Jefferson County, NY


Source: Gouverneur, NY Herald, St. Lawrence Co., NY

Died. Strong. On the 15th of January, in Visalia, Tulare County, Mr. CHARLES C. STRONG, age 42 years. The deceased was a native of Jefferson County, NY 1/15/1875

Died. Christie. In LeRaysville, Jefferson County, March 26th, HANNAH, wife of SIMEON CHRISTIE. 3/26/1877

Died. Weaver. In Brownville, Jefferson County, August 29, of heart disease, PHILIP WEAVER, age 59 years and 11 months. 8/29/1878

Married:. In this village, 19th inst. at Van Buren's Hotel, by Rev. D. Simmons, Mr. C. B. WHITE to Miss C. STEVENS, both of Antwerp, Jefferson Co. 11/19/1864

Died. In Henderson, Jefferson County, Aug. 22nd, of consumption, Mr. FLOYD I. COLE, age 21 years and 8 months. 8/22/1866

Married. Smith-Barnes. At the home of the bride, Dec. 27th, 1870, by Rev. N. J. Conklin, Mr. ALBERT E. SMITH of LeRay, Jefferson Co., and Miss CELIA E. BARNES, of this village. (Gouverneur)

Died. In Iowa, at the residence of his son, Wm. H. Clark, March 23d, 1875 of congestion of the lungs, ELIAS CLARK, age 77 years, formerly of Felts Mills, Jefferson County.

Died. In this village, Oct. 14th, MARGARET, wife of Mr. J. McINTYRE, age 59 years. Margaret Ferguson, daughter of JOHN and SARAH FERGUSON, was born in Johnstown, Montgomery County, August 8, 1817. In December 1st, 1838 she was married to JEFFERSON McINTRYE in the town of LeRay, Jefferson Co., NY. In 1858 they moved to St. Lawrence County. 10/14/1876

Married in Gouverneur June 20, 1845 by Rev. C. B. Pond, ALFRED INGALES of Elyria, Ohio to Miss AMELIA ELOISE BATES of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY Pub. Aug. 12, 1845

Married in Carthage, NY April 6, 1846 by the Rev. I. Bingham, EPHRAIM BECKER to Miss SARAH ANN MITCHELL, adopted daughter of Rev. F. D. MITCHELL, all of Natural Bridge in Jefferson Co., NY. Pub. Apr. 14, 1846

Died of consumption at OxBow in Jefferson Co., NY, MRS. ISABEL BRIGGS, wife of Dr. R. M. BRIGGS at 25 years. Pub. Jan. 13, 1846.

Died in Clayton, Jefferson County, on April 21, 1846, MRS. ELIZA A. MAYHEW BRUSH, wife of WILLIAM BRUSH, at 27 years. Pub. Apr. 28, 1846

Married in Ogdensburg, Jan. 21, 1846 by Rev. Charles Clark, CAPT. EDWARD N. PARSONS of Three Mile Bay in Jefferson Co., NY to Miss MARY H. BURDETT of Ogdensburg. Pub. date not listed. On pub. date of Jan. 27, 1846 the marriage is listed with the bride as Miss M. M. BURDITT, daughter of DAVID BURDITT of Ogdensburg.

Married in Colton, Mar. 25, 1847 by Nathan Crary 3rd, GILES CHENEY of Dickinson, Franklin Co., NY to Miss ROSILLA JEFFERSON of Pierrepont. pub. Mar. 31, 1847

Married Mar. 12, 1835 by Rev. L. D. Gibbs, DAVID CHIDDESTER of Alexandria in Jefferson Co., to Miss MARY ANN LYON of Oswegatchie. Pub. Mar. 17, 1835

Married in Morristown, Mar. 6, 1847 by Rev. N. H. Wait, MATTHEW C. COON of Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., NY to Miss ESTHER CRANDALL of Kitley, Ontario. Pub. Mar. 17, 1847

Drowned in Perch Lake, Jefferson Co., NY on June 2, 1847, Dr. I. B. CRAWE. He had been a resident of Ogdensburg several years earlier. He was in a boat with two others, a Mr. Gould and a Mr. Eddy, when it went down and he could not make it to shore. He had authored a Natural History of the State of New York. Pub. June 8, 1847

Married in Orleans, Jefferson Co., Oct. 29, 1846 by H. Dewey, GEORGE DEWEY of Gouverneur to Miss SARAH A. GRIFFIN of Clayton, NY. Pub. date not listed.

Died in Champion, Jefferson Co., NY on Dec. 2, 1847, MRS. REBECCA B. DRAPER, wife of SAMUEL DRAPER, at 48 years. Pub. Dec. 15, 1847.

Married in Rutland, Jeff. Co., Oct. 10, 1847 by Rev. Mr. Done, LORENZO LAWRENCE of Canton to Miss ELIZABETH DUNLAP of Rutland. Pub. Oct. 20, 1847.

Married in Plessis, NY Sep. 5, 1846 by Jason Clark, ANDREW ELLIOTT of South Edwards to Miss LOUISA SUTTS of Alexandria, Jeff. Co., NY. Pub. date not listed

Died in the Jefferson County Poor House on Feb. 8, 1845, at 89 years, JAMES GLOYD. He was a soldier of the Revolution. Pub. Feb. 25, 1845.

