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Portrait and biographical record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan, pub. 1892 in Chicago, Illinois: (BROWN, PIERCE, TRACY, ROTTIERS, BRASHAW)

Transcriber's note: some names may have been listed previously from a different source but this information is included here from the above source for a comparison of information. EX: under Allen R. Brown see also the difference in Trumper vs Tremper on this site.

p. 991:
- among the best known citizens of Birch Run Township, Saginaw Co. is Mr. Brown, one of the ex-supervisors of the township, who has his home on section 27. He is a native of Jefferson County, NY and was born December 4, 1813. His father, ALLEN, was a native of Massachusetts and his mother, whose maiden name was BETSEY HUNTLEY, was born in New York and the daughter of a Revolutionary soldier who became a pensioner of the Government.

After serving in the Civil War, in which he enlisted on February 8, 1862, Co. D, 49th NY Infantry, he was discharged on account of physical disability and received a pension. In the spring of 1864 he came to Saginaw County and worked at lumbering and in a sawmill. In 1871 he settled on his 120 acre farm which became his home.

In 1868 Allen Brown married AUGUSTA TREMPER and by whom he had one daughter, Edith. After Augusta died, he married again in April 1874 to SYBIL, daughter of JACOB and SYBIL (PHELPS) TREMPER, who was born in Jefferson County. They became the parents of six children: Carrie, Alice, Sidney, Anna, Byron and Bernard.

JACOB TREMPER, father of Sybil, was a native of Canada and settled in Birch Run Township in a log cabin which he had built for his family. Jacob died in 1888 and his wife survived until April 16, 1891.

page 677:
, the oldest surviving settler of the Saginaw Valley, was born October 14 1811 in Adams, Jefferson Co., NY. His Grandfather, MILO PIERCE was a native of Otsego Co., NY and passed his entire life in that county. NATHAN PIERCE, father of Benjamin, was born in New York State and served in the War of 1812. He was both carpenter and cabinet maker and possessed considerable genius as a mechanic. Some time during the 40's, Nathan Pierce came West to the Saginaw Valley, where he was a farmer until his death at age 94. In his religious belief he was a Universalist. His wife was known in maidenhood as POLLY BEALS, a native of New York. Her father was one of the founders of the village of Adams in Jefferson County. She attained to the age of 65 years and raised to maturity, 12 children, Benjamin F. being the eldest. Captain Benjamin Pierce married in Erie Co., NY to Miss JANET R. WEAVER, born near Auburn and grew to maturity in Erie County. She died on 28 January 1891 at the age of 65 and left three children: Curtis E., Nettie, and Caddie. Transcriber's note: there is a great deal of information on Captain Pierce's life and pursuits that would be of interest to descendants.

page 924:
of Birch Run Township, was born May 28, 1821 in Jefferson Co., NY, son of BENJAMIN and SYBIL (FISH) TRACY. The parents were from Connecticut and Benjamin served in the War of 1812. Bernard married JULIET SMITH on December 7, 1846; she was born on December 22, 1822 in Oswego Co., NY, daughter of HARRY and LUCY (WASHBURN) SMITH. Harry was a native of England and Lucy was born in Connecticut. When Juliet was an infant, her father died and at the age of one year she moved with her mother to Jefferson County where she met and married Mr. Tracy.

page 993:
, of Birch Run Township was born in Jefferson Co., NY on May 21, 1842, son of JOHN N. and RUTH ROTTIERS. His father was born in the Netherlands, of French descent, and emigrated to America in 1819 and located in Jefferson Co., NY, where he remained until his death. Victor served in the Civil War and was mustered in on September 14, 1862, as Second Lieutenant in the Fifth Battalion, Black River Light Artillery, which was raised in Jefferson County. Victor participated in the siege of Petersburg, the Battle of Cold Harbor and other engagements, and became a First Lieutenant on July 1, 1863. His discharged was granted September 24, 1865.

At the close of the war, Victor returned to New York and in the fall of 1865 moved to Saginaw County. He married EMILY SCHOLLENBERG, a native of Germany and had a family.

JOSEPH BRASHAW, who has been engaged in fishing operations for a number of years, was born in Cato LeLogue, 30 miles north on Montreal, Canada, on February 18, 1839. His grandfather, CHARLES BRASHAW was a farmer in that place and a soldier in the Canadian Rebellion, in which he was killed at Ft. George. He was of French descent and was a native of the same place as his son. In 1839, the father of Joseph, who was MORRIS BRASHAW, moved to Ogdensburg, NY and after three years moved to Alexander, Jefferson Co., NY. In 1860 he moved to Bay County, Michigan, bought a farm and died on that farm in 1888. Morris was married to CATHERINE JULY, who was born in Quebec near St. Ignace. She was a daughter of PETER JULY, a native of Canada, and a soldier in the Revolutionary War; during that war he was captured by Indians and so severely wounded that it caused his death. Joseph has resided in the town of Banks where he was engaged in brick work where he built some of the first houses in the town of Banks. There he married Miss AMELIA PAPANEAU, a native of Montreal.

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