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1. ANDREW PHILLIPS, son of LEWIS PHILLIPS, was born in Pamelia, March 17, 1822, within four miles of Watertown. His grandparents on both sides settled in Pamelia and lived there five or six years. His maternal grandparents were JOHN MíCOMBS and LANEY (FRANK) MíCOMBS. His grandmother was a daughter of Judge FRANK of Frankfort, his mother being the oldest in a family of ten. His father, LEWIS PHILLIPSs, was called out as a minute man at Sackets Harbor in 1812.

After residing in Pamelia a time his father and Uncle ANDREW MíCOMBS came to Perch River and bought a farm in company, of 107 acres, paying $7 per acre. His fatherís family lived on this farm one year before his uncleís and grandfatherís families came. They then all lived in the same building, a large frame-house. His father soldout to John Mount, a harness maker, in 1834 or 1835, and came to the town of Lyme, and took up a farm of 100 acres, for which he paid $4 per acre, moving in the spring, with snow nearly two feet deep in May, into an old lumber shanty. His fatherís family at this time considered of four boys and five girls, John, Andrew, Benjamin, Charles, Mary Ann, Sally, Sophia, Catherine and Caroline. Two boys were added to the family after they moved to Lyme, Hiram and Thomas.

New York Daily Reformer July 2, 1868 page 2
DIED Phillips---On the 27th June, In the town of Lyme. Mrs. Elizabeth B. widow of the late Lewis Phillips, age 73 years. Beloved and lamented by her numerous family and at peace with her maker.

Children of LEWIS PHILLIPS and (---) FRANK (order unknown):

2††††††††††i††††††††††JOHN PHILLIPS

3††††††††††ii††††††††††ANDREW PHILLIPS

4††††††††††iii††††††††††BENJAMIN PHILLIPS

5††††††††††iv††††††††††CHARLES PHILLIPS

6††††††††††v††††††††††MARY ANN PHILLIPS

7††††††††††vi††††††††††SALLY PHILLIPS

8††††††††††vii††††††††††SOPHIA PHILLIPS

9††††††††††viii††††††††††CATHERINE PHILLIPS

10††††††††††ix††††††††††CAROLINE PHILLIPS

11††††††††††x††††††††††HIRAM PHILLIPS

12††††††††††xi††††††††††THOMAS PHILLIPS

3. ANDREW PHILLIPS, son of LEWIS PHILLIPS and (---) FRANK was born in Pamelia, March 17, 1822, within four miles of Watertown.


Mr. Phillips lived much of the time with his uncle, Andrew MíCombs, until he was 20. About that time he went to tending bar at Three Mile Bay for a Mr. Cline. He became disgusted with the drinking and vending of liquor and he has this to say, that he has never tasted of strong drink or smoked a pipe or cigar in his life.

After he became of age he worked on his fatherís farm until he married, in 1846. . His wife died in 1864, leaving him four children. The oldest daughter married Charles Jones. She was drowned at Cape Vincent some years ago. Mr. Phillips has three children living, H.A. Phillips, with him on the farm, Mrs. William Enders of Mannsville, and Mrs. John Garland of St. Lawrence.

Source: Watertown Daily Times, Saturday, September 8, 1906 page 3

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