Jefferson County, NY
Real Estate Transactions

From the Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY
JANUARY 11, 1877, P. 3

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The following is a schedule of the real estate changes filed in the County Clerk's office
in the city for the week ending yesterday:

J. BATES to R. CRABB 140 81-100 acres Alexandria $1.
FREDERICK STEWART to M. J. COVEY 12 62-100 acres Wilna $107.22
W. BROWN to H. CROWNER village lot Rutland $5,000
O. COOLEY to Trustees School
District No 8 Rodman
1/2 acre Rodman $15
T. McLOUGHLIN to C. DOWNES 137 27-100 acres Clayton $2,500
Executors of J. McGREGOR to M. McGregor 1 acre Antwerp $1,000
MARY E. McCOLLOM to S. R. PRATT 5 86-100 acres Carthage $1,700
T. P. SAUNDERS to R. M. WASHBURN village lot Adams $700
E. SHAW and others to J. J. PARHAM 1/4 acre Carthage $700
A. C. SMITH, by Guardian, to F. R. SMITH village lot Hounsfield $3,736.64
A. CHURCH to T. R. STACKHOUSE village lot Orleans $7
EVELYN F. CARTER to S. CARTER 2 acres Champion $5
P. HOOVER to J. SIXBURY, JR. 25 acres LeRay $4,000
S. KLOCK to E. J. HAYES 53 60-100 acres Lyme $2,000
S. MARCKNICK to W. M. BREMNER 10 8-100 acres Antwerp $300
N. WARNER to A. WARNER 14 12-100 acres Lyme $50
J. J. CARNCROSS to J. F. CARNCROSS 40 acres Wilna $1,000
B. G. MANTLE to H. H. BARTLETT city lot Watertown $300
MARY HOLLEY to W. RUMSEY 19 acres Ellisburgh $650
M. FLANDERS to C. POTTER city lot Watertown $1,800
W. M. THOMSON and others to M. NORTHROP 1/2 acre Alexandria $245
A. O'LEARY and others to A. E. KILBY village lot Carthage $94.34
S. LYLE to J. C. Lyle 75-10 acres Cape Vincent $4,000
SUSAN BISHOP to W. S. DOWNES village lot Worth 
L. F. HUDSON to F. E. Hudson village lot Ellisburgh 

Real Estate Transactions from the
Watertown Re-Union Newspaper, January 25, 1877, p. 5:

The following real estate changes were recorded in Jefferson County Clerk's Office during the past week:

R. M. WASHBURN to W. RUMSEY 12 acres Lorraine $400.
J. A. GOODALE to B. B. TAGGART 1/4 acres Watertown $1,500
M. AVERY to L. PORTER 33-100 acre Theresa $1,000
H. C. EAMES to F. T. LEWIS city lot Watertown $2,500
JAMES B. COLLINS to A. OSBORN 52 59-100 acres Clayton $600
J. E. KILBORN to T. J. MORGAN and others 65-100 acre Champion $138
A. POTTER to G. WILLIAMS 12 81-100 acres Alexandria $320
ASA BETTINGER to L. H. LOWREY 9 89-100 acres Ellisburg $100
O. FOUNTAIN to F. KIMBALL 16-100 acre Champion $50
JOHN DUNN to W. H. BIGGS 85-100 acre Worth $150
FRIEND S. FREEMAN to D. DAVIS 27 18-100 acres Alexandria $600
D. C. REMINGTON to A. BETTINGER 9 89-100 acres Ellisburg $100
E. H. WEMPLE to L. CORLIS 4 90-100 acres Alexandria $200
L. SPRAGUE to E. WILLIAMS 52 5-100 acres Antwerp $1,200
E. ALEXANDER to H. S. ALEXANDER 390 acres Henderson $2,300
J. RUSSELL to E. RUSSELL city lot Watertown $1,000
W. F. FORD to W. J. LAGARE village lot Clayton $300
L. DELONG to D. WELLS city lot Watertown $1,000
J. B. CLARK to A. FILLMORE 4 acres Ellisburg $120
A. D. GARDNER and others to L. S. PORTER 1/4 acre Theresa $40
H. SISSON to A. NEW village lot Alexandria $750
W. H. WAITE to M. H. Locklin 1/4 acre Champion $550
E. WAITE to W. H. WAITE 1/4 acre West Carthage $1,500
T. RAPE to C. W. BULLARD 71 96-100 acres Wilna $1,000
C. W. BULLARD to B. RAPE 71 96-100 acres Wilna $1,000

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