County History of Oswego NY

COBB Charles H., was born in Orleans, Jefferson Co NY 16 July 1838 to Stevenson Cobb and Zoa Pennyman. His grandfather, William Cobb, a soldier of the Revolution died age 85. Charles was educated in Jefferson Co and in 1862 enlisted in the Civil War. On 4 July 1866 he married Mary C. Easton, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Steele) Easton of Sandy Creek

KING, George R. was born in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY on 24 Sept 1824 to Amos King and Mahala (Edmunds) King a native of Jefferson Co. Amos King was a ship carpenter and builder. At age 19, George went to the City of Oswego where he married on 27 June 1844 to Diantha S. Parks of New Hartford, Oneida Co.

COOLEY, R. N., A.B., M.D., was born in Jefferson Co NY in 1835 to John Cooley, (son of John Cooley, son of Reuben Cooley of the Revolutionary War, of MA), and studied law in Watertown; he graduated at Albany Medical College and Castleton VT Medical College. He moved to Oswego in 1860. His wife was H. I. Cooley

WILLIAMS, Wilbert, a native of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY, was born in 1849 to Daniel and Eliza Wiliams. Wilbert was raised on the farm and also was a stock dealer. He and his brother, Ezra, bought a farm in Sandy Creek in 1880. On 12 Feb 1880 he married Eliza F. Gilbert

SOULE, A. P., was born in Richland on 8 April 1842, son of Stephen and Sarah E. (Porter) Sould, he a native of Richland born 8 Dec 1812, and she of Sandy Creek, born 22 Feb 1813. Stephen's father was Constant Soule of Vermont and died at Richland about 1800. In 1866, A. P. Soule married Clarie E. Forbes, a native of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY.

LANE, Hudson, was born in Pulaski, Oswego NY on 6 Feb 1861, son of John D. Lane. John was born in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., on 10 Jan 1801 and died in Pulaski on 6 Feb 1877. John's wife was Harriet Draper, who was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co, 30 May 1823 and died in Pulaski on 16 Nov. 1890.

REDHEAD, Edwin R., was born in Brownville, Jefferson Co. NY on 6 January 1851, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Barker) Redhead. Richard was a clergyman of the ME Church. Both parents were English and came to the United States after their marriage. On 23 May 1877 Edwin married at Port Byron to Sarah A. Petty, daughter of Israel Petty.

AUSTIN, Edgar was born in Lewis Co NY on 14 Nov 1847, to King Austin who was born in Lewis Co and who died in Jefferson Co at 75 years.

AUSTIN, King married Jane Hodge a native of Lewis County. Edgar was educated in the common schools of Jefferson Co and married on 4 July 1867 to Mary E. Wells of Jefferson Co. She was the daughter of Luke and Delia (Case) Wells. Her grandfather, Wells served in the Revolutionary War.

BISHOP, Don C. was born in Hampton, Washington Co. NY. To Stephen R. Bishop and Betsey C. Peck, both natives and residents of Vermont. He was by trade a shoemaker and followed that business for several years On 27 January 1857, he married Harriet A. Bissell, daughter of N. N. Bissell of Smithville, Jefferson Co. NY. After the marriage Mr. Bishop was a proprietor of various hotels, including the Jefferson House.

BISHOP, Fen. L., was born in Jefferson Co, NY on 6 April 1866, son of Edwin and Harriet (Lovelace) Bishop. Edwin was born in Vermont and Harriet was born in Ontario. Edwin was by occupation a farmer, shoemaker and clerk. Fen was educated in Jefferson Co., NY where he learned blacksmithing. In 1890 he started a bakery in Sandy Creek, which was the first and only baker in town. On 11 May 1884 he married Mary Davis, daughter of William A. and Sarah S. (McKee) Davis of Jefferson County.

BOTHWELL, David, was born in Jefferson Co. NY in 1834. His wife, Maria Bothwell, was the daughter of B. R. Sykes, who was born in West Rupert VT on 25 May 1806 and settled in Oswego about 1812.

B. R. Sykes married Augusta Elvira Wilson.

BENTLEY, I. L., was born in Oneida Co NY on 4 October 1837, son of William S. and Roxie Bentley of Jefferson Co., NY and a grandson of Elisha Bentley. When the family first came to Jefferson County, it was a dense wilderness with an abundance of game. Their pursuits were farming and lumbering. I. L. Bentley served in the Civil War and on 7 April 1874 married Dora A. Thompson, daughter of Samuel Thompson of Albion.

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