Jefferson County, NY


Court News for December 1884 and January 1885

published in the Watertown Re-Union Newspaper, Feb. 4, 1885, p. 4:

The following is a summary statement of the most important business transacted before Surrogate Scott during the months of December and January:{


Etta A. Dewey, deceased, Watertown; Addie E. Dewey, executor, Watertown
Theodore Tuttle, deceased, Watertown; Newell H. Winslow, executor, Watertown
Cornelia H. Converse, deceased, Ellisburg; J. Hardy Wood, executor named in will, filed his renunciation of such appointment.
Mary Willis, deceased, Adams; Kate M. Mackie, executrix, Adams.
Cornelia E. Ward, deceased, Hounsfield; Leander C. Ward, executor, Henderson
Samuel P. Newton, deceased, Orleans; James C. Lee, executor, Orleans
Job Spencer, deceased, Adams; Horace Colfix, executor, Adams
Stillman F. Rood, deceased, Orleans; Harriet A. Rood, executrix, Orleans
Adrian VanWoert, deceased, Lyme; Maria VanWoert, John VanWoert and Albert Fish, executors, Lyme
Oscar Paddock, deceased, Watertown; no executor named in will.
Angeline Sperry, deceased, Wilna, James H. Dawley, executor, Wilna
Lodema Ward, deceased, Alexandria; no executor qualified
Olive Stevens, deceased, Adams; Lucy M. Davis, executrix, Adams
Maria Ramsdill, deceased, Ellisburg; W. H. H. Sias, executor, Ellisburg
Michael Moran, deceased, Hounsfield, no executor named in will
Kilborn Hannahs, deceased, Watertown; Elizabeth Hannahs, executrix, Watertown
George W. Fairman, deceased, LeRay; Ferdinand Fairman, executor, Big Rapids, Michigan
Daniel Harter, deceased, Pamelia; Alexander F. Gould, executor, LeRay
John Whaling, deceased, Wilna; John Whaling, Jr. executor, Philadelphia
Amos Otis, deceased, Clayton; Amos Otis, Jr., Brownville and Ely Otis, Clayton, executors
Lucy Allis, deceased, Philadelphia; John Allis, executor, Philadelphia
Mtilda Saunders, deceased, Adams; Lorany D. Saunders, executrix, Adams
Leonard S. Porter, deceased, Theresa; Louisa M. Porter, executrix, Theresa
Giles Banister, deceased, Watertown; Marinda Z. Banister, Watertown and Allen S. Rogers, Pamelia, executors
Elizabeth Baltz, deceased, Orleans; George F. Baltz, executor, Orleans
Abram Shaver, deceased Brownville; Hiram Shaver, executor, Brownville
Pearson Mundy, deceased, Watertown; probate of will denied, the proofs showing that said will was revoked by statute
Sarah A. Wilson, deceased, Watertown; returnable Dec. 8. Adjourned to February 23.
Betsey Lawton, deceased, Philadelphia, will contested; abandoned by contestants; will admitted to probate; executors have not yet qualified.

WILLS PRESENTED FOR PROBATE and citations issued:

William Wodell, deceased, Ellisburg; petition for immediate proof; held open
John Von Grunigen, deceased, Leray; returnable Feb. 2.
Sarah Strong, deceased, Watertown; returnable January 31; held open
John Gould, deceased, Pamelia; returnable February 2.
Lowrey Barney, deceased, Henderson; returnable March 10
William Elliot, deceased, Clayton; returnable February 16.
Francis Tusaw, Sr., deceased, Orleans; returnable March 23.


James A. Smith, deceased, Rodman; Norman P. Smith, administrator, Rodman
Laurantine McDonald, deceased, Brownville; Spencer S. B. Peck, administrator, Brownville
John Robertson, deceased, Philadelphia; Loren Fuller, administrator, Philadelphia
Edwin Miner, deceased, Adams; Lodusky A. Miner, administratrix, Adams
Eliza R. Green, deceased, Watertown; John J. Green, administrator, Syracuse, NY
Mary Stickney, deceased, Clayton; William G. Dorr, administrator, Clayton
John A. Potter, deceased, Champion; Mary Potter, administratrix, Champion
Carlton Clifford, Jr. deceased, Wilna; Lelia I. Clifford, Wilna and Erwin O. Hungerford, Leray, administrators
Andrew Thomson, deceased, Alexandria; Ellen Thomson, administratrix, Alexandria
Joseph Enos, deceased, Rodman; Betsey A. Enos, administratrix, Rodman
Edmund F. Wheeler, deceased, Clayton; Mary Wheeler and John J. Allen, administrators, Clayton
Dexter H. VanOstrand, deceased, Watertown; Agnes S. VanOstrand, Administratrix, Watertown
George W. Walter, deceased, Alexandria; Addie A. Walter and Sheldon Y. Hutchinson, administrators, Alexandria
Frederick Stewart, deceased, Mobile, Alabama, who died leaving property in Jefferson Co.; Isabella Goodale, administratrix, Carthage
Charles G. Haven, deceased, Watertown; Emma J. Haven and John Dorr, Jr. administrators, Watertown
Dexter Wilder, deceased, Watertown; Ann S. Wilder, administratix, Watertown
Pearson Mundy, deceased, Watertown; Isaac Munson, Watertown and Richard H. Huntington, Adams, administrators.

LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION with will annexed issued:

Cornelia H. Converse, deceased, Ellisburg; William C. Marsh, administrator, &c., Bridgewater, Oneida Co., NY
Nathan Whiting, deceased, Watertown; Clinton W. Rider, administrator &c., Watertown
Peter Sickinger, deceased, Watertown; Saloma Wingal, administratrix, &c., Watertown
Robert TenEyck, deceased, Watertown; Joseph S. Green, administrator, & C., Watertown
David Phelps, deceased, Brownville; application for letters of administration filed January 31, and on that day hearing adjourned.


Kate Johnson, war, Adams; Welcome Clark, guardian, Adams
Mary S. Mundy, ward, Watertown; S. Augusta Mundy, guardian, Watertown.


Orders entered for publication of six months notice to creditors:

Egbert T. Hall's estate, Antwerp; Wells D. Bethell, surviving administrator, Antwerp Notice to be published in Antwerp Gazette.

Suel Hazen's estate, Champion; Helen M. Potter, Champion and Wilson H. Lewis, Denmark, NY, administrators. Notice to be published in Carthage Republican

John Ramsey's estate, Henderson; E. Ramsey, administrator, Henderson. Notice to be published in the Watertown Post.

Olive M. Andrews estate, Rutland; Jackson Tamblin, executor, Rutland. Notice to be published in Watertown Post.

Ralph Gurnee's estate, Alexandria; Fred R. Gurnee, Alexandria and Emily M. Gurnee, Adams, executors. Notice to be published in Clayton Independent.

Henry Cline's estate, Lyme; John Lansing, administrator, &c., Watertown. Notice to be published in Watertown Re-Union.

Betsey H. Martin's estate, Theresa; Jason C. Morrow, executor, Theresa. Notice to be published in Watertown Re-Union

Peter Jones' estate, Theresa; John P. Douglass, executor, Theresa. Notice to be published in Watertown Post.


Luella D. Clark, ward, Rutland; Christopher Poor, general guardian, Rutland.
Henry L. Gunther, ward, Albany, NY; James W. Penney, general guardian, Adams
Sarah P. Hardy, formerly Elliot, ward, Alexandria; Jacob W. Bretch, general guardian, Orleans
Jane M. Elliott, ward, Orleans; Jacob W. Bretch, general guardian, Orleans
William A. Elliot, ward, Orleans; Jacob W. Bretch, general guardian, Orleans
Sheldon E. Pettey's estate, Wilna; James H. Dawley, administrator, Wilna
Mary Victory's estate, Philadelphia; William Whiting, executor, Philadelphia
Orange Peck's estate, Brownville; Cyreneus Woodworth, executor, Watertown
Samuel G. Matthews' estate, LeRay; Cook Allen, executor, Theresa
Wellington Brown's estate, Rutland; E. D. Burdick, Martinsburgh, NY, and Amy M. Brown, Rutland, administrators
Aura Wilson's estate, Pamelia; Lucretia Wilson, administratrix, Lyme
Sarah M. Hose's estate, Watertown; Loren Fuller, executor, Philadelphia
Francis Vautrin's estate, Cape Vincent; Daniel Mullin, administrator &C., Lyme
Lodema Ward's estate, Alexandria, Asa B. Ward and Solomon Makepeace, administrators, Alexandria
Leonard A. Helmer, ward, LeRay; Peter Helmer, general guardian, LeRay

PETITIONS FOR JUDICIAL SETTLEMENTS filed and citations issued:

Marie Grapotte's estate, Alexandria; John B. Grapotte, administrator, Cape Vincent. Citations returnable February 16.

Persis Smith's estate, Brownville; George D. Moffatt, administrator, Montague, NY. Citations returnable March 10

Solon E. Wright'e estate, Watertown; John L. Hotchkin, administrator, Watertown. Citations returnable March 10.

Elizabeth B. Wright's estate, Watertown; John L. Hotchkin, administrator, Watertown. Citations returnable March 10.

Asa Clark's estate, Rutland; George C. Hazelton, administrator, LeRay. Citations returnable February 12.


Francis Vautrin's estate, Daniel Mullin admin. & C. Decree entered establishing claims and directing sale of real estate, but execution of decree stayed until the determination of action in supreme court for partition of the lands of said deceased, or until the further order of surrogate's court in this matter.

Jane Storr's estate, Henderson; B. C. Seaton, admin. & C. Decree entered establishing claims and directing sale of real estate for payment of the debts and funeral expenses of the deceased.

Solon D. Hungerford's estate, Richard H. Huntington, admin., Adams. Order entered that citation issue to widow, next of kin, heirs-at-law, creditors and occupants of real estate, to show cause why real estate of deceased should not be sold for payment of debts of deceased, Citation issued returnable Feb. 9.


Decree entered fixing costs to respective parties, matter of contesting probate of will of Harriet Chase, deceased.

Ora K. Newton's estate, probate of will contested; evidence of subscribing witnesses taken Dec. 23d; and further hearing adjourned to February 24.

Sarah M. D. Sage's estate, probate of will contested, evidence of witnesses for proponent taken on January 20th and further hearing adjourned to February 7.

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