOLOMEW b 23 Aug. 1825; married 1) on 20 Dec. 1856 to FRANK C. HOOKER who died 11 Aug. 1859; she married 2) on 8 June 1862 to DR. EUROTUS D. MERRIAM and resided in Lagrange OH.

Children of Laura Ann Bartholomew and F. C. Hooker and Dr. E. D. Merriam:
a)WILLIE HOOKER b 29 Aug 1857; died 20 Aug 1859
b)ALICE HOOKER; b 29 Aug 1859; died 25 May 1860
c)CHARLES A. MERRIAM b 29 Aug 1863
d)MINNIE M. MERRIAM b 4 Aug 1865
e)KITTIE M. MERRIAM b 4 Aug. 1865
f)FRANK E. MERRIAM b 9 Jan. 1870
g)WILLIE H. MERRIAM b 5 Nov. 1872
h)MAGGIE B. MERRIAM b 22 June 1874; d 17 April 1875
i)CARRIE A. MERRIAM b 5 Mar. 1877
j)GUY C. MERRIAM b 2 Dec. 1880; died 1 Aug. 1882

6)ANSON C. BARTHOLOMEW b 13 Sept. 1837 in Watertown, NY; married in Fairfield OH on 9 Sept. 1867 to NANCY E. SCHUYLER who died 15 July 1870. He married 2) in Blissfield OH on 15 May 1873 to LOIS AMANDA SHELDON. He served his county as a soldier for three and a half years during the Civil War. He was a druggist and resident of Blissfield, MI
7)HARVEY BARTHOLOMEW b 13 Feb. 1841 in Watertown, NY. Married in Lagrange OH on 10 July 1864 to GRACE RICHMOND, daughter of Rev. J. L. and JULIA (MILOY) RICHMOND. He was a druggist and resident of Roscommon, MI. He was also a Civil War veteran.
8)FRANCIS DANIEL BARTHOLOMEW b 7 July 1843; he married on 21 Feb. 1877 to ANNA M. GUCKER, who died 19 Feb. 1881. Francis was a brilliant soldier in the Civil War, and resident of Blissfield MI
9)SARAH AMELIA BARTHOLOMEW b 20 Sept. 1845; died 1 Oct. 1879


OLIVER BARTHOLOMEW was born in Branford CT on 20 Oct. 1757 and married in Goshen, CT on 6 July 1780 to ANNA LACY, daughter of EBENEZER and FREELOVE (CANFIELD) LACY. She was born in New Milford CT on 23 June 1758 and died in Watertown NY on 30 Oct. 1848 at 90 years. Oliver died 18 June 180 at 92 years.

Children of Oliver Bartholomew and Anna Lacy:
1) ALMEDA BARTHOLOMEW b 26 July 1781; married 23 Feb. 1800 to EBENEZER RANNEY; died June 1868 at 87 years. He born 2 May 1776; resided Stockbridge NY
2) EBENEZER BARTHOLOMEW b 27 Dec. 1782; died Sept. 1866 at 83 yrs
3) SARAH (SALLY) BARTHOLOMEW b 7 Oct. 1784; married 8 Oct. 1803 to WILLIAM A. SWAN; died Oct. 1814 and left one son, CHESTER SWAN, resident of Theresa, Jefferson Co NY
4) AUGUSTINE BARTHOLOMEW b 2 Jan. 1788; died Aug. 1825
5) BETSEY BARTHOLOMEW b 11 April 1790; m 15 Jan. 1809 to ALEXANDER PARKER; died 6 June 1878 at 88 yrs. He born 3 Sept. 1789; died 29 May 1871 at 81 yrs. - 10 children
6) OLIVER BARTHOLOMEW b 18 Mar. 1793; died 16 Mar. 1878 at 85 yrs
7) DANIEL BARTHOLOMEW b 19 Jan 1796; died 15 Oct. 1878 at 82 yrs.

Source: Bartholomew Genealogy. See also: Migrations Part 42 for the parents of this family (Oliver and Anna (Lacy) Bartholomew; Pioneer Parker family this site for Sarah G. Parker and Fonda List of Revolutionary War veterans for Oliver Bartholomew. See also, Migrations Part 66 for Mary Everett. See also: Child's Gazetteer - Town of Orleans for Gurnee.

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