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Jefferson County Migrations

Part: 75:
Potter, Penney, Smith, Payne, Edmunds


From Landmarks of Monroe County, NY
by William F. Peck (1895)
Part III, p. 304

Potter, Everett O., was born on a farm in the town of Le Ray, Jefferson county, N. Y., April 15, 1856. His grandfather, John Potter, settled there very early in this century, where Orris J., son of John, and father of Everett O., was born in 1826. The Potter family in that section subsequently became prominent and influential in various parts of the United States, and many of its members are noted as wealthy, enterprising citizens. Everett 0. Potter received a classical education at the Pottsdam (N. Y.) State Normal School, and after leaving that institution taught district school for two years. Reared on a farm he acquired not only a strong constitution, but habits of thrift and frugality which have characterized his life. In 1881 became to Rochester without money, but with energy, perseverance and enterprise, and for one year was a clerk in a physician's office. Following this he was for five years chief bookkeeper for Michael Doyle & Co., and afterward for about two years acted as salesman for H. F. Drake & Co., coal dealers. In May, 1892, he associated himself with the Miller Brewing Company, and six months later was elected its secretary, which position he has since held. In the fall of 1894 he was also made a member of the Board of Directors. He has been very successful; starting without a dollar, he has accumulated a competency. In the spring of 1804 he was elected secretary of the Ale Brewers Association of Rochester, a position he still holds. He is a member of Yonondio Lodge, No. 163, F. & A. M., and of Hamilton Chapter, R. A. M. November 3, 1886, he married Clara E. Hancock, of Rochester, by whom he has two daughters: Fannie B. and Hazel G.

From Landmarks of Monroe County, NY
by William F. Peck (1895)
Part III, p. 306

Penney, Benjamin F.F, was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson county, N. Y., in 1822, and came with his parents to Rochester when he was ten years of age. He was educated in the public schools and for forty years has been engaged in various occupations, chiefly in the wood and coal business. He is now retired, residing in this town, near Sea Breeze. In 1842 he married Alvira, daughter of Henry Ordway, by whom he had five children: Francis A., Sanford A., Wilber G., George S., and Mary. Mrs. Penney died in the fall of 1864, and for his second wife he married Emeritta, sister of his first wife, by whom he had one son, Irving A. His two older sons were soldiers in the late war, and the youngest of the two was wounded in the battle of Shiloh and was honorably discharged by General Grant when he was sixteen years old. Mr. Penney's father, Edward, was born in Jefferson county, N. Y., in 1794. He was an inventor by occupation, and was in the battle of Sackett's Harbor in the war of 1812. He married Amanda Spencer of his native county, by whom he had nine children: Harriet, Daniel, Benjamin, Oliva, De Loss, Helen, Mary, Laura and Caroline. Mr. Penney died in 1836 and his wife in 1856. Mrs. Penney's father, Henry Ordway, was born in the town of Bow, New Hampshire, in 1790. He married Harriet Walker, by whom he had nine children: Almira S., Mary J., Caroline, Lavina, William W., Emeline, Emeritta, Cornelia, and one baby, who was not named. Both parents are dead. The family came to New York State and to Batavia in 1821.

History of Rochester and Monroe Co., NY from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of 1907:
by William F. Peck (1908), pp. 1036, 1039-1041:

Samuel SMITH, seventh son and child of Silas (2) and Hannah (GAZINE) SMITH, served in the Continental army during the Revolution. He married Abigail WRIGHT, daughter of John WRIGHT, and died at Henderson, New York, April 17, 1827. Their children were : Amasa, who died at the age of one and a half years; Daniel; Mary; Abigail; Sylvester; Lydia; Polly; Samuel, Jr.; Sally; Mercy; Anna; and Amasa (2). Of these children Abigail married Rev. Elisha P. SANGWORTHY, of Ralston Springs, New York; Sylvester married Nancy KNIFFIN, of Rutland, New York, March 19, 1806; Lydia married Sylvester SKELLINGER; Polly married Dr. William PRIEST; Sally married Samuel MILLS; Mercy married Henry MILLARD; Anna married Jonathan RUFF; Amasa (2) married Sally SYKES of Watertown, New York.

