Jefferson County, NY
Real Estate Transactions

From the Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY
17 August 1876, Page 3

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The following is a schedule of the real estate changes filed in the County Clerk's office
in the city for the week ending yesterday:

NamesSize and LocationPrice
STARR H. THOMPSON and others to F. A. HINDS and others 65 95-100 acres, Watertown$1,525
E. HALE to J. B. CHAPMAN 117 acres in Adams$6,000
J. B. CHAPMAN to G. D. MACOMBER 50 acres in Worth $165
F. HUGHES to G. FIKES village lot in Orleans $800
E. M. MOORE and others to M. S. MOORE and others village lot in Watertown $1
S. T. MATHEWS to A. PARKHURST 104 50-100 acres in Theresa $5,000
ELDRIDGE THOMAS to W. THOMAS 1 20-100 acres in Ellisburgh $130
GIDEON SNELL JR to A. PARKHURST 106 72-100 acres in Antwerp $5,000
NELSON H. SUITS to A. D. SMITH 24 2-100 acres in Alexandria $125
S. W. BURKE to M. D. SPAULDING 99 50-100 acres in Lyme $2,700
J. H. MARKELL to W. JENKINS 19 38-100 acres in Orleans,$1,000
P O'DOUGHTERY by Sheriff to A. M. O'DOUGHTERTY 1-2 acre in Watertown $1,231
J. H. DURHAM and others to A. A. GIBBS village lot in Brownville $325
WM. N. STANDISH to N. A. HOLLEY village lot in Lorraine $825
L. A. PETRIE to O. PETRIE 70 acres in Alexandria $600
L. A. PETRIE to O. PETRIE 20 15-100 acres in Alexandria $1
SIMON DINGMAN to P. CRONK village lot in Ellisburgh $2154
IRA PAGE, Receive of HENRY BARTLETT village lot in Lorraine $260
JAMES WHITLEY to E. SLOMAN 41 61-100 acres in Hounsfield $623.33
ANGELINE S. HARWOOD to A. M. PERIGO 22 1/2 acres in Clayton $225
HENRY VANDEWALKER to M. LANTIER 24 15-100 acres in Clayton $1,500
PEARSON MUNDY to J. H. DAVENPORT city lots in Watertown $1
EDWIN A NORTH to A. MYERS 1 110-160 acres in Pamelia $1,000
EVA ASH by Ref., J. F. MOFFETT 1-4 acre in Champion $100
T. A. SMITH and others to R. T. SMITH city lot in Watertown $550

Same issue, page 6:

The following real estate changes are recorded in the County Clerk's office for the week ending Wednesday, August 9:

NamesSize and LocationPrice
BRIDGET CASEY to A. FITZGERALD village lot, Antwerp $1.00?
CHARLES WARING to M. A. LEE 35 acres, Brownville $400.00
ANSON T. COPELAND to W. N. STANDISH 43 1-2 acres, Lorraine $950.00
T. CULLEN to J. CULLEN 65 acres, Hounsfield $1.00
I. MUNSON to M. LAITUS? and others, city lot, Watertown $1
MARY M. SIKES to G. A. FOX 7-100 acres, Carthage $500
COMPRTOLLER of the State of NY to J. JONES 363 acres, Worth $391
O. S. WOODRUFF by sheriff to J. HUCKINS 130 acres, Watertown $844
ELIZA A. BUSHNELL and others to A. L. ANGEL 3-4 acre, Adams $380
PETER KISSEL to V. NAROUTH 6 80-100, Theresa $300
SETH SATEMORE to G. RANSIER village lot, Hounsfield $350
WILLIAM C. ALLEN to A. BARR 1 1-4 acres, Champion $1
ANTWERP COMPANY to O. S. LEVIS 27 75-100 acres, Wilna $213
P. S. STEWART to J. DOLLINGER 52-100 acres Redwood $26
H. J. PAGE to H. P. GILBERT 1 acre, Ellisburg $2,800
ELON G. BROWN to C. O. MALTBY city and village lot, Watertown and Orleans $1,000
C. O. MALTBY to L. B. BROWN city and village lot, Watertown and Orleans $1
HARRIET A. BYAM and others to W. HERKIMER village lot, Chaumont $291.67
MARGARET GORMERLY to P. LAGO 19 30-100 acres, Wilna $600
J. L. DAVISON to J. WILL 14-100 acres, Theresa $50
ROBERT M. CLINK to J. DOLLINGER 98-100 acres, Redwood $100
C. E. VALLIERE to T. H. DODGE 50-100 acre, Cape Vincent $40
L. FORTUNE to S. A. BUDLONG 265 93-100 acres, LeRay $200
E. HIBBERT to L. FORTUNE 265 93-100 acres, LeRay $133
D. D. CALVIN to J. DEFORD village lot, Clayton $400
P. LAGO to E. GORMERLY 19 30-100 acres, Wilna $600