Married in Cleveland, Ohio, Apr 24, 1840 by Rev. Levi Tucker, A. N. GRAY formerly of St. Lawrence County, to Miss ANN M. LEWIS, daughter of Rev. MATTHEW LEWIS of Alexandria in Jeff. Co., NY. Pub. May 12, 1840

Married July 4, 1846 by L. G. Hoyt, SIMON PLANTZ of Hammond to Miss ELIZA HALL of Wilna, Jefferson County. Pub. date not listed.

Married in Dexter on Feb. 5, 1847 by Rev. C. A. Skinner, ORRIMAL B. SCOTT of Woodville, Jeff. Co., to Miss LOIS E. HINE of Hammond. Pub. date not listed

Married in LeRay, Jeff. Co., NY on Oct. 15, 1846 by Rev. Dr. Fenton, GEORGE POOLER of DeKalb to Miss ADELINE MATHESON of Leray. Pub. Oct. 20, 1846.

Died at his home in Hounsfield in Jeff. Co. on July 23, 1846, one of the Life Guards of Gen. Washington, JARED OLCOTT, age 87 years, 1 day. He was in all the major battles of the Revolution and witnessed the surrender of Gen. Cornwallis. Pub. Aug. 4, 1846.

Died in Watertown, NY Feb. 17, 1844 at 60 years, HIPPOCRATES PARKER. He hanged himself and the coroner's verdict was suicide induced by partial insanity. Pub. Mar. 5, 1844

Married July 6, 1849 by N. F. Griffin, JOHN STEVENS of Jeff. Co., to Miss HANNAH WARD of Oswegatchie. Pub. July 17, 1849

WAR OF 1812 PENSIONERS - with connections to Jefferson Co., NY:

JOHN ALLEN married MELISSA DEWEY 20 Feb. 1823 in Jeff. Co., NY. Served in Capt. Timothy Cornwall's Co. of NY mil. She was living in Ogdensburg in 1882.

JAMES ANGEL married HANNAH POPE in Ogdensburg in 1819; later lived in Jefferson Co. and d. about 1884. Served in Capt. L. Pettingill's Co. of NY mil.

JACOB P. BACON married CATHERINE SNELL in Louisville on 12 Dec. 1879. He was living in Gouverneur in 1882 and also lived in Jefferson Co. Served in Capt. Waters' and Root's Co. of NY mil.

JOHN D. BALMAT married NANCY GOODEN (1st husband White) on 12 June 1812 in Jefferson Co. He died 30 June 1862 in Fowler, NY. Served in Capt. Alfred Freeman's Co. of NY mil.

SIMEON BATES married SABRIA COOLEY, then widow EMILY SIMPSON on 22 May 1867 at Alexandria Bay, NY. Served in Enos Walker's Co. of VT mil. Lived in Jefferson Co. and St. Lawrence Co.

RICHARD BEEBE married ELIZABETH HOOPER on 15 Feb. 1812 in Watertown, NY. He d 29 April 1879 in Fine, NY. Served in Levi Hale's Co. of NY mil.

BELL, IRA married POLLY__, then the widow CATHERINE WATERS on 29 Feb. 1844 in Jefferson Co. He d about July or August 1855 in St.L.C. She died about 1886. Served in Noadiah Hubbard's and Asa Harris' Co. NY mil. Lived in Jefferson Co.

BLODGET, ALMOND married HANNAH WOLF on 11 March 1811 in St.L.C. He died 25 March 1858 in Lyme, NY. She d 22 Aug. 1871. Served in Wyman's Co. of NY mil.

BOWHALL, DAVID served in Luke Winchel's, Rott's and Moses Waters' Co. of NY mil. Lived in Hermon and in Jefferson and Lewis Counties.

BURGE, MOSES married LUTHERA KEYES on 17 Dec. 1821 in Jeff. Co., NY. He d 27 Feb. 1885. Served in Henry Liker's Co of NY mil. Lived in Jeff. Co. and St. L.C.

BURTON, JOHN married widow MARY TAYLOR on 12 May 1856 in Jeff. Co., NY. She later lived in St.L.C. and d about 1890. He served in Israel Post's Co. of NY mil.

BUTTERFIELD, EPHRAIM married MEHETIBEL LEWIS on 18 Nov. 1804 in Stockbridge, VT. He d. 23 Mar. 1847 at Pierrepont, NY. Served in Septa Fillmore's Co. of NY mil.

CALDER, JOSEPH L. married ARAMINTA COLTON on 5 May 1818 in Saratoga Co., NY. He d 2 March 1841 in St.L.C. She d before Aug. 1892. Served in G. H. Richard's US Arty. Widow also lived in Jefferson Co., NY.

ELDREDGE, WILLIAM A. married REBECCA HOWE, then widow EMILY CHAMPLIN on 20 April 1856 in Canton, NY. He d 20 Jan. 1876. Served in James Gray's VT mil. Widow later moved to Jefferson Co., NY

FRENCH, ELKANAH married THANKFUL CHASE, then THANKFUL ELLIS, the MAGGIE CROMWELL on 10 Sept. 1873 in Philadelphia, NY. He d 17 Feb. 1882 in Potsdam, NY. She d 27 Dec. 1910 in Westchester Co., NY. Served in Ezekiel Colburn's Co., NY mil. Also lived in Jefferson Co., NY.

GOULD, EDWARD married HANNAH EMORY, then RUTH SIM on 7 Aug. 1833 in Jefferson Co. He d 11 May 1876 in Owasso, MI; she d 1 Apr. 18866. Served in Nathaniel Cochran's NY mil. Lived in Lisbon NY and Shiawasse Co., MI.

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