Jefferson County, NY
Real Estate Transactions

From the Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY
20 July 1874, Page 4

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The following is a schedule of the real estate changes filed in the County Clerk's office
in the city for the week ending yesterday:

NamesSize and LocationPrice
FRANK A. COLEMAN and others to DANIEL TODD8 9-10 acres Rodman $381.56
DANIEL H. M'AULEY to B. RAWLS20 acres, Henderson $1,500
RUSSELL B. BIDDLECOMB to W. FITZGERALD and others 18-100 acres, Clayton $1
ELIZABETH PICKETT to H. GILL 26-100 acres Watertown$1,500
ROBERT A. VANDEWALKER to N. A. COOK lot in city of Watertown $900
MARIA A. COOK to E. GREEN lot in city of Watertown $900
WILLIAM BROWN to W. DOBSON 1 1-4 acres in Henderson $404.88
JOHN V. BOOMER to W. CLARK 300 acres in Ellisburgh $24,000
FRANK F. DICKINSON to V. TROTTER 1-4 acre in river St. Lawsrence $200
VAN VECHTEN TROTTER to A. T. GILLENDER 1-4 acre in river St. Lawrence $10
HUMPHREY SISSON to V. TROTTER an island in river St. Lawrence $50
CHARLES R. WALLACE to W. CLARK 134 acres in Ellisburg $1
MINOT M. INGALLS to S. H. CLINE 113 acres in Point Peninsula $3,000
CHARLES DOUGLASS to S. WELLS village lot in Evans Mills $400
JOSEPH MULLIN, JR. to D. A. MOORE 72 acres in Adams $50
OLIVER VANDEWALKER to J. MOINAU village lot in Clayton $400
CORNELIA de G. LeRAY to J. PREVO 18-100 acres in Champion $100
BARNEY EVELEIGH to J. FAUDRY 14 25-100 acres in Hounsfield $700
ALFRED LATHROP, Ex're of, to G. J. BRITLAND 3-4 acres in Champion $900
PATRICK CAIN to J. MYERS 50 acres in Wilna $850
LOUISE L. BREDIF to J. PREVO 46-100 acres in Champion $184
MARGARET VANVOLKENBURGH to D. H. McAULEY 60-100 acres in Adams $650
EDWARD SLOMAN to D. C. READ village lot in Sackets Harbor $425
E. ARTHUR LARNED to W. M. COMSTOCK village lot in Evans Mills $ $2,300
ROBERT L. UTLEY to C. H. LADUE city lot in Watertown $825

The following is a list of Real Estate changes in the county of Jefferson for the week ending July 25th, 1876:

NamesSize and LocationPrice
IDA J. PALMER to J. R. PALMER 223 acres LeRay $2,200
WILLIAM L. PALMER, to J. R. PALMER 223 acres, LeRay $4,700
JOHN R. PALMER to A. M. SHEW 1/2 acre, Watertown $2,000
ANDREW SMITH to F. R. SMITH 56 acres, Hounsfield $100
ELNAR RUSSELL and others to D. COSSELMAN 80 acres, Lyme $500
MASON B. LADD and others to J. N. CORNAIR 24-100 acres, Cape Vincent $237
VAN VECHTEN TROTTER to A. T. GILLENDER1/4 acre River St. Lawrence $5
PATRICK MANAHAN to J. MANAHAN 59 4-100 acres Philadelphia $220
DYER E. PIERCE to P. ACKERT 52 acres, Cape Vincent $2,730
FRANCIS A. ALLEN to R. BRADSHAW city lot, Watertown $2,000
E. B. STERLING and others to R. L. UTLEY city lot, Watertown $450
A. WALTON exr of A. GOKEY Island, River St. Lawrence $10
ALPHEUS W. STEVENS to W. H. ALLIS 2 56-100 acres Rutland $94
JOSHUA ROBERTS to D. ALLIS 7 89-100 acres, Philadelphia $4,000
JOSHUA ROBERTS to D. ALLIS 134 90-100 acres, Philadelphia $8,768
DUCY ALLIS and others to D. ALLIS 60 acres, Philadelphia $1,020
ARCHIBALD G. STEVENS to A. W. STEBENS 2 acres, Rutland $1,200
WILLIAM H. ANDREWS to C. C. McKEE one fifth acre, Clayton $1,150
LEONARD W. CHASE to S. S. CANFIELD village lot, Adams $50
ROSA PUTMAN to J. WILLIAM city lot, Watertown $150
HERBERT F. GRAVES to A. H. WELCH 6-40 Brownville $500
ANTOINE GOKEY to J. D. GRAVES island, Alexandria $75
A. W. PECK, Sheriff to J. SHELDON 127 1-2 acres, Henderson $250
J. W. THOMAS to A. P. HALE 101 46-100 acres, Rodman $1
JAMES H. WIGGINS to S. FOX 9 17-100 acres, Lyme $230

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