August 24, 1876, p. 7:

The following real estate changes recorded in the County Clerk's office for the week ending Monday, Aug. 22nd:

NamesSize and LocationPrice
HIRAM COPLEY to M. A. CHAPMAN 115 69-100 acres, Lyme$1,709.42
W. STRICKLAND and others to E. MOSHER 181 acres, Philadelphia$11,533.50
MARY HOOPER and others to A. H. BOWE village lot, Brownville $1,878
HENRY P. COOKE to W. V. V. ROSS city lot, Watertown $1,100
ALONZO B. SCHUYLER to B. EVELEIGHvillage lot, Sackett's Harbor $50
LUTHER BROWN to L. S. BROWN 7 5-100 acres, Worth $2,000
THOMAS HAYES to J. B. CHAPMAN village lot, Worth $2,000
LUTHER S. BROWN to J. B. CHAPMAN 7 5-100 acres, Worth $316
G. C. MACCOMBER to E. A. PERKINS 50 acres, Worth $300
LUTHER M. FISH to H. D. BALLOU 2 acres, Ellisburgh $175
GEORGE G. BROWN to H. BALLOU 2 acres, Ellisburgh $209
ELLEN McCAULEY to the Missionaries
of the Sacred Heart
city lot, Watertown $9,000
MARTIN REEVES to C. DOANE 39 20-100 acres, Brownville $4,460
O. R. EARL to R. CRONKHITE village lot, Ellisburgh $30
WILLARD IVES to A. J. FAIRBANKS city lot, Watertown $4,000
M. OGSBURY to P. WHITAKER and others 100 acres, Alexandria $2,200
MINOR GUYOT to O. HOLCOMB 66 24-100 acres, Alexandria $600
J. LeRAY to E. CURL 29 32-100 acres, Lyme $226.26
C. LeRUE by guardian to A. A. LEONARD 4 25-100 acres, Alexandria $250
LYMAN FOX to A. SNELL 54 75-100 acres, Clayton $2,600
GOTLEIB MARCH to N. RABBOLZ 3 50-100 acres, Cape Vincent $565
J. W. McCOMBS to G. M. McCOMBS 130 acres, Lyme $1,550
EMELINE E. GOULD to A. M. PERIGO 22 1/2 acres, Clayton $225
MARCUS BRONSON to S. F. BRONSON, release 1/2 acre, Lorraine $60
JOHN DUNN to J. DUNN JR. village lot, Ellisburg $500

August 31, 1876, p. 6:

The following real estate changes are recorded in the County Clerk's office for the week ending Tuesday, August ___:

NamesSize and LocationPrice
LAMBERT WALTER to E. H. WALTER 59 6-100 acres in Theresa $3,379
E. McCARN to A. McKINLEY 20 acres in Clayton $1,200
WESLEY SAGE to J. CULLAN 1 57-100 acres in Watertown $200
WILLARD GARDNER to C. A. SNELL village lot in Clayton $340
C. GIBBS to W. CANFIELD 25 acres in Wilna $190
MARY A. GATES to C. O. GATES 1/2 acre in Carthage $1,000
CRANSON O. GATES to J. WARD 1/2 acre in Carthage $300
WILLIAM D. WILSON to T. BRITTON city lot in Watertown $2,500
PEARSON MUNDY to F. R. FARWELL city lot in Watertown $300
JAMES M. LYON to A. E. NORTH1 125-100 acres in Watertown $1,200
GEORGE BABCOCK to W. I. EASTON and others 95 acres in Clayton $4,000
DELANO C. CALVIN to J. GRAY 51 55-100 acres in Clayton $3,093
E. C. CLINE to M. GRAVES village lot in Lyme $157
JOSEPH BROWN to E. COOPER 1 acre in Champion $208
A. ROYER to F. AUBERTINE 13 acres in Cape Vincent $500
FRANCIS P. DEZONGREMEL to A. ROYER 13 acres in Cape Vincent $500
EXRS of RUDOLPHUS SLATER to L. F. WATERS 6 40-100 acres in Champion $320
CHALRES S. HART to M. MAINS and others 3 82-100 acres in Watertown $1,528
GEORGE S. BEERS to J. A. ADAMS 101 acres in Champion $200
ALBERT L. KENYON to D. D. BUTTS 1/5th acre in Clayton $755
JACOB A. WOOD to C. SHEPPARD 12 1/2 acres in Wilna $50
J. McCARGOR to H. FEE 40 acres in Worth $400
J. A. WOOD to T. MOSHER 12 1/2 acres in Wilna $50
JOHN DWYER to D. L. GRANT 30 acres in Clayton $1,400

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