Daniel SMITH, born in Spencertown, Columbia county, New York, February 26, 1775, was educated in the common schools, was a farmer by occupation and in 1802 came to Ellisburg, Jefferson county, and spent the summer there "clearing lands." In the fall of that year he went to Schuyler, Herkimer county, where he married, and in December, 1803, with his wife and infant daughter, came to Rutland, Jefferson county, and purchased a farm near Burr's Mills. Two years later he moved to Hounsfield, same county, purchased some land and erected a sawmill, the place being known for some time as SMITH'S MILLS, later CAMP'S MILLS. From Hounsfield he returned to Rutland, purchased another farm, built a frame house, where he lived until 1818, when he purchased and removed to a large farm in Rodman, where he spent the remainder of his life, and which is still owned by his descendants. He was a lieutenant in the war of 1812-14, distinguished himself by his bravery at the battle of Sackett's Harbor, when their house was practically a hospital for sick soldiers.

Daniel SMITH married Susan HOLMES, of Keene, Cheshire county, New Hampshire, who, for some time previous to her marriage, lived with her aunt, Mrs. Lucy (HOLMES) WHEELER, wife of John WHEELER, of Keene, New Hampshire. Their children were : Abigail, born November 6, 1803, who passed away March 14, 1854; Laura, who was born January 30, 1805, and died in 1891; an infant son, who was born August 1, 1806, and died the same day; Nancy M., who was born September 1, 1807, and passed away February 1, 1887,; Almira H., whose birth occurred May 2, 1809, and who died December 25, 1896; Daniel, born February 26, 1811, who was called to his final rest December 19, 1813; William P., who was born February 7, 1813, and died January 5, 1899; Daniel, Jr., born March 19, 1815, who passed away August 2, 1896; an infant daughter, who was born April 19, 1817, and died the same day; Susan H., born May 6, 1818; Lucy Ann, whose birth occurred September 15, 1819, and who died March, 1900; Eveline M., born May 2, 1821, who passed away March 13, 1905; Emeline L., born September 10, 1823; Mary M., born May 5, 1825, who died August 14, 1845; Nelson Slater, born July 11, 1827; Martha Jane, born June 19, 1829, whose demise occurred October 12, 1867. Daniel SMITH, Sr., died March 11, 1854. His wife, Susan (HOLMES) Smith, died August 5, 1864.

SMITH, WILLIAM PRIEST, born February 7, 1813, at Hounsfield, New York, died January 5, 1899. He was educated at Rodman, New York. He was at one time colonel of the old time Thirty-sixth Regiment, New York State Militia, which was composed of men from Jefferson and Lewis counties. After his marriage he removed to St. Lawrence county, engaging in the business of manufacturing lumber, and became the owner of valuable farming and timber land. He served as justice of the peace and supervisor, being chairman of the board of supervisors. Later in life he was for three successive terms elected associate judge of the county court. In politics he was a republican from the very organization of that party, and by his voice, efforts and vote contributed to its success. William P. SMITH married July 9, 1843, Sarah PORTER HUNGERFORD, born April 18, 1823, who traces her ancestry to Sir Thomas HUNGERFORD, who in 1369 purchased from Lord BURGHERSH, Farley Castle, county of Somerset, England, which castle for more than three hundred years continued to be the principal seat of his descendants, down to 1686. Sir Thomas was steward for JOHN OF GHENT, DUKE OF LANCASTER, son of KING EDWARD III, and in the thirty-first year of that king's reign was elected speaker of the English house of commons, being reputed to be the first person chosen to that high office. He died December 3, 1398. His son, Sir Walter, afterward Lord HUNGERFORD, K. G., was the first to 'adopt the crest of a garb, or wheat-sheaf, between two sickles erect, with the motto "Et Dieu Mon Appuy" (God is my support). This has since been the crest of the HUNGERFORD family. John HUNGERFORD, a lineal descendant of the above named, resided at Southington, Connecticut, where he died December. 24, 1787. He served with distinction in the colonial wars, holding the ranks of ensign, lieutenant and captain. He took an active part in the siege of Crown Point on Lake Champlain. His son Amasa served in the Revolutionary army, participating in the battle of Bennington, where he served as colonel. His son, Amasa, Jr., was the father of Sarah (HUNGERFORD) SMITH, was enrolled as one of the "minute men" in the war of 1812. He resided in Henderson, Jefferson county, New York, and was a prosperous farmer and widely known. At one time he was interested in ship building at Stony Point on Lake Ontario. He died December 18, 1859, aged seventy-nine years.

