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1. WILLIAM PARKINSON, son of WILLIAM & ESTHER (WOODS) PARKINSON was born July 3, 1747 in New Hampshire. He and his wife and children, including his stepson CHRISTOPHER POOR, were in the Town of Rutland, Jefferson County by 1808. They are in the 1810 Rutland census. I believe that the William Patterson listed in the 1810 census is actually WILLIAM PARKINSON. CHRISTOPHER POOR removed to LeRay sometime after the 1820 Census and died there 1854.

The Centennial Celebration of the Rutland Congregational Church (1908), p. 33 mentions William Parkinson, Mrs. Elizabeth Parkinson during years 1808-1811.

WILLIAM PARKINSON made his will 26 Dec 1825 at age 78 in the Town of Rutland. He mentions sons WILLIAM and ASA to inherit as well as wife ELIZABETH. He bequeaths $1 each to MOSES, REUBEN, ESTHER and SUSANNAH. CHRISTOPHER POOR was the administrator with ASA and ELIZABETH.

He died 20 May 1826 (age 78) in Rutland, Jefferson Co., New York and was buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, in the town of Rutland.

He married

Children :

  2    i      MOSES PARKINSON

  3   ii      REUBEN PARKINSON

  4  iii      ESTHER PARKINSON



  7   vi      ASA PARKINSON


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