50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

Blue and Gray Reunion at Battle Site

In 1913, in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, all honorably discharged veterans, both north and south, were invited to a grand reunion of the Blue and Grey at the site of the battle in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. More than 50,000 Civil War veterans traveled to the event. Watertown newspapers reported the names and regiments of the local participants.


The Watertown delegation was 101 strong and was composed of the following men. Where no state designation is mentioned with regiment, it is understood that it was a New York regiment.

  1. Hiram Hewitt, 10th Heavy Artillery
  2. George E. Rattigan, 60th Infantry
  3. Byron Scott, 10th Heavy Artillery
  4. Joseph St. Louis, 10th Heavy Artillery
  5. Luther Blanchard, 97th Infantry
  6. George Dyer, 10th Heavy Artillery
  7. James C Fredenburg, 186th Infantry
  8. Ary E. Cummings, 10th Heavy Artillery
  9. Jacob Edick, 97th Cavalry
  10. John Bush, 10th Heavy Artillery
  11. Lewis Mance, 94th Infantry
  12. Charles Lingenfelter, 186th Infantry
  13. Charles M. Blair, 82nd Pa. Infantry
  14. Wilson Timmerman, 10th Heavy Artillery
  15. George W. Peck, 35th Infantry
  16. William P. Smith, 35th Infantry
  17. Robert B. Huffman, 10th Heavy Artillery
  18. George W. Fall, 10th Heavy Artillery
  19. Elijah Cobb, 186th Infantry
  20. Jay D. McWayne, 35th Infantry
  21. Frank D. Seeber, 10th Heavy Artillery
  22. Alexander St. John, 10th Heavy Artillery
  23. Byron Carey, 10th Heavy Artillery
  24. William H Eigabroadt, 10th Heavy Artillery
  25. Charles D. Sloat, 94th Infantry
  26. Joseph Doner, 56th Infantry
  27. Lyman W. Southwell, 10th Heavy Artillery
  28. Lester C. Angel, 10th Heavy Artillery
  29. Schuyler W. Schermerhorn, 10th Heavy Artillery
  30. John M. Wilcox, 10th Heavy Artillery
  31. Thomas T. Ballard, 2nd Heavy Artillery
  32. Frank E. Ingalls, 10th Heavy Artillery
  33. Clytus Shepard, 10th Heavy Artillery
  34. Delevan S. Miller, 2nd Heavy Artillery
  35. Louis C. Greenleaf, 35th Infantry
  36. George Clemons, 26th Cavalry
  37. George Sydman, 1st Light Artillery
  38. William E. Hilliker, 2nd Conn. Heavy Artillery
  39. Casimera Yarah, 26th Cavalry
  40. Charles E. Ball, 94th Infantry
  41. Mark A. Wiley, 35th Infantry
  42. John Broman, 10th Heavy Artillery
  43. William W. Hughes, 51st Infantry
  44. Demartis L. Cornwell, 186th Infantry
  45. Horace W. Freeman, 1st Light Artillery
  46. Martin D. Swan, 10th Heavy Artillery
  47. Jason C. Dillin, 10th Heavy Artillery
  48. Milo M. Cottrell, 97th Infantry
  49. John C. Gipson, 12th Light Artillery
  50. Myron G. Dillin, 10th Heavy Artillery
  51. Daniel McIntyre, 10th Heavy Artillery
  52. Gustavus Hardy, 10th Heavy Artillery
  53. Levi Rockwood, 10th Heavy Artillery
  54. David Zimmerman, 10th Heavy Artillery
  55. Lewis Baron, 5th Heavy Artillery
  56. Samuel Dawson, 16th Heavy Artillery
  57. Robert Tennant, 106th Infantry
  58. Albert G. Lawrence, 10th Heavy Artillery
  59. Ira O. Banks, 10th Heavy Artillery
  60. Chester Gouldthrite, 97th Infantry
  61. Richard Smith, 84th Infantry
  62. Frank A. Fletcher, 2nd N.H. Infantry
  63. Harvey Bayley, 26 Cavalry
  64. Simeon Sargent, 10th Heavy Artillery
  65. Zimeon Merriam, 4th Infantry
  66. Edward B. Moore, 10th Heavy Artillery
  67. William H. Underwood, 10th Heavy Artillery
  68. James M. Secor, 94th Infantry
  69. Orville J. Van Wormer, 186th Infantry
  70. Charles H. Sprague, 94th Infantry
  71. Bronson Felt, 1st Light Infantry
  72. John Duquette, 92nd Infantry
  73. William M. Rice, 10th Cavalry
  74. Henry H. Rhubart, 1st Light Artillery
  75. Alba A. Johnson, 94th Infantry
  76. Alonzo P. Hall, 10th Heavy Artillery
  77. Alexander Robinson, 102nd Pa. Infantry
  78. Joseph Field, 94th Infantry
  79. Henry Spencer, 13th Artillery
  80. Menzo Yerdon, 110th Infantry
  81. Benjamin M. Russell, 35th Infantry
  82. Newton J. Chase, 186th Infantry
  83. Martin V. Stoddard, 5th Heavy Artillery
  84. Charles A. Carpenter, 10th Heavy Artillery
  85. Robert A. Essington, 10th Heavy Artillery
  86. Lawson Tripp, 94th Infantry
  87. Robert P. Cole, 6th Heavy Artillery
  88. Gifford Brown, 94th Infantry
  89. Eugene G. Clark, 10th Heavy Artillery
  90. Isaac Huntington, 10th Cavalry
  91. Luther N. Stevens, 10th Heavy Artillery
  92. Angelo D. Pawling, 10th Heavy Artillery
  93. C. M. Morrison, 94th Infantry
  94. Augustus C Pack, 1st Light Artillery
  95. Alexander La Due, 35th Infantry
  96. Charles N Day, 76th Cavalry
  97. Richard Fluno, 14th Heavy Artillery
  98. William H. Mills, 186th Infantry
  99. Eugene Mathews, 26th Infantry
  100. J. Calvin Relyea, 14th Heavy Artillery
  101. Joel A Hubbard, 94th Infantry

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