Mr. and Mrs. William P. SMITH were attendants at the Baptist church. They had eleven children, as follows : Lois Elizabeth married William G. BROWN and passed away December 10, 1882. Amasa Daniel, Chemist and druggist of Manchester, New Hampshire, married Josephine L. JONES on the 18th of September, 1883. Annie Eliza died February 26, 1873. Frances Sally died January 12, 1899. George William, attorney and counsellor at law of Keeseville, New York, wedded Harriet P. WELLS on May 19, 1887. Jay Hungerford, Ph. C., manufacturing chemist, president of J. HUNGERFORD SMITH COMPANY, resides at Rochester, New York. Mary Louise died March 27, 1857. Jennie Venila, of Manchester, New Hampshire, married Edgar Ellsworth CASTOR, May 9, 1894. Joseph Brodie, vice president and general manager of the MANCHESTER TRACTION, LIGHT & POWER COMPANY, of Manchester, New Hampshire, was born April 6, 1861. Frank Robbins, manufacturing chemist of Toronto, Ontario, married Ada Margaret PERKINS, May 6, 1903. May Lillian, of Manchester, New Hampshire, is the youngest member of the family.

From Landmarks of Monroe County, NY
by William F. Peck (1895)
Part III, p. 235

PAYNE, ERWIN C., was born in the town of Diana, Lewis county, N. Y.,December 16, 1838. His parents moved to Pitcairn, St. Lawrence county,N. Y., from there to Russell, of that county, from there to Antwerp, and came to Rochester, Monroe county, when Erwin C. was eight years of age. They left Rochester, returning in 1853, and soon after settled in the town of Irondequoit. Erwin C. was educated in the common schools of various places, in a private school taught by Sidney B. Grant and Albion Academy. He has always been a farmer, and February 24, 1863, he married Hannah B. Ewer of Irondequoit, by whom he had three children: George W.,Hattie E., and C. Jennie. George W. married Minnie A. Stilwell of Webster, N. Y. and they have two children: Alice Maud and Florence L.Hattie B. married Edward C. Spencer of Spencerport. C. Jennie is housekeeper for her father. Mrs. Payne died December 11, 1889. July 27,1862, Mr. Payne enlisted in Company B, 108th N. Y. Vols., was wounded in the battle of Antietam, and was honorably discharged on a surgeon's certificate of disability the same year. He had been assessor of the town one year, also justice of the peace for six years. His father, Alonzo L. Payne, was born in the town of Champion, Jefferson county, in1810. He married Selecta Harris of his native place, by whom he had four children: Erwin C., Perley E., Hattie E., and Rubie A. He died in 1886,but his wife still survives. Three brothers on the maternal side of the name of Butler were in the Revolutionary war. Erwin C. Payne was a messenger for the Sub-Committee of the Whole in Albany in 1877, and in January, 1890, was watchman in the State, War and Navy building at Washington.

From Landmarks of Monroe County, NY
by William F. Peck (1895)
Part III, p. 192

EDMUNDS, JAMES M. - Among the men who may be considered personal landmarks of Brighton. none occupies a more prominent place than Mr. Edmunds, who has for more than sixty years occupied the same home in the central part of the town. He was born at Adams, Jefferson county, June 25, 1809. Eliphalet Edmunds, his father, came here with his father in 1824, and this was his home until his death seventeen years later. James is the sole survivor of a family of ten children, of whom he was the youngest. Since his maturity he has always occupied a prominent place in local affairs, and now in the ripeness of his declining years commands the regard and esteem of all who know him. Besides holding minor offices, he has been assessor, and commissioner of schools. His wife, now deceased, was Melvina Sperry, of Greece. Their children are Julia. Roxana, James P., and Omar